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Chapter Directory 99 Chapter 97 Conquer! Epic Creature!
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 97 Conquer! Epic Level creature! (380 votes added last month)

     Ye Ci stood up.

     She stood steadily on the stone, looking at Garrison, who was lying motionless on the ground, with a calm expression on her face. Garrison was lying there too, and the half-golden eyes looked at Ye Ci indifferently. Ye Ci took out the crossbow from behind and aimed at Garrison, but the trigger never went down.

     Garrison in front of him didn't look like an ordinary monster. His eyes that are too obtrusive make Ye Ci feel inexplicable.

     At this moment, she even felt that lying in front of her was not a monster, but a hero who once smashed the battlefield. At this moment, she was calmly facing her final outcome-death.

     It was really at this moment, Ye Ci suddenly felt a little bit. She didn't know if she was sick or was too fascinated by playing games. How could she see a human-like emotion in Garrison.

     Since ancient times, heroes are like beauties.

     At this moment, Garrison actually gave Ye Ci a kind of desolation as a late hero.Ye Ci finally put down the crossbow machine, and she murmured, "Even the monsters of Epic Level creatures, the equipment produced will be outdated, but the pets of Epic Level are not necessarily necessarily." So, she jumped off. He walked over the rock, walked to Garrison, and walked into the range of the temptation light in that cold eye.

     Then she began to pull the light of yin* confusion, letting the red aperture keep on Garrison's head. The time of temptation light is twelve seconds, and it is also subject to the rules of level punishment. Garrison is not only 18 levels higher than Ye Ci, but also an Epic Level creature. If you want to catch him as a pet, the success rate is quite low.

     The mana consumption of each release of the light of temptation is 20 of the hunter's own mana, which means that the light of temptation can only be used five times in a row. Ye Ci has never lacked blue because of his accumulated passive skills, but this time is different. The light of temptation is not a damage skill, it will not cause damage to the target, and naturally it will not convert the opponent's damage value into its own mana.

     Coupled with the level and type of punishment, Ye Ci emptied all of his blues, but his surrender to Garrison has always ended in failure. Since the accumulation of strength, Ye Ci has never worn blue on her body. Therefore, once she has used blue, what she can do is sit down and return to blue and continue to tempt her.I don't know how many times I failed, Ye Ci felt that he was going to fall asleep. It's also really a shame that Garrison is an Epic Level creature, with thick skin and thick blood.

     "It's not bad to make me a pet, at least I won't treat you badly, take care of delicious and drink, and still follow me everywhere. Don't you like to fight? Don't you have a violent temperament? Follow me. If it weren't for you today It’s not a good deal to die here.” The boring time passed for too long, and Ye Ci was already sleepy for a long time. To refresh herself, she began to talk to the indifferent Garrison. She didn’t know the other party could listen anyway. Understand, just have fun for yourself and don't let yourself be too bored.

     Strangely speaking, Garrison looked at Ye Ci with indifferent eyes, and squinted slightly after hearing this.But Ye Ci didn’t notice, and just yawned and continued: “People say, better a bad life than a good death, look at you, at least it’s an Epic Level creature. If you just die here, you won’t Do you think you are too bad? Epic Level, how high is that level. I know I know, you don’t want to follow me, if it’s me, I don’t want to, dominate the mountains, if anyone makes me unhappy , I will kill someone, but have you ever thought about it, the player's level will come up, they will be able to kill you sooner or later. Even if you do not die today, you will die next time you meet someone else. I know that Epic Level creatures will only appear once , This time it’s gone. Even if you stop cooking thoroughly, you might as well follow me. If you follow me, as long as the game is not stale, you can always show off one's military strength, tyrannical abuse, how great..."

     With that said, Ye Ci yawned again, really sleepy, seeing the light of temptation only 4 seconds left, her tube of blue is about to be empty again, it seems that she can only continue to sit on blue .

     After spending so much time, Ye Ci's stubborn temper also came up. She swears today that this guy was either burned to death or was subdued by herself. Anyway, she has to wait for a result to come out, otherwise she will be too bad...

     Garrison slowly closed his eyes, and let out a gentle breath from his huge nostrils, his spirit seemed to be loose...A dazzling golden light suddenly appeared on Garrison in Half Eye, and then he heard the system prompt: Garrison in Half Eye was successfully subdued by you

     Probably because there were too many previous failures, it suddenly succeeded, but Ye Ci couldn't react to it. She paused, then gave an exclamation, and hurriedly opened her pet attribute bar. . Sure enough, in addition to Ol’ Three, there is another one. The profile picture is Garrison with black skin and golden eyes.

     Name: Tyrannosaurus

     Owner: childe'>you

     Grade 1

     Life: 1100/19320

     Physical strength: 14000/14000

     skill: taunt, speed up, bite, tail sweep, collision, shatter

     Quality: Wisdom, loyalty, bloodthirsty, grumpy, sharp

     Stunt: combat riding

     loyalty: 1

     Relying on creatures that deserve to be Epic Level, they can actually ride normal riding animals. There is no way to use them in battle. It is the so-called dismounting of horses in battle. However, these Epic Level creatures can actually ride and fight, why not metamorphosis

     It is worthy of being an Epic Level creature. There are nearly 20,000 blood at level 1. His own blood is really not enough compared to him, and since he is already level 29, it is... shameful.Looking at loyalty again, Ye Ci can't help but lower the curse again. Damn, it's worthy of being an Epic Level creature. Normal pets, whether elite or sub-elite, are summoned with 10 points of loyalty, and this guy But good, only 1 point of loyalty.

     This means that if he shaves now, or Ye Ci shaves, this guy will run away immediately...

     Speaking of it, Ye Ci saw its blood, only blood skin was left, and Ye Ci immediately threw the healing technique on him, and her blue was basically empty again, barely after 3000 on Garrison’s blood. , She is completely out of blue. Now she can only take out her bandage and rush towards Garrison’s hind leg. She has observed it in the seductive hand just now. There is a deep wound on the joint of Garrison’s right hind leg. This wound is estimated It is the cause of disability.

     While Ye Ci wrapped the band around Garrison, he ran towards Garrison and poured his few reds into his mouth. Fortunately, pets that are subdued will become smaller in size. Otherwise, according to Garrison's original body shape, the bandages on Ye Ci's body are not enough to wrap his toes...

     Garrison has been looking at Ye Ci indifferently with that half-golden eye, without any intimacy, Ye Ci has to sigh, this Epic Level creature is just not easy to serve.After finishing all this, Ye Ci's blue came up a little, and she hurriedly gave Garrison a pet treatment. After a lot of toss, she finally filled his blood. Ye Ci was so tired that he sat beside Garrison, leaning on his body and gasping for breath. Her stamina was already red. After figuring out a bit of barbecue, Ye Ci left the low-level ones to himself, and stuffed the high-level roasted quail into Garrison's mouth.

     If she guessed correctly, this type of Tyrannosaurus is a pet with a mouth like a leopard. They don’t eat anything like bears and tortoises. They only eat meat, especially for some kind of cooked meat. I like it sincerely.

     Garrison chewed a few bites of the roasted quail and found it to taste good, then raised his head and arched Ye Ci, expressing very proudly that he wanted it.

     Ye Ci sighed and took a look. This is the Epic Level category, this is the wrist, and she has to wait. He stuffed Garrison with a few more roasted quails, and his mood quickly turned into a happy smile. After a satisfied hiccup, Ye Ci suddenly heard the system prompt: "Your pet is satisfied with your care, and the loyalty is increased to 5."

     Satisfied... Ye Ci is full of black lines. Is she going to tell this guy now, dear, free shipping, dear, be praised, dear...In any case, Tsundere’s Epic Level creature has been harvested as a pet. For this point, Ye Ci thinks this trip is simply worth it. The next question is how to leave here, of course, before leaving here, Ye Ci feels more important than this is to give Garrison a name. After all, Garrison was given by the system, and when she came, she had to abide by her rules.

     "Are you going to name your pet?".


     "Please name it."

     "Ol’ Four."



     "Named successfully"

     Ye Ci watched with satisfaction that Garrison's name had become Ol’ Four. This was like a family. She is the boss, Ol’ Three is Ol’ Three, Ol’ Four is Ol’ Four, as for the old 2...that name is too evil, Ye Ci thinks she won’t use it in her life.

     The disability of pets is different from the disability of ordinary players. The disability of a player must be treated by finding a designated NPC in the city, while the disability of a pet can be cured only by the player. So now Ol’ Four watched Ye Ci stand up, and then staggered to stand up.Although Ol’ Four can be ridden, but only 5 points of loyalty made Ye Ci finally give up. If he ran away with rage this time, who would she cry? Whoever makes people have Epic Level bio-energy, Tsao Jiao will be a little bit arrogant. When it reaches 100 loyalty, she will try new things.

     The negative state in the Burning Rift not only caused Ye Ci to lose blood, but also Ol' Four. Ye Ci's medicine is almost empty now, so she disbanded Ol' Four, and moved along the memory to a crack in the crack. Walked over, she remembered, where she could climb to the map opposite the crack.


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     Chapter 97 Conquer! Epic Level creature!

     Chapter 97 Conquer! Epic Level creature!