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Chapter Directory 58 Chapter 56 Is Important To You
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 56 The important thing is to treat you well

     "Point trade." Remote Depths was still immersed in the excitement of seeing childe'>you, and didn't even notice what Ye Ci put in the trading column. He didn't turn his eyes away until Ye Ci reminded him. Ye Ci moved his face to the bargaining column, which was hard to see. He almost fell to the ground with a soft leg.

     Sword back frame:

     Purple Equipment

     Defense: 271-347

     Equipment required level: 0

     Equipment requires power: 105

     Equipment features: block chance 64, magic block chance 52, increase 80-110 defense enhancement, increase 20block chance.

     Equipment characteristics: all skill level 1.

     Equipment characteristics: Increase the upper limit of 10 magic.

     Equipment Features: Increases resistance to fire, freezing, and toxins by 10.

     Required occupation: Warrior, Paladin.

     "Great God, I, I, I don't have, have, have, such, what, money..." Remote Depths didn't know if he was scared or excited by the sword back frame, and his words became more stubborn. This time There is not even a whole sentence left.

     "Hurry up and trade." Ye Ci smashed his head when he saw him. This poor baby probably had never seen any good equipment before, so he was so excited with a shield."God, I really, really don't have so much, a lot of money..." Remote Depths's face was flushed: "If it weren't for you, wait for me, me, me, me to find my sister and borrow ?"

     "I lent you my money, and then asked you to buy equipment from me? Are you a fool or am I a fool?" Ye Ci really didn't want to go around with Remote Depths, and directly vented his bottom line.

     Remote Depths was stupid again. He stared at Ye Ci, as if she was an alien. After three minutes, he whispered, "Ye Ci?"

     "What are you doing?"

     Remote Depths let out a deep breath, and then made a move that Ye Ci didn't expect-he did not refuse, and directly traded the shield, and then said: "Dead girl, if you have money, give me some , I'm going to buy equipment..."


     What is cheeky? Just look at Remote Depths.

     Ye Ci looked at Remote Depths and showed a shallow smile: "Do you like it?"

     "It's amazing to like the equipment you got from there." Remote Depths kissed a few bites directly on the shield, wishing to sleep with it tonight.

     "This is the trophies after you chased and blocked Wandering Cloud. If you wander around Tang Dynasty with it, maybe..." Ye Ci said here with a hey smile."Huh?" You Wandering Cloud is the main tank of Tang Dynasty and the deputy leader of the guild. It is equipped with good equipment and good at people. When Remote Depths heard that it was a shield from him, he asked Ye Ci the reason.

     Ye Ci briefly talked about the process, of course, did not say any nonsense before and after rebirth, and then did not forget to confess to him: "You are in Tang Dynasty now, it's okay or don't hold this sway, be careful he deals with you.

     Remote Depths laughed, he threw the shield into the package, and habitually rubbed Ye Ci's head. Of course, Ye Ci severely knocked off his paw again, and the pain made him shook his hands desperately: "Although I don’t have you, but I’m not afraid of him, you don’t have to worry about me. Besides, Tang Dynasty is not just a Guild. It’s not a bank vault, so I’m still not willing to leave?"

     Ye Ci wanted to continue talking to Remote Depths, but received a pigeon from Zero Arsenic and asked her to go to the Guild station. She frowned and called out the little red horse to leave. I didn't forget to ask Remote Depths to do more and don't miss the same thing, and don't take out the sword back frame when it's okay.

     Remote Depths humbly agreed, only to say that he was going to be a Quest, and then left. Ye Ci didn't think much, and ran towards the resident NPC, teleported to the resident, and she went directly into the meeting room.

     There are a lot of people in the meeting room.However, I have seen several Ye Cis, such as the Main Tank and the main treatment of the First Squadron 2nd regiment, as well as the peacock blue and Thousand Sunsets, and there are thousands of them, but there are still a few that have not been seen.

     Zero Arsenic smiled and introduced Ye Ci to Ye Ci. One of them is the leader Tanzi of First Squadron, and two of them are the main DPS of First Squadron, Baiqian and Dudu.

     Ye Ci sat down, and Zero Arsenic held a short meeting for a few people, nothing more than a mobilization meeting to fight the cold ruins a few days later. "Childe'>, because your proficiency with the team is not high, I called everyone together today, and you will communicate with them and try to clear the cold ruins in the shortest possible time."

     After the last First Squadron First five event, the elite players of Steel-Blooded Battle-Spear have admired Ye Ci a lot, and there is not so much high and mighty in their speech.

     "In fact, there is nothing. There is a reminder from the official that the monsters in the cold ruins are all ice attributes, so I think you should still prepare some ice resistance and cold resistance potions." There is no way to talk about such things as the strategy. Now these No one has ever been in the cold ruins, even if Ye Ci now talks about things are not separated according to their size in the Raiders, they have not been in contact with them, it must be unclear in the clouds and mists.

     Therefore, Ye Ci only proposed to make potion.Thousand Sunsets immediately arranged peacock blue to let Guild's pharmacist make potion. After Ye Ci proposed to make potion, other people talked about their opinions about playing Dungeon. Ye Ci just sat there and seemed to record seriously. In fact, she didn’t know where she wandered. went.

     What is the meaning of these military tactics on paper meetings? With this time, it would be better to organize people into Dungeon and die several times.

     Finally, this boring meeting was over. Ye Ci walked out of the meeting room, and when he looked up, he saw Dong Yin sitting on the flower stand. Seeing Ye Ci coming, she stood up and waved at her: "Xiao ci"

     Ye Ci walked over and smiled at her: "Waiting for Thousand Sunsets here?"

     "No, I'm waiting for you, let's go, let's go around?" Dong Yin couldn't help but pulled Ye Ci towards the garden area of Guild Station.

     Ye Ci did not refuse. She looked at Dong Yin, probably because of the relationship with Thousand Sunsets. Her equipment is much better than Liu Chang and Yi Cang. She just dragged Ye Ci to wander around in the Guild Garden, talking non-themed gossip, and talking nonsense such as the scenery is great.Ye Ci is very familiar with Fate's plants and trees, and she has no interest in whether the scenery is good or not. She followed Dong Yin for two reasons. First, it was a bit late today and there was no time to do other things. Second, she wants to know what Dong Yin's purpose is.

     After turning for a while, Dong Yin finally stopped, looked at Ye Ci and said, "Xiao ci, why are you not talking?"

     "I don't talk much, you all know."

     Dong Yin pursed his lips, frowning slightly, he was very distressed. If it was the case, Ye Ci might ask the reason, but now Ye Ci can know that the reason for her distress is related to Thousand Sunsets even if she doesn’t guess.

     Ye Ci doesn't want to get involved with Thousand Sunsets.

     Therefore, she did not speak.

     "Xiao ci, congratulations on your First Kill of the Rugged Giant Tortoise. You are so amazing." Finally, Dong Yin smiled and said that her smile was very sincere. It was a kind of sincerity between friends.

     "It's just a coincidence." Ye Ci nodded, really because of this.

     "That..." After saying this congratulatory message, Dong Yin began to struggle again, but if it is difficult to say, he still has to say: "Well, you first killed the hard-shelled giant tortoise. Is there any sword back in the trophy? ?"Dong Yin knows the frame of the sword back? Of course it is impossible, knowing that the back of the sword can only be Thousand Sunsets.

     Ye Ci was stunned. If she knew that the sword back frame was due to rebirth, and Yu Wandering Cloud knew that the sword back frame was bought from the black market, where did Thousand Sunsets know the sword back frame? The current official website has never announced the loot list of these in the wild BOSS.

     "Sword back frame? What is that?" Ye Ci asked rhetorically, pretending to be unclear.

     "It's a shield, Warrior uses"

     "what's happenin?"

     "If you have this shield, Qianshan, Qianshan would like to buy it." Dong Yin's voice is much quieter. She actually knows that Thousand Sunsets treats her very well. The big reason is that she and Ye Ci Relationship. As long as she thinks of this, she has unspeakable bitterness. "Buy with real money."

     "I haven't seen this thing." Ye Ci looked at Dong Yin, his voice was still just as in the past cold."Oh..." Dong Yin seemed to exhale suddenly, and then she seemed to think of something again: "Then, do you have a strategy to fight the hard-shelled giant tortoise? Your current level wants to kill the hard-shelled giant. Tortoise, it should be, it should be the use of BUG...Can you please tell me...I, I can give you money..." Dong Yin couldn't say anything anymore, her face turned blue. The water waves kept swaying in his eyes.

     At this moment, Ye Ci felt that he could no longer stay in the Steel Blooded Battle Spear. Not only for myself, but also because of Dong Yin. She has her own perseverance, and Dong Yin also belongs to Dong Yin. They are not peers on the same road now. If they continue to stay, she will not have any problems with the strong, but Dong Yin is bound to be injured.

     Three First Kills, two First fives, no matter how sorry I was in the previous life, Steel Blooded Battle Spear, these are enough.

     "There is no bug, I just died with the ice trap kite." This Ye Ci didn't lie, she didn't want to see Dong Yin embarrassed.

     Looking at Dong Yin's tears that almost fell, her heart was a little soft.

     "Oh, yes, that's it." Dong Yin nodded, somewhat grateful.

     "Dong Yin, what did Thousand Sunsets do to you?" Although I didn't want to mix with others, Ye Ci still couldn't hold back looking at Dong Yin's expression."He, the other person is very good." Dong Yin faced Ye Ci's sharp eyes, some did not dare to face it, her eyes dodged and her voice was quiet.

     "It doesn't matter whether the person is good or not, but the important thing is, is it good to you?" Ye Ci lowered his voice and said slowly.

     Dong Yin just lowered his head, and after a while, he spit out a word softly: "Okay."

     Ye Ci didn't want to comment on the authenticity of this answer. She stretched out her hand and gently touched Dong Yin's soft hair: "There will be class tomorrow morning, I will go to bed first."

     Having said that, no longer stay for a moment, turn around and leave.

     It's not that she is hard-hearted, it's just that everyone has to grow up, and everyone has to pay for their choices, and pain is the price of growth.

     Chapter 56 The important thing is to treat you well

     Chapter 56 The important thing is for you