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Chapter Directory 61 Chapter 59 The Unexpected United Front
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 59 Baffling's United Front

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     Speaking of it, Ye Ci doesn't have many Quests in one day. Now there are eight Dungeons that have been punched through. Among them, there are 10 CDs per day for normal difficulty and 5 CDs for difficult difficulty. Ye Ci doesn't have to finish playing all, she just needs to lead someone to play the hard version of eight Dungeons once a day.

     However, the feeling of working for oneself and working for others is absolutely different. Not to mention Ye Ci, even after Liu Chang had prepared a set of himself, it was too disgusting to write a book, if it weren’t for the grievance. The idea of practicing technology, it is estimated that she does not want to enter the capital.

     After three or four days, Ye Ci went online and suddenly found himself a united front for Guild's management. Moreover, the Guild warehouse, which was only open to the guild leader and deputy guild leader, was also open to her.

     If it's just that Steel Blooded Battle Spear wants to trip her up and prevent her from having time to go to the jungle group, then this matter today has been completely bought.What is a Guild's united front? It can be said that it was the soul of Guild, and the soul of Guild's forge ahead. This position is generally assumed by Guild's top leader or top leader. In team battles, the united battle is definitely the focus of everyone's attention.

     The free use of Guild's warehouse is a manifestation of Guild's highest interests.

     In the Guild warehouse, there are generally high-level equipment, high-level materials, high-level skill books in Guild, etc., and a series of things that are related to high-level.

     Not to mention a big Guild like Steel Blooded Battle Spear, even a small Guild with more than a hundred people also values the Guild warehouse very much. Therefore, generally only the guild leader and deputy guild leader and the people they have authorized can use the Guild warehouse, while other members can only watch and drool over the Guild warehouse.

     Now Thousand Sunsets and Zero Arsenic have directly assigned the rights that they don't even have peacock blue to themselves so generously. This kind of buying is no longer what ordinary people can do.

     "Childe ">, are you up here? "Thousand Sunsets seldom contact Ye Ci, but today he took the initiative to contact her, which made Ye Ci really curious.

     "Ok.""I heard Pishuang said that you also learned life skills. It must be very hard to practice life skills alone, so I opened the Guild warehouse for you. See what materials you lack, just take it." Thousand Sunsets laughed. There is generosity in it.

     "It's not very good. The materials are collected by everyone." Ye Ci naturally understands this truth. Slap a sweet date, this Ye Ci of course also understands. Now Steel Blooded Battle Spear has made it clear to give a sweet jujube, and this sweet jujube Ye Ci doesn't want to continue at all.

     "It's okay, everyone is your own, don't be so polite." Thousand Sunsets laughed haha, it was really hearty. Ye Ci listened to his laughter and thought that such a person should be easy to make friends without being driven by interests, but it is a pity that there is a gap of interest that cannot be crossed between them.

     "There are also equipment, potion, as long as you can see it, take them all."

     Ye Ci doesn't want to get entangled with Thousand Sunsets on this matter, anyway, it's their business if you can't open the authority, and it's your business if you can't take things. She directly cut into what she cares about most: "Qianshan, the united front is better than changing people, I am not suitable. I am not the veteran of Steel Blooded Battle Spear, nor the person who contributed the most. I did this united front and it is not reasonable. and fair .""Who said you didn't contribute, first kill three times, first five twice, who can do it"

     "That is everyone’s cooperation. Fate is a team game. Clear the dungeon. Everyone has worked hard. There is no heroism. Perhaps my performance is a bit more outstanding. I am just doing my duty as a member. I believe that there is no me. , Iron Blood can also take First Kill. It’s not appropriate to put the united front on my head like this.” If you say it nicely, you won’t lose meat, wear a high hat and you won’t die. Ye Ci’s voice is soothing, neither too fast nor too slow . But between the words and the lines both expressed their rejection of the united front.

     Thousand Sunsets will naturally not agree so easily, and the two people cannot reach an agreement on this issue for the time being.

     "Qianshan, something happened." The two were still playing the ball, but Zero Arsenic found Thousand Sunsets.

     "what's happenin?"

     "The First Squadron Second Regiment went to fight the desert sand scorpion today, and I ran into Tang Dynasty's squatting place and started fighting." Zero Arsenic paused, and then said: "Most Danzi and Qianzhu are a bit dissatisfied with the united war Although it didn’t say anything on the surface, it’s still like explosives. It’s against Tang Dynasty."

     Thousand Sunsets secretly mumbled a few swear words before giving another order: "Call them to withdraw. We are not Tang Dynasty opponents yet. We will open up wasteland and cold ruins the day after tomorrow. Don't hurt the vitality of the team.""I've already notified, they won't listen."

     Thousand Sunsets was really angry this time. He finally decided to take a look at it himself, so he didn't continue to struggle with Ye Ci, and directly took his elite group and Zero Arsenic towards the gravel plain.

     When Ye Ci knew that Steel Blooded Battle Spear was fighting with Tang Dynasty, the battle was over.

     Tang Dynasty is worthy of being the second-ranked Guild on Eastern Continent. Although there is no First Kill, the overall quality of Guild is relatively high, and the follow-up is very strong. As long as the united front shouts, there will be people with a steady flow. The gravel plain rushes.

     Although Steel Blooded Battle Spear is a dark horse, it is a new Guild after all. It is also a Guild that uses money to maintain. It was very strong at the beginning, but gradually its follow-up force weakened, especially when the Tang Dynasty troops arrived. Time, one after another failed. When Thousand Sunsets saw it, they didn't care about preserving their strength or not, so they directly shouted in Guild to send DKP to those who participated in the battle, so that the number of people came alive again.

     If this battle is won, the Steel Blooded Battle Spear's Guild ranking will be advanced a few more levels. If it is lost, not only will it be for one's face to reach rock bottom, but also the question of whether Guild's ranking has fallen.

     In this case, Thousand Sunsets will continue anyway."I said, your Guild is fighting with our Guild, and our Guild is giving out benefits, and your Guild hasn't moved?" Remote Depths just came back after finishing the daily routine, and just met Ye Ci who was going out for daily routine.

     Ye Ci was taken aback.

     Steel Blooded Battle Spear had a fight with Tang Dynasty? when did it happen? At most, an hour and a half later, Thousand Sunsets was still kowtow with himself, and he didn't hear anything from him. Was this difficulty fighting out of thin air?

     In fact, this is really hard to blame Ye Ci. She has shut down Guild's chat messages a long time ago. Even if Guild is already in trouble, as long as no one informs her privately, she doesn't know at all.

     "When did this happen?"

     "It's been over an hour." Remote Depths thought for a while, and then asked: "What? You are not going anymore?"

     Regarding this question, Ye Ci hasn't thought about it yet, so he asked: "Why don't you go?"

     Remote Depths shook his head like a rattle, and he raised the back of his sword: "I finally got enough power to put this shield on, and I won't go. The so-called Guild battle is completely unskilled. All are crowded tactics, what if I accidentally hung up and exploded my shield?""I don't live without my salary, so I won't go." Ye Ci pondered for a while and answered Remote Depths. This is also the answer that Ye Ci has carefully considered. Guild does not have a sense of belonging to her, and there is no need for her to join in the fun of this kind of melee.

     Putting aside this level, just talk about the group P with Yu Wandering Cloud that day. I guess the other party still hates it, but for the time being because of the garden apartment thing, I don’t dare to move, so if I go today, I can’t find it for myself. Happy?

     In summary, Ye Ci will naturally not go.

     This kind of Guild battle between the same faction is actually very boring. It's nothing more than a little bit of face, but to make Guild suffer serious injury, and it hurts the people and money. Although Tang Dynasty is a big Guild, there are people behind it. Which investor wants to use his own money to fight this kind of meaningless water drift? The same goes for Steel Blooded Battle Spear.

     At the beginning of the Guild battle, the two Guilds were desperately trying to fight for you to die, I live, but after the main members died a lap, they all began to consciously retreat, even if they fought, the non-main members rushed forward. Go ahead.

     The last thing in this kind of melee is manipulation, as long as you follow the charge. However, non-main members are not stupid, especially those members who have lost their equipment and slapped the table and scolded their mothers. At this point, the whole melee has gradually come to an end.When Ye Ci paid attention to this matter, the two sides were left to spit in the world.

     Sending a world is 100 gold coins. Now that the real currency and game currency have not yet been opened, 100 gold coins can be described as a huge sum of money, so even if the two sides are rich, they did not waste long and finally calmed down.

     Although the loss was considerable, Steel Blooded Battle Spear still drew a tie with Tang Dynasty. In addition, their publicity was written and posted on the forum at the first time. The Steel Blooded Battle Spear was very popular for a while, and it was worth it. Of course, Tang Dynasty naturally did not show weakness. The two Guilds were arguing on the forum again, but this is not so important anymore.

     The external battle is over, and the internal dispute will continue forever.

     As a united front, Ye Ci did not appear from beginning to end, which aroused the extreme indignation of the main force of the First Squadron 2nd regiment, and arguing with Thousand Sunsets in the conference room. Zero Arsenic reconciled several times to no avail, and finally had to accept the suggestion of the leader of the First Squadron 2nd regiment and revoked Ye Ci's united front position.

     When Ye Ci received this system notification, he was on the way to meet Moon Star. No one explained why, nor did she tell her the cause and effects. Ye Ci's united front resignation is like her baffling.But she didn't care, anyway, she didn't seem to have done this united front from beginning to end. After a while, Zero Arsenic informed her: "childe ">, the day after tomorrow, go to the leader in the cold ruins, and you will be ranked third. Let Danzi and Thousand Leaders try first. If they can’t, you are on. "

     Chapter 59 Baffling's United Front

     Chapter 59 Baffling's United Front