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Chapter Directory 86 Chapter 84: Sakagel
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 84—Sakagel

     It was the winter vacation. Ye Ci and Bai Mo were naturally not good at making excuses to stay in the rental house, so they were packed together and returned to Ye Nantian's house. A month earlier, Ye Ci had already exchanged 500,000 real coins from the currency to his parents. Although it would be much worse to change to a big house, but if you want a better family life, it is simply enough and to spare.

     Fortunately, there is a vacant house at home, Ye Ci went back to his house, Bai Mo lived in the guest room, and the two went to the game after dinner.

     The members of Guild gave a warm welcome to the arrival of Ye Ci on the Guild channel. They have been very busy recently. They usually practice skills with Dungeon, and then practice skills on the ring after Dungeon. Even all life skill players sometimes participate in it.

     When Ye Ci came to the Guild station, he encountered such a match. A Pea Cake was waving a strange thing in his hand, and a Rangers circled the ring. From the current point of view, a Pea Cake is not a defeat, and the Rangers can't take advantage of it.

     Ye Ci was very interested in the thing he had thrown in his hand, but the thing was swept too fast, she really couldn't see what it was. After a while, the Rangers stopped fighting: "Pea Cake, you are too shameless to allow us to use the skill, let us fight you hand-to-hand, it is good for you to take the weapon and not to bully people like this."A Pea Cake laughed a few times: "Am I not doing experiments for the construction of Guild?". He looked up and happened to see Ye Ci standing under the ring. He smiled and said to Ye Ci: "guild leader, do you want to come up and sign with me? If you win, the baby I just made will give you two."

     Ye Ci smiled and jumped onto the ring amidst the laughter of everyone: "You mean you can't use weapons?"


     "Can't use skill?"

     "Yes, you can only fight hand-to-hand." Pea Cake's ridiculous smile really wanted people to go up and beat him severely.

     Ye Ci nodded: "No problem."

     "Are you ready?" Ideal Height 1.7m Standing on a high table with a small flag in hand: "Start"

     Probably, Pea Cake has played several games with people, and I have some experience. Ideal Height 1.7m just started shouting, and the thing he was holding in his hand hulled and threw it towards Ye Ci. Ye Ci's eyes were sharp, and he tilted his body slightly, then flashed past the thing. In the fast movement, she saw a scratching hook on the head of the thing in a daze, but she still didn't understand what it was.After dodge a few more times, Ye Ci didn't mean to do anything. It was a Pea Cake with a smile: "guild leader, you are really right. The hunter's power lies beyond eight yards. Look, you don't take it now. Weapons, even I can do nothing."

     Ye Ci was funny by him, and she decided to make this guy less arrogant, "A Pea Cake, have you heard of it, an arrogant army is bound to lose."

     "I've heard." Pea Cake nodded, but before he continued to say anything, he saw Ye Ci blow a whistle. A swift and dark leopard jumped out of thin air, and then he yelled at a Pea Cake. Rushed over.

     A Pea Cake is to be prestigious with his own people. If he really meets some PK, he will be in a hurry. Now when he sees a leopard rushing towards him, he screamed in fright, turned and ran, but there was no fight. At the end, he couldn't get off the ring, so Ol' Three pressed him to the ground, and he was ravaged for a while.

     "I gave up, I gave up." Pea Cake probably surrendered in panic after being in close contact with Ol’ Three. Seeing him concede defeat, Ye Ci didn't make it difficult for him and called Ol’ Three back."The guild leader is playing tricks." Pea Cake got up from the ground in embarrassment, causing Guild and everyone to smile kindly. While tidying up his clothes, he cried and climbed down the ring: "It's good to say that the guild leader bullies Life Player."

     "Ol’ Three is meat too." Ye Ci narrowed his eyes.

     Pea Cake finally got to the bottom of the ring. He looked at Ol' Three, who was standing in front of Ye Ci’s heels, stretching back and forth. He had some lingering fears, but he had basically never leveled, let alone contacted such creatures. . Fate is a holographic game, everything is very real, just like just now, he almost thought that he was really going to be eaten by Ol’ Three.

     "Here you" Because she didn't dare to approach Ye Ci, a Pea Cake threw the thing she had just thrown to Ye Ci from a distance: "I just made it."

     Ye Ci raised his hand to catch something that Pea Cake had thrown over, and when he fixed his eyes, it turned out to be three cat's claws. This thing is a good tool for climbing walls. It's just that the engineering level of Pea Cake is not high, and the toughness of this thing needs to be considered.Pea Cake knows this. He said to Ye Ci: “The last time Guild went to the cold ruins and produced this drawing, he learned it for me, but I’m just a junior engineering, and I have made things some times. I don't dare to give it. What if it breaks when climbing the mountain? Let's give the guild leader a test." He said that Ye Ci will not die.

     Ye Ci looked up at the people on the edge of the ring. They all looked at her with an expression of approval. It seemed that they had no objection to what Pea Cake said. Ye Ci was full of black lines: "I said, you won’t be true. Do you think I can't die?"

     Then, she felt that she was an idiot, and she shouldn't ask such an idiot question, and saw everyone nodded in unison, which made her even more black.

     The rare relaxing time passed, why did the members go again. Ye Ci also went to Red Lake City and started doing daily Quests. When the Quest was handed in, Ye Ci was a little surprised. He had already stood beside the mayor, a rare NPC, the Mayor.

     He twisted his fat body, holding a small handkerchief, and constantly wiping the sweat from his forehead, seeing Ye Ci come in, he immediately "rolled" his spherical figure and ran towards her. go with. "Oh, oh, it's childe ">You are back, look, it's been a long time, I miss you very much"Looking at the mayor’s large mung bean eyes and flattering and greasy smile, Ye Ci nodded lukewarmly: "What's the matter?" He went to hand in Quest without waiting for him, and the mayor was following Ye Ci's all sorts of flattery and beard at the back eventually annoyed Ye Ci: "Is nothing wrong with you?"

     "Yes, yes," the mayor immediately wiped the sweat from his forehead: "The Lord of the City is affectionate."

     Sarkargel, the lord of Red Lake City, is a more mysterious figure than Van Trov. Ye Ci has only seen his giant portrait in the city hall of Red Lake City since his last life. He has never seen this NPC. It is said that he has been living in the high castle in Red Lake City. He likes to meet new people. Of course, some people say that he is dead at all, so no one has ever seen him. If you want to judge the top ten mysterious NPCs in Fate, this Sarkargel can definitely be nominated easily.

     For this reason, when the Mayor of Red Lake City told Ye Ci that Sarkargel was going to see her, she froze for a while, and then followed him towards the mysterious and tall castle in the eastern part of Red Lake City. Go.

     Entering the castle, there are a lot of NPC servants inside. Ye Ci quietly observed the levels of these servants, and they are all elite mobs with a level of 100. The guards in the castle are even more advanced, all of them are up to 120 elite monsters.In the huge library of the castle, Ye Ci saw Sarkargel, the guy called the lord, not as strong as Van Trov, but a little thin. He was sitting at the desk, looking at a book. book. After hearing the report from the mayor, he raised his head and looked at Ye Ci, showing a gentle smile: "So you are a childe ">you."

     "My Lord City Lord, hello, it's an honor to see you." Ye Ci bowed respectfully. After all, this guy is his immediate boss.

     "I received a letter from Vantloff, in which he expressed his highest respect and gratitude to you. I feel very gratified. You know, Vantloff is my best friend for life, and he was refuted by Naga. Neon roasting liquid screaming, pretty screaming, screaming, screaming, screaming, screaming, screaming, screaming, screaming, screaming, screaming, screaming, screaming, screaming, pungent hole decoration, ⒌, punishing, sucking, enchanting, irritating, enchanting, enchanting Ke!

     Although more than a month has passed since the Oasis City incident, it was really late enough for this kind of commendation, but Ye Ci was still very happy. What was given for nothing.

     Sarkargel is still very generous, and directly rewarded Ye Ci with a prestige package. Open this prestige package, and her reputation in Red Lake City will be directly respected. Although not as respectable as Oasis City, the corners of Ye Ci's excited mouth couldn't close.After awarding the reward, Sarkargel obviously didn't want to talk to Ye Ci anymore, so he asked the mayor to lead Ye Ci out of the castle. Back at the city hall, Ye Ci immediately asked the mayor to buy and sell land.

     In Fate, players can buy land in the city as long as they become citizens of a city and reach respect for their prestige. Because the requirements for land are very demanding, so far, players on the four continents have not yet begun to buy land.

     "Which one do you want to buy?" The mayor of Honghu is a very dogleg figure. Ye Ci really doesn't like him at this point. However, he is neat and diligent. At this point, Ye Ci can only relieve himself. ,No one is perfect.

     Looking at the huge Red Lake City sand table in front of Mayor Honghu, Ye Ci slipped towards Xicheng. West City is on the other side of Red Lake City. Most of the people and humble NPCs live there. Soldiers go there on patrols every day, otherwise there is basically no one to patronize.

     "Don't choose the West City. There is no good location there. You can see how good you choose the East City. The city hall is here, and the shops are here. There must be nothing wrong with choosing here."

     Chapter 84—Sakagel

     Chapter 84—Sakagel