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Chapter Directory 75 Chapter 73 The Muzi Fluttering
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 73 The Shepherd Flute is Melodious

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     Then Rogue lay on his back on the ground, refused to run away from the corpse, and shouted at Ye Ci: "You are really a catastrophe, why is it okay for me to meet you?"Ye Ci is full of black lines. Why is this person so immature? She also gave up leaving temporarily, and walked to the front of this Rogue, live high and look down looking at his corpse, and snorted: "People can't blame society for being stupid. Don't you look at the surrounding environment? Here? Can you sneak attack on me? All around are 70 level elite NPCs, you are looking for death by yourself."

     Then Rogue is also full of black lines: "Who said I would attack you"

     "Don't attack me, why are you Stealth following me?"

     "It's such an advanced map here, I'm not Stealth looking for death? I didn't follow you, I just wanted to borrow something from you"

     "You can't speak when borrowing something"

     "I don't know your name, and players from different camps can't speak M." Rogue felt that he was too hard. He just wanted to find Ye Ci and went back to Northern Continent, and then he died like that again. His level, his experience is so teary.

     Ye Ci has no expression on his face. Years of education told her to treat the enemy as ruthlessly like as the autumn gale sweeps away the fallen leaves, especially for someone who just wanted to attack herself. She would never consider believing his words just...

     "What do you want?" She narrowed her eyes, unable to see what she was thinking.

     "Can you buy me a flying debris?"Rogue lay on the ground and sighed. If he didn't use flying debris, he returned to the West Northern Continent and didn't know how many times he would die.

     The flying fragment legend is the fragment of a flying gem once refined by a magician on the continent of Dalaya. That gem can take people to any place, but it was broken in the sky battle and turned into countless pieces. Fragments, the teleportation gems of the big cities on each continent are made of those relatively large fragments. Some magisters also made a lot of small crystals based on the fragments of flying gems. Their aura is the same as that of teleportation gems, and they can be used for players to travel between them.


     Although flying debris can fly to major cities on various continents, there are still restrictions. If you are in Eastern Continent, you can only fly with fragments of Eastern Continent. If you fly to Western Continent and want to fly back with fragments of Eastern Continent, it is absolutely impossible. If you want to come back, you can only buy Western Continent. Fragments.

     In Fate, players of the rival camp are never prevented from traveling on the continent where they bid farewell. Of course, if you have the ability to go, you have to have the ability to come back. In the early stage, on the main road of the hostile camp, w was unable to use NPC, unless there is a special method, it is not easy for players to go and return.After reaching level 60, the city of Larsu in the Central Continent is opened. As long as the prestige of the city of Larsu is close, you can smoothly purchase fragments to different continents, and you can come and go freely on all continents.

     But now...

     Ye Ci is not a kind-hearted person. She squatted down and asked, "It's okay to buy the pieces for you, but you have to tell me something."

     "what's up?"

     "If there are no fragments, where are you going back from?"

     Rogue said nothing, obviously not wanting to tell Ye Ci this secret.

     Ye Ci was not in a hurry, she stood up and walked towards the teleporter. She was absolutely sure that Rogue would tell her this secret. This must be a very dangerous method, otherwise, this Rogue would rather ask for fragments from himself than that method.

     Rogue lay on the ground when Ye Ci was about to leave, sighed, and stopped her: "You buy me a fragment first, and then I'll tell you."

     Ye Ci raised her eyebrows, not afraid that this Rogue lied to herself, anyway, she was not in a passive state, so she nodded: "No problem." Turning around, she walked towards the grocer in the expedition camp.The grocers in the expeditionary camp often sell some goods randomly, so after 60, many players will wait here all day long. After a certain period of time, they will refresh them to see if they can buy rare items.

     Ye Ci had good luck. When he opened the grocer, he found that there were a few good things in it. For example, the formula of advanced paralysis medicine, the formula of Moruo miscellaneous soup, the formula of Yinmoon Robe, and the red iron bomb.

     There are hematite bombs, although the price is as high as 100 gold, and the quantity is only 20, but Ye Ci did not hesitate to buy them all. I really want to plant flowers without blooming, unanticipated Liu Chengyin, with these twenty hematite bombs, a bold idea slowly formed in Ye Ci's mind.

     The grocer sold the advanced formula and hematite bombs, and then she took a flying shard and walked to the Rogue's corpse again, shook it at him, and stretched her voice: Okay, things are here, hurry up."

     "You go to the edge of the two continents and find a'dirty Tick's NPC, he will teleport you to a special underground passage, if you are lucky, you can go to other continents. It's just..." Rogue Having said that, he paused for a moment: "It's too dangerous."Dirty Tick? Ye Ci hasn't heard of it yet. It seems that even her rebirth doesn't fully understand this game.

     "Where is the NPC? Are there any coordinates?"

     "No, he has been moving along the edge of the continental divide, and you can meet him as long as you walk there."

     Ye Ci got what she wanted to know, so she stood up and threw the fragments beside Rogue's corpse: "Then I wish you a happy home in advance." Then she turned and walked towards the teleporter. .

     Leave Rogue on the side and yelled: "Hey, don't throw things here. You leave it outside the camp, don't you want my life to be thrown here?"

     Ye Ci didn't even turn his head, just waved his hand: "Happy journey~" After saying that, it turned into a white light and disappeared.

     Because she had teleported all the way, Ye Ci returned to Red Lake City in a very short time, and then she went straight to the robber’s house and spent a hundred gold coins to find out what the Rogue she met several times was called. first name. I wanted to inquire about it last time, but was busy with Dungeon. When she had time to inquire, the time limit for tracing was exceeded, so Ye Ci was very sorry that he did not find the name of this Rogue.

     And this time, she would never miss this opportunity.

     money will make the Devil turn millstones.As long as you are willing to pay, Robber House can hear what you want in the shortest time. However, Robber’s House still has a bottom line. It will not sell all the news. Leader sells some irrelevant news. If you want to inquire about various bugs in the game or other excessive news, the NPC here will do. Reported to the game master.

     "Hey, fairy, whoever you want to inquire, I helped you find out." A short robber in a black robe with a tightly blocked face walked over to the table where Ye Ci was sitting and poured her a glass of water. After looking around, he made sure that no one was paying attention to him, and then lowered his voice and said, "This guy is a Rogue from Northern Continent." As he said, he Zé Zé a few times, showing a look of contempt, and rubbed at Ye Ci. Rub the thumb and index finger.

     Ye Ci threw him another 50 gold coins, and the robber was happy.

     Robbers begging for tips. This was originally designed by the system. Ye Ci didn’t think there was anything wrong with it. However, if the player who came to inquire the news for the first time encountered such a thing, he had to bargain Haggle. Zhijia refused to do this business.

     "His name is Mudi Youyang." The NPC will only tell these things. Although it has a good posture, it still doesn't say much.

     The melodious animal husbandry Ye Ci was slightly surprised, but it was the melodious animal husbandryIn the previous life, Mudi was a melodious and famous Rogue. He was coquettish and friendly. Most importantly, he was an engineering master whose lethality is called a BT. There was a saying in the last life that as long as Mudi Yang had a cannonball, he would have a chance to bring down an Epic Level BOSS.

     One can imagine how BT this guy is.

     Not surprisingly, in the ranking of the top ten Rogues in the previous life, Mudi Melodious was ranked third.

     It turned out that Ye Ci had never been in contact with him, but he did not expect to meet him twice in a row after being reborn. It's a pity that such a fucking awesome character is actually his own opposing camp, and he may still be troubled in the future.

     After knowing who the other party was, Ye Ci stopped staying and left the robber's house directly. At this point, she no longer doubted about the secret passage that Mudi Youyang said. Given that Mudi's melodious reputation was good in the previous life, she decided to believe what he said.

     This trip to Mo Ruo Valley left Ye Ci with nearly ten days of game time without leveling. Many players have already reached the twenty-first level. She also felt that she could not continue to be so deserted. As a rebirth, if you can't even surpass others in rank, how embarrassed to say other things.Especially since she has bought 20 hematite bombs now, if she doesn't go to leveling, she would be very sorry for herself. After taking a break, Ye Ci immediately headed towards the map of Burial Ground.

     In Fate, most maps below level 30 are animal maps, and maps above level 30 have gradually begun to appear humanoids or undead creatures.

     The Burial Ground is a level 30 map. At the edges of the map are mostly ferocious beasts like wild wolves and saber-toothed tigers. The more you go to the middle of the map, the skeleton here, the iconic monster, hides more and more. In the center of the Burial Ground, there is a deserted monastery, where Ye Ci is today's destination-Billun Monastery.

     Chapter 73 The Shepherd Flute is Melodious

     Chapter 73 The Shepherd Flute is Melodious