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Chapter Directory 88 Chapter 86 Dragon Dance Competition
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 86 Dragon Dance Competition

     Cough cough, what? I want to say that I overslept and only got up for a while, can you believe it...


     Champion City deserves to be the largest city in Eastern Continent. In this main human city, there is at least 5 or 6 times the area of Red Lake City. Not only that, but all kinds of businesses have reached unprecedented heights. The NPCs in the city are generally very happy. This city has at least hundreds of Guilds as its own Guild garrison, making this city even more prosperous.

     Standing outside the teleportation point, Moon Star sniffed, and said to Fruit Jelly beside him: "I, I still, this is the first time I have come to Champion City."

     Fruit Jelly nodded and looked at the city with more people than ants. Some dumbstruck said, "Me, me, and me too..."

     "Why can't you come, the cost of transmission is not expensive, it makes it like a dumpling entering the city." A Golden Man often comes to Champion City, but today's crowds also give him a headache: "My mother, so much. People, I guess we will be squeezed apart if we don't find the registered NPC.""It's said that there are so many people here, I'm afraid I won't be able to go back." Moon Star continued to sniff, and he continued to be shocked by the majestic city of Champion City and the many players: "If we Red It would be nice if Lake City could be so prosperous."

     Since Upward Ho was founded and designated the guardian city as Red Lake City, all those who joined the association have regarded Red Lake City as their bound city, and many people have joined Red Lake City and become citizens of Red Lake City. Although doing daily routines is a good profit, when you see such a prosperous big city, people still can't help all kinds of envy, jealousy and hatred.

     Just when a group of people stood at the gate of the city and hesitated how to enter the city, Bai Mo sent a message on the Guild channel: "I have already squeezed into the city to sign up. Don’t run out of the city wall. Not to you"

     Of course Ye Ci squeezed into the city with Bai Mo. She is agile and well balanced. In such a crowd, she can reach the registered NPC even earlier than Bai Mo. There are a total of 5 NPCs who are responsible for registration in Champion City, which are located in the five cities in the south, east, north, and west. However, no matter which city area, they are full of people around them.The dragon dance competition is a team competition. There is one point in the rules of the competition. Single players are not accepted. If you want to register for the competition, there must be between 5 and 100 people. This registration condition has been officially announced before the Chinese New Year, so many casual players have already found a team early.

     And the group leaders surrounding the registered NPC are basically the leader of a team. The leader alone is too many to count. It can be seen that the number of players who live in the city needs to be added. It is almost impossible to know how many players there are. People.

     As the leader of the guild, Bai Mo quickly signed up at the NPC under the name "Upward Ho". Then a confirmation box appeared in front of each team member: The dragon dance contest master of ceremonies invited you to enter the competition venue. Do you agree?

     This confirmation box will only appear once. If you do not click to refuse, you will not be able to enter the playing field and will be regarded as abandoning the game. Therefore, Bai Mo shouted in a high voice on the Guild channel: "Look clearly and click again. It’s confirmation, it’s important to confirm."A few white lights flashed, and everyone was teleported into a special playing field. This was an open flat ground with soft green grass growing beyond sight. A flagpole is arranged every twenty meters around this huge flat land. The name of the team that each team has signed up is written on the flagpole, and the members of the team are standing under the flag. On the side of the flag is a huge dragon dance prop.

     The dragons of each team are different, just like Ye Ci, their one is blue with golden patterns, especially the bright eyes on the dragon's head look really vivid and lifelike.

     In this event, all registered players are divided into three groups. Those with less than 20 players are called lightweight, 21 to 60 players are called middleweight, and 61 to 100 players are heavyweight. Each competes on a different venue, and of course the final prizes are also different.

     Because the final prize of the heavyweight champion of this event is very rich, not only there is a 5th level Guild station, each member will get a unique title of Epic Level, so Ye Ci and the others are all Guild dispatched this time, with 72 people in total. Anyhow enough to be a heavyweight.And everyone's position is determined. Bai Mo and Let Go of Sister have the highest strength, so Bai Mo resists the dragon's head, and Let Go of Sister carries the midpoint of the dragon's body. These two positions are very important. For the whole dragon to move forward normally, two key people must be placed here. And Ye Ci was arranged on the dragon's tail, because she is agile, fast and able to the eyes watch six roads and the ears listen in all directions, mainly playing the role of observing the audience.

     When the crowd was almost there, there was a boiling cauldron of voices in the whole venue, which was so lively. At this time, several warning sounds sounded in the venue, and then only countless colorful spheres appeared on the grass. The important props of all four games-"Pearls".

     The first game was very simple. Everyone rushed to grab the "pearl" on the grass and grab the top ten teams to qualify. In this game, you can use any method, as long as you don’t leave the dragon Just grab the pearl. Of course, weapons and skills cannot be used in the venue of this event.

     A few more bells rang, reminding all players that they are ready to attack, and all teams are ready to attack when they all carry the dragon. With an order, hundreds of Chinese dragons with different colors and patterns rushed towards the "pearls" in the huge venue.In fact, dragon dance is not just a tradition of the Chinese people. Many foreigners also like this oriental traditional project very much and will often watch it. It's just that it's one thing to look, but another thing to dance. This project is actually playing with a primary school student in a two-person three-legged game. There are different tunes played with equal skill. They all need to maintain a unified rhythm and pace to move forward as fast as possible.

     However, if you want to maintain a unified rhythm and pace for dozens or hundreds, it is really easy to say but difficult to do. Just from the beginning, I have seen many dragons either falling on the ground or their heads and tails on the ground. The scene is a mess.

     For a while, laughter, noise, and noise filled the entire venue. Although everyone wanted the final reward, everyone was still immersed in an atmosphere of joy because of the New Year. The New Year's atmosphere is more intense.

     Upward Ho is still a team that has prepared, because the rules stipulate that if both hands release the pole supporting the dragon body at the same time, it will be considered abstention. Therefore, no matter what happens, no one dares to lose the pole with both hands. I fell down many times at the beginning."Don't worry, don't worry, everyone, humans, orcs, elves, and werewolves should keep their steps smaller, match the steps of Dwarf, dwarves, and undead, and listen to the slogan." Bai Mo was also dragged down several times, and he smiled. While shouting in the Guild channel: "It's not good to be so anxious, it's not worth it if you lose one or two people"

     Guild of Upward Ho simply stopped and lined up. After listening to Bai Mo's slogan of "One Two One Two", he stepped on the spot for a while, and only started to march towards Pearl after getting familiar with the frequency.

     Ye Ci looked at a green colored ball on his left front, and was about to move in that direction to get the colored ball. When he saw that the person in front didn't know what to throw, he caught the ball all at once.

     "A Pea Cake, what did you get?"

     "It's the cat's claw I gave you. I thought it couldn't be used. I didn't expect to use weapons and props." He turned around and smiled with the cat's claw in his hand.

     That's it.

     Ye Ci also took out the cat's paw from the package, experimented a bit, and quickly became familiar with the strength and distance in his hand. Ye Ci itself is a long-distance professional, this kind of long-distance accuracy is extremely accurate, and within a while, he has already caught more than a dozen colored balls."One Pea Cake, do you still have cat's claws?" Bai Mo couldn't help shouting when seeing the last two people throwing cat's claws and catching the ball.

     "I brought eleven, plus the childe"> in my hand, twelve in total. "

     "Traded to the hunters, Sorcerer and Rangers in Guild, if you get the cat's claw, you just need to keep up, and then find a way to catch the ball from the distance." Bai Mo gave an order, and the dragon stopped again. By the time the dragon pulls out again, Upward Ho's dragon has transformed into a hidden Spiderman.

     As long as they travel wherever they go, within the cat’s paw, there won’t be a colored ball

     Soon this secret was discovered by other Guilds. They didn't know what Upward Ho was holding. They only treated it as twine and started to follow the recipe. In other words, it is really effective, and the speed of catching the ball is indeed much faster than before.

     "Bump" suddenly a dragon head hit Bai Mo's head heavily, making him dizzy, "What's wrong, is this a car crash?"

     "Rely on Steel Blooded Battle Spear, do you want to be shameless, why hit our dragon's head?" Ideal Height 1.7m was standing behind Bai Mo. As soon as he was hit, she immediately found out who the opponent's dragon was. Upon contacting the original Ye Ci's withdrawal, she was very unkind and thought that the other party was retaliating: "I want to fight.""There was a car crash on the highway, what happened to a dragon?" The reply was Peacock Blue. She straightened her round chest at Ideal Height 1.7m, snorted, and looked down on her height very much.

     "What are you doing?" Let Go of Sister saw someone trouble with Ideal Height 1.7m, so he immediately rushed up with the dragon's body and kicked a person casually.

     This foot was heavy enough, and the dragon body of the Steel Blooded Battle Spear that had walked well fell down immediately, and suddenly the members of the two dragons all held up poles and kicked each other together.

     "Upward Ho team and Steel Blooded Battle Spear team, please note that if you don’t separate, you will be disqualified immediately." When the two dragons were enjoying each other kicking each other, a familiar voice rang over the arena...

     Chapter 86 Dragon Dance Competition

     Chapter 86 Dragon Dance Competition