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Chapter Directory 68 Chapter 66 Nightmare Difficulty
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 66: Nightmare Difficulty (140 votes plus more)

     Ye Ci was slightly stunned.

     In fact, she was stunned for a long time. If it hadn't been for Remote Depths to urge her, she wouldn't be able to recover. She also followed Bai Mo and laughed, and then clicked to confirm without hesitation.

     The world immediately saw the system news of her joining Guild.

     System: childe'>you join Upward Ho Guild.

     Suddenly, the whole world exploded. Yesterday Eastern Continent’s major Guilds were still vivid in one’s mind for the childe’> quiet, and even Eastern Continent’s forum was opened, betting on which Guild she would join, but she didn’t expect that the Guild she joined today made people fall below. glasses.

     What is this Upward Ho Guild? What is sacred? Can you actually hold the childe'>you this big Buddha?

     For a while, the topic of gossip in the world has become this again.

     Ye Ci is fairly foresight, and turned off all channels, so that he can quietly look at the interface of Guild.

     Well, this is really a clean Guild.

     There are only two names in the Guild list.

     Guild leader: Remote Depths.

     Member: childe'>you.

     Remote Depths took Ye Ci to be the deputy guild leader after a few moments, and then smiled: "You are the deputy guild leader, please bully the people as much as you like."Ye Ci looked at the list of members who were as empty as anything, and the black lines were full: "You mean to oppress the people by oppressing you?"

     This of course caused a strong protest from Remote Depths. Ye Ci suddenly felt in a good mood, closed the Guild interface, and ran towards the cold ruins with his horse's belly.

     The elite team of World Conqueror Guild had already been waiting at the door of the cold ruins. When Flawless Reflection saw Ye Ci rushing over, he stood up and introduced everyone. Then he smiled pointedly: "What kind of elite Guild is Upward Ho? Can it attract you?"

     Ye Ci chuckled twice: "Family and Friends Group."

     Flawless Reflection is still a bit reconciled now that it is clear: "All come to Guild, we can talk about the treatment."

     "Sorry, I'm not interested in Guild." Ye Ci shook his head, refusing clearly. Flawless Reflection was also a reasonable person, so he closed his mouth and never mentioned the topic again.

     After introducing everyone in the team to Ye Ci one by one, Ye Ci nodded and said: "How much is the highest of the 4 MTs?"

     Long Wu reported his defense.

     Sure enough, the MT of Guild, ranked top in the country, is reassuring just by the data.

     "How many blocks are there?"

     "twenty one."Before there was no heaven-defying equipment like the back of the sword rack, the block rate of 21 was considered to be the upper middle level of the MT at level 20. Although it is still a little bit short of the block rate in Ye Ci's mind, it is enough. She asked about the defenses and block rates of other MTs and nodded. They were all very good. Even the defense of the four Ts had 345 and block 197.

     "I'm going to pick up Dungeon." Ye Ci said to everyone and walked towards the assembly stone.

     Dungeon difficulty in Fate is divided into five levels. They are ordinary, difficult, elite, hell, and nightmare.

     Generally, there are only three modes of normal, difficult, and elite in the five-player book, while the two modes of hell and nightmare will only appear in the large and medium-sized team Dungeon with more than 25 people.

     In addition, the five-person Dungeon and the team Dungeon choose difficulty in different ways. The five-player Dungeon can't choose the difficulty beyond the level, that is to say, it can only fight the ordinary and then the difficult, and the elite before the difficult. The team Dungeon does not have such restrictions, you just need to choose a different difficulty than the collection stone.

     "Childe'>you, do you want to open the 25-person team Dungeon Cold Ruins?".


     "Please choose Dungeon difficulty for your team."

     Ye Ci immediately appeared in front of several choices, she did not hesitate to choose the last one, nightmare difficulty.She has never been the kind of quiet person, her blood is full of adventurous spirit. Since you want to play, then you can play it bigger, just Clearance normal difficulty, that's not interesting.

     The system prompt immediately sounded in the team channel: "World Conqueror opens the 25-person team Dungeon cold ruins, Dungeon difficulty, nightmare. This is the beginning of a new nightmare, the danger inside exceeds all your imagination, come on, heroes, bring Put your blood to write a new epic for Dalaya continent"

     When Dungeon is turned on, such a lyrical recitation will only appear in Hell and Nightmare difficulty, and then the system will attach a BUFF according to the content of the recitation until the end of Dungeon.

     Sure enough, a faint golden red light appeared on all the members immediately, and the BUFF showed Daraya's blessing: all attributes increased by 15 points.

     Although this BUFF is very cool, but the nightmare difficulty makes everyone's heart sink.

     Oh my God, it's actually on Nightmare Difficulty. They haven't even played the oldest one in normal difficulty. This is Nightmare Difficulty...

     Flawless Reflection was naturally surprised. He hurriedly walked to the side of Ye Ci and said with concern: "childe'>, is the difficulty chosen wrong? This is nightmare difficulty...""No." Ye Ci turned half of his body and looked at Flawless Reflection with a shallow smile: "What? Don't the World Conqueror members have confidence in themselves?".

     "It's not a question of confidence..." Flawless Reflection sighed softly. "If it weren't for us, we'd better fight ordinary?"

     Ye Ci shook his head: "It's just a nightmare. There is no other choice. If you feel that you can't, then terminate the contract." Her voice was not loud, but many members of the team could hear clearly. The team was quiet, and they stared at this one in front of them. The female hunter, her face was calm, without any hint of joking, and her composure and her courage really made these group members who have experienced many years of wind and waves a little admiration.

     Although not all at ease with her in my heart, there was a voice shouting in their hearts.

     "Fight once, Shuiyue, we must believe in our strength. We are the people of World Conqueror." Suddenly a Rogue yelled, and then more people echoed. The enthusiasm of the team members suddenly rose, and everyone's heart was full of passion.

     Flawless Reflection was also infected by their enthusiasm, and finally nodded and smiled at Ye Ci: "Okay, it will be handed over to you, Leader, all of us will hand our lives to you from now on."

     Ye Ci didn't speak, turned around and walked towards Dungeon's door. She waved: "Jin Ben."Sure enough, nightmare difficulty and normal difficulty cannot speak of two things on the same day, and even the mobs who guard the door are fierce. However, these are nothing to the firepower of World Conqueror. Soon they have already advanced to the difficult point, and Ye Ci began to explain the strategy to pass the difficult point.

     "When I open the monster for a while, everyone stays at least 15 yards away from me. After the hidden ruins come out, everyone runs with my password, and then gathers the fire monsters. There will be no OT here, and all the remotes are zoomed in. Trick, you must knock it down in the fastest time. Remember, you must destroy his 20 blood within 1 minute, otherwise the group will be destroyed. So, all remotes, match your skill output time, don’t let I'm free, and pay attention to blue control at the same time."

     This requirement is really not low, not only must be able to master the skill release rhythm perfectly, not break gears, but also control the blue. This is not something ordinary players can do casually, and it is really a loss that World Conqueror is such a great choice. One of the elite group.

     "What about melee?" Flawless Reflection asked.

     "As long as you run in close combat, you can ensure that you are not dead. By the way... Cleric doesn't need heal, all follow the output."

     Everyone look at each other in dismay, they have not heard of the unheal.

     However, since Flawless Reflection gave the Leadership to Ye Ci, they didn't raise any questions in their hearts. They could only listen to Ye Ci's password.At the beginning of the monster opening, Ye Ci put down the aromatherapy sea fish unharmed, and then returned to the group members. Her extremely high jump and amazing speed made everyone admire. Especially Flawless Reflection, because he is also a hunter, so he watched Ye Ci's every move very carefully.

     All masters are from imitation learning to transcendence, which is unchanging since times immemorial.

     After the concealed ruins roared, Ye Ci stared at the crooked clock tower. After its only hand began to move, he immediately shouted: "7 o'clock direction"

     Prior to this, everyone's spirits had been highly concentrated, and when Ye Ci shouted, a team of people seemed to be one person at the same time running towards the seven o'clock direction.

     "Stop and start output"

     Worthy of being a well-trained senior Guild, 25 people seem to be one person at this moment, all advancing at the same time. Flawless Reflection took a closer look, and it turned out that Ye Ci didn't fight the mobs, even in the case of strict DPS requirements, she still didn't do it.

     Actually, it's not that Ye Ci is lazy, but she wants to see how much damage this team can deal with long-range firepower.

     The result made her more satisfied. Although she did not participate in the battle that focused the fire on the hidden ruins, the remotes of World Conqueror brought down the hidden ruins within the specified time.When the hidden ruins fell, only a Dungeon cue was heard.

     "The road ahead doesn't seem so cold anymore."

     "Go, touch the corpse." Ye Ci smiled at Flawless Reflection.

     "Passed?" Flawless Reflection couldn't believe it, so forget it?

     that is the truth.

     That's the difficulty that has stumped countless people. It was actually a nightmare level.

     For a few seconds, the World Conqueror team cheered. If they were still worried about Ye Ci, then they have already prostrated oneself in admiration to her at this moment. Flawless Reflection was pushed up to touch the corpse. His luck was really good. He found out a level 18 Warlock equipment. The two Warlock LLs in the team got a little bit off and divided the equipment.

     Going forward, a group of wandering elemental monsters appeared in front of them. Roughly estimated, there are at least seventeen or eight, each with a blood volume of about 2W. Among the five-person Dungeon of the same level, this can be regarded as the blood volume of a small BOSS.

     "Did hunters learn Feign Death?"

     Chapter 66: Nightmare Difficulty

     Chapter 66: Nightmare Difficulty