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Chapter Directory 59 Chapter 57: Mecha Nemesis
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 57 Automaton Nemesis

     Thank you for the rewards of Ghost Chi’s Dye, Qianli Xuezui, Halftone, Happiness, Tea, Sang Ye, Xiaoya, Yingying1979, Fluttering Red Feather, Wu Nian, Wei, Xiao, Chengyub Children's Shoes~~


     After returning to Red Lake City, Ye Ci picked up the daily Quest, and saw a person wandering into the city hall. After a closer look, it turned out to be Remote Depths.

     "Didn't you go to do Quest? Why are you still hanging out here?" Ye Ci looked at Remote Depths amusedly. The well-known MT in the future is nothing more than a little Warrior with an embarrassing life.

     "I'm here to tie back the city stone." Remote Depths laughed when he saw Ye Ci.

     "Where are you?"

     "Champion City."

     Champion City is the largest city in Eastern Continent and one of the five most prosperous cities in Fate. It is not as deserted as Red Lake City, with many people, many Quests, and convenient transportation. Many players will choose to bind back to the city stone there.

     "If you are sick, then just stay in Champion City and go to this Red Lake City where birds don’t shit." Ye Ci was surprised. When she said that birds don’t shit, she clearly saw it. The city official on one side frowned."Zé Zé, just pretend. I don't believe in the famous childe'> You can just find a city where birds don't shit and bind it back to the city stone." Remote Depths snorted, then patted Ye Ci's head: "Old girl, you want to lie to my brother, I'm still a little tender."

     After saying that, he submitted a request to the city officer to bind back to the city stone. Although the city official was very dissatisfied with the two people's comments that "birds don't shit", he was still very gracious and did not break out. He handled the return to the city stone binding and joined the citizens for Remote Depths.

     "Don't forget to pick up the loop Quest." Ye Ci reminded Remote Depths by the way, and drove away.

     After finishing the daily Quest with great difficulty, her whisper rang, and Four Sea found it: "Are you free tomorrow? Come and help fight the Automaton Formation array when you have time."

     Four Sea is a very sharp Cleric, and there are not many things that can make him take the initiative to speak, especially this kind of request for help, it is the first time. Ye Ci joked: "I want to collect money."

     "I'm afraid you won't collect money." Four Sea laughed, but it didn't look like a joke: "After six rounds, you will be given five thousand gold, after three rounds, you will be given 10,000 gold, and after two rounds, you will be 20,000 gold. , If you finish a single shot..." Four Sea paused again after saying: "It's 30 thousand gold in one shot,'re a pervert who won't be so perverted to this point, can you finish it in a single shot? "."You mean it's true?"

     "Really. We are stuck in Guild. Three of the First Five are Steel Blooded Battle Spear, and two are World Conqueror. No one is willing to reveal the secret formula for fighting *. We have tried it for more than a week. I tried it, and if I try again, I won’t be able to keep up.” Four Sea sighed. It seemed that he was also stumped. Although he was very tough, he didn’t want individual heroes in Fate, but the outstanding talents of the team. is the most important. "I won't find foreign aid until only when absolutely essential. Can you help me?"

     Four Sea is not easy to ask for help, Ye Ci understands. Steel Blooded Battle Spear will not let her fight foreign aid, Ye Ci also understands.

     However, childe'>you is just childe'>you, not the childe'>you of Steel Blooded Battle Spear. Ye Ci is a fool if she refuses to help her friends and make money.

     "No problem, I have class tomorrow morning. I have dinner and go online at noon. Let's gather the team." Ye Ci thought for a while.

     Four Sea agreed, and then said: "We will clear the mobs in front of us, so please give me a shot."

     "Okay. See you tomorrow."

     After the two people blended in for time, Ye Ci went offline after handing over Quest, while Remote Depths was still humming around the city.Ye Ci went online after lunch the next day. As soon as he went online, he immediately received an invitation from Four Sea to form a team. Ye Ci did not refuse and joined the team.

     In addition to Four Sea Ye Ci who knew Ye Ci in the team, there were two others who Ye Ci knew. One is GoodOl’Days and the other is warm water. As soon as I saw GoodOl’Days Ye Ci, I realized that Guild, where Four Sea is located, is a zero-degree space.

     Although GoodOl’Days was not the man (or woman) of the moment in the last life, it was a doer. He is down-to-earth and has a bit of romance about wind, flower, snow and moon, trite poetry subject. The Zero Space Guild has reached an unprecedented height in his hands, and this Guild has always been a neutral Guild, which is rarely produced in Team battles, so there are many famous Life Players, which are a good choice for PVE players.

     And Wen Kaishui Ye Ci is even more familiar. This guy is the big road idiot he encountered as soon as he entered Fate.

     As soon as she joined the team, Four Sea greeted her enthusiastically, and then warm boiled water, "Xiaoyouyou~~ we are finally going to meet again~~ I knew I was going to meet you yesterday, but I didn't sleep well all night~~ "

     She was sweating, humming haha and said, "Have you lost your way in the boiling water children's shoes today?"This remark caused a burst of laughter in the team, and one after another teased the warm water, and all of a sudden, Ye Ci didn't have the sense of violation of being in a stranger. She quickly rushed to Dungeon, and she was cleaned up all the way.

     Ye Ci turned on the guardian of the cheetahs and rushed to the Automaton array along the road. Only a group of people were sitting or standing around, eating and drinking, and even a few people dancing. The atmosphere was so lively that they did not come to fight Dungeon at all. The tension is like a group of people walking in the wild.

     GoodOl'Days saw the huntress rushing over from a distance and stood up. He walked a few steps towards Ye Ci to meet her, and when she approached, he immediately sent her a friend invitation: "Hello, I am GoodOl'Days, I have been admiring the name of childe'>you for a long time."

     GoodOl’Days seldom takes the initiative to add people. He does not like to make friends all over the world like Thousand Sunsets. He believes that making friends is to make confidantes.

     Ye Ci also added his friend and nodded at him. This is an elf Sorcerer, with a delicate face and a gentle smile, which makes it easy to give people a kind of cordial feeling.

     When a group of people saw Ye Ci coming, they all gathered around, chattering. Some are curious, some are worship, and there are even one or two hunters who insist on apprenticeship. Everyone is laughing and joking, not to mention being affectionate.This also made Ye Ci a little relaxed. She herself is not good at dealing with people. It is a blessing to encounter such a situation.

     After a while, Ye Ci stopped talking and walked directly to the fort. Zero Space has prepared the turret, only waiting for Ye Ci to control it.

     This is not a difficult thing for Ye Ci. She climbed up the fort neatly and grasped the artillery skillfully. Everyone in Dungeon is nervous, is it possible to succeed this time?

     The huntress straightened her waist in the dull light of Dungeon, drew her bow and arrow, and shot an arrow at the group of Automaton people not far away.

     The brown-yellow feathered arrow slashed across the air, with a piercing scream, and severely pierced the Automaton person in the lower left corner.

     "Gu Gaga...invaded by foreign enemies... Gu Gaga...invaded by foreign enemies..."

     The Automaton immediately heard the creaking sound, swaying in the direction of Ye Ci like flowing water.

     To be honest, so many Automaton people rushed over together, and I don't know what Ye Ci feels looking at. Anyway, all the players standing behind her have scalp tingling. Even if I had heard of childe'>you's reputation, I couldn't help but drum up at this time.When everyone was sighing and didn't even dare to breathe, Ye Ci suddenly turned around and smiled: "Four Sea, what you just said, how much money can you get in one shot?"

     Four Sea was watching Stamina concentratedly at those Automaton people. How could he pay attention to this question, and suddenly heard Ye Ci speak. He did not expect that the person speaking is the one who controls his own life, but subconsciously answered: "Thirty thousand gold... …"

     Before he finished speaking, he reacted and screamed: "Childe'>Carefully rushed over.

     "Then this money, you are determined..." Ye Ci didn't seem to hear Four Sea's yelling, nor did he see everyone's panic. He calmly jumped off the fort and walked towards a group of people.

     Just when everyone was about to scream and escape, only a loud "bang" was heard, and then countless Automatons disintegrated with a harsh metal sound up here, down there.

     The system refreshes the screen immediately.

     Every member of the team has obtained the achievement of "Automaton Nemesis".

     Dungeon was extremely quiet. At this moment, Dungeon, difficulties, carbene... all of them disappeared. In the eyes of twenty-four people, only the quiet and indifferent huntress was left. She walked towards the crowd calmly, without pride or showing off, everything was so normal.It's as if the moment just now was nothing more than eating and sleeping and playing mobs as usual things.

     Compared with the mouths that the members of the group can't close, GoodOl’Days's expression is a little calmer, but it's not much better. His eyes are already too shocked when he looks at Ye Ci. It wasn't until Ye Ci walked in front of him that he exhaled a long breath and smiled: "seeing once is better than hearing a hundred times, childe'>you really name is not in vain."

     He didn't talk nonsense, and immediately traded with Ye Ci and put 30,000 gold coins.

     Ye Ci also rude accepted. This was originally a deal you wished for, and it was a happy thing for everyone.

     "Okay, this difficult point is basically over. The remaining stone towers and BOSS only need to pay attention to the block, and there will be no problem." After 30,000 gold got the hands, Ye Ci was very happy, she said and left the team. : "I wish you success in opening up wasteland."

     "Childe'>, think about what we will do." Wen Kaishui looked at Ye Ci who left the team and enthusiastically sent an invitation.

     Ye Ci just smiled without answering.

     "You are not in the Dungeon of this team now, and you will be teleported to Dungeon in 29 seconds." After the system prompts for a few seconds, Ye Ci squinted and shook his head: "I'm sure we'll meet again some day. ."Wen Kaishui wanted to say something, but was stopped by GoodOl’Days. He smiled at Ye Ci: "Childe'>you, talk to you when you have anything to do in the future. Zero-degree space is your friend."


     PS: Gossip about a few irrelevant things.

     A few days ago, I followed my husband'> to play 25 people Long Yuanze, because I am usually lazy and don’t mix Dungeon very often, so I have poor equipment. As soon as I entered the group, I was disgusted by the group leader, what kind of blood was not enough... Later, the monomer that was stunned and the auxiliary work such as pushing blood, my blood finally barely reached 2W8, and then the group leader said OK .

     Of course, this is not the point.

     The focus is on the back, the head of the group gathered people and began to ask, if anyone hasn't been here before, raise his hand, let me explain specifically how to fight. I really want to raise my hand, my husband'> said, no need to raise my hand. If I have been here, you have been. I sweat, it might be the same...but, well, I pretend to be deaf and dumb.

     When the fight started, Leader is a sister paper. I guess I haven't been a leader. I was confused in obscene fantasy. I didn't understand anything, so I asked my husband'>, what did she say? How to fight? Husband'> is the Main Tank, and told me very calmly, you follow the long-distance group, and then keep giving yourself heal, as long as you make sure that you are not dead.I’m shocked, my God, I’m Healer, even if it’s not the main treatment, but I’ve never done it like this before. So expressed doubts.

     The result was the contempt of your husband'>: Why are you so honest, you can't even draw a water on a 25-person team like Swordman 3, and the monitoring is not strict. As long as you are not dead and are moving at any time, no one will know you are there. Why, when the time comes, the equipment will be divided into...

     I was silent. I was badly taught... Since that day for all 25 people, I have been paddling for myself and then distributing equipment.

     Especially when a head of the group said yesterday: "You are not well equipped, you have a good position, and you have never died", I felt ashamed... Then calmly said "That's your leader's good"...

     Crying...I was taken badly, so what an honest child I am...

     Chapter 57 Automaton Nemesis

     Chapter 57 Automaton Nemesis