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Chapter Directory 105 Chapter III Guild Declares War
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 3 Guild declares war

     Finally, Tan Polang followed Ye Ci back and ate a bowl of beef noodles. He sweated all over and dispelled a lot of the cold from his body. He bowed his head and walked behind Ye Ci and entered the house. Zuo Xiaolan immediately came up and held him in his arms. He said a lot of heart-wrenching words, making Tan Polang embarrassed. It seems that after being said by Ye Ci, he has become more sensible, not making the sadness of the spring and autumn, great bitterness, deep hatred.

     This made Zuo Xiaolan, Ye Nantian and Bai Mo very curious. What did Ye Ci say to Tan Polang. However, regarding this matter, Ye Ci and Tan Polang have tacitly maintained the highest confidentiality status, and no one said anything. .

     After tossing all these things, Ye Ci and Bai Mo are also ready to play games online, especially Bai Mo, which has not been online for three or four days. Now he has known each other in his heart and feels as uncomfortable as Bai Claws. Immediately rush to the line to see what the people in Guild are doing now. Especially when he was in a hurry when he left, he didn't make a face-to-face meeting in Guild. He left like this, and his heart was even more troubled. You know, now Guild is preparing to open up wasteland in the cold ruined city. At this critical time, he left. , It is not at ease in my heart.Ye Ci and Bai Mo were about to go online. Tan Polang, who had cleared his mood, looked at the two people, and suddenly said, "What game are you playing? Fate?".

     There are also many teenagers who play Fate now. Ye Ci is not surprised that Tan Polang knows this Fate game, so he does not hide it from him: "Yes, we are playing Fate. Are you interested in it too."

     Tan Polang just opened his mouth to answer Ye Ci, when he heard Zuo Xiaolan's bluffing voice: "You two play games and just play, don’t teach the kids here again. This winter vacation is still half a month away. School is about to start, and Polang needs to be familiar with the teachings here. What games to play are just like you. It’s better to have fun without eating or sleeping?"

     As soon as Zuo Xiaolan spoke, Bai Mo and Ye Ci looked at each other and smiled. Together they looked back at Tan Polang and shook their heads and sighed: "You can study hard, Upward Ho."

     Having said that, the two of them are in their own houses. Tan Polang directly followed Ye Ci into the house. Ye Ci turned around and Tan Polang also followed in. I couldn’t help but wonder: "My mom didn’t let you go to read and study, you followed me in. What are you doing?"

     "What's your name in the game?" Tan Polang sat in a chair, watching Ye Ci open the game compartment with eyesight.

     "What are you doing?""It's nothing, I just ask." Tan Polang seemed to have something to say, but he stopped talking.

     Ye Ci knows that he has something, but he is not anxious to ask. Anyway, if he wants to say something, he will say it without asking him. If he does not say it, even if he asks death, he will not reveal a word.

     "That's OK, you're done asking, do your homework." Ye Ci began to crawl into the game compartment, even shaking her hand impatiently, obviously not wanting to talk to the kid anymore, she had to go online with Ol 'Four leveling.

     "Sister Ye Ci, do you know King?" At the moment when the lid of Ye Ci's game compartment was about to be closed, Tan Polang came out. Tan Polang, who was taught by Ye Ci, seemed to respect Ye Ci a lot, and even changed his name.

     king? Ye Ci was slightly startled, how could she not know this person. The champion of international e-sports competitions for five consecutive years, and his low-key personality is just as famous as his skills. He never shows his true colors, even in the competition, he needs sunglasses and masks. Lucky Kindness's e-sports competitions are all fingerprints and iris verification, otherwise it is estimated that he will be rejected.

     But these are a bit far away for Ye Ci, because it is a memory from ten years ago after all, so she nodded: "I know, isn't it the five consecutive championships in the World Athletic Championship.""He seems to be playing Fate too." Tan Polang looked at him left.

     "Oh, this game is very popular. It's not strange for him to play it."

     "That..." Tan Polang talked about this and that for a long time, and I was about to say the point when I saw it, but I heard a flat bumping sound from the next room. Ye Ci was strange, and he saw Bai Mo rushing in. In her room, her face was pale and anxious: "Why are you still not online?"

     Ye Ci couldn't help being surprised when he saw him, but then he felt a little uneasy: "What's the matter?"

     "Hurry up, Guild was declared war at 6 o'clock this morning." Bai Mo didn't care much about it, turned around and rushed towards his house, leaving only a calm face of Ye Ci and a face full of surprise. Tan Polang.

     "I won't go chatting with you anymore." Ye Ci said, he was about to lie down.

     Tan Polang immediately jumped up: "You haven't told me what your name is in the game."

     "Childe ">you. "Ye Ci finally fulfilled the kid's wish before closing the lid of the game compartment, and told him his name. If she enters the game compartment a little later, he will keep knocking on the lid outside.Ye Ci can see it. Tan Polang has the same trait as Fluttering Red Feather, that is, stubbornly insist on one's own ideas, and will not cry until the yellow river, in order to avoid him harassing herself for a while, so she directly Tell him the answer is a hundred.

     Then she went to the game, not saying anything further, and directly clicked on the flying debris. After a while, she was back on the land of Eastern Continent, Ye Ci rubbed back to the city stone again, and the white light flashed, and the person had reached Red Lake. City is out.

     There are two types of Guild declarations in Fate, which are related to the Guild residence of the game. Because the Guild locations of levels 1 to 5 are located in specific Guild servers, they are transmitted through NPCs. Therefore, even if they declare war with such Guilds, they must be transmitted to a specific map to find specific NPCs to declare war. At the level of level 6 to level 10, the Guild residence moved out of the Guild server, but instead bought a piece of land on the edge of the Guild bound city as his residence. This way, it is attached to the edge of the big city and everything is better developed. Declaring war is even more important, as long as someone cuts down the Guild flag in front of the station, it will be an attack. Of course, with time and the development of each Guild, the latter declaration of war will gradually hide.Ye Ci's Guild station is a five-level station, obviously belonging to the first type of Guild declared war, so there is no large-scale combat in Red Lake City. Ye Ci rode a little red horse all the way from the gate to the Guild NPC and flew back to the station.

     There has already been a boiling cauldron of voices in the Guild station, and it has become First Squadron. Not only that, Ye Ci found that Guild's resident was in a mess. The strong resident's city wall had been damaged a lot. It seemed that the opponent's firepower was very powerful, so that Upward Ho Guild, the fifth-level Guild resident, did not take advantage of it.

     "The long-range first team went down to the wall for supplies, the second team immediately connected to the treatment team, and the third team went up to the wall to replace the fourth team to the melee heal outside the wall. The Summoner 1 team continued to open all your babies into active attack state, guarding the Guild warehouse and Rogues. The patrol around the city wall can't let people succeed in a sneak attack again." Milu's voice sounded on the Guild channel. His voice was calm and powerful, and he was already quite an excellent leader.

     However, it is not difficult to tell from his words that not long ago, Upward Ho's fifth-level union was successfully attacked by the opponent. The result of this successful sneak attack was to make Tiantian Guild's resident a criminal ringleader, main offender like it is now.Everything outside was clear and orderly, Ye Ci turned around and walked quickly towards the Guild meeting room. She didn't see Bai Mo, Timely Rain, Cold Little Hands, Pickled Chicken Feet, Let Go of Sister, these Guild executives, she expected that they were meeting in the Guild conference room.

     Sure enough, more than a dozen high-level executives all gathered in the Guild conference room, discussing in a rush.

     "They are too bully, and they started attacking when everyone was not online. If we were not for the level 5 Guild, I'm afraid they would have taken it long ago." Let Go of Sister severely knocked on the table, bearded with anger. Are already flying.

     "Now it's useless. They bring too many people. Our Guild has a reputation for blowing trumpets on airplanes. In fact, we don't have many people on our hands. Even if we hire so many people in, many people see Guild retired immediately after being beaten. If this goes on..." Fruit Jelly sighed, with an anxious look on her face.

     "Don't worry, talk, what's the situation now? How is the battle going?"

     "Now the situation is relatively stable. The main reason is that we suffered a loss at the beginning. Our Guild was not stable after the establishment of Guild. At the beginning, we suffered a loss. Many people lost their morale, so the fight was very difficult." Qing Yanmo sighed: "This I’m to blame, if it wasn’t for my going online too late today..."

     "do not talk……""What is Guild declaring war?" Ye Ci stood at the door for a long time, and they all ignored her fierce discussion. She also listened for a while and understood some of the current situation, and then asked. In fact, she also thought for a while. It seems that apart from Steel Blooded Battle Spear and her conflicts, other Guilds, there shouldn't be any holidays, how come they suddenly made a declaration of war?

     "Twenty-four bridges and moonlit nights." Seeing her coming, everyone immediately opened the stool and sat down to meet her.

     Twenty-four bridges and moonlit night? Ye Ci baffling, this seems to be a not-so-famous Guild. He should be ranked tenth in the Eastern Continent Guild strength. However, the overall strength must be better than Upward Ho, at least there are more people than them. However, this is not the point. The point is that she doesn't seem to know them.

     "Who is the guild leader?"

     "The sunset is red." The answer to Ye Ci was Cold Little Hands, who was in charge of public relations. She knew all the people in charge of the various medium and large Guilds in Eastern Continent.

     Ye Ci was taken aback for a moment. She couldn't say that she didn't recognize this name, it turned out to be them. She laughed bitterly, isn't she really at odds with her own Guild...

     Chapter 3 Guild declares war

     Chapter 3 Guild declares war