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Chapter Directory 103 Chapter One Tan Polang
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter One Tan Polang

     as predicted. Fluttering Red Feather waited until the remaining members started rubbing back to the city stone, then got on the horse and said to Ye Ci: "Go here, there is a shortcut back to Gale City."

     He said that Ye Ci is a short cut. It is natural to know that in the last life, this southern continent was very familiar to Ye Ci. However, now, as the present, she naturally couldn't tell, so she also turned her horse's head and followed the Fluttering Red Feather and took a shortcut.

     There is no stopping along the way. It seems that Fluttering Red Feather also knows that it is very dangerous for him to ride back to the city alone. If another Guild person is resurrected to chase and kill him at this time, he is not good.

     Ye Ci also understands his ideas, so he just spur the horse to full speed along the way to follow the Fluttering Red Feather, not say a word.

     Seeing that he ran through two maps and was about to enter the map of Gale City, Fluttering Red Feather gradually stopped. Then she looked back at Ye Ci and asked, "childe ">, how did you know that Xia Ke Island was coming to attack us? "

     It turned out that Guild was called Xia Ke Dao. Ye Ci thought for a while, but did not remember what kind of grievances there was between Chi Ke Dao and Black Plum Guild. It is estimated that she hadn't noticed this when the two Guilds died in the last life Who is the two?

     "I heard." Ye Ci smiled, answering half true and half false.This answer really made Fluttering Red Feather hate to accept it. He pulled the horse's rein and then stopped, staring at Ye Ci dumbfounded: "What is it?"

     Ye Ci twitched at the corner of her mouth. In fact, she had heard of it. But she is really not a talkative person, and she is too lazy to explain such things for a long time, so she also stopped, looking at Fluttering Red Feather and said: "So, pay attention to the people below yourself."

     "What do you mean by that?" Fluttering Red Feather's face changed. Since he can manage a big Guild, it is naturally impossible not to even understand such things.

     Ye Ci knows he is anxious, but how can I say this kind of thing clearly? She just happened to hear it, neither seeing anyone nor knowing what the causes and effects were, but after listening to such a section half-and-half, she could still take it out as a case and fail to reason. So she immediately shook her hand: "That's all I should say. I don't understand the others. Be careful yourself."

     "But..." Fluttering Red Feather seemed to know something vaguely, but couldn't guess it at all.

     Ye Ci didn't care about him, grabbed the horse's stomach, slid the little red horse and left quickly.In fact, she is still very familiar with Southern Continent. At least, this place was the place where she made a fortune in her previous life. After entering Gale City, she found the warehouse, supplied some spare potion, and went to the equipment store to repair the equipment. She bought flying debris and planned to go back.

     But after another thought, I felt that since it was all here, if I didn't go to practice leveling, I would be a bit sorry for running so far. Ol’ Four is good at group attack. There is a good leveling map just outside Gale City. It’s also good to practice Ol’ Four’s level.

     After such a decision, Ye Ci took Ol’ Four straight to the outside of Gale City.

     The map level outside Gale City is not high, and after going around a hill, it comes to a bandit den. Here are all level 15 humanoid monsters, but the monsters here appear in groups. They attack when you see them, and they refresh quickly, so newbies rarely come here to practice. But for Ye Ci and Ol’ Four, this is really a good place to level up.

     Ye Ci recruited Ol’ Four directly, and then rushed to it. Several group skills can be wiped out. If there is any omission, Ye Ci is using Random Shooting to make up a few arrows, and basically all of them are dead.The monster level here is low, Ye Ci has no experience, but for Ol’ Four, who only has one level, this is a good place to level up. But within three or four days, Ol’ Four's level had already rushed to level 17.

     This day, when Ye Ci was offline, Ye Ci soaked a bowl for herself, and heard the sound of the key unlocking. She moved in her heart, knowing that her parents and Bai Mo had returned, and hurriedly ran over and grabbed the key. Before unscrewing the door, he opened the door and shouted excitedly: "Dad and Mom, you are back.

     However, she was only called a human, and she was stunned. The first one to squeeze in was a fourteen-five-year-old boy with fair skin, a little pale complexion, and not very high emotions. In short, he had a happy and happy face. Excited Ye Ci is the difference between cloud and mud. He looked up and met Ye Ci, but he didn't speak, just nodded gently to Ye Ci, which was regarded as a greeting.

     who is this?

     Ye Ci was stunned. Zuo Xiaolan squeezed into the house and pulled Ye Ci away: "I'm such a big person, and I can't let people come back when I see people coming back, so I'm stuck here and charge tolls?" she said. Pulling the little boy again, he lowered his head and spoke softly and said softly: "Polang, this is my home from now on, don't be restrained."Ye Ci baffling had to look at Zuo Xiaolan, and then he saw Ye Nantian followed into the house and sniffed, then looked at her again: "Xiao ci, don't you have a good meal? Don't you still have anything at home? Hurry up and get something for Polang to eat."

     Ye Ci is more baffling, what's the matter?

     Bai Mo, who was walking at the end of the crowd, dragged his salute. It was much longer than when he went, and shouted at Ye Ci: "Don't be stunned, come and help, there is more next."

     After watching Bai Mo put the things in his hand in the house, Ye Ci, confused, went down to move the name of the thing, and pulled Bai Mo over and rushed downstairs. This is the situation It was too weird, she must find someone who understands and tell her what happened.

     Bai Mo is a thick Real Taoist, and did not sell the goods to Ye Ci. While pouring things upstairs, the two of them made the matter clear to Ye Ci. The child above is Tan Polang, the grandson of Zuo Xiaolan's teacher Tan.His parents and grandparents were all gone because of the plane crash. This time Zuo Xiaolan and Ye Nantian rushed over for this purpose. Old man Tan has no relatives at home and no one is responsible for the funeral, so all the funeral matters will be given to Zhang Luo by this group of students. When the funeral matters are over, the child will be left without a guardian, and he is not old enough to be independent He himself was unwilling to go to the orphanage. In the end, this group of classmates decided to adopt the child.

     Zuo Xiaolan had a deep affection for Old Man Tan, and after the struggle was over, he finally got the baby lump back at home.

     "So that's the case." Ye Ci carried a box in both hands and moved upstairs laboriously, panting loudly, "These things belong to this kid, right."

     "No." Although Bai Mo is a man, he is in good health, but after so many trips back and forth, he felt a little panting.

     "Then this kid sleeps with you?"

     "Ah, of course. If it wasn't for you to sleep in a room with you" Bai Mo gave Ye Ci a blank look. He obviously felt that the IQ of Ye Ci had gone down after a few days.

     "I don't know this if you can. I mean, isn't there no extra bed at home? Sleep with you, you must sleep underground." Ye Ci take joy in calamity and delight in disaster.Now it was Bai Mo's turn to look anxious: "Why didn't I expect this, it's winter now..."

     Although the two people chewed a lot of tongue roots, Ye Ci still showed enthusiasm for Tan Polang after dinner. Not to mention anything else, there are no parents at the age of fourteen or five. It hurts no one else...

     Tan Polang obviously hadn't recovered from the shock. He still seemed uninterested. He didn't even have an appetite for food. After less than a third of a small bowl of rice, he sat silently on the side. Zuo Xiaolan felt even more distressed when he saw him like this, so Zhang Luo quickly sent him to sleep after getting the child to the bathroom to take a bath.

     Bai Mo slept in bed that night. On his 1.5-meter bed, there is nothing to sleep with two people, but he always feels awkward. But Tan Polang seemed very quiet all night, but Bai Mo always felt that he was a little too quiet.

     After Bai Mo woke up in the morning, he saw Tan Polang sitting on the edge of the bed, quietly watching Bai Mo leaning against the corner of the game room in a daze. He thought that the child had gone too far away again, and didn't ask much, just patted Tan Polang's hair and let him sleep for a while.As soon as Bai Mo walked away, Tan Polang got up with his back foot. After leaving the house, he looked up and saw that Ye Ci also had a game compartment in the same room that opened the door, so he stood there again for a long time in a daze. He didn't recover until Zuo Xiaolan asked him to eat. He walked quickly to the table and sat down, ready to start eating.

     "Polang, eat this. Auntie is a good dish. Your brothers and sisters like to eat it." Zuo Xiaolan picked up a golden eggplant box and placed it in Tan Polang's bowl.

     "Thank you." Tan Polang didn't look up but thanked him in a low voice.

     "Thank you, auntie, uncle, brother and sister will accompany you to go out for a while, we have a lot of good scenery around here" Ye Nantian smiled, with a happy face.

     "I don't want to go." Tan Polang said quietly.

     But Zuo Xiaolan and Ye Nantian's happy and excited energy suddenly cooled down a lot. No one knew what they were talking about, and the dining atmosphere became a bit awkward.

     Ye Ci raised his eyes and looked at Tan Polang, who was sitting next to him, bowing his head and holding rice grains in his mouth, his eyes narrowed, and neither too fast nor too slow said: "The days are still long, so now I make myself so sad Is there any emotion to watch tragedy movies in the future?"Fourteen or five-year-old children are sensible, and they are considered half-aged adults. They can actually understand many things, but sometimes people like to be accustomed to themselves, and indulge themselves when they can indulge, just like fireworks are not willing now. The code word is the same... well, it's far away.

     Chapter One Tan Polang

     Chapter One Tan Polang