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Chapter Directory 98 Chapter 96 Burning Crack
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 96 Burning Cracks

     The time of 12 seconds is very short. In short, if Ye Ci didn't run far, Garrison was already thawed. Obviously Ye Ci's action completely angered it. After the ice cubes were thawed, Garrison roared with his half eyes up to the sky. The roar shook the sky and shook waves in the woods. Ye Ci ran in front of him desperately. But he didn't escape the influence of this sound wave, and the blood on his body kept falling down.

     "It's abnormal enough" Ye Ci yelled a few times, then took out a bottle of red and stuffed it into his mouth, flushed the amount of blood, and continued to rush forward lifelessly.

     Garrison is too big to run in front of such a big size. No matter how well balanced Ye Ci is, his body is dexterous, there is nothing special about it except a waste of time. Therefore, Ye Ci gave up on jumping from the branches from the beginning, and just pumped wildly in the woods with his head down.

     There are many sturdy trees in the woods. Ye Ci jumped on these trees and walked through them. This had a great impact on Garrison who had been following Ye Ci. Let it slow down again and again.

     The temperature in the air seems to be getting higher and higher.While Ye Ci ran, he felt that big beads of sweat were constantly oozing out of her forehead. These beads of sweat continued to slide down her forehead and hair, and flowed into her leather armor, making her body greasy. Tired and very uncomfortable. She raised an arm, wiped the sweat all over her face at random, took out an accelerated potion and poured it down. If she didn't go wrong, she was getting closer and closer to the burning crack.

     Generally, a monster in the wild, as long as it runs out of a range, it will automatically go back, and will not chase people endlessly. People also have their own territory, and there is not so much idle time to manage the nosy of running out of their own territory. But the creatures of Epic Level are different. They have inherited the same characteristics as monsters in Dungeon-don't make a you die, I live and never give up. However, the monsters in Dungeon still have a sense of scope. As long as you run out of Dungeon, they will give up. But this Epic Level monster is different. It is in the wild and runs across the map. As long as you don’t die, you don’t run into it Dungeon, as long as its aggro is always on you, then you don’t want to get rid of it,

     Half-Eyed Garrison was so upset by these thick trees, so he jumped sharply. Of course it won't jump too high, but this is not the point. The point is that when it falls, its thick tail like a telegraph pole severely sweeps towards the thick tree trunks.I could only hear the whirring wind and waves in the air, which was brought up by Garrison's tail, and threw it on the back of Ye Ci's neck, painful. Then a crackling sound rang behind the wind and waves. Ye Ci turned his head to look at it, and saw that the trees near Garrison, no matter how thick they were, all fell down, forming a fan shape, just look at it. Go, shock the eye, astonishes the heart very much.

     Ye Ci was stunned secretly. She could even imagine that if such a skill swept her body, she probably died without even feeling the pain.

     The heat waves hit one after another, and the distance from the burning crack was getting closer and closer, and Garrison behind was getting closer and closer. Finally the trees in front of him disappeared, and a huge empty space emerged. The land that had been scorched black, and the hot air continued to rise, Ye Ci took a deep breath and jumped into the crack.

     When Ye Ci jumped up, Garrison made another Epic Level skill collision, and saw that its body was like an off-string arrow... No, it should be like a derailed atomic bomb. The same rushed to Ye Ci.Fortunately, Ye Ci jumped high enough to make Garrison fall against Ye Ci's heel toward the crack. Ye Ci exhaled, it was too daunting. If Garrison hit him at this time, she would be dead.

     Although Ye Ci had escaped Garrison's collision, she still obeyed Newton's first law, followed behind Garrison towards the bottom of the crack, and fell quickly. The wind around her ears made her ears hurt, and the waves of heat surging from bottom to top made people's skin scorching hot.

     At the bottom of the burning cracks is the ground that has been burnt to black, and there are many places with billowing thick smoke, and even many places with the glaring red of magma. Garrison’s weight is much heavier than Ye Ci. Naturally, it falls faster than Ye Ci. Ye Ci saw it severely fall onto a piece of scorched ground, arousing a billowing gray smoke, and Ye Ci was confused. Ci's vision.

     At this time, Ye Ci immediately activated the FeatherFall technique, and her body immediately became lighter, and her falling speed became slower and slower. Finally, it looked like a soft feather, gently landing on the bottom of the burning crack.According to the National Library, this crack was caught by Naga's huge claws during the Celestial War. The magic power of its claws turned the originally rich land here into scorched earth. After the flames burned for many years, it remained hot. The temperature, when people step on it, they will lose blood constantly because of the scorching heat.

     It's really too hot here. Ye Ci's sweat is much more flowing than when she was running. She soon became thirsty. This state made her body a little dull, and she took out her cool The spring water poured into the mouth. The cold spring water immediately brought Ye Ci a moment of refreshment, and she greedily absorbed the sweetness of the spring water.

     After solving some of his negative states, Ye Ci began to search for Garrison's body. At the moment when it fell, Ye Ci once kicked Garrison. She didn’t know whether it caused any damage, but if luck broke the defense and caused damage, then all the equipment produced by Garrison belonged to her. Up.

     Although the odds are not great, Ye Ci couldn't help but feel happy just thinking about the equipment brought by the Epic Level creature.

     Soon, Ye Ci discovered the location of Garrison. In fact, it was not far away from the landing of Ye Ci, but it was Concealment behind a huge stone, so Ye Ci did not find it immediately. Climbing up the rock, Ye Ci found that his equipment was hopeless before he could go any further...Because this guy didn't die at all. Although he fell from the top, he has lost at least 90 of his blood, but he hasn't died yet. Lying there panting desperately, its stomach is floating up and down because of panting, the frequency is not small, it seems that this guy is still quite energetic.

     Maybe Garrison didn't find Ye Ci at all, so when Ye Ci climbed onto the boulder, Garrison didn't move, but just lay there panting.

     Do you want to kill him? This idea just crossed Ye Ci's mind, and she immediately denied it. This is an Epic Level creature. It’s not that there is only 1 blood skin left, but 10 blood is left. I am afraid I can’t kill it. Even if it is killed, it will take several hours, but here is this one. In places, there will always be a burning effect, which is really not suitable for a protracted battle. The most frightening thing is that this guy is not incapable of moving. If he finds himself, he will kill her with the tail. Isn't this the gains do not make up for the losses?

     After much deliberation, Ye Ci decided that it was important to escape. Although this is an Epic Level creature, although she covets the equipment brought by this guy very much, but here is really the time, neither accounted for the favorable geographical and social conditions, and there are not many medicines on her body. I will die here too.Having made up his mind, Ye Ci turned and left. When his feet slipped, a loose rock just rolled down the mountain. Ye Ci was shocked, and he quickly reached out to grab the rock, but he still made it empty. The rock Guru denies rolling toward Garrison’s hind legs

     Worse, Ye Ci immediately got down and let her body lean against the rock, and then turned on the camouflage skill. Suddenly, her body merged with the background behind her. Ye Ci didn’t move, staring at the rock with both eyes, so he rushed down the rock, rushed to Garrison’s hind legs, and then slammed heavily on Garrison.

     She closed her eyes and only hoped that Garrison would not find her, but they were 18 levels short, and Garrison had a very high rate of seeing her through.

     It's just that Ye Ci didn't expect that after the stone hit Garrison's hind legs, it just trembled, and then it still didn't move. This... is too strange. Generally speaking, Epic Level creatures are very sensitive. If there is a slight danger of turbulence, they will dash on bravely with no thought of personal safety to destroy the enemy. It can be seen from the time Ye Ci was introduced to Garrison just now. . And now, when such a big rock hits it, it hasn't moved at all, so it can't be said strangely.

     Ye Ci really wants to lose a recognition technique, but once she loses her skill, her camouflage effect will disappear. What if she is discovered?After sinking, Ye Ci jumped up from the ground and immediately rolled to the other end of the rock. After waiting for a few seconds, she found that there was no movement, and she slowly stretched out her head and threw an identification technique towards Garrison. Soon Garrison's attributes jumped out.

     Half an eye to Garrison.

     Race: Dinosaur

     Level: 48

     Category: Epic Level Creature

     skill: biting, tail sweeping, collision, shattering

     Status: Disabled

     HP:? ? ? ?

     It is indeed an Epic Level creature. The portrait clearly shows that it has only 10 health, but the health in the attribute is still a question mark. Ye Ci squinted at the recognition technique that attracted her the most-in disability.

     Disabled, just can't move. This effect, Ye Ci once tried on Yu Wandering Cloud, the effect is very significant, but he did not expect that this effect will also appear on Epic Level creatures.

     However, this is not the point.

     The point is, this disability only shows one thing...

     The current Garrison just won't fight back a lamb to be slaughtered, whether it is an Epic Level creature or not.

     Chapter 96 Burning Cracks

     Chapter 96 Burning Cracks