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Chapter Directory 94 Happy New Year
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 92 Happy New Year (340 votes plus more)

     The same as the impression, the operation of Fleeting Time is like a knife with no brilliance. Although it is not good-looking, it is absolutely fatal. Ye Ci feels that he has tried his best, but seeing Fleting Time is still calm and composed.

     When the time is up, the system decides it is a tie.

     Both of them got out of the fighting state. Although the remaining HP of the two was about the same, Ye Ci knew that his technique was a bit worse than that of Fleeting Time. Not to mention, she has so many skills attached to her own equipment, and she basically finished all of them, but Fleeting Time only uses the hunter's own skills and still restrains her in life, without letting her take half of the point. Cheap. If the duel is set at 8 minutes, no, if it is set at 6 minutes, it is definitely not a tie.

     The loser must be her.

     "Thank you for your advice." Fleeting Time has received the bow behind his back, he walked to Ye Ci's side, and this time actively stretched out his hand.

     Ye Ci tugged at the corner of his mouth, revealing an indifferent arc, then put his hand into his hand and said faintly: "I will surpass you."

     "This opportunity doesn't seem like a big deal." Fleeting Time's eyebrows curled up, he gently squeezed Ye Ci's finger, let go of it politely, and then turned to leave.Ye Ci took a deep breath and turned and left as well. The two walked towards their own team. It seemed that this was just an ordinary duel, but in fact, it was indeed an ordinary duel.

     "Fleeting Time, how strong is her?" Absalom looked at the calm face of Fleeting Time and smiled happily: "I heard that she is hailed as the number one hunter in Eastern Continent."

     "Strength is not bad." Fleeting Time commented objectively: "It's just that it's still a bit tender, but..." When he said that, he paused slightly.

     "But what?"

     Fleeting Time recalled every episode of the duel with Ye Ci just now, and in the end he just shook his head, "Nothing." When he said that, he looked back and saw that the huntress was slowly walking towards her team. .

     If he is not mistaken, this person definitely has the potential to become a top hunter. It seems that he has a lot of opponents.

     "So what, guild leader, this is definitely a teaching video for hunters, it's wonderful"

     The people in Guild were still full of joy. Although this matchup with Fleeting Time was only a tie, it didn't make everyone feel depressed. The champion of the dragon dance has made Upward Ho and the entire Guild feel a little overwhelmed with pride.Ye Ci just waved her hand. Now everyone is happy. She doesn't want to pour cold water on everyone. "It's just a duel. There is no teaching or teaching."

     Bai Mo could see that Ye Ci's face was not so natural, and walked to her and whispered: "What's the matter? A tie makes you so uncomfortable?"

     Ye Ci twitched her mouth. She couldn't tell Bai Mo that Fleeting Time was a milestone for her. After her rebirth, her desperate efforts resulted in inferior skills, which made her feel a little frustrated. When Bai Mo saw her like this, he didn't say anything else, just patted her: "It's just a duel, don't take it to heart, they are Western Continent, we have a chance in the future."

     But right? They are old enemies and they have a chance.

     Thinking about it this way, Ye Ci raised his spirits again. Yes, this is where it is, there will be plenty of opportunities in the future.

     If you meet this person next time, she will never lose again.

     I don't know whether it was intentional or unintentional. The award ceremony that was supposed to be held had actually waited until the end of the duel before it started. Ye Ci was feeling upset, and he heard Wang Jiangnan’s voice resounding: "This is really a wonderful duel. For our event, it is on brocade, add flowers. Now we will have the light weight top three. The captain of the team went to the podium to receive the award."Although the duel just now made the whole scene extremely hot, and the low-key Fleeting Time, which has been low-key like a night walk, also left a very deep impression on players from all continents because of this duel. However, this is not a PVP competition after all, but rather Chinese New Year activities. Although the duel is hard to look away, but the prizes are more important to everyone.

     By this time, the basic activities have come to an end, but there is still a small episode.

     Every head of the group who goes to accept the prize, the host will ask him to say a word after receiving the prize. Regarding this, everyone is basically going the same way, thank you CCTV, thank you MTV and so on. When it was Bai Mo's turn, he cleared his throat, looked at the beautiful host with a smile, and asked in a low voice, "Can you say anything?".

     The beautiful host nodded: "Of course, this is when you give your testimonials. You can say anything." Looking at Bai Mo's slightly nervous expression, the beautiful host even exchanged glances with Wang Jiangnan, and it became clear again. Yu Xin said: "If you have someone to confess, then this is definitely the most..."Before she finished her words, she saw Bai Mo grabbed the microphone and cleared her throat and said loudly: "Eastern Continent Upward Ho Guild recruits a variety of powerful professions. There is no other requirement. Those with good character will contact Remote Depths directly. , Cold Little Hands, Timely Rain, our goal is..."

     The beautiful host was stunned, Wang Jiangnan was stunned, and even all the honored guests were stunned.

     And Bai Mo's expression is obviously waiting for Upward Ho Guild to shout slogans. However, there are too few people in Guild every day. At this time, it is really what lowly people think counts for little, and you can't hear what you say. But the players in the audience were quite cooperative and shouted together: "No cavities"

     This time not only the beautiful host was stunned, Wang Jiangnan was stunned, and the award-presenting guests were stunned, but the other group leaders who were still on the stage were stunned, and even Bai Mo himself was stunned.

     The shout "No cavities" was so neat that Bai Mo scratched his hair and was embarrassed. He really didn't expect this situation. After the voice fell, he laughed a few more times: "Hiring, various professions, interested parties contact us." After speaking, he directly plugged the microphone into the hands of the beautiful host, so calm as if nothing happened. The same thing, walked off the rostrum with several other delegation leaders.

     Sitting in the audience, Ye Ci almost buried his head in the soil.Isn’t Bai Mo a smart person known as IQ 140, how can he do such a thing...

     However, despite this, the effect of this advertisement is arbitrarily effective. A group of talents has just been reported to Champion City. Remote Depths, Cold Little Hands and Timely Rain are immediately busy. Seeing that, it's just like that.

     Back to Red Lake City with the fifth-level Guild resident, and directly find the administrator NPC in charge of the Guild resident in the city hall to replace Guild’s current resident. The level five Guild station and the level one Guild station simply cannot speak of two things on the same day.

     In the fifth-level Guild station, not only the area is larger, but also many special functions. For example, in the living area, each Life Player can have a 20 proficiency growth bonus when practicing skills, and at the same time, the production rate of the best equipment for creating equipment has been increased by 10. It is no wonder that so many Guilds rush like ducks in this resident area, with this living area, coupled with Guild’s own Life Player, will greatly enhance the strength of the entire Guild.In addition to the welfare in the living area, other areas also have a BUFF bonus. For example, the Guild canteen supplies different foods for a long time. They increase health by 2000 and mana by 2000 for 3 hours. The Guild warehouse also has very important protection. After the union war in Fate, once the Guild residence is breached, the Guild warehouse will easily be looted. But in the case of a five-level resident, the chance of Guild's warehouse being ransacked is only 5, compared to other resident levels, it can be regarded as a security door.

     In addition, the level of Guild's residence is different. Players can also receive different buffs from the Guild Butler every day. The buff of level 5 Guild is 20 experience points and 5 defense points. Among other things, just for this BUFF, it basically makes players want to enter Upward Ho and squeeze their heads.

     In the competition, apart from this five-level Guild residence, each participating player received the title of "Dragon Prosperity". This title has no other effect, but can be resurrected. It can be resurrected once every day, including the combat state, the cooling time is 24 hours,This title probably has no effect on Life Player other than being good-looking, but for many combat players who want to participate in land reclamation, this title is simply too useful. Nowadays, there are very few Cleric capable of resurrection, let alone resurrection skills. This is a heaven-defying thing, especially in the state of Dungeon's wasteland reclamation. What this title brings is simply to regroup terrorist fighting power.

     With this title, the members of Upward Ho are impatients wanting to open up wasteland in the cold ruined back city. After all, many Guilds have already overthrown the first boss. After discussing with Bai Mo, Ye Ci decided to rectify Guild's internal affairs a bit, and then march towards the cold ruined back city.

     Hearing this news, all members are very excited.

     When the dust has settled during the Spring Festival dragon dance activity, the system immediately informs everyone to find a safe place to go offline, because the system is about to be routinely maintained and upgraded, and the time is 12 hours. With excitement, the members of Upward Ho all parked their characters in the brand new Guild residence, and then they said a happy new year and went offline.The game is full of spring and warm sun, and the scenery is wonderful. There was also warmth outside the game. Ye Ci, Bai Mo, Ye Nantian and Zuo Xiaolan set up a mahjong table at home and began to carry out the essence of the country. It was just the finger movement of the whole family, but in the end Zuo Xiaolan and Ye Nantian had a dispute over what life occupation they wanted to play.

     At night, brilliant fireworks burst into the sky over the city.

     Ye Ci stood on the balcony and looked up. She took a deep breath, the air smelled of burning gunpowder, and then she heard Bai Mo laugh: "Hey, girl, happy new year."

     Ye Ci turned his head, looked at Bai Mo, and laughed: "Hey, cousin, happy new year"

     Chapter 92 Happy New Year

     Chapter 92 The New Year