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Chapter Directory 65 Chapter 63: Rally Again
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 63 Assembled again (120 votes plus more)

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     "The player Flawless Reflection wants to be your friend."

     Qin Churuo? Ye Ci was taken aback for a moment, then relieved. The senior brother Qin is an indomitable person. It must have been so many times for Fang Susu to speak in the middle, and finally decided to contact him one-liner.

     She did not refuse, and agreed to Flawless Reflection's friend invitation, and also added him as a friend.

     After the two parties were added as friends, Qin Churuo immediately contacted Ye Ci, and at first he was a secretive greeting, but it didn’t take long for him to point out: “childe ">, we are stuck in front of the cold ruins of Old One. According to Rogue's investigation, there is an elite monster there, but there is nowhere to be found. Regarding this, I originally thought it was a BUG, but after submitting it, the official said there was no BUG, so I want to ask you if there are any feasible suggestions? "

     It seems to be stuck in the same place as Steel Blooded Battle Spear. Ye Ci tilted his head and thought for a while, but finally gave up the idea of pointing Qin Churuo.Speak and keep one's promise, loyalty to one's duty is a principle of Ye Ci. Since she is still in Steel Blooded Battle Spear, since she hasn't helped Steel Blooded Battle Spear Clearance Dungeon, she won't tell others the strategy. So she said: "We fought there yesterday, and we died for a day, and we haven't had it yet."

     She speaks very technically, both between the words and the lines say that the progress of Steel Blooded Battle Spear has not passed, but not to mention that she doesn't know the strategy.

     Flawless Reflection heard what Ye Ci said, but she didn't understand it, and sighed: "This Dungeon is really difficult. I thought you would have a strategy for leading the team."

     Ye Ci smiled: "I am not a leader."

     "What?" This surprised Flawless Reflection: "Isn't it the news that this time Steel Blooded Battle Spear attacked the cold ruins as your leader? It made all the Guilds catch up, for fear that you took the First Kill. Not you?"

     Ye Ci was taken aback for a moment, but there were still these things, why she didn't know at all. She regretted that she had just said that she had missed her mouth. After all, it was Guild's own business who was the leader. If she said it, it would become a rumor and it would be annoying. But for a while, she couldn't find a good excuse to explain, so she had to say: "No, it is to arrange a few Leaders to take turns."Flawless Reflection didn't doubt anything. After all, each Guild leader is not only one person. Every leader needs to be familiar with the Dungeon process. Ye Ci's statement is not unreasonable, but there are some differences in the arrangement from the rumors in the market.

     "Since you don't have a Leader now, why don't you come to Guild and help us open up wasteland? I will never treat you badly." Flawless Reflection turned his head and wanted to dig the wall.

     Ye Ci refused, she has her principles. Flawless Reflection didn't say much, just said that if there is any progress, I hope Ye Ci can provide a strategy and remuneration is good for negotiation.

     Two people are chatting here, but Dong Yin over there did not find Ye Ci at the meeting of the main force of the First Squadron Second Regiment, which was a little strange. She chatted with Thousand Sunsets privately: "The setting sun, why don't you see Xiao ci?"

     "Oh, this is the main meeting, and she was not notified." Thousand Sunsets didn't care.

     "Isn't she a leader too?"

     "She didn't bring the book yesterday, so she won't have any experience, and it's meaningless to call her. Besides, she is a celebrity, and she is afraid that she will be busy and delay things." Thousand Sunsets casually perfunctory Dong Yin.

     "But, but she has brought so many First Kills, she should also be experienced. Isn't it better to have more people and power? And, she is so powerful..."Thousand Sunsets is also angry in his heart, although he also knows that childe ">you is a person with some abilities, so he has been actively drawing in. But Thousand Sunsets later discovered that this childe ">you is not like a normal seventeen or eighteen-year-old child. The mind is simple and easy to master, and it is not as easy to use as Yi Cang and Dong Yin.

     A person who has some ability and is not easy to master is still different from his own brother.

     Whether it’s the original indulgence of childe ">you, or mentioning her as a united front and opening the Guild warehouse, it is Thousand Sunsets's wooing to childe ">you, but she did not expect that she did not show to Steel Blooded Battle Spear. Half of the intimacy, this is enough to make Thousand Sunsets angry. What's more, the childe ">you in Dungeon yesterday became a little enthusiastic from the beginning, and then he became out of touch after being sprayed by Danzi, which made him angry.

     Is it because the leader said it would make me feel angry? Even if she was right at the beginning, how about a few words? It’s hard for everyone to do this later, can't she give some suggestions on Dungeon's progress? Do you really think you are a princess? Can't be touched?Dong Yin was interrupted by Thousand Sunsets without speaking. He faintly suppressed his anger: "Because she is so powerful, I opened the Guild warehouse to her, and mentioned her to do the united front. But what did she do? We played against Tang Dynasty, and she didn’t even show her shadow. This united front position is supposed to be done for Danzi and Qianzeng. I ruled out the public opinion and let her do it. She just slapped me in the face, what else should I do to her Didn’t you just take the First Kill a few times? As for being like that? Don’t pay attention to Guild’s system and play wild groups at any time. I don’t deny that she has some abilities when she thinks she is. Yes, don’t think you’re really a person, so you can ignore Guild in your eyes. Yinyin, let me tell you, you don’t have to deal with this kind of people, you are selfish and indifferent, you are careful to sell you and you help count the bills"

     Dong Yin was irritated by the words of Thousand Sunsets. She only felt that her eyes were dry, and her anger rose: "We have known each other for more than ten years, and I know Xiao ci best what kind of person she is. It’s just that I don’t like to talk, and I’m not good at dealing with people, where my character is bad.”

     Thousand Sunsets frowned. He really didn't want to argue with Dong Yin. This kind of little girl is innocent and stubborn. The things that look for will not be flexible, and it is the most difficult to deal with it.At the beginning, I was good with her because she was Ye Ci. I wanted to compile some useful information from her, but I didn’t expect that Ye Ci would never say any strategy. It seems that this childe ">you I'm not honest about these small hairs.

     He couldn't help but sneered: "If she has a good character and treats you as a friend, she won't tell you why you ask a hard-shell giant tortoise's strategy."

     This sentence of Thousand Sunsets blocked all Dong Yin's words, she looked at the sneer on Thousand Sunsets' lips with some disbelief. This is the Thousand Sunsets that has always been very good to her? Is that Thousand Sunsets who can't even say heavy words to her?

     Dong Yin has always known that Thousand Sunsets accepts himself, which has a lot to do with his desire to compile information from Ye Ci, but he has always persuaded himself to think too much. Only one day, when these words came out of Thousand Sunsets' mouth, she still felt that she had been thrown into an ice cellar, and she felt cold all over her body.

     Suddenly, she suddenly remembered a sentence Ye Ci said.

     "It doesn't matter if a person is good or not, what matters is whether it is good for you."Thousand Sunsets saw Dong Yin no longer talking, but just stared at herself so blankly, her tone softened: "Yinyin, you are different from Ye Ci. You are pure in mind, treat people sincerely, and her personality is deep, shrewdness It’s too deep, and you’ll get hurt when you stay with her. If her kind were not for our Guild to take her in, few Guilds can bear the selfish character and lack the spirit of dedication at all."

     Dong Yin stood up, slapped Thousand Sunsets and slapped his hand on the shoulder, and rushed out of the meeting room angrily. This made the people who had been focusing on the meeting turned their eyes to the two of them, but Thousand Sunsets didn't care at all, just waved to let everyone continue to study Dungeon's style of play: "Little girl film, don't care."

     Dong Yin rushed out of the meeting room and didn't know where to go, so he had to find Liu Chang. She wanted to tell Liu Chang about this, but she felt that it was inappropriate, so she didn't say anything in the end.

     Because he was going to Dungeon at 6 o'clock in the evening, Ye Ci couldn't leave Red Lake City to walk too far, so he had to do a daily Quest. Her rank has almost changed from a first-level soldier to a second-level soldier. This rank earning is a long and delicate job, and it is impossible to want anxious for quick results.After finishing her daily routine, she went to beat some beasts nearby, collected a lot of beast meat, and contacted cooking. As Ol' Three’s level increased, his appetite became more and more demanding. He was no longer satisfied with ordinary food. Ye Ci had to continue to study her own cooking skills. Although she had broken through the basic cooking skills, she still Some distance away from those life skill players.

     (idiomatic usage) with great difficulty It was almost five o'clock in the evening, Ye Ci and Bai Mo went offline after having dinner and doing some exercise before they went online.

     At exactly six o'clock, to catch up with the assembly of the team.

     The CD of 25-person Dungeon is generally refreshed once a day. If you need to record the CD, you have to pay a certain amount of money to the designated NPC according to the difficulty of Dungeon.

     The cold ruins did not even see the old one yesterday, and of course there was no CD recorded, so a group of people started to fight again. This time it was different from the lively situation yesterday. Everyone didn't talk all the way, and even the peacock blue was a little too quiet.

     When he arrived at the place where he was entangled yesterday, Tanzi immediately ordered a Rogue to take off his gear and head towards yesterday's place. When he reached a place where he couldn't move forward, Ye Ci saw him squat down and put some food on the ground.I have to say that Tanzi can still figure it out, and they have found the key to the solution within a day. It's just that, under current conditions, there are at least one or two hundred kinds of food that can be made by cooking.

     Ye Ci watched that Rogue put down the food and then slowly backed up, and couldn't help sighing. This man was tragic.

     In this Dungeon, if the food is not the food that the transparent monster likes, the person who put the food will be killed in seconds. I think that Dungeon had killed countless people on the road to sacrifice food. It can be said that this Dungeon strategy was paved by the player's body.

     Chapter 63 Regrouping

     Chapter 63 Regrouping