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Chapter Directory 76 Chapter 74—Bellen Abbey
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 74 Billun Monastery (220 votes plus more)

     In order to come to the Burial Ground, Ye Ci specially replaced all arrows with primary flame arrows. There is no other reason, just because the flame element has an extra damage bonus to the skeleton monster. So many Sorcerers with elemental talents will team up to level up here when they are around level 25.

     At that time, Sorcerer had the first elemental group skill-Sparkfall. With more than a dozen Sorcerers and a few hunters and Rangers who attract strangers, the upgrade speed is called a fast.

     However, at this time, the place where the bones were buried was still a quiet place. On the huge map, one could only feel the cold wind blowing, and the desolate background music unique to this map. Ye Ci's destination is Billun Monastery, so he doesn't entangle the animals and wandering skeletons along the way, or avoid them far away, or just pretend to be dead.

     Soon she had come to Billen Abbey.According to the background of the story provided in Fate, Billun Abbey, like the Blue Cloak Abbey, is one of the five major monasteries on Eastern Continent that fell in the battle of heaven. Unlike the monks who were demonized and turned away in the blue monastery, Billen Monastery is one of the most loyal monasteries on the mainland of Dalaya. The monks here defend the dignity of the monastery and the saints placed in the monastery. Wuer fought with Naga's Dark Legion at the last minute. And because of their brave resistance, the Demon King Naga finally suffered. After the entire monastery was destroyed, Naga even burned the city into ruins because of anger.

     The remains of the monks in the monastery were burned to bones by Naga's magic fire, and they were also contaminated with demonic nature. However, their inner desire for the holy light made them extremely painful, so they came back from the dead and turned into various forms. Skeletons, guarding their former temple.

     Although the story is described in the National Library of Champion City with twists and turns, Ye Ci is more concerned about the whereabouts of the holy relics in Billund Abbey. In the previous life, a player once revealed that the holy relic that the Naga Great Demon King had not found was actually in a hidden place in the Abbey of Billund, and some people had obtained it.At that time, when this post came out, it aroused a thousand layers of giants*, but unfortunately, the person who posted it was an anonymous account and did not continue to report the follow-up, which made many people doubt the authenticity of this matter. Ye Ci, a Sorcerer, has also been here to search for the so-called holy artifact, but there was no result. It wasn't until many years later that another player broke out that there was indeed a holy artifact in the Abbey of Billun-the shredded skin of the Elar gem.

     If Ye Ci, as a Sorcerer, is not interested in the Eral gems, then Ye Ci as a hunter has coveted the Eral gems for a long time. This thing was broken into 5 pieces in total in the battle of the sky, and they were stored in five monasteries on five continents. If they were found to be combined into one piece, it would be a god-level accessory that all players of Physical Attack above the 100th level are greedy.

     Ye Ci came to Billun Abbey today. In addition to leveling, he wanted to find the whereabouts of the Elar gem shard before all the players came in.

     Standing at the gate of Billund Abbey, the background music changed into a decayed, sad tune, floating gently in the air if anything seemed to be nothing, giving this shattered monastery more stains. Sad colors.

     Ye Ci's equipment is considered very good among players of the same level. This equipment level reduces the level penalty between her and the skeleton slightly.However, despite this, Ye Ci still didn't dare to entangle with too many skeletons. Before reaching the monster spawning point, she tried to keep the progress of kite a melee skeleton. If you encounter a legal system or a remote skeleton, Ye Ci will take a detour. Level is not dominant, if you entangle with the remote skeleton, only you will die.

     Fortunately, this leapfrog fighting monsters is really experienced.

     In Fate, monsters over level 5 or higher can bring players 2 times experience points, over 8 levels can bring 4 times experience points, and over ten levels can bring 5 times experience points. Monsters above level 20 can bring ten times the experience bonus.

     But... once a monster surpasses its own level too high, the level penalty it brings is also great. Especially for monsters that are more than ten levels higher than oneself, let alone how much damage they can deal, even the probability of breaking the defense is relatively small. If you have poor equipment and low attacks, many of the hits are MISS. In this case, it greatly limits the players' enthusiasm for leapfrogging monsters.

     The skeletons of Billun Abbey are more than ten levels higher than Ye Ci. Although it takes more than ten to twenty minutes to kite a mob, the hard work always pays off. Every time a skeleton falls, Ye Ci can enjoy 5 Times the experience bonus, so she has reached level 21 in less than 4 hours.Walk all the way to the north courtyard of the monastery. There is a very fucking awesome NPC. As long as you pay a certain amount of money, you will teach the player a very fucking awesome skill. However, it can only be used in the area of Billun Abbey. . After the player's level is increased, basically no one will learn the skills taught by this NPC. However, when the player's level is low, this NPC is simply a heaven-defying existence.

     However, there are too many skeletons wandering outside the yard where this NPC stays. Ye Ci didn't dare to move forward rashly, so instead of walking on the flat road, he climbed to the roof of the already dilapidated corridor, lying down and crawling all the way towards the relatively complete room in the north courtyard.

     This way, it can be described as extremely dangerous. On several occasions, Ye Ci was noticed by the wandering skeleton Sorcerer. If it weren't for Ye Ci to pretend to be dead immediately before he attacked, it is estimated that he is really dead now. She finally got close to the room and got in through a hole in the corner of the roof.

     She could not help but slander while drilling into the house from that small hole. This hole is too small. Fortunately, her race is a naturally slender elf. If she is a dwarf or an orc, or a human, she probably wants to get from this It is unlikely that the hole will come in.Making his face gray, Ye Ci finally fell from the hole into the room smoothly. When she just fell on the ground, she accidentally stepped on the debris of the rubble, which immediately caused the skeleton outside the house to notice. Ye Ci yelled badly, her Feign Death skill was still on the CD, and the skeletons had already entered the house from the outside of the house. She looked around and found that there was a broken beam on the tattered roof, the width of which was just right for Concealment herself.

     So, without any consideration, Ye Ci immediately jumped up and climbed neatly on the beam. The whole person was tightly attached to the beam, and he did not dare to make any movements.

     This beam is about 15 yards from the door, plus the feeling that it can numb the opponent when hidden. Therefore, if the skeletons are not within 8 yards of this beam, Ye Ci will not be in danger.

     A sound of bones hitting the stone slabs rang from outside the house to the inside. Ye Ci understood that the skeletons had already entered the house. Listening to those noisy sounds, Ye Ci roughly estimated that there were at least seven or eight skeletons. She held her breath nervously, for fear that her own noise would leave her dead.The skeletons were standing at the door, looking at the room with their dark eye sockets, trying to provoke an existence that made them feel uneasy. Then they talked in the language unique to the skull, which Ye Ci couldn't understand. In Fate, each race has its own unique language, which can only be understood by this race, and there are lingua franca between continents. Usually, players only use the lingua franca and the language of their own race. If you want to learn the language of other races, you have to find special items or special NPCs to learn.

     The skeletons babbled for a while, and then a few left the room, but there was a Sorcerer who walked a few steps, but came back again. He walked gently towards the beam where Ye Ci was hiding.

     Ye Ci's nervousness that had been relaxed for a while became tense again. If there was only one, she would not be afraid, but... once the skeleton found out, he would definitely call for help, then Ye Ci would be a tragedy.

     As the skeleton Sorcerer approached, Ye Ci nervously calculated the distance of eight yards.

     There are 4 yards, 3 yards, and 2 yards...

     Regardless of the result, Ye Ci has gently taken out the crossbow, and the flame arrow has been stringed, until it gets close, he will kill him no time to deal with it.

     There is also 1 yard.Skeleton Sorcerer stopped, and there was a skeleton whispering outside, as if summoning it, he was not moving forward, and turned and walked out of the room.

     Ye Ci breathed out slowly at this time. There was a slight sweat in her palms, which was really thrilling just now. After putting away the weapon, Ye Ci jumped down from the beam. This time she acted cautious and solemn, not repeating the same mistakes, making any noise and disturbing any skeleton.

     In the corner of the room sat a monk in a purple robe named Hank. However, he is dead, and now only Hank's unwilling soul exists here. He didn't realize that he was dead, but thought he was still doing research.

     "Oh, it's an elf." Hank looked up and found Ye Ci, looking very excited: "Have you heard other people tell me about my research results?"

     "Yes, Brother Hank." Ye Ci gave a respectful salute: "The entire continent of Dalaya is rumored about your great research."

     "That's right." Hank's ghost jumped up excitedly. He patted Ye Ci on the shoulder heavily, but Ye Ci didn't feel any weight: "You must have come to tell me the good news. Well?"

     "Yes, Brother Hank""Good, good, good" Hanklian said a few good words: "In order to express my gratitude to you, I decided to teach you one of my research results."

     Three skill options appeared in front of Ye Ci...


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     Chapter 74—Belon Abbey

     Chapter 74—Belon Abbey