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Chapter Directory 57 Chapter 55: Mo Shui Shen
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 55 Remote Depths (60 votes plus more)

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     The cheeky Bai Mo just didn't hear Ye Ci's complaint, and went downstairs to greet someone to move.

     After a while, a large box was moved into Bai Mo's house. Ye Ci looked at the box and was stunned. Isn't this Fate's health warehouse? She searched her memories, but she didn’t remember Bai Mo playing games.

     After the people from the moving company left, only Bai Mo and Ye Ci were left to pack their things. Ye Ci opened the box in the health-care warehouse and asked, "When did you start playing games?""It has been for many years, but this is a secret. I didn't tell anyone. I didn't even keep it from my parents." Bai Mo found a rag and carefully wiped the ashes on the health warehouse.

     "It's normal to play games now, what are they doing without telling Auntie?"

     "They want me to engage in scientific research, but I want to be a professional player. If they tell them of my decision, they will be so angry that they will jump their feet." Bai Mo dropped the rag and sat on the ground leaning on the game health cabin, looking at Ye Ci showed a mouthful of white teeth and looked really handsome.

     Ye Ci blinked, and suddenly realized something, twitching the corners of her mouth: "You are so active here to read, but you actually want to play games here..."

     "Oh oh, the dead girl is not cute at all, how can you tell such a thing?" Bai Mo hugged Ye Ci's neck and rubbed her long hair vigorously, laughing heartily.

     There is a difference between men and women. Ye Ci managed to free herself from Bai Mo's bear hug. She panted, "Then what you are studying is fake?"

     "That's also true. I just want to make a name in the game and tell them that they won't object." Bai Mo looked at Ye Ci's tousled hair and couldn't help rubbing it a few more times. .Ye Ci severely knocked out Bai Mo's paw and watched with satisfaction as he held his hand and screamed: "What's your name in Fate?"

     "Remote Depths."

     Bai Mo reported his name, but Ye Ci was stunned. As if struck by lightning, he didn't move.

     No, Bai Mo is Remote Depths

     Remote Depths was one of the top 20 MTs in the previous Fate ranking, and he was also from Tang Dynasty. He was ranked behind Yo Wandering Cloud. His operation was not a bit better than Yo Wandering Cloud, but equipped It is far worse than Wandering Cloud.

     Moreover, because Wandering Cloud is a very narrow-minded person, he is very repulsive of Remote Depths in Tang Dynasty, so his team members are basically old, weak, sick and disabled soldiers who are better kept under the table, and his The equipment is also rubbish. But even so, Remote Depths has become a well-known MT in Fate because of its high level of operation and excellent character.

     Later, the Remote Depths baffling had to disappear from the game, even Ye Ci felt strange, but did not expect that this Remote Depths was his cousin Bai Mo.

     At this moment, she suddenly remembered that she had received a call from Bai Mo when she was with Yu Wandering Cloud'>, he very implicitly warned him to keep one's eyes open when he was in love, but how could he hear it at that time? Get in his words.After that, Bai Mo called her a few times. In the game, this Remote Depths was one of the very few people who supported her. At first, she thought it was just a guy who wanted to have something to do with her, but she didn’t. think……

     "What's the matter, I was so handsome by my name." Bai Mo was startled when he saw Ye Ci, and quickly stretched out his hand and waved in front of her.

     Ye Ci pulled his hand away and smiled: "Which Guild are you now?"

     "I entered a Guild a few days ago, Tang Dynasty."

     "How is the treatment?"

     "It's just fucking, there's no good or bad." Bai Mo smiled slyly: "I know you are also playing Fate." As he said, he saw Ye Ci raise his eyebrows, so he explained: "Uncle told me Yes. How about it, do you want my brother to lead you to level up?"

     Ye Ci's eyebrows were raised higher, and a weird smile appeared on his lips.

     Bai Mo was a little hairy when she laughed: "Hey, hey, don't look at me like that, talk about it, what's your name?"

     "Are you a Warrior?" This is actually a knowing question, but Ye Ci still wants to ask.


     "Hurry up and pack things, go online, I'll give you something." Ye Ci interrupted Bai Mo's nonsense directly, got up and walked outside the door.

     "Hey, you said you could help me pack things up""By the way, that thing is good, if you don't want it, I will help you clean it up." Ye Ci stated that he was threatening Bai Mo.

     "Well, your old man walks slowly, and I will immediately clean up by myself." Bai Mo was really lazy and didn't want to clean up, but was itching what Ye Ci said. In the end, he had to compromise, jump up and pack things quickly.

     "I'm in Red Lake City." Ye Ci said calm and unhurried as he walked towards his house.

     After a day’s time, the Ye Ci First Kill hard-shelled giant tortoise has gradually cooled down. After Ye Ci went online, it did not get crazy calls like yesterday, but there are still many pigeons advance dauntlessly in wave upon The wave pounced on her. Most of the friends here are surprised and congratulated. Ye Ci wrote back one by one, thanking them.

     There is also Liu Chang and the others' humiliation, and Dong Yin's letter made Ye Ci feel a little sinking. She asked about the strategy to fight the giant tortoise and what equipment was out.

     Ye Ci can be 100% sure that this was definitely not asked by Dong Yin, but Thousand Sunsets asked through Dong Yin, which made her feel a little disgusted with Thousand Sunsets. He was clearly on his friend list, why didn't he ask, let Dong Yin ask what was going on?

     She replied to Liu Chang's letters, but she didn't reply to Dong Yin's letter, and she left it aside.After processing the letter, Ye Ci rode a little red horse to the gate of Red Lake City. He didn't know where Bai Mo was, and he was not far away from Red Lake City.

     After waiting for about half an hour, Ye Ci wanted to do the daily Quest of Red Lake City first, but from a distance he saw a Warrior in gray and sudden equipment rushing over here. She clicked on his character attributes from a distance, and there was no Concealment.

     ID: Remote Depths

     Race: Human

     Occupation: Warrior

     Level: 17 level 12

     Sure enough, Bai Mo is here.

     Remote Depths ran towards Red Lake City while muttering, "I was pulled by the nose again by that dead girl, I'm my brother, why do you always listen to her, it's true"

     He continued to murmur when he passed Ye Ci. Ye Ci was amused, and he quickly stopped him: "Brother over there, do you have time to come and help me make a Quest?"

     As soon as Remote Depths heard this, she turned her head and followed the sound, only to see an ordinary-dressed female elf leaning against the gate of Red Lake City, beckoning to him. His heart trembled. Could this be the random NPC of Hidden Quest?random NPC is a unique innovation in Fate. In the whole game, some unnamed NPCs will be refreshed randomly. They will randomly select players to release some Random Quests. Since such NPCs rarely appear, the Quests given to them are also very strange, but there is one thing in common, that is, the rewards given. Quite rich, so these NPCs are regarded as the gods of wealth, and the people they meet can simply buy lottery tickets.

     Remote Depths didn't quite believe that the female elf was calling himself. He looked around and pointed to himself without confirmation: "You call me?"

     Ye Ci held back a smile: "Do you want me to call someone else?".

     "Come here, my lord, you can just call me but don't call anyone else." Remote Depths rushed to Ye Ci immediately, for fear that she would change her mind soon.

     After Remote Depths stood by his side, Ye Ci sent a transaction request to him.

     Only then did Remote Depths stare at the name of the transaction with him-childe'>you. He almost moved and could not move as if he had taken root under his feet.

     This person is not an NPC?

     This person is childe'>you?

     This person is the childe'>you who has been fascinated in the forum and in the world.

     This person is the same childe as the plug-in who has taken the First Kill operation Kickass several times in a row.He drew a sigh of relief, God, is this true? Remote Depths, but he never thought that an ordinary player like himself could one day have a relationship with such a god-level player.

     Remote Depths was a little excited. He looked up at the female elf opposite. Her complexion was fair, her silver hair was neatly tied into a ponytail, and her pair of pointed ears moved from time to time. Some faint faces have a pair of glass-like amber eyes. Those eyes were so sharp and brilliant, they actually set off her entire face so impressively that they couldn't be seen. He has watched childe'>you countless videos about her operation prostrate oneself in admiration, but he didn't expect to see it one day**...

     He rubbed his hands, and he shook his words: "childe'>, You, You, I, I am your fan, fan, can you, can you, can you give me a photo..."

     Ye Ci is almost full of black lines. She had never seen Remote Depths chasing any star since she was a child. She didn’t expect that the first time he claimed to be a fan was actually facing a virtual character... At this time she was a little bit crooked, if Bai Mo knew childe'>幽是What's his expression on his own words?

     Looking at Bai Mo's face that became a little flushed with excitement, she decided to make this person more excited, preferably to pass out with excitement, and then she could also go to the forum to post a post.The name is called, the first player to see childe'>you fainted...

     Of course, these indulge in flights of fancy from Ye Ci, she will put it on the transaction column from the back of the sword, and then click the transaction.

     The back of the sword is the shield of Wandering Cloud yearn for sth even in one's dreams. Ye Ci actually didn’t expect that this shield would burst out for the first time. She originally wanted to wait for the game currency and real currency to be exchanged. When she took it out and sold it, but when she knew that Remote Depths was Bai Mo, she decided to give him the shield without hesitation.

     don't let one's own fertile water flow into others' field, this is honest.


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     Chapter 55 Remote Depths

     Chapter 55 Remote Depths