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Chapter Directory 74 Chapter 72: Feather Fall
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 72 FeatherFall Technique

     Thanks: La Xiong, Reminiscence, Water and Blue Sky Star, Meng Bingying, Liu Suyun, Zui Wu Qingying for their rewards~~~


     The thick smoke gradually dissipated, and the silhouettes of both sides gradually became clear. Both people use crossbows. If they shoot flat, neither of them can take advantage. But Ye Ci is a hunter and has a lot of natural skills, so he quickly took the Rogue and ran around in a circle.

     The two ran on the boulder. Although Rogue had a lot of blood bottles, his weakness soon appeared-his range was not in the Ye Ci field, and he did not have the talent of shooting smoothness in his talent. After the first shot, the body will be stiff for 05 seconds.

     Ye Ci soon discovered the problem. With a sneer on the corner of her lips, she released a serial arrow towards the Rogue.

     His blood is only 30. If this serial arrow can hit a Critical Hit, this Rogue will fail 100%. Ye Ci calmly squeezed the trigger of the crossbow machine, only to hear three "shoo hoops", the arrow tail feathers made a sharp sound in the dry air, and shot at the Rogue mercilessly.Rogue also knew that he could not hide this time, because he had just released an arrow and his body was still in a stiff state. He couldn't help but sigh and lost the game again.

     It was said that it was urgent, then quickly, just as the arrow was about to touch Rogue, I heard a few more rapid and sharp sounds in the air, and then, a few arrows did not know where they were shot. The arrows that shot Ye Ci directly at Rogue all shot off

     This situation came too fast, and Ye Ci didn't get it back.

     She felt her surroundings, could it be the player? If she is here to find the secret of the ring and Rogue is here to do Quest, then who is here? Don't tell her that this level 70 map has become a back garden for level 20 players.

     "You really insulted Rogue's existence." A voice full of mockery rang out from the smoke before it had completely dissipated. Ye Ci followed the reputation and saw a tall figure gradually becoming clear. He was wearing a long cloak, his skin was dark yellow, and his hand was carrying a jet-black crossbow.

     His name is a few question marks, and his level is also a few question marks.

     However, this person is not a player, but an NPC.

     Ye Ci knew who this person was almost when he appeared. He must be the legendary big Rogue living in Moruo Valley.At this moment, the NPC was looking at Rogue with contempt, and a faint ridicule appeared on his lips: "There is a Rogue like you, no wonder our profession is so declining." He turned his face and looked towards him. Ye Ci, those small eyes are full of coldness.

     Ye Ci's one hundred and eight thousand pores were immediately opened, and the alarm bells in her heart, subconsciously feeling that danger is approaching.

     Sure enough, the NPC raised the crossbow machine and said to Ye Ci: "Although trash is hateful, hunters who humiliate Rogue's reputation are even more hateful."

     Ye Ci was never a person who sit and wait for death. When the big Rogue pulled the trigger, she immediately leaned down and rolled a few neatly on the ground like a donkey, avoiding those arrows. Then she wanted to fight back, but as soon as she locked the target, she realized that the opponent was actually a green name

     In Fate, if the NPC’s name is green, it means it’s friendly and cannot attack. If it’s yellow, it means it’s neutral and it won’t attack it, but you can attack it. If the name is red, That means it is aggro to you and will actively attack you.

     And now, the big Rogue who attacked Ye Ci happens to have a green nameIt's not a cheating. He can beat himself. He can't beat him. There is no other way but to escape. Ye Ci immediately dispelled the idea of counterattack. He climbed high and low on the stone, preparing to escape this cheating.

     "Andy, you can't be so impulsive. Impulsiveness is not the quality of the elderly." When Ye Ci was chased out of breath by the arrows of that big Rogue, a thin and sharp voice rang not far away. .

     It turned out that this big Rogue was called Andy. He heard the voice put down the crossbow machine, shrugged his shoulders at the person who came, and laughed: "I didn't embarrass her. If I really want to embarrass her, can she live that long?".

     Ye Ci stopped when Andy stopped attacking, panting for breath. Good guy, this was a wonderful time in less than half an hour. First stepped on a landmine, then encountered a sneak attack, then encountered an explosion, and PKed with people, and finally was directly chased by an NPC. Her physical strength was going to be overdrawn, I guess. , That Andy didn't stop, he would definitely die under his crossbow machine.

     The speaker was a Dwarf with white hair and beard, and his name happened to be the person Ye Ci was looking for-Rabido.

     Rabido obviously didn't want to continue talking nonsense with Andy. He looked up at Ye Ci who was still sitting on the rock, and shouted: "Dwarf doesn't like to look up at people, big guy, you come down to me."Ye Ci climbed down from the rock and stood beside Rabido. Before he could speak, he just watched Rabbi Do close his eyes and sniffed in the direction of Ye Ci, then his face changed slightly. : "I smell Naga..."

     Then he opened his eyes and immediately turned around, "Oh, what are you waiting for, come with me, you must come to me"

     Ye Ci followed the Rabido towards the cave. Looking back, he saw that Rogue also jumped off the rock and followed Andy.

     Although after all these things, I still think it's worth seeing Rabbi Do Ye Ci at last. She gave the mysterious ring in her hand to Rabido. Rabido took the ring and watched it up and down, with an anxious expression on her face. Finally, her hands closed. When she opened it, the ring had changed The appearance, although still inconspicuous, is slightly more refined than it looked just now.

     Rabido returned the ring to Ye Ci, and Ye Ci impatient looked at the attributes above.

     Mysterious ring

     White equipment

     Strength 20

     Intelligence 2

     Equipment Level Requirement: 0

     Features: It can stimulate the "FeatherFall technique" skill, the duration is 3 minutes, and the CD is 20 minutes.

     growableThis is really not a simple thing. In addition to the growable attribute, not to mention the added attribute point bonus, just the skill of FeatherFall technique is enough to make people astounding. You should know that FeatherFall technique belongs to the advanced skill of Sorcerer. You can only learn it until Sorcerer reaches level 50. Although there is only one feature that slows down the decline, it is simply a magical skill to preserve the survival rate of the team in the later large-scale Dungeon.

     Ye Ci also encountered equipment with FeatherFall in his previous life. However, such equipment is often expensive and can only be afforded by a small number of players. What's more, such equipment is rare and rarely available on the market. When I saw it, even if I saw one occasionally, it was still priceless and everyone rushed to it.

     She didn't expect that this ring would have this skill after being appraised by Rabido. No matter what troubles she encountered just now, it was all worth it at this moment.

     "Oh, big man, you really brought an unfortunate news." Rabido looked sad and looked very melancholy. Generally, when encountering such things, the player just needs to listen quietly, which means that the NPC must have What Quest. "Although I have lived in seclusion in the Moruo Valley, I don't want my home to be destroyed by Naga one day, but my strength is too weak. I need help from others. Can you contact several people for me?".

     See Quest is hereYe Ci hurriedly saluted him, and replied respectfully: "Mr. Rabido, it is my honor to be able to help you."

     Rabido was very satisfied with Ye Ci's upper path. He jumped onto the chair and wrote a letter on a piece of yellowed paper, then handed it to Ye Ci and began to instruct Ye Ci. Ye Ci naturally didn't want to listen to his nonsense, so he skipped Quest's explanation and accepted the letter. Then he looked at the place where he was going to run errands.

     I don’t know, she’s gnashing one’s teeth. Good guy, the place where the rabbido asked Ye Ci to contact Ye Ci, apart from one on each of the other three continents, as well as the underground and the sky... This is not a simple errand. Quest, if you can find all these people, it is estimated that Ye Ci will be almost level 80.

     It seems that this Quest really has something to do with Demon King Naga.

     At this point, Ye Ci remembered Dungeon in the abyss of death again.

     Although Quest was abnormal, Ye Ci accepted it. Then she started to think of Rabido. This guy’s room was full of high-end engineering products, what robots, what high-level bombs, what robot birds, and she even saw one. Half-built airplaneSince I came to such a master’s house, I am really sorry for not getting something back, so Ye Ci offered to ask him something, but never thought that Rabido was a stingy iron cock, and he was merciless about Ye Ci’s request. Rejected. Later, Ye Ci had to see if he could teach himself to learn engineering. Unexpectedly, he refused because Ye Ci didn't have this talent at all. Ye Ci was so annoyed that he had to leave Labido.

     When I went out, I didn't meet that Rogue, and I didn't step on any landmines.

     Ye Ci adjusted his route all the way, and after spending two or three hours, he finally reached the expeditionary camp at the entrance of the Moruo Valley. She opened the teleportation there, and was about to leave, but suddenly realized that she was approaching dangerously not far behind.

     Ye Ci suddenly turned around and jumped, throwing the Snake Venom Needle towards the danger in the distance.




     Damaged scarlet letters kept popping up, and the Rogue who had just met Ye Ci appeared. When the NPC in the expedition camp saw that it was a player from the non-aligned camp, he rushed over and killed him directly on the ground.

     Ye Ci feels surprised that even if the other party wants to kill himself and rush to kill honor, he won't be stupid enough to do it in a camp with all level 70 NPCs...

     Chapter 72 FeatherFall Technique

     Chapter 72 FeatherFall Technique