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Chapter Directory 82 Chapter 80: Masters Are All Dead
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 80: Experts are all dead

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     Ye Ci nodded and bowed in return: "Okay, Lord General."

     Pruss repaid Ye Ci's salute, and then he straightened up and said, "Hero, please follow me." As he turned around, the blue cloak was blown up by the wind, and he was now full of vigor. He walked in front, following Ye Ci's footsteps towards the gate of the city.

     When standing at the gate of the city, Ye Ci found the scarlet carpet on the white stone road just now, and on both sides of the carpet stood neatly arranged guards. They were wearing silver armor and helmets, like they were Dressed like a knight in medieval Europe. As for the players, they all seemed to be blocked behind the guards, and there was no player that could pass through the red stall.

     "Salute to Heroes"

     As Ye Ci stepped onto the carpet, the guards on both sides knelt down on one knee one by one as she advanced, extending her the highest courtesy.There are no fewer than 500 soldiers in Oasis City. All of these soldiers knelt down on one knee when Ye Ci walked by. This was an unspeakable shock for Ye Ci. For the players present, This is also an unspeakable shock.

     The scene of pulling the wind in this way was quickly recorded and posted on the website. It became the biggest hot post on the forum for a while, but this is already a story.

     By the time Ye Ci walked to the door of the city hall, the lord Vantrov was already waiting there. He also knelt on one knee and extended the highest honor of being a knight to Ye Ci: "Dear hero, you are our eternal friend of Oasis City. From then on, the door of Oasis City will always be open to you whenever you need it, Our Oasis City will always serve you"

     Although these are just some of the scenes of Quest Completed, they still make people excited. Whether it is Ye Ci or the onlookers, if there is such an experience in a lifetime, I am afraid that it will never be unforgettable.

     The Quest was successfully completed. Although there was such an exciting cutscene, for Ye Ci, a layman, spiritual encouragement is very important, but more importantly, material encouragement. What she values most is what rewards will be given after this Quest.In addition to being recorded in Fate's history, this Quest also opened up the most advanced interactive system between players and NPCs. The system is very stingy. In addition to giving Ye Ci a reward of five talent points, it also gave some false names. Vantrov was also pragmatic. In addition to rewarding Ye Ci as an honorary citizen and a few gold coins, he also awarded a hero medal.

     The attributes of this medal are very good. Although this Quest did not give any experience points, but after seeing the attributes of this medal, Ye Ci felt that all the efforts were worthwhile.

     Oasis City Hero Medal: Wearing this medal, you and your team will be inspired by the spirit of heroism. All attributes will be improved in the Green Boat, Bone Burial Ground, Blood Plain, and Barbarian Swamp under the jurisdiction of Oasis City 20.

     The Green Boat is the third most prosperous city in Eastern Continent, which has something to do with her transportation. More importantly, there are several 40-level Dungeon groups nearby, especially in the blood plains and the barbarian swamps. The Dungeon group is where the first set of players are produced. I believe that these two maps will become places to burn your hand and feel the heat in the near future. Ye Ci will not forget that the Guilds had painstakingly prepared in order to face the two Dungeon groups. Some Guilds often lost a family fortune in order to defend against the MT pile, attack the DPS pile and even lose a family fortune.However, once they have this medal, the attributes of the entire team 20 will be improved, then their situation after entering this Dungeon will be much better than other Guilds. Thinking of this, Ye Ci is already a bit impatient and has reached level 40 soon.

     The biggest benefit of becoming an honorary citizen of Oasis City is that buying things is 50 cheaper than the average player, and if you complete the Quest, you get 20 higher than the average player. Ye Ci feels that if he loves a little money, he can buy the things from the NPC shop and sell it for 10% cheaper.

     For Ye Ci's move this time, not only made her famous in the first battle, but also made her famous Guild Upward Ho. Many players began to frantically request to join Upward Ho. Bai Mo felt very distressed about this. He originally only wanted to start a small group of friends and relatives, but within two or three days, the number of Guild soared to more than 1,000, which made him a little bit miserable.

     "You said, how on earth do you want to do it? With so many people, it's very tiring to do Guild, isn't it? I'm so lazy..."

     Ye Ci glanced at Bai Mo who was whispering while holding his rice bowl: "Don't you want to be a professional player? Where does Guild get the money?"

     "But getting Guild requires early investment. Those Guilds I used to stay with are all given benefits. Where does our Guild get the benefits.""Guild lies in excellence, not in the number of people. Technology can be cultivated. The important thing is loyalty and good character. You have to be calm. With so many people, you may not be able to stay, just wait and see the changes." Ye Ci is very anxious, but after saying a few words in Sketch in light shades, he no longer cares.

     The Guild who can keep the childe'> secluded is at least a Guild with good welfare.

     Those who came to Upward Ho to join the meeting thought so, but as soon as they entered Guild and found that there were no benefits, they immediately quit the meeting. In less than three days, Upward Ho went from more than 1,000 people to more than 200 people.

     Some of the 200-odd people are simply because they worship Ye Ci, some are career skills that Guild is unwilling to support, and some are friends from the original Guild of Upward Ho. In short, for different reasons, they are reluctant to leave.

     Except for more than 50 professional life skills players, the remaining 150 are combat players. However, due to various reasons, their equipment is really poor enough. Bai Mo made a statistics. Among these people, the best equipped are only two or three blue outfits, and the worst equipped are all whiteboards.Some people say that the cards at the table can tell a person's character. In the same way, in the game, a person's character can be seen by the actions when playing Dungeon. Of course, Ye Ci just told Bai Mo about this in private, and then the two people tacitly divided the one hundred and fifty into fifteen teams, and ordered the original members of Upward Ho to take one and go to each other. Dungeon has gone to pay for it.

     Ye Ci still doesn't care about anything, relying on having achieved level 27, swaying in the 20th Dungeon every day, call by the glorified name of - leveling.

     Soon, we saw the results. A large part of the group of one hundred and fifty people went to Dungeon, and finally the number became more than 30 people. Many of the life skill players couldn't bear Guild's refusal to provide raw materials and left cursingly. The remaining number was only fifteen.

     In less than two weeks before and after, Guild of Upward Ho, who was beautiful and beautiful, quickly withered to the size of less than a hundred people.

     Ye Ci looked at the list of all the members handed to her by Cold Little Hands, and suddenly found a few people, almost jumped up with excitement, she quickly asked Cold Little Hands: "Close your eyes, Long Zhantian, Cangya, a Pea Cake 、Who recruited these little cute lemons?"

     Cold Little Hands looked at these people, thought for a while, and said, "They were picked up."Picked it back? Ye Ci has black lines all over his face. They absolutely don't know that these people are all the big and famous figures in Fate in the future. Where did they pick them up? Stump the celebrities in Fate are already rotten on the street? You can pick up a dozen and come back when you go out.

     With eyes closed, Fate's very famous element Sorcerer once created the myth of one enemy a thousand in the city battle. Ye Ci remembered that this person was also a lot of troubles, and finally went to the street office, and then emerged as a new force to be reckoned with there.

     Long Zhantian, Fate Eastern Continent is known as the first-person Barbarian. He is not much talkative, honest and honest, and has always been a savage. Later, he didn't know how to go to Tang Dynasty.

     Cangya, one of the top ten Priests in Fate, can be attacked by milk, has first-rate blue control ability, and is loyal.

     A Pea Cake, a Grandmaster-level engineering, was later called a berserk target on various continents. According to him later, he had a hard time when he first entered the game. Heart and lungs, outsiders must be prosecuted.

     Cute Lemon, a Grandmaster-level tailor, is said to be a little girl, who has been serving Wolf Clan in the middle and late stages of the game.

     "What's wrong with these people?" Cold Little Hands looked at Ye Ci with some curiosity, why Ye Ci values these people so much.Ye Ci just smiled and didn't answer directly. Instead, he asked, "How are they doing?"

     "The temper is very good, no matter how many times I die, I am very obedient, and I am a good person, that is..." At this point, Cold Little Hands sighed: "Childe'>, these people's equipment and operations are too poor, Almost all the second destroying groups are their relationship..."

     Ye Ci shook his hand and smiled at Cold Little Hands: "Everyone comes here like this. Everyone comes from a rookie. We are not the best, so why dislike others."

     Cold Little Hands thought for a while, probably thinking of how he was when he was a newbie, and laughed: "I see."

     Let’s not talk about Pea Cake and the cute lemon. Anyway, it is the Life Player, but the equipment and operation of the other three are too poor. Ye Ci walked with them once in the group of ten. Their position and operation made Ye Ci want to cry.

     After the boss was overthrown, the three stood at the back, no one dared to come up to divide the equipment, and even dare not even look up at Ye Ci. Ye Ci didn't talk too much, and then each gave them a piece of their professional equipment.

     This surprised the three of them. They closed their eyes and shook their heads nervously: "guild leader, this, this is not good, we..."Ye Ci interrupted her. She turned her head, seeming to be facing them, and also seeming to say the same to all the people in the team: "Although you are not good at handling and moving well, but you have shown to Dungeon His patience and perseverance are worthy of these equipment. In Upward Ho’s team, operation is important, but more importantly, people. As long as you work hard, you can take equipment."

     "We...we always kill everyone..." Cang Ya looked at which blue outfit in the package, and was a little choked with emotion. This was his first blue outfit in the three months since he entered the game.

     "The masters are all dead."

     Chapter 80: Experts are all dead

     Chapter 80: Experts are all dead