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Chapter Directory 60 Chapter 58 The Time Is Not Up
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 58: The time is not up to date (80 votes plus more)

     Ye Ci originally wanted to go offline. However, she has forgotten the days of her first life. If nothing has changed, it is now pressing in on one's eyelashes before the Honor Group releases the exchange of real currency and game currency.

     The 30,000 gold looks like a lot now, but when the exchange is released, it is really not much money.

     Therefore, it is not a wise choice to buy gold coins at this time. It is better to replace them with something to maintain their value.

     She found Xiaolangyiren and Remote Depths in the list of friends, and each sent a sentence: "How much money do you have now?"

     After a while, both people sent back messages. Sure enough, there are two poor people, of which Remote Depths is poorer than Xiaolangyi.

     "Xiao ci needs money? I have more than 20 gold here. I have all the belongings. You want me to send it to you." Xiaolang Yiren said.

     "When I finish buying the garbage I went back this time, I will have 18 gold, and I will give it to you later." Remote Depths said.

     Ye Ci looked at the hot 30,000 gold in his hand, and suddenly felt tears and black lines all over his face...

     Why are there not a few masters who can save money around her?"I'll give you a thousand gold." Ye Ci sighed. As soon as this was said, the two people sent back a message almost at the same time. If Ye Ci didn't confirm that the two people weren't together at all, maybe they would think they were together now, because their voices were surprisingly consistent, and Ye Ci felt that giving them money was simply a brain-dead.

     "Oh no, although I am young and beautiful, with a flowery appearance, but, but, I am a normal orientation. I am not interested in all the taboos of Lala Lace and so on. Although you want to give me 1000 gold, but I will never Because money changes me, I have the backbone. If you give 100 gold more, I will consider cooperating with you.” This is a message sent back by Liu Chang.

     "Xiao ci... Do you want to go out to party, everyone has a boyfriend, but you don’t, so you ask your brother to pretend to be? You don’t need to pay for this kind of thing, and my brother will definitely help you, who will call your brother Yushu Linfeng, Fengliu Chic, don't give money, it hurts your feelings, if you must give it, give 999 gold, Dogely." This is a message sent back by Remote Depths.

     Looking at the two pieces of news, Ye Ci suddenly wanted to kick two people out of her friends list. How could she know such a person?

     After sighing, she sent back a message: "It was for you to stock up to pay for it, not because you got that kind of idiot reason."The two people were silent for a long time at the same time, and suddenly they replied a message tacitly at the same time: "You really want to give money? Where did you get so much money and thought you were joking."

     Ye Ci was a little crazy, she even thought, how come these two are not bosses? If it is a BOSS, she must brush until they vomit blood.

     After talking for a while, the two people finally believed that Ye Ci was really rich and really wanted to give them 1,000 gold. They immediately rushed to Red Lake City, their expressions of excitement matched. The lottery is even worse.

     Ye Ci gave them one thousand gold each and asked them to stock up some materials from the trading house that would become popular in the future.

     Both of them are not fools. Naturally, they know that real currency and game currency will be exchanged in the future. If you have money on your body, it will depreciate. It is better to change to materials. After the three bid farewell, Ye Ci went to the warehouse, took some pharmaceutical materials, and began to make the primary Frostbane Potion.

     Although she has made up her mind to leave Jagged, Ye Ci considers herself to be a trustworthy person. Since she has promised Thousand Sunsets to fight the cold ruins, she will definitely wait for the Dungeon to leave. What's more, a skill book that she desperately needs now will be produced in the cold ruins. If she doesn't fight, she will leave. She can't find a team of twenty-five people for the time being.There is never wrong with the sentence of using the best.

     It's one thing not to like it, it's one thing to do something else.

     She was doing elementary Frostbane Potion, but after making more than ten bottles, she received a secret word from Zero Arsenic.

     "Childe'>, what are you doing now?"

     "Practicing life skills."

     Zero Arsenic paused, and didn't speak immediately. Ye Ci knew that he was okay, but she didn't take the initiative to ask. She was never an enthusiastic person.

     Neither of them spoke, and for a while, they seemed to be in peace.

     After a while, it was Zero Arsenic who couldn't hold back anymore. He said again, "childe'>, today...Did you go to help Zero Space fight Dungeon?"

     Ye Ci paused for a while, then cut a shallow sneer at the corner of his mouth: "Yes."

     "Why don't you say hello to Guild in advance about this matter?" Although Zero Arsenic came to Xingshi to inquire, his tone was somewhat soft. Faced with a character who brought Guild three First Kills and two First fives to himself, no matter what kind of official he is, he might not be able to hold his breath.

     "Oh? Need to say hello?". Ye Ci's eyes narrowed.This time it was Zero Arsenic's turn to have nothing to say. In order to keep Ye Ci, they don't have much control over Ye Ci. Fortunately, Ye Ci has never played a wild group on the progress Dungeon, and the whole Guild has never mentioned this to her at all, but did not expect that when the whole Guild suppressed the Clearance video to the bottom of his life, she went out Hit the wild group.

     When it was announced in the world that Zero Space was awarded the title of "Automaton Nemesis", Peacock Blue was the first to discover that this achievement was Ye Ci, and he immediately reported to Thousand Sunsets and Zero Arsenic. Thousand Sunsets was of course very annoyed about this, and he was about to come to Ye Ci Xingshi to ask his guilt, but was stopped by Zero Arsenic.

     There is no reason.

     childe'>They can’t figure out the secluded character. What if Thousand Sunsets loses her temper regardless, and this female hunter quit Guild altogether?

     Now it is an extraordinary period, they are about to fight the cold ruins, and the World Conqueror, who won the First five at the same time as First Squadron, is also preparing to enter the cold ruins. If you offend Ye Ci at this time and let her pick her up, it is really the gains do not make up for the losses.

     Although it does not mean that having a childe'>you will definitely Clearance the cold ruins, but there is a figure with high-end operation, position and consciousness, and the difficulty of Clearance is correspondingly reduced.After Thousand Sunsets calmed down, he also understood the truth of Zero Arsenic's analysis, but this matter could not be ignored. In the end, only Zero Arsenic came forward to solve the matter.

     "Ah, I mean, Guild has Guild's system, and every member should have a team spirit." Zero Arsenic coughed slightly, concealing his current emotions.

     "Teamwork..." Ye Ci repeated slowly, with a casual sarcasm in his voice.

     Even if Zero Arsenic was not by Ye Ci's side, even if he just heard her voice, he was embarrassed by those people. That's right, this word is a little ridiculous when it comes to both the use and the used.

     Everyone has a strong inner side, and Zero Arsenic is no exception. However, in front of childe'>you, Zero Arsenic was a little embarrassed in his heart.

     So, he coughed slightly, and didn't discuss the issue with Ye Ci at all: "I have no other meaning, just ask, if you want to leave the field next time, please say hello to Guild. Recently, Guild thought Let you take someone down the little Dungeon."

     Zero Arsenic is worthy of being the brain of Steel Blooded Battle Spear. A few words bypassed the problem of two people being stuck together, and by the way, Guild used Guild to contain Ye Ci.Ye Ci didn't know what he was thinking, but she tried to go after the cold ruins, so she did not refuse.

     So, on the same day, Ye Ci was arrested by glamorous and became a strong man.

     From the poorly equipped members of the first and second regiments, to the reserve members, and to some ordinary members, there was a schedule.

     Ye Ci looked at the schedule that Zero Arsenic had handed him. He just squinted his eyes and didn't even raise his eyebrows. He just made a request that he wanted to bring Liu Chang with him.

     Although Liu Chang was upgraded quickly in the early stage, the profession of Summoner itself is very weak, only the baby is strong, her operation is not good, she always lie down, and no one wants to organize her over time. Now it turned out to have the lowest equipment level among the four.

     Although Zero Arsenic hesitated a little, he didn't refuse Ye Ci, and directly gave her Liu Chang.

     This made Liu Chang a full face, or else he should be his own.

     Dungeon, who has been running with Ye Ci for two days, Liu Chang’s equipment can be replaced by a bird shotgun replaced by cannon. In addition, although she can’t do it, she is very diligent. She can teach her some tricks again and again. After pondering, the number of lying dead in Dungeon became less and less.Finally, after a difficult version of the cruel dungeon, she didn't die once, which made her excited. In addition, she opened the box and opened an enhanced Intermediate Fire Spirit, which made her scream with Ye Ci.

     After dividing the equipment and disbanding the team, Ye Ci and Liu Chang left Dungeon together, and immediately received a message from Zero Arsenic: "Childe'>Thanks for your hard work. There is already someone waiting in the Hard Edition of Earth and Stone Forest. Go ahead."

     Even if the gods revolve so continuously every day, they will get angry, not to mention Ye Ci, who is not very good-tempered. She said coldly: "What? Is this hard work? You are not allowed to drink saliva?"

     Zero Arsenic is a multifaceted and exquisite person. Although he has informed Ye Ci in this way these days, Ye Ci has also remained silent, making him somewhat accustomed to it. But as soon as Ye Ci spoke today, he immediately realized that he had done a little too much, and immediately laughed: "No, if you didn't take a break for two hours, I'll tell the people over there that it's not waiting for the time being."

     Ye Ci didn't say a word, and directly closed the secret language.

     Liu Chang on one side looked at Ye Ci and said: "Xiao ci, why don't you leave?"

     Ye Ci was taken aback for a moment and looked up at Liu Chang, she was a little surprised. He had never said anything before, why did Liu Chang suddenly come up with such a sentence.Liu Chang laughed, "Although I'm just a small shrimp in Guild, it doesn't mean that I don't know anything. I just feel that I've been stunned by replacing you with the original you. How can I be suffocated this time?"

     Ye Ci was relieved, her mouth curled up: "The time is not here."

     Chapter 58: No Time

     Chapter 58: No Time