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Chapter Directory 101 Chapter 99—Sneak Attack
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 99—Sneak Attack

     Ye Ci looked at them from a distance and couldn't help but laugh. Which Guild is this, who has such a big enmity with the Black Plum Guild, and even a sneak attack has to make such a big battle. She knew that they were ambushing and waiting for someone. If she didn't know, she thought they were putting this military exercise on hold.

     However, they chose a good position. It happened to be a blind spot for the mobs to patrol, and there were so many natural barriers, coupled with being close to the BOSS, it was really a good place for yin people. Ye Ci roughly calculated these people, at least there are one hundred and eighty. Although they can't see their names and attributes, they wear good equipment after careful observation. It is estimated that the basic level is above 21. This team, let’s not talk about the cooperation, the combat power alone cannot be underestimated.

     Ye Ci was a little puzzled at this time.

     Black Plum Guild seems to have no feud, how can someone make such a big movement to sneak in? Of course, this is not the focus of Ye Ci's onlookers. Her focus is that while the two teams sandpiper and clam war together (and the fisherman catches both), she can go up and pick up points...

     This doesn't seem to be fair, but it doesn't seem to be a good habit in online games to be cheap. Ye Ci has always felt that he is a good player. A good player must abide by the good habits of the game, you know.She was indulge in flights of fancy, and she heard the sound of Spell not far away. Looking from a distance, red, yellow, green and blue, Spell of each color and each form was constantly on the withered grassland. The storm is set off, just looking at it like this, it looks good at a glance. Although it is not clear how many people there are, there are at least 100 people who can create such a wide range of Spell.

     Ye Ci looked at the War Song Priest Dolian who was facing the altar with his eyes closed and praying in the distance. He calculated slightly, deducting the level penalty, so many people came to push her. As long as the tactics are reasonable and no one makes trouble, it should be at 2. It will be overthrown in 3 hours. Unfortunately, it is obvious that Black Plum Guild has some bad luck today.

     The hidden people in the trenches are still dead, and it is estimated that there will be no movement for the time being. Although Black Plum Guild is facing a mixed mob combination in groups of three or four, it wins because there are so many people. Can you imagine fifty Sorcerers smashing a mob with Fireball? Anyway, many Fireballs fell to the ground and reported to their ancestors without hitting the mob.They played happily, and Ye Ci followed them slowly toward the altar where the War Song Priest Dolian was. Finally, after the Black Plum Guild wiped out the last wave of mobs, Ye Ci has climbed onto the altar. Dolian is worthy of being an elite in the wild BOSS. Human NPCs like this kind of IQ are actually very difficult to deal with. Her perception is very high, coupled with level punishment, she will easily find that she has stepped into her territory. Everything is dangerous.

     Ye Ci had just stepped onto the altar and saw Dolian's eyes slightly opened. She looked in the direction of Ye Ci, and Ye Ci immediately stood there still. This way, she finally concealed it from Dolian, but she still watched Ye Ci's direction nervously for a while, then turned her head again, and quietly continued to pray.

     Dolian was wearing a red robe, holding a very cool Magic Staff in his hand, and on the altar facing her, there was a golden box.

     Gold Treasure Chest

     Ye Ci's eyes lit up. In the patch for the New Year's update, there used to be a saying that there will be many Treasure Chests in all major maps, and there will be many treasures in the Treasure Chest.However, only Ye Ci knows that these Treasure Chests are refreshed repeatedly, but Treasure Chests above the gold level will only show good things when they are opened for the first time. If they are opened later, there will still be A lot of experience and money, but the production rate of good things will be much lower.

     The gold Treasure Chest emits a special light, but this light can only be found at a distance of 10 yards near it. Obviously, neither the Black Plum Guild nor the mysterious Guild can find this Treasure Chest. Ye Ci suddenly felt that her luck was good, at least she could pick up a big leak.

     The golden Treasure Chest that has not been guarded by Dolian of First Kill, Zé Zé.

     The people of the Black Plum Guild are all about fifty yards away from Dolian, which is the shortest distance that does not affect Dolian. If you go one step further, Dolian will find them.

     They stood there, listening to the Barbarian at the front.This Barbarian Ye Ci knows this, and this is the guild leader Fluttering Red Feather of the Black Plum Guild. Black Plum Guild is the third Guild in the southern continent. In addition to their own strength, they are famous because of Fluttering Red Feather. Fluttering Red Feather is the leader reckoned to be first or second best in the southern continent. It is also the leader in the top 20 in the entire Fate, and he is the only melee occupation in the top 20 leaders in the Fate.

     Generally speaking, it is better for Leader to be a remote professional, because it is easier to see the entire scene remotely, and it is easier to see the interaction between the BOSS and the player, especially some BOSS is constantly recruiting mobs, and the remote control can be more comprehensive. Field, the position of the Leader player. However, if the leader is replaced by melee combat, all visions will be imprisoned after all, and the leader will also be restrained a lot.

     Ye Ci has always felt that Fluttering Red Feather is a Barbarian master and also a Leader master, but if these two professions are placed on the same person, they will have a 50% discount. This is also the main reason why the Leader of Fluttering Red Feather is very famous, but it has been ranked outside the top ten.After the Fluttering Red Feather explained to all the members, the Black Plum Guild had already set up its battle. With an order, MT opened the blame, and Dolian immediately screamed and rushed down the altar. In fact, Ye Ci wanted to give Dolian this first before they opened the monster, so that he could finally grab a final kill, maybe he could get a First Kill. But if this happens, the grievances between the Black Plum Guild and the mysterious Guild must not be picked up. She is not alone now, but a member of Upward Ho. If she is herself, she can still do this kind of thing. , But once there is a team, this kind of harm others without benefiting oneself can never be done.

     What's more, Ye Ci now focuses all of his attention on the golden Treasure Chest. Who cares about Dolian's life and death?

     But she can't show up yet, because there is a team behind her glare like a tiger watching his prey, showing up now, maybe she will become cannon fodder. Although she trusts her ability to escape, there is no need to smash with 100 21st level players, right?

     And now if you want to do it, just wait quietly.It seems that Black Plum Guild has made a very comprehensive preparation for taking Dolian. They have even practiced many times, and they are also very accurate in their style of play. When to interrupt BOSSskill, when to collectively run to avoid the negative state, when to collectively stop and wait for the invincible state of the BOSS to pass, all the time is so accurate. It is so precise that Ye Ci feels that they were born from the masses, otherwise, how could it be possible to open up wasteland into such a perfect look?

     Seeing that Dorian's blood was only 10, Ye Ci felt that his legs were sore. And those guys lying in the trenches at the back probably didn't get much better. They have been waiting for this moment to come.

     10 is a very subtle amount of health. If they rush out when there is too much health left, the Black Plum Guild can give up this attack and they die, then they may not be able to take advantage. However, once the HP reached 10, the medicines and scrolls on the Black Plum Guild had already been used up. At this time, he would basically not give up. If they rush out again, not only will they be able to deal with each other no time to deal with it, but they can even take over Dolian.

     So, 10 is the key point of kill sb for his property.At this time, Ye Ci M has Fluttering Red Feather, she understands Fluttering Red Feather, he generally does not turn off the option of stranger's whispers, instead of turning off his friends' whispers sometimes, like making a living, there is no such thing as whispers. Turned on.

     Sure enough, there is no off.

     "Someone is going to attack you." Ye Ci never talks nonsense, just talk about the key points.

     "Who are you" Fluttering Red Feather looked a little nervous. At this time, no matter who it is, it is estimated that receiving such a message will be a little nervous.

     "Not the enemy." Ye Ci thought for a moment.

     "how do you know?"

     "I just passed by and saw it."

     "Why should I believe you? I don't even know you..."

     "Your 9 o'clock direction, the number is about 100, and the level is 21 or higher." Ye Ci has no interest in playing a boring game of who you are and who I am. After speaking, she just hung up the secret message. Waiting for the fight between the two sides and no one noticed her, she opened the Golden Treasure Chest and ran away.

     Informing the Black Plum Guild has no other meaning. Although they and Ye Ci only used each other in their previous life, she also made a lot of money from them. For the sake of the money... She didn't want them to be too embarrassed.

     that is it.Fluttering Red Feather obviously hesitated about Ye Ci's words, but in the end he made adjustments to the entire team with the idea of it is better to avoid unnecessary trouble. Just as he adjusted, he heard someone yelling: "Rush!" Then he saw a hundred players rushing in the direction of the Black Plum Guild.

     Ye Ci took the opportunity to quickly walk to the side of the Golden Treasure Chest, stretched out his hand and began to prepare to open the Treasure Chest. Fortunately, this Treasure Chest does not have a lock.

     Treasure Chest Opening 3……17……78……

     The time to open the Treasure Chest varies according to the level of the Treasure Chest, such as the gold-level Treasure Chest, and the opening time is 20 seconds. Taking advantage of this time, Ye Ci looked into the distance. The two teams had already mixed together. The combination of Spell, Knife Light, and Healing Spell made the War Song tribe full of weeds. The map is very lively.

     Chapter 99—Sneak Attack

     Chapter 99—Sneak Attack