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Chapter Directory 73 Chapter 71 The Enemy's Narrow Road
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 71 enemies on a narrow road (200 votes plus more)

     She was excited in her heart and wanted to walk up, but suddenly she heard a click, she froze her body abruptly, yelling bad in her heart...

     This feeling is really familiar.

     This kind of spring-loaded sinking touch, this kind of hard and cold senses, Ye Ci almost immediately realized what it was when he heard the sound.


     In Fate, players who study engineering can make all kinds of firearms, such as bombs, mines, grenades, high explosives, and so on. However, how could players come to bury mines in this map? The only possibility is...

     Good deeds done by NPC.

     Ye Ci sighed in her heart. She was so careless. She knew that there was a big Rogue living in seclusion in Moruo Valley, and a Dwarf scholar who was good at engineering was doing research here, but she had forgotten these things.

     However, it doesn't make sense to say this now, and the only time Ye Ci can do is to leave the mine under his feet quickly with minimal damage.The mines made by NPCs are not the same as those made by ordinary players, especially those made by research scholars like Rabido, I'm afraid it is very lethal. Ye Ci slowly squatted down. She took a deep breath to calm herself down. She didn't want her first death after rebirth in such a situation.

     Looking around, she wanted to find something that weighed as much as her own body. If that was pressed against the mine, she might be able to get out. I was looking around, but the stone was not found, but I felt that a danger was approaching quickly not far behind him.

     The dangerous speed was extremely fast, and when Ye Ci spotted him, he had already rushed to Ye Ci's rear left.

     Is a thief

     When the thief lifted the dagger and stabbed at her back, Ye Ci immediately leaned his body and flicked the knife very cleverly.

     Looking back, she saw who was attacking her. This person is really familiar. He seems to have seen it somewhere. He wears a medal with a different color from Ye Ci on his chest. Ye Ci immediately understood that this is a member of the Western Northern Continent Alliance.In this case, it is really not a good situation for PK. She cannot move and cannot use long-range weapons, so her lethality is greatly reduced. Moreover, when there are many landmines here, Ye Ci does not dare to rush Ol' Three is called out, in case it steps on the mine again, this is the gains do not make up for the losses.

     When Ye Ci was worried about how to deal with this Rogue, she suddenly heard a wiping sound. Then, she saw that Rogue was motionless, and his eyes exposed from the mask immediately showed a kind of "how to be so unlucky." "'S unique expression.

     Hey, God helped me too. Although Ye Ci hadn't escaped the danger herself, she found that someone was making a back cushion for herself at this time, and her mood baffling became better. I couldn't help but show a smile of take joy in calamity and delight in disaster: "What do you say about this old saying? Harmfulness is not allowed, look at you, you will be retributed so soon."

     Ye Ci's ridiculous ridicule made the thief in Western Northern Continent feel uncomfortable. He then raised his eyes to look at the hunter who was less than 3 yards away from him, his face changed slightly, and then he cried out strangely: "My god Why are you the evil star again"

     This makes Ye Ci so strange. Listening to this tone, it seems that he knows this person? Staring at the Rogue in front of him for a few seconds, Ye Ci couldn't help but laughed: "Who am I to be, so it's you."But isn't it? This person is actually the Rogue who failed to attack him last time in the deserted land, but was guarded by himself several times. Well, this is really enemies on a narrow road, and he can still run into this place.

     The two people stared at it for a while, but it’s not a problem to look at it like this. They can neither PK each other nor move around. It’s not a way to keep going like this, they still have to find a way to jump Come out.

     Ye Ci took out the scorpion sting and pointed at the Rogue: "You are a man from Western Northern Continent, what did you do to Eastern Continent in twice then three times?"

     Rogue snorted, and it seemed that meeting Ye Ci again made his boss upset: "Of course it's a Quest, otherwise someone would stroll to your barren land every day." Then he stared at Ye Ci again: "Did you? Is it Mercenary? I can meet you wherever I appear."

     Both of them are masters, and when they can't do anything, they seem to have no other fun other than talking. After the two people who came and went to each other's mainland reported extremely vicious ridicule, they finally returned to the essence of the problem. Then Rogue sighed: "I a real man doesn't fight with womenfolk, first find a way to get out of this mine and then clean up you"

     Ye Ci sneered: "If you have the ability, you can jump up and kill me. Just being able to move your mouth is a silly ability."Then Rogue glared at Ye Ci before sighing: "This landmine is so powerful, I have been blown to death once."

     Ye Ci understands this power naturally. At first, she accidentally stepped on her Sorcerer at level 85 and was blown up to the point that she was only bloody skinned, not to mention that two people now only have a level of 20. She thought for a while and said, "Do you have a short sword?"


     Ye Ci didn't say much, and squatted down: "We used daggers to insert each other's feet when they stepped on the mine, hold down the mine's mechanism, and then jump away together."

     There is only this way, Rogue naturally did not refuse. He also squatted down, drew out his short sword and held it in his hand, and then slowly inserted the short sword under the opponent's shoe with Ye Ci, cautious and solemn looking for it. The switch on the mine.

     The foot that is stepping on the mine must not lose its strength until the dagger has not pressed the switch, otherwise it will explode, so this method is simple to say, but it is not easy to do.

     After spending extreme strength, the two of them finally used their short swords to hold down the mechanism of the mine under each other's feet.

     "You have to work hard, hold it down, or it will blow up." Rogue was very worried about Ye Ci's power, but his instructions only received a cold eye from the other party. He didn't continue to talk too much on this matter, and then said: "I called one, two, three, and then jumped away together.""Ok."

     When Rogue saw Ye Ci agree, she began to slowly shout the numbers. Ye Ci also took a deep breath. While not a word or movement, she looked at the surrounding scenery and quickly found herself for a while. After the take-off, he started to figure out how the opponent Rogue would take off.

     It’s not that she throw stones at sb who fell down a well. In the two camps that are themselves hostile, of course they will cooperate. However, the sincerity of both parties is as fragile and thin as white paper. No one can cross this gap. . Games are like society. Although some people can override most of the laws, there are some bottom-line laws that no one can overcome.

     Ye Ci quietly surprised Rogue and put it into her own target lock, only in this way could she attack this Rogue in the fastest situation.

     Of course, Rogue did the same."One, two, three..." As soon as the three-character sound fell, Ye Ci's body was like a spring and immediately moved towards the place she had found. Two huge explosions almost reminded me at the same time. Flying rocks and shrapnel scattered like ten thousand arrows in this narrow space. Although Ye Ci claims that his perception is high, it is like this. There is no way to hide under the circumstances. In the process of jumping, she was inevitably hit in multiple places by those debris, and her health bar dropped rapidly.

     After falling on the huge rock she had spotted, Ye Ci immediately lay down, slumped on the huge rock, and quickly flew past her side, although it was blocked by the huge rock, but much Somehow it caused more harm to Ye Ci. She hurriedly took out a bottle of scarlet from her bag and poured it into her mouth, and pushed the health bar. If it weren't for this, she would probably meet with unexpected failure.

     Before much time, the flying fragments were gone, but there was heavy dust that kept rolling around like a wave. Such heavy dust directly reduced Ye Ci's visible distance by 50, and she could not see clearly what was far away, and there was no way to accurately find the location of that Rogue.

     Fortunately, she locked the position of that Rogue just now, and now she can roughly find the position of Rogue according to the locked position.On the other rock in the direction of Ye Ci 8 o'clock, about 43 yards away from him. The height of the rock is similar to the height of the rock Ye Ci is currently on, so she has no advantage in height, and of course there is no disadvantage.

     It's just that there is a breeze in the air, and the range of 43 yards is a bit far, and the arrows can easily be blown away from the target by the wind. Ye Ci took out Liepi’s Hasty Crossbow, measured the wind speed, and then dropped an arrow at the dusty Rogue.

     Rogue on the opposite side also dropped an arrow. Ye Ci heard the screaming sound of the wind, and immediately understood that the other party was also attacking herself. Based on the direction of the voice, she judged where the arrow flew, and then quickly rolled away. . After blinking, the arrow severely plunged into the place where Ye Ci had just lay on his stomach.

     Fighting in heavy smoke, in addition to fighting perception, is more about fighting both sides' operational awareness.

     As a combat series occupation, Rogue and Hunter have basically the same attributes, the same high sensitivity, the same high perception, and the same high balance. Under such basically the same conditions, the combat experience of both sides has become a crucial decisive condition.

     At this point, Ye Ci obviously has to take advantage. Although the Rogue's operation is also very good, after all, Fate has only been open for 4 months, and his combat skills are not as good as Ye Ci, which has been honed for ten years. .So, soon, he revealed his flaws.

     Chapter 71 Enemies on a narrow road

     Chapter 71 Enemies on a narrow road