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Chapter Directory 106 Chapter 4 Battle
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 4 Combat

     None of the managements present here did not participate in the group P, so when you mention this name, you know what it is all about. Ye Ci looked at the continuing meeting in the conference room and smiled: "There will be nothing to open. Since it is them, then it means that people hate us, just hit it."

     "We don't have enough manpower. Now Milu has people taking turns to play, because everyone's battery life is not good, and we will have to replenish them after a while." Qing Yanmo said the point. "Although I recruited a lot of people after the event, there are fewer people who really can come to Guild to play together. They didn't have a sense of belonging when they joined Guild. Even if they came to help, seeing the current situation, they didn’t do their best, so ..."

     "So even our original members of Guild have been affected by them." Ye Ci directly helped Qing Yanmo to finish the following words.

     Everyone is silent, and that's what it is now.

     Although the number of people in Upward Ho is not small, most of them came because they wanted to take advantage of the fifth-level union resident. There are so many and complicated, everyone has a small calculation in their minds, there is no saying that there is unity . In such a Guild battle, it is the time when manpower is needed, but the people who are actually participating in the union battle are only the original members of Upward Ho and a very small number of new members.And Twenty-Four Bridge Mingyueye must have made very perfect preparations, whether it is the supplies they brought or the Guild personnel who went to the battle, all the most careful calculations. Moreover, their speed is a crucial asset in war, do sth when least expected, and they chose to declare war at such an early age. If it weren't for the strong fortifications of the Level 5 Guild station itself, it is estimated that Upward Ho has basically been ransacked by the opponent.

     Although everyone is now online and starting to fight back, the morale is obviously not high. Although the opponent did not take advantage of it now, they also know that the do sth when least expected sneak attack has had a considerable impact on Upward Ho. Although Upward Ho is still protected by the offensive and defensive fortifications of the fifth-level union, However, they are very close to victory.

     However, the other party also has a weakness.

     There are NPCs in Guild's resident, but to purchase supplies, even if Guild's pharmacist is too busy to do it, Guild players can also go to the resident NPC to buy them. However, as the declaring party, they were completely in an unsupply territory, and the pharmacists they carried were limited and could not be consumed.

     Therefore, if they fight for time, they can't do it, but there is a maximum time limit for the Guild battle.The maximum time limit for attacking the level 5 Guild station is 5 hours. That is to say, Twenty-Four Bridges and Mingyueye will attack Upward Ho starting at 6 am and will end at 11 noon at the latest. If at the end of the day, neither side has a winner, the system will determine the winner based on the number of casualties on both sides and the loss of various fortifications.

     "What time is it now?" Ye Ci asked suddenly.

     "At 10 o'clock at 2 o'clock, Yu answered.

     Ye Ci nodded, then turned around and walked out of the meeting room, "I'll go to the city wall to see the situation."

     The situation is really not optimistic at all.

     All of the Twenty-Four Bridge Mingyueye's long distances were standing at the farthest range 20 yards away from the city wall. Just a glance at the past, roughly estimated that there were hundreds of people, and all of the Magic and Physics departments were alive. In fact, this is nothing. The long-range range is the same anyway, but it’s worse. Upward Ho’s long-range is all standing on the wall. The wall is high. The range in Fate is the calculated straight-line distance. If you stand If you shoot down from the city wall, an angle will inevitably appear. This angle is enough to reduce the actual range of Upward Ho's long-range range by at least 2 yards. In this way, unless it is a range attack, other skills seldom can attack the opponent.However, the range attack consumes a lot of blue, and it takes a long time to chant. In this way, Upward Ho's long-range distance would rarely cause losses to the opponent, and even his own city walls would almost fail to keep.

     The melee that went out of the city gate were all blocked by the opponent's melee. The melee strength of the two sides was about the same, but the worst was that the strength was about the same. If you can't go out, and you won't let people in, this is equivalent to fighting with the opponent, not to mention how uncomfortable it is. There are still many Rogues and Rangers wandering around the city wall, that is, looking for opportunities to sneak into the city, but also to prevent Who from jumping off the wall and let their troops no time to deal with it.

     Ye Ci twitched the corner of his mouth. It seems that this red sunset has made a lot of preparations to deal with Upward Ho. Both the hardware and the software are so tight that they can't even pour a bowl of water into it. Looking at the attributes of the city wall, Upward Ho’s resident city wall has now been knocked down by four-fifths by the opponent. If this continues, even if they can persist until the end they can’t get in, it is estimated that Upward Ho will have to do so in the event of a loss. The party that was judged to be a failure.

     time does not wait.

     Ye Ci turned around and got off the city wall, walked to the members guarding the city gate, and said, "Open the door."

     "But..." The member guarding the gate hesitated.Ye Ci didn't make it difficult for him, and directly said to Leader Milu: "Milu, open the city gate and let me go out."

     "Guild leader..."

     "It's okay, I'm not going to die." Ye Ci knew that Milu was hesitating but worried, she smiled and comforted Milu.

     Milu pondered for a moment, and then ordered the gate to be opened to let Ye Ci go out.

     Ye Ci just went out and met Remote Depths and Let Go of Sister who were still fighting. They were taken aback when they saw Ye Ci coming out. Remote Depths said: "This is the melee zone, you can go up to the city wall remotely."

     Ye Ci would not go back to him directly, but said, "You will concentrate on one fight in a while."

     "What?" Before the two people figured out what was going on, they saw Ye Ci recruit Ol' Four. As soon as Ol' Four came out, the huge body and appearance shocked everyone. Twenty-four bridges and bright moon. Ye immediately whispered.

     "Can Hong, they have a hunter out, could it be that childe?" "

     "Mallow, check it out"

     "Yes"The red sunset command here has just been issued, and Ol’ Four has already released a shattering skill over there. Ol' Four is now at level 17, and the highest level of the players present will not exceed level 22, so there is no level penalty. The released shattering skill caused the health bar of all hostile players within 30 yards to be swiped and dropped. It was a terrifying piece, not only that, but also caused a lot of people's moral vertigo.

     The close combat on the Twenty-Four Bridge and Mingyue Night has been fighting for more than three hours. Most people have been drowny in such a battle, and how can they expect such a sudden move. They just saw a gap in the city gate in front of them, and then an elf huntress flashed out of it.

     The huntress ran out of the inside while making a loud whistle, and a huge black Tyrannosaurus rex appeared. Before the dinosaur had had time to set the fire, she saw it screaming up to the sky and slamming its feet. There are countless cracks under everyone's feet, and the health bar also drops extremely fast.

     This is nothing. What makes Twenty-Four Bridge Mingyueye melee the most painful is that almost all of them are stunned.

     Suddenly, chaos in the Guild Channel of Twenty-Four Bridges and Moonlight Night.

     "It depends on what is that thing, what is that pet, is Tyrannosaurus so fierce?"."Healer, where did Healer go, hurry up heal"

     "Boss, it doesn't work, that thing is too fierce, I just got the second."


     After several days of leveling and to please, Ol' Four's loyalty to Ye Ci has risen to 69. Although it is not full yet, although it sometimes has a little temper, it will never run away or lose the chain in battle. Yes, and what made Ye Ci cheeks streaming with tears... she can finally ride it.

     Just after Ol’ Four released the shock, Ye Ci immediately climbed onto his back and rushed towards the opponent. She had already seen the sunset red, and his hot robe was really blinking.

     When the melee 90 of the twenty-four bridge bright moon night was stunned, the sunset red immediately gave an instruction: "Cleric step forward to heal, be careful not to be caught by the opponent's remote. All remotes don't stand together and run."

     They were only 2,30 yards away from the gate of the city, which was not too far away. At this time, Ye Ci had already rushed out of the melee pile, and a collision had already reached the long-range team of the 24th Bridge Mingyueye. Right in front of Ol’ Four’s body, there were seven or eight players brought in during the collision. They were brought over by huge momentum as if they were stacks of Arhats, and they basically had blood that the collision skills did not have."Childe ">You Ji Huo She" saw Ye Ci riding on Ol’ Four at a glance at the sunset. His eyes were red and he immediately ordered.

     It's just that it's a bit late.

     Ol' Four had already jumped up and swept his tail. The huge tail drew a deadly moon scimitar in the air like a sharp giant blade, causing all remote players who had not escaped their lives to scream. , Fell to Ol' Four's feet.

     The red sunset has already escaped for a while, luck escaped the blow, but the edge damage caused by the tail sweep still caused his health bar to go down by two-thirds, causing him to run and stuff his mouth. Got a blood bottle.

     Ye Ci looked at the red back of the setting sun and raised the crossbow. As soon as he wanted to shoot, he heard the system prompt: "You were attacked by mallow."

     Sure enough, Ye Ci was fainted, sitting on Ol’ Four's back without moving.

     It was bad now. The whole pace was too fast just now, and the charging speed was too fast. She never thought that at such a fast speed, there would be thief lurking around here. Ye Ci frowned, she could even feel that the Sorcerers who were still gathering on the Twenty-Four Bridge and the Moonlight Night had begun to raise the Magic Staff towards her...

     Chapter 4 Combat

     Chapter 4 Combat