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Chapter Directory 104 Chapter 2 Grief Is Your Own Business
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 2 Grief is my own business

     When Zuo Xiaolan and Ye Nantian heard this, their expressions changed immediately, staring at Ye Ci, wishing to rewind what the dead girl said just now and erase them.

     Bai Mo also looked at Ye Ci in amazement. In his heart, Ye Ci is a little girl. When would he say such philosophical words?

     Tan Polang naturally heard this. His hand with chopsticks shook visibly, then raised his head and looked at Ye Ci with a sad and indignant gaze. His gaze was not as desperate as usual, even with Anger that was about to burst out for a while.

     Ye Ci looked at him like this, remembering how he lost his parents in his last life, and it seemed that he was still alive and dead at the time. She twitched the corner of her mouth, and put another chopsticks in his bowl: "Eat, eat, you have to have strength to cry vigorously, and sadness, if you are not full, where is the strength? ?"

     Tan Polang heard Ye Ci's words and stood up so violently, his body trembled constantly, looking extremely angry. But even so, he didn't say a word. He just stared at Ye Ci with eyes that were already bloodshot from anger, wishing to eat her directly.

     "Look at me." Ye Ci squinted his eyes and put on a fake smile.After all, the little boy couldn't stand the stimulus, put down his chopsticks, pushed aside the chair, opened the door and rushed out.

     "Polang Polang" Zuo Xiaolan exclaimed, "Bai Mo, follow up and have a look."

     Bai Mo was also confused by this sudden incident, Zuo Xiaolan thought about it after saying this, and immediately chased it out.

     "You dead girl, how do you speak? You don't know the situation in his house" Zuo Xiaolan stretched out his hand and patted Ye Ci twice. It seemed that she was really angry: "Have you been a sister like this? Go to someone else." Is it fun to sprinkle salt on the wound?".

     Ye Nantian saw Zuo Xiaolan's hairy, and immediately grabbed her: "wife">wife"> you calm down." He kept winking at Ye Ci: "Dead girl, don’t hurry up and look for it, if someone loses. What to do"

     Ye Ci sighed. She stood up and put on her shoes unhurriedly. She didn't care about Zuo Xiaolan's yelling at all. She sighed, the little boy's self-esteem.

     Tan Polang hasn't had a good food for many days. Ye Ci heard this from Bai Mo. Knowing this, Ye Ci has no worries about where Tan Polang can go. Besides, there is a Bai Mo following.She went downstairs slowly, and then took out her mobile phone">, dialed Bai Mo and confirmed that Bai Mo had caught the kid. The two were in the garden in the middle of the street, and they passed by calmly and unhurriedly. From a distance, she saw two people sitting on a wooden chair. Bai Mo was advising Tan Polang next to him like a confidant brother, but obviously it didn't work, and the kid ignored him at all.

     Ye Ci turned around and walked towards the beef noodle restaurant on the side. She ordered two bowls of noodles for someone to send over, and then she walked towards the two of them. Before she got close, Bai Mo heard her footsteps, turned to look at her, and saw her smiling and saying, "Bai Mo, you go back."

     "Huh?" Bai Mo was a little strange: "Why are you here?"

     "I can't come? You go back, you won't go back and there will be no food." Ye Ci stood behind Bai Mo, his face calm.

     Bai Mo wanted to say something, but Ye Ci shook his head. He understood what Ye Ci means. Some things are probably whoever hung the bell on the tiger's neck must untie it. So he didn't have much trouble, stood up, patted Tan Polang on the head, turned and left.

     As soon as Bai Mo left, Ye Ci sat down. She didn't speak, but looked at the sky. The weather was pretty good, it was dry and cold. The breeze blew on her face as painful as a knife was cutting her face.Tan Polang glanced at Ye Ci, and immediately wanted to stand up, but suddenly heard Ye Ci's words: "Just your small body, run, you have to get down if you can't run too far."

     Tan Polang's body shook again. This time I don’t know if it’s angry or cold, because just a cool breeze passed, even Ye Ci, a person in cotton-padded clothes, shivered with the cold, not to mention wearing this one. A child in a thin sweater. He finally couldn't help it, and broke out: "Do I have any grudges against you?".


     "Have I offended you?".

     Ye Ci glanced at him: "Not yet."

     "Then you always stab me at what I do. I will be bullied by you if I have no parents?" The kid was completely angry. It turned out that he was angry by Ye Ci, and then he was angry because Ye Ci is not salty. In a light tone, he finally broke out because of Ye Ci's attitude towards him.

     Ye Ci didn't say a word, just looked at Tan Polang.His anger came on someone who didn’t pay attention to him at all, as if a powerful straight punch hit the First Squadron cotton directly. Tan Polang’s suffocation can be imagined. He shouted: "I What if I don’t have parents anymore? I didn’t do anything, I don’t have parents anymore, don’t you want me to come to your house? Do you think I’m robbing you of something when I come to your house? I tell you, it’s totally unnecessary, Because I didn't want to come from start to finish. It was your mother who was troubled by herself. Do you think I really want to come by taking complete charge? Do you want to come to lodge under another person's roof?".

     Tan Polang's high-pitched voice has become more and more hoarse, and even started to sob a little. Although he is a boy, his face is full of tears at this time.

     Ye Ci still didn't speak, but just looked at him with no expression. The little kid continued to scold and then cried, sweating profusely, looking quite self-abusing. At this time, the owner of the noodle shop came, carrying two lunch boxes with steaming beef noodles, and the red oily soup looked very appetizing.

     Ye Ci took it, took out the money and stuffed it to the boss, then put aside the chopsticks, picked up a bowl, and started eating. The other bowl is placed on the stool, near Tan Polang.Tan Polang hadn't eaten much for several days, and then lost his temper. After crying, he gradually felt hungry in his stomach. Watching Ye Ci eating the noodles whistling, he couldn't help swallowing. But now he is thinking about the position of himself and Ye Ci. They are class enemies and absolutely cannot give in.

     He just thought, but his stomach was really unbelievable. At this moment, he screamed. He was so embarrassed that Ye Ci would laugh at him, but he didn't expect Ye Ci to not even raise his head, and said indifferently. : "The beef noodles at this restaurant taste very good. It's much better than mine. It's a pity not to eat it."

     Tan Polang listened to Ye Ci and wanted to serve it, but he couldn't save face, so he just grunted and stood there. A gust of wind blew, and he shivered for a while.

     "Men do things in a hurry, eat if you want, and give yourself money after eating." Ye Ci still lowered his head to eat noodles, not looking at Tan Polang, but he spoke every word and every word.

     Tan Polang still wanted to hold on, but couldn't resist the constant protests of the five internal organs temple in his belly, so he gritted his teeth and sat down, eating his noodles like Ye Ci.

     For a while, there were only two people left in the park. The sound of eating noodles and wheezing, sounded very appetizing."It's a sad thing that your parents are gone." Ye Ci said while eating noodles. She caught a glimpse of Tan Polang's hand shaking obviously, and went on: "However, it's just your own grief, and other people's grief. Nothing."

     This time it was Tan Polang's turn to stop talking and just immerse himself in the noodles.

     "Anyone in this world doesn't have any sadness at all. You need to spread it out with others? Is that looking for sympathy?". Ye Ci looked up and sneered a few times in the distance, as if he saw his original self again: "In fact, there is no sympathy at all. No one will empathize with your sadness. No matter how miserable you are, it will be in the eyes of others. It’s someone else’s business. They can sympathize, sigh, and even watch the excitement, but no one will take it to heart."

     "I didn't make a big announcement." Tan Polang buried his head and stuffed his face in his mouth, retorting in a low voice.

     "Aren't you right now?" Ye Ci smiled: "It's not impossible to be sad, but it should be moderate. If you get too much, you will be numb."

     "I'm not a kid, I know the truth." Tan Polang stubbornly felt that Ye Ci was just stabbing himself. "You don't need people like you to make thoughtless remarks."

     Ye Ci is not angry either. She really understands his mood."Sometimes, some sadness should be deposited in the heart, because it is a precious emotion. People don't have great joys and sorrows a few times in their lives, so you have to learn to constrain." She pulled the last noodle into her mouth, and then began to chuck. He sipped the soup with red oil floating in it. "Everyone in the world is very busy. They don't have so much time to spend time with Stamina to be happy or sad with others, so don't bother others for this kind of thing.

     "People always have to learn to grow up." Ye Ci sighed, as if seeing the scars, but increasingly hateful self: "Being a human, sunshine."

     "I will be myself." Tan Polang kept silent. After a long time, he sulked out a word. He could hear that he was no longer resisting Ye Ci. At least the words have become more peaceful. .

     Ye Ci didn't want to say anything sensational, but in the end he touched his hair: "There are still us."

     The beef noodle is very spicy and hot. It made people really uncomfortable, and tears and nose fell down in a handful. Tan Polang felt that his eyes were spent and he couldn't see anything clearly. He sniffed, stretched out his sleeve and wiped his face, then lowered his head and muffled and said, "I don't have money to pay for beef noodles."

     "Count what I lent to you, and you will return it to me in the future."

     "You're annoying.""You also don't see much liking."

     Chapter 2 Grief is my own business

     Chapter 2 Grief is my own business