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Chapter Directory 81 Chapter 79 Heroes!
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 79 Heroes! (240 votes plus more)

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     What a luxury, it actually gave an invincible state. With this thing, Ye Ci is not afraid. She saluted Vanteloff: "My lord, I will try my best to help you." Just when she wanted to leave, she remembered something, so she continued without rude. Bargaining with Vanteloff for a change: "Sir, I have one more thing."

     "Dear friend, what's the matter?"

     "If I die unfortunately, what should I do if these things fall off my body?" Ye Ci pointed to the tattered-like equipment on his body, and looked at Vanteloff's suggestion.

     "Don't worry, we will pick up your friend's relics." Vanteloff said to Ye Ci and showed a "I'm doing business, you can rest assured" smiling face, making Ye Ci an awkwardness, what is it? Relic...

     But now that Vanteloff has solved all her fears of trouble in the rear Ye Ci, it doesn’t matter. The big deal is to fall to the next level. She took the shards of the Holy Light Gem and headed towards the unknown monk outside the city. The taxi ran away.The BUFF of the Holy Light starts counting down after 20 yards away from Van Trov. But Ye Ci is still far away from the unknown monk. She recruited a little red horse and ran all the way. Although many acquaintances had seen her along the way, her secret words kept ringing, but Ye Ci was nothing right now. Time to reply one by one. She now concentrated one's attention completely and ran towards the outside of the city.

     "Bad girl, where are you going?" The voice of Remote Depths remembered in his ears. Ye Ci turned his head and saw that Remote Depths with a group of Upward Ho people was on the side of the road while watching the unknown road It is obvious that the scholar threw the skill to pick up the leak.

     Ye Ci didn't have time to talk to him, just waved his hand, turned his head and rode on the little red horse a few times before disappearing into the dense crowd.

     The players are not fools. After discovering the magic shield in the city, they all hid in the magic shield and asked the NPC to destroy the big head, and they followed behind to pick up the leakage, just waiting for the nameless monk to fall. , See whose hand is coming soon.

     When she rushed to the gate, two soldiers had already opened the gate for Ye Ci. She used her horse to raise her whip, march straight in unchallenged (military), and immediately rushed out of the city through the crack of the gate. The city gate behind her was immediately closed, as if it had never been opened.The unnamed monk is the lowest skeleton among the necromantic creatures. Although he has evolved and his level has been raised from 80 to 130, his IQ is obviously not much higher. At least when Ye Ci stood in front of him, he didn't recognize that this person was the criminal ringleader, main offender who stole his gems and suffered such treatment.

     "Are there any ants here to send them to death again?" The nameless monk Yang Tian laughed, his bare jaw trembling up and down, and the bones and bones knocked against each other and made a sound of touching. It sounded chilling: "Come on, let you be my strength." "

     Ye Ci looked at his invincibility time, there are still 3 minutes, these three minutes is enough time to climb on his chest.

     Because all the players returned to their protective shields, when Ye Ci rushed out of the city on horseback, many people noticed it, and when everyone found out that this person was a childe ">you, all the people in the crowd Kind of comment.

     Some said she went to die, some said she went to be a hero, of course, more people climbed the city wall directly to watch closely how this legendary huntress conquered the unknown monk, or how she was killed Conquered.The speed of the unnamed monk was obviously faster than before. He kept waving his palms towards Ye Ci, making Ye Ci had to use all his energy to deal with the palms that were slapped irregularly. Although Ye Ci has an invincible BUFF on her body, her long-term habit has made her jump up and down, move quickly left and right, and sometimes still roll around on the ground, giving the players on the fence a scene of superb walking standard teaching materials. .

     Although there are still a lot of players watching the excitement too much, many interested players have started to turn on the video function and recorded all the actions of Ye Ci.

     "...I haven't teamed up with her for a long time, she seems to be coquettish again." Xiaoshou looked at Ye Ci's movements coldly, and couldn't help but start to speak.

     "This is the first time I have seen the scene..." Fruit Jelly murmured to herself, and the video recording function has been turned on: "I wish I could walk like this."

     "Don't think about it in your life. She is a hunter and you are Cleric. You are inherently slow and your legs are shorter. You can't get this effect." Pickled chicken feet immediately poured Fruit Jelly a pot of cold water.

     Fruit Jelly glared at him immediately: "Be careful I retaliate against you"


     The members of Upward Ho talked and laughed, while squeezing a cold sweat for Ye Ci. This guy is really killing his life.The arm of the nameless monk fell again. Ye Ci was ready to take off. The moment its arm fell, she hugged a phalanx, and then the nameless monk raised her hand. The whole person rose in the air. This is a risky move, because the nameless monk is too fast now, and Ye Ci wants to climb his ribs in this situation, it is impossible, so she immediately adjusted her strategy.

     The nameless monk patted his hands and stood up again. He didn't notice the existence of Ye Ci. He couldn't help but feel strange. He swept his eyes and saw Ye Ci hanging on his fingers. He was angry. He felt insulted. So she started to shake this finger constantly, Ye Ci was dizzy by him, but she didn't dare to faint, she stared at the current height closely, waiting until the most suitable time.

     The onlookers saw Ye Ci being thrown up and down by the nameless monk, and the crowd screamed in exclamation, feeling the same as watching a 3D blockbuster.

     Its hands suddenly raised above the head, and the opportunity came. Ye Ci let go of his hands, and the whole person quickly fell towards the shoulders of the unknown monk.

     "Ah" some timid MM in the crowd screamed.Fortunately, there was an invincible state. Ye Ci fell on the huge shoulder and did not suffer any harm, but it made the hearts of the onlookers jump out. Just standing still, Ye Ci looked up and saw the huge palm patted it off. She didn't hesitate to drill down through the gap between the collarbone and shoulder blades, and stepped firmly on the ribs.

     The unknown monk found that Ye Ci had entered his body, and went crazy. He couldn't catch Ye Ci with his hands, so he jumped frantically, trying to shake Ye Ci off.

     Although Ye Ci would not fall off without letting go of her ribs, the continuous jumps did not make her any better. Not to mention physical comfort or discomfort, she said that the heart was thrown in front of Ye Ci. Go, but she just can't reach it, this is an anxious person.

     The invincibility time is only 33 seconds left.

     If she couldn't find a chance to jump over, she would definitely be so alive and dead. Looking at the constantly swaying heart, Ye Ci suddenly found that the heart and her position were always in a straight line. She took a deep breath, and that's all there is now.As soon as the nameless monk landed, Ye Ci's invincibility time was still 21 seconds. She suddenly let go of her hand and turned on the charge skill, and her body was no longer affected by the shock and quickly directed at the heart Rushing, she was slammed into the heart after blinking.

     Eighteen seconds of invincibility remained.

     Ye Ci tightly grasped the beating heart, no matter whether it was disgusting or not, he immediately took out the shard of the light gem and inserted it into the heart.

     The system prompt sounded immediately: "The Holy Light is preparing to purify the darkness. Please don't let go of your hand. Keep holding the Holy Light Gem. There are fourteen seconds left."

     This is a bit different from Ye Ci's idea. She originally wanted to install the Holy Light Gem and jumped to the ground by herself, but she didn't expect to be able to leave yet, and the invincibility time was only seventeen seconds left. I gritted my teeth and absolutely cannot waste all one's previous efforts. At this point, even if I die, I will die with this big guy.

     Fifteen seconds is so short in normal times, but now it seems so long. Ye Ci seems to be counting the countdown to life. At this time, she can no longer hear all the sounds around her, only she can hear herself His heart is beating constantly.

     One click, powerful and smooth."Master Naga, please return my faith to me." The countdown ended, and the nameless monk raised his hands and shouted that he was completely enveloped by the Holy Light, and then exploded to pieces.

     In this dazzling light, Ye Ci only felt that she was falling and falling with her head down. The moment of the explosion just now happened to be the last two seconds of invincibility. The Holy Light BUFF protected her and did not suffer any harm. . Ye Ci's mind suddenly became sober, she couldn't just give up. If the explosion didn't kill her, it would be too stupid to fall to death now.

     FeatherFall technique.

     She turned on the skill two seconds before landing, because she was too close to the ground, and no one found her possessing this skill even in full view. Ye Ci's body lightly fell on the grass.

     "Congratulations, player childe ">You, assisted the Oasis City Lord to protect the Oasis City and repel the terrible enemies. You protected the city with your life and wisdom, and you won the respect of everyone in the Oasis City."

     "Congratulations, player childe ">The prestige of You in Oasis City is respected, and 5 talent points will be awarded. "

     If the usual achievements of Ye Ci are like walking at night, low-key and gorgeous, then all this is done today under the witness of countless players.

     Fame in World War IThe city gate was wide open, and Pruss came out of the city with countless soldiers. The soldiers were separated from each other, and Pruss got off his horse and walked to Ye Ci's face, knelt down on one knee, and said loudly: "Respected Hero, you are the eternal friend and supreme legend of Oasis City"

     Pruss is a high-level elite BOSS, so he knelt down on one knee to Ye Ci. Rao, who has experienced two lives, was also stunned there.

     "The Hero City Lord is waiting for you." Pruss stood up, facing Ye Ci with immense respect...

     Chapter 79 Heroes!

     Chapter 79 Heroes!