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Chapter Directory 69 Chapter 67 Copy (Part 1)
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 67 Dungeon (Part 1)

     Ye Ci glanced at the elemental monsters, then turned to ask the other two hunters.

     Flawless Reflection and another hunter nodded at the same time with an apple a day: "Yes."

     "At that time, I will be ready to pick up the monster. If you can't catch it, Feign Death." After Ye Ci told the two of them, he ordered other professions to prepare for battle, and walked towards the element monster alone.

     One day, when Apple saw Ye Ci had gone far, he turned his head and whispered to Flawless Reflection, "Hunters start monsters...Isn't the hunter very difficult to control aggro? There is only one misguided shooting, how to attract the blame?"

     Flawless Reflection didn't understand, he shook his head, "Just look at it clearly."

     Ye Ci walked quickly and carefully to the edge of a mountain less than 50 yards from the Elemental Monster, and then followed the vines hanging down from the low slope and quickly climbed to the mountain. Standing on the low hillside, she took out a bow and arrow to aim at the group of element monsters below, quietly measuring the distance.

     They got together, they looked very close, the distance between each was only two or three yards. It is a delicate distance between danger and safety.

     A distance of 2 yards means that the initiation of a monster will be linked, and a distance of 3 yards means that the initiation of a monster will not link, which is very strange.For Ye Ci, the king who used Dungeon alone in the previous life, her eyes are the most accurate ruler without any auxiliary software.

     There are many abandoned buildings in the cold ruins. After thousands of years of weathering, some have become land, and some have become this kind of hill bag at the foot of Ye Ci. Numerous monsters linger in these buildings. If you are not familiar with the terrain and are not careful, it is easy to cause annihilation of the group.

     And Ye Ci’s current position is the best terrain she has researched when she singles out the cold ruins in her last life. Standing here to attract strangers, the following seventeen or eight strangers will only be attracted to 5 each time. If If the shooting angle, time, and distance are more subtle, they can only be drawn to two.

     Ye Ci stood on the mountain bag, opened the bow, and quietly waited for the element monster to swim out of the angle that was most conducive to her capture.

     One minute passed, two minutes passed.

     She seemed to be a solidified sculpture, standing quietly on the top of the mountain, as if she had merged with the entire Dungeon, and she never lived again. And everyone who is in charge of waiting underneath, their hearts are about to mention their throats, all of them are unable to take one's eyes off looking at her, not even a trace of distraction, for fear that suddenly the whole situation will be one hundred and eighty degrees. reverse.

     Flawless Reflection stared at Ye Ci tightly, even blinking his eyes cautious and solemn, afraid of missing something.Suddenly, he saw Ye Ci's middle and index fingers hooking the bowstring tremble slightly, and she turned her head and rushed towards the crowd quickly.

     Is it shot? Still missed? Did they cite a lot, or just a few? Flawless Reflection's heart went up and down, and he was so nervous that he quickly asked, "How many strange ones? How to pick them up?"

     "MT went forward to fight the monster directly, no need to pick it up." Ye Ci commanded calmly without even turning his head.

     The MTs quickly got in place, and saw three element monsters rushing from the corner of the mountain pack, and their bare fangs and brandish claws rushed in the direction of Ye Ci.

     "Shield Strike"


     The MTs immediately stood up one by one, followed by treatment.

     If it’s not for the elite Guild, it’s not the same. Ye Ci hasn’t told anything from beginning to end. Everyone knows what they want to do. They are precise and aware. Such a team is Heaven cannot tolerate this .

     Ye Ci followed the recipe again and brought all the remaining monsters in a little bit. It didn't take long for the brood of element monsters to be turned into corpses. After Flawless Reflection touched the corpse, the Warlocks swarmed up to refine the elemental dust.

     Seventeen element monsters came out with 2 blue outfits and one green outfit, all of which were at level 18 or higher, which is suitable for wearing at this time."Why is the explosion rate so high here? The mobs all come out in blue outfits." A Sorcerer was speechless.

     "This is nightmare difficulty. If only the BOSS comes out with equipment, it would be really cheating." Flawless Reflection looked at the pieces of equipment and smiled from ear to ear. Ye Ci only needs Hunter equipment, although this is a little bit for him. Some are not good, but he doesn't mind that much. He is just a leader and DPS, and it doesn't matter if the equipment is a little bit worse. The important thing is that the overall strength of the team has gone up.

     Because of Ye Ci's presence, even though he encountered such blockades many times along the way, he still reached the place of Lao Yi smoothly. Along the way, no one died.

     This not only makes Ye Ci admire the strength of World Conqueror, the team that has been honed for many years is not on the same level as the team that Steel Blooded Battle Spear has just formed for 3 or 4 months.

     "The old one is very simple." Ye Ci looked at the old one who was sleeping on a piece of grass and smiled, "Druid turned into a monster."

     "Is it a magic wound boss?" Flawless Reflection was taken aback. This was the first time I met a magic wound BOSS since I entered Fate."Yes, Druid must pay attention to taking medicine. When you see the BOSS reading the ice cone, you must take the ice-resistant drug. If you get cold, you will take the cold-resistant drug. You don't need to take the medicine remotely. People have to run outside within 8 seconds. It’s safe to run 50 yards from the boss, otherwise it will cause a self-destruction and may destroy the group." Ye Ci briefly talked about the style of play, and then laughed: "Old One It's just a stumbling block. It's not as difficult as hitting the clock tower just now. Everyone has worked hard at one time."

     This is a nightmare difficulty for 25 people. It is difficult for most people to reckon with, but I don’t know why. When the easy words are spoken from Ye Ci, everyone seems to have an illusion in their heart. This BOSS is really simple. .

     It still went out once.

     This Druid's face is too dark. Ye Ci has played here so many times, and I have never encountered an old one who loses his "frozen" skill when he comes up. Good guy, this Druid just rushed in to drive the monster, before he got to the old one, the old one shot him a freeze, and the guy was glamorously frozen into a huge block of ice.

     Although Ye Ci quickly shouted out of the fight with a black line, but there were still people in their twenties who did not respond and fell straight down.Druid cursed the old one with sores in a very sad circle. I don't know if it was his curse that worked, or what, the second time it went smoother, but there was still a little thrill. Druid's magic resistance was a little bit low. At the moment he rushed up, he was shot empty blood by the old one. It was almost 5 o'clock to blame. A bunch of Cleric behind him quickly brushed up his health bar.

     This (of market prices etc) to rapidly fluctuate caused Ye Ci to become nervous too.

     Although Druid’s magic resistance is a little bit lower, this Druid is simply an incarnation of Warrior, and the aggro is stable, plus a few hunters have been misleading him, from the start of the monster to the end, even though everyone They are all doing their best to output, but no one has ever been OT.

     Everyone ate several tubes of blue, and it took 40 minutes to finally put the old one down.

     The nightmare difficulty team Dungeon is also equipped with mobs, so the production of BOSS is not so rich. The old one had six things, four weapons, two clothes, more than 200 gold coins, no potion, no miscellaneous items.

     Ye Ci caught one of the four weapons at a glance.

     Liepi’s Hasty Crossbow

     Crossbow machine.

     Blue equipment

     Attack Speed: 07

     Attack: 112-165

     Strength 57

     Agility 62

     Balance 71Features: Attack Speed 1 second, ammunition filling speed

     Feature: 5 chance to steal the life of target 1.

     Features: Increase the breaking defense value by 5.

     Level Requirement: 20

     Required occupations: Rangers, Rogue, Hunter.

     This crossbow machine can be regarded as one of the equipment with the lowest explosion rate of the old one. In the previous life, Ye Ci has brushed this book countless times, but he has not even seen the hair of this crossbow machine. It is on the forum. I have seen the screenshot of the attribute on the previous page, and I was slobbering about the glamorous attribute that stole 1 life.

     Without any hesitation, Ye Ci assigned the crossbow to himself. The cold shortbow in her hand is finally about to be laid off.

     Although Flawless Reflection and an Apple a day slobbered on Liepi’s Hasty Crossbow, they did not issue any objections to the contract before it. But after Ye Ci took the crossbow machine, suddenly have a thought: "The three of us lower the LL points. Let me see if I can get the LL points if they are normal."



     "7"Ye Ci stared at his points with no expression on his face. Sure enough, she was right to choose her own equipment first. (Regarding the LL point, let’s say a digression, fireworks is the kind of people who have never been less than 20 LL points. They are extremely black. When I wanted to play a show that year, from level 70 to level 80, it took more than a year , Xiuxiu’s purple double swords, I have never seen it before, Tan Shou......=.

     Although the road ahead was not as smooth as the previous one, World Conqueror also destroyed the group several times, but the stumble was counted as the old 2 and finally came to Ol’ Three.

     Ol’ Three is a huge bird. According to the plot given on Dungeon, it occupies the mountain as the king here, specializing in the adventurers who come. Especially recently, she seems to be laying eggs, becoming more ferocious.

     "Ol' Three has several skills. One is flapping its wings, which will cause Wind Element damage to the player 270 degrees in front of him for 8 seconds. If his face is dark, he may be blown away. The second is spitting and being spit out. People with saliva will be frozen, so you must not bear to take the medicine. Here the MT pulls the blame to turn around. All the remote stations opposite to the MT must rotate according to the angle of the MT rotation. If you don’t rotate, it will be easy. His face was black and blown away." Ye Ci was also quite relaxed to be able to hit here in one breath, and even made a joke.The members of the team listened to Ye Ci's explanation and couldn't help but laugh while remembering carefully, especially Druid became the object of everyone's jokes.

     "All Rogue, remember to steal the eggs." Ye Ci pointed to a huge bird's nest not far away.

     Chapter 67 Dungeon (Part 1)

     Chapter 67 Dungeon (Part 1