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Chapter Directory 85 Chapter 82 Game And Life
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 82: Game and Life (280 votes plus more)

     Seeing Ye Ci being completely covered by skeletons in the team channel, he exclaimed, only to hear Qing Yanmo yelling: "Whatever panics, let's do our own thing so that we don't let the other party take advantage of the loopholes."

     Ye Ci couldn't help but pay more attention to this person as he listened to the light smoke screen. He just thought that his PVE was good, but he didn't expect him to be good for PVP on the spot. This person, although he thought so in his heart, but now is not the time to think about these things. She dashed forward and sprinted towards the sunset.

     The distance of the sprint is 20 meters, this length just rushes to the back of the red sunset team, she raised her hand and took a few short stabbings of the poisonous scorpion to end a Cleric.

     Sunset Red is worthy of a PVP veteran. He immediately ordered a few melee to besiege Ye Ci and expelled her from his team. After all, as long as the hunter's range is less than eight yards, the hunter's damage will be greatly reduced.

     However, this time he seemed to have neglected, and a Warlock yelled: "The setting sun is strange."

     The red eyes of the sunset chased Ye Ci after seeing the many skeletons. He immediately ordered: "Don't let her die, drag her away"A Priest in the distance immediately released a Priest's unique skill to Ye Ci, "Pull the silk." He dragged her directly to Priest's side, and then he shouted: "Caught it."

     "Remote, Fire Hunter" The setting sun looked at the group members who fell down, his eyes were red, and his voice almost came out of his teeth. But Ye Ci, who was caught by Priest, smiled slightly. Looking at the swaying skeleton about to run towards her, she took out a bottle of primary invisible potion bought at a high price from the auction house and drank it.

     Suddenly, he disappeared.

     Priest was surprised: "She is gone in the sunset"

     The red sunset was also shocked when he saw Ye Ci disappear. He looked back and saw that the skeletons who were about to run towards Ye Ci all turned around and rushed towards his team. All their melee battles were shocked to attack Ye Ci’s team, and there was no melee to block them at all. The rest were all thin-skinned Magic based Classes, how could it be possible to stop these skeletons?

     So he hurriedly yelled: "Retreat quickly, run to a safe place quickly and don't use skills anymore, don't attract aggro."

     However, he shouted a little late after all, and there were still a lot of team members who did not take their hands. The skills that were released one after another attracted the skeletons, and they dragged their bodies toward the large group. For a time situation develop rapidly after abrupt turn.The mood of panic seems to be contagious. The Upward Ho team, which was chaotic by First Squadron, has now spread this mood to the sunset team. Because of the skeletons brought by Ye Ci, they suddenly messed up their hands and feet. Many team members don't know where they are going.

     Ye Ci is still invisible. After eating the primary invisible potion, you can have 20 seconds of invisibility time, but the movement speed will be reduced by 50. She slowly walked towards the team of Upward Ho on the opposite side.

     When I was in PVP, what I was most afraid of was one word-chaos.

     Especially in this kind of strange situation, if the group PK is panicked and cannot quickly stabilize the mood, then it will inevitably lead to unnecessary strangers and cause the destruction of their team.

     If the team in the red sunset had already avoided the mobs with trembling trembling, then, now these dozens of skeletons rushed up, leaving them helpless and hurriedly fleeing, even paying attention to them. Things are not noticed.

     The data stream disappeared after turning into white light.

     Looking at the corpses in one place, the members of Upward Ho couldn't believe that these people who had never experienced PVP could actually win this battle, and cheered happily. But Ye Ci calmed them down with a single sentence: "Get out of here quickly, the more you blame, and if you don't leave quickly, we will suffer."Everyone immediately put their excitement into their stomachs, and followed the team to move out quickly.

     Although this time the PVP ended with Upward Ho winning, but Upward Ho these PK rookies did not take advantage of it. After counting the battle losses, 13 people actually died, losing half a level of experience.

     "Unless you are determined to become a Life Player, you will encounter confrontation with people sooner or later. Even if you don’t provoke right and wrong, but you don’t have to provoke you, so don’t feel sad because of this small setback. , What we have to do is never fall in the same place next time.” Although everyone is very excited about the victory, many members of Concealment's sadness amidst such excitement, Ye Ci started to do psychological construction for everyone in a timely manner.

     Since you want to build a strong team, PVE fucking awesome is not enough, and more importantly, PVP must also be fucking awesome.

     After all, PVE is a computer game, only PVP is to play with people. Didn’t Old Man Mao say a word? Fighting with others is endless. Therefore, she is now going to instill this kind of thinking into this too young team."Guild leader, what are we going to do?" Everyone was silent for a long time, and finally asked Long Zhantian, who was not too talkative. He is the only person among all of them who has died twice. Although Fruit Jelly's resurrection technique made him lose one level, the humiliation of being overthrown made him a big man with red eyes.

     Ye Ci smiled. She pointed to the ring in the middle of the Guild station and said: "You can fight here. Duel will not die. Let's hone your skills internally. Of course, the most important thing is that you have to fully Understand your own profession and thoroughly understand your own profession."

     Having said that, Ye Ci raised his head and said thoughtfully: "There is a sentence that has existed since the day when there was an online game. I have always believed this sentence. Maybe you have heard it, but I hope you are just like me. Of the firm belief."

     Looking at everyone looking into her longing eyes, Ye Ci smiled: "There is no rubbish profession, there are only rubbish players."

     Everyone has heard this sentence before, but when it came out of Ye Ci's mouth at this time, everyone felt a lot of fluctuations in their hearts. They looked at Ye Ci, who was standing not far away, behind her. Carrying the crossbow machine on his back, with a slight smile on her face, from her body, they saw the truest portrayal of this sentenceThe weather is getting cold. Ye Ci has also entered the examination stage of the first semester. In order to ensure that he, a reborn person, does not do such ugly things as failing his subjects, there is only one week when Ye Ci has very little time to go online. The ugly grades ended the first study exam.

     On the winter vacation day, Fang Susu and Ye Ci walked outside the school gate holding the used books together. Fang Susu's cheeks are rosy, his brows are smiling, he looks like he is in a good mood. She went around the bend and talked to Ye Ci, Ye Ci guessed what it was, but didn't break it.

     "Ye Ci, you said, would it be too early to find a boyfriend at the age of 18?"

     "It's not early, don't you want to be in love at an age when you don't even have a chance to fall in love early?".

     "Uh, uh, do you think you look down on girls who fell in love at the age of 18?"

     "Love is a good thing. Girls will learn many things from love, such as being strong, such as bravery, such as can pick it up or put it down." Ye Ci turned his head and looked at Fang Susu with a shallow smile.Fang Susu bit her lip and looked at Ye Ci. The girl in front of her had black hair, fair skin, and a childish face, but she had a pair of tough and unyielding eyes that made her dazzling. She admires her a little, whether it is her cleanliness, the long-term perspective of things, or the separation of love and hatred in doing things, and insisting on herself, these are places that Fang Susu feels very envious. She sighed: "Ye Ci, you know so much."

     Ye Ci just smiled, but didn't speak. In fact, she knows a lot about something, just living anew, and naturally knowing a lot of things.

     "Ye Ci, senior brother Qin confessed to me." Fang Susu suddenly said. She was a little nervous and asked again and again: "You don't think I'm a bad boy, right?"

     Ye Ci laughed haha, "Why did this senior brother Qin speak? It's really slow, he is not afraid of rivals? He is not afraid that you will wait too anxiously?"

     "Ye Ci Ye Ci, you laugh at me" Fang Susu's face turned red when he heard that, and he was about to fight after he chased Ye Ci.

     Two girls are chasing me under the plane tree on campus, swaying their youth. Ye Ci finally slowed down and smiled at Fang Susu: "You won't pay more attention to a lover than friends, please sell me."

     "What are you talking about, is my Fang Susu such a person?". Fang Susu glared at Ye Ci. As soon as he was about to say something, someone from a distance yelled: "Susu"The two looked back and found that it was Qin Churuo. He was riding a bicycle and wearing a clean windbreaker and drove towards the two of them.

     "Susu, there are so many books, I'll send you back."

     "No, no..." Fang Susu saw Qin Churuo, her face flushed like a steamed crab, and then she looked at Ye Ci again: "I, go back with Ye Ci."

     "Oh, let's join Ye junior sister." Qin Churuo looked at Ye Ci and smiled with a nice and gentle smile.

     Ye Ci watched them jump off again and again: "I'm not a light bulb." She quickly waved at Fang Susu a few steps: "Susu, remember to call ">Call" and ran away.

     Qin Churuo smiled: "Your friend really has a foresight"

     Fang Susu was shy again. She hung her hair behind her ears and walked around the campus with Qin Churuo. Then she suddenly asked, "Senior brother Qin, do you need me to help you contact childe ">you? "

     Qin Churuo shook his head, he touched Fang Susu's head: "You don't think I was with you because of childe ">you? Few words"

     Fang Susu was embarrassed by being poked at the center of the matter.

     "Fool, we have to distinguish between games and life." Qin Churuo looked up at the blue sky and showed a quiet smile. "She is a game, Susu, and you are life."

     Chapter 82: Games and LifeChapter 82: Games and Life