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Chapter Directory 64 Chapter 62 The Difficult Problems
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 62 The Difficulties of Entanglement

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     "Heal" Tanzi gave the order without hesitation.

     Ye Ci didn't hesitate to step back either. She moved quickly, and at an extremely fast speed she backed away to a place 15 yards away from the last player.

     As a leader, he wanted the eyes watch six roads and the ears listen in all directions. This action of Ye Ci was naturally seen by Danzi. While he ordered heal, he said to Ye Ci: "childe'>you you What to retreat? I haven’t given an order to retreat..."

     Before he could say anything, he heard the screams of the team constantly, and all the players were frozen because of Cleric's heal.

     Ye Ci retreated far enough and didn't enter the battle. She sat down calmly, with a faint sarcasm in her smiling voice: "You have to leave someone to help you pick up equipment."

     Tanzi was full of depression. On the one hand, the team was facing annihilation. On the other hand, it was because of Ye Ci’s a matter of no concern to oneself. He was angrily not talking, but said: "I’ll take the time to run away. ."Moments later, the white light of the player's death dazzled Ye Ci's eyes. She squinted her eyes, her lips curled up thinly, revealing a few invisible arcs: "Such a scene is really wonderful."

     When a group of people returned to Dungeon again, all the equipment they dropped was neatly placed on the ground, and Ye Ci still sat on the spot, as if he hadn't moved at all.

     No one in the crowd spoke. The person who had dropped the equipment picked up the equipment placed beside Ye Ci and silently sat down to recover his blood.

     The two successive destruction of the group caused everyone's confidence to suffer a little blow. Even the peacock blue, which has always been invincible, is not open at this time, like an eggplant that has been beaten by frost.

     There is a long-standing saying in Dungeon, you must live before it works.

     Regardless of any profession, whether you want a high DPS, whether you want to resist monsters, or want to be the first to treat, you have to do the first and only bottom line, and that is to live. Only by surviving can it exert its maximum function. If the corpse is lying down, the best player is just rubbing the waste wood of experience equipment.

     Although Steel Blooded Battle Spear is the new Guild, it can't beat a lot of Dungeon, big or small, and everyone who is a member of First Squadron naturally understands this truth.So at this moment, no one dares to criticize Ye Ci. She just made the most correct choice under the worst circumstances.

     Tanzi didn't speak even more. He sat in the corner, quietly gazing at the seemingly small ruins in front of him, quietly thinking about the problems and enlightenment of these two extinction groups. After a while, he turned his head to the Yinfeng and said: "Yinfeng, what did you find just now?"

     "I only feel that there is a huge danger ahead. There should be an elite level monster, but I can't observe it."

     "Have you used insights?"

     "I haven't had time yet."

     Tanzi nodded, and then ordered another wizard Rogue in the team to follow the windy road just now to make an insight into the area ahead. After a while, I heard that Rogue exclaimed and was frozen again.

     Tanzi didn't panic. His face was silent. The leader quietly went up to heal with a treatment, and then watched Ye Ci not a word or movement. When he found that Ye Ci immediately stood up and retreated some distance after he issued the heal order, he also retreated unintentionally, and retreated to a straight line almost parallel to Ye Ci.Looking ahead, the Cleric began to sing to heal Spell. The frost that originally covered Rogue immediately spread towards that Cleric, freezing her in an instant, and all the players within 15 yards of Cleric. Frozen again.

     That's it

     Tanzi finally found the scope, rules and taboos of this frosty person. He glanced at Ye Ci again. Although he was still a bit angry about the United Front incident, he still had to admit that the huntress PVE's observation ability was very powerful.

     After greeting a few people to the resurrection, Tanzi said while everyone was recovering: "I just thought about it carefully. There must be a mechanism in front of this area, and this mechanism is very secretive. If we accidentally step on it, it will He will be frozen.” At this point, he looked up at the place where Rogue was frozen just now before confirming: “The first person to be frozen, players within 20 yards of his center will be frozen. Live, this one is basically dead if it is frozen."

     He paused, looked at everyone, and found that they were all listening to his own analysis, so he subconsciously glanced at Ye Ci, only to see Ye Ci just lowered his head and wiped his hands. I can’t see the expression on my bow and arrow. He sighed and said nothing."The person who is frozen cannot give him heal, otherwise heal people will also be frozen, and all people within 15 yards of the heal people will be frozen." He said that Tanzi wrinkled again. After removing the eyebrows, he added without confirmation: "Maybe not only heal, as long as you use Magic Attack, you will be frozen."

     Ye Ci just wiped the cold short bow in his hand. She has been inlaid with bunting armor pieces above, and has increased her attack a little, so that she can barely keep up with the current damage. If it were not for the effect of reducing movement, this short bow should really be eliminated.

     Ye Ci did not express any special emotions for the promotion of Tanzi's reasoning. Tanzi is a good leader. If he died a few times and didn't even infer this rule, he would be really ashamed. But just knowing these is of no use, the important thing is to know how to crack it.

     Regarding the question of how to crack...she is not a leader, it is none of her business.

     Although Tanzi understood the principle, he still didn't know how to crack it, and he destroyed many groups one after another. Although he followed Ye Ci consciously, the number of deaths was less than that of other players, but it was not so good. Where to go.

     Especially in Fate, there are unique regulations for death penalty.After level 10, Dungeon will drop one level if it dies in any way, and equipment random will drop 0 to 2 pieces. Those who die less than 20 times a day in Dungeon don’t have to be punished. They only drop a few pieces of equipment for long lasting and random. It’s fine to spend money to repair them, but once the number of deaths per day in Dungeon exceeds 20 times, it Drop 50 experience.

     Therefore, the average player will die as long as 20 times in Dungeon, they will not continue. After all, it is very difficult to upgrade after level 10. It is distressing to drop a little, let alone 50 experience. .

     This place is really a big difficulty. If you don't know the strategy and want to find a way by yourself, it will not be effective if you don't die 50 times. First Squadron has been delayed here for too long, from four o'clock in the afternoon close to midnight, there is still no progress.

     A group of people sat together in a chattering discussion, but little effect was achieved.Ye Ci drowsy on the other hand, the character in the game can eat some food in the game to satisfy her hunger when she is hungry, but she is hungry in reality. Although there are nutrient solutions in the health warehouse, it can support the general physiological needs of the players, but Ye Ci has turned off the function of health preservation. There is no other reason. She doesn't want to become a game-playing machine like she did in the previous life. She has to eat, sleep and exercise like a normal person. Only in this way can she engage in this "profession" for a longer time.

     Without eating for so many hours and no nutrient supply, Ye Ci was so hungry that he was about to faint, especially the slut Remote Depths who would tell her every hour and give her the name of the dish, even more so. She went crazy.

     "How many deaths do you have?" Dungeon's death count is refreshed at 7 o'clock in the morning every day, and Tamiko sees that the time is 1 o'clock in the morning.

     "6 times."

     "8 times."

     "7 times."


     The least questioned was only 3 times, and the most was of course Ye Ci. She never died at all. This allows

     Listening to the number of deaths, Tanko frowned. This is really not good.

     Suddenly, Thousand Sunsets said: "Tanko, if it wasn't for childe'>you Leader."Tanzi was taken aback for a moment, and immediately turned his head to look at Thousand Sunsets, and then at the childe'>you who was leaning against the drowny under the mountain wall. Then he turned his gaze to Thousand Sunsets again, and shook his head persistently: "Qianshan, you should Trust me."

     Thousand Sunsets opened his mouth. She wanted to say something, but Tanzi insisted on shaking her head: "She has never been here. In this case, you have to believe me."

     His persistence finally made Thousand Sunsets compromise. Thousand Sunsets nodded and patted Tanzi on the shoulder: "The person who died the most has 3 chances. Hurry up. If you don’t go offline today, think about it again. Let you take another day tomorrow. If you can’t make it tomorrow. , I'm about to change people."

     Tanzi took a deep breath and assembled the team again.

     There is no difference in the result. After entangled in such a night, the result is just to find out that there is a powerful elite monster in a place invisible to everyone, and this monster will shout "hungry" in a very weak voice. Other than that , Got nothing.Climbing out of the game room, Ye Ci was starving to death and rushed into the kitchen, where Bai Mo left her a meal. She didn't have time to use the microwave to heat it up, so she stuffed it directly into her mouth. Everyone has something unbearable, and the unbearable thing Ye Ci is-hungry. Not eating one meal is already her greatest limit. If she wants to not eat two meals...I guess she will find someone to collect her body the next day.

     Ye Ci went online early the next day. I originally planned to go to the auction house to sweep the goods, and then went to Dungeon, but I was temporarily notified that because the two leaders of the First Squadron 2nd regiment were to study tactics, the opening time of the group was postponed to today. Six o'clock in the evening.

     But it's only eight o'clock in the morning...

     Since you want to change the time, how good is it to notify you earlier? Then she can sleep in.

     She was very angry, but she heard a system message...

     Chapter 62 The Difficulties of Entanglement

     Chapter 62 The Difficulties of Entanglement