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Chapter Directory 107 No Money ~~
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
    Original: | Translation:

Chapter 5 No money~~

     "You were attacked by mallow"

     "You were shot off the mount"

     Following two system prompts, Ye Ci fell off Ol’ Four's back. The biggest difference between combat-type riding and non-combat-type riding is whether it can be ridden in battle, and whether the mount will disappear after being attacked.

     For example, if Ye Ci's little red horse is attacked by someone on the road, she will be shot off immediately, and then the little red horse will disappear unless she is summoned again after she leaves the battle. Ol' Four is different. Even if Ye Ci is now mounted, Ol' Four as a riding combat pet will not disappear. It will make the simplest defensive attack-that is, who is the last A master who attacks it will automatically hunt down that person.

     Mallow has actually lost a few skills to Ye Ci, but he was a little surprised by exempting two. How many levels does this hunter have? He actually exempted his two skills in a row. Fortunately, both the sap and the stun were hit. Ye Ci had fallen off Ol' Four, bent over, stood there with his head down, and fell dangling Stunned state.Mallow did not expect that Ol' Four would not disappear after Ye Ci fell from Ol' Four, so she was paralyzed and didn't notice Ol' Four, and threw Eviscerate directly towards Ye Ci... But before the dagger was inserted into Ye Ci's body, he felt that the front of his eyes was black, and the system directly prompted: "You are dead."

     Mallow is the baffling. There is no notice of damage, no notice of sneak attack, how did he die? And after he died, he did not see the corpse and other conditions as usual, nor did he choose to resurrect. Instead, he appeared directly in the city where he returned to the city stone bound.

     In front of him was the Fate goddess NPC who was resurrected for him, and Mallow was only surprised. Why are you here? He, isn't he in the city battle?

     "What's wrong with me? How did I die?" Mallow immediately shouted on the Guild channel: "Why did I return to the city? Is it a bug? Even if I die on the battlefield, shouldn't I return to the battlefield? Resurrection? Why am I going back to the city?"

     No one in Guild answered him yet.

     "What's the matter with Can Hong?" Mallow began to call the sunset Can Hong again.

     "Can Hong doesn't have time to answer you for the time being." Another player named Minmin Minmin answered him slowly. He is now lying in the dead: "Can Hong is running away.""Escape? What is the escape?"

     "Chased by dinosaurs..." Min Min Min Min continued to answer slowly.

     The black line on the end of Mallow, didn’t he knock that childe ">you stunned? Even if a lot of remotes died, there are still a lot of them left. So many remotes can't kill childe ">you? What are they doing

     In fact, it was like this at the time.

     When Mallow was about to put the dagger in Ye Ci's vest, Ol’ Four stretched his head over and swallowed him in one bite. Everyone on the scene looked at this picture with horror, and the mallow was bitten by a dinosaur and ate it into the stomach.

     The people of Upward Ho were far away and didn’t see much clearly, but the twenty-four bridge Mingyueye was so close at hand that they could see clearly. Each of them opened their eyes wide, and even their singing skills were stunned. Got there.

     However, there are also players who are quick to respond. They sing skills desperately, and various high-damage skills hit Ye Ci's body-





     Ye Ci saw his blood fall down, and he still had 5 seconds of dizziness. You can’t eat blood bottles, scrolls, and can’t do anything. Her heart sank, I was afraid that she was going to die here today.I was thinking about it, and suddenly my body warmed, and I saw my blood began to rise up again. It's just that the health bar is really unstable, and it's falling quickly while rising, making Ye Ci's heart really tormented. In this cheating 5 seconds, she is simply struggling on the line of life and death.

     At the end of the stun time, Ye Ci had crushed a scroll that increased the magic defense by 30, then poured a bottle of blood into his mouth while holding the magic skill and rushed towards Ol’ Four.

     Riding up during the battle is not difficult for Ye Ci's highly balanced and agile career. She quickly jumped onto Ol' Four's back. Then she turned her head to look and saw Fruit Jelly and Cold Little Hands swiftly. Running, while adeptly filling her with blood. Although both of them are women, the accuracy of their positioning is indeed a lot more mature than before. Although they are still not good enough, they can also feel that their operations have improved in the training of the team after joining Guild. less.

     At this moment, Ye Ci saw Fruit Jelly stop and start singing, and at that moment, she immediately fainted, and a Rogue appeared from behind her. Ye Ci immediately raised the crossbow machine towards the Rogue. A Snake Venom Needle plus a serial arrow.Luckily, the four Critical Hits directly blasted the Rogue to death. Cold Little Hands's overall view is very strong, and found that Fruit Jelly was dizzy, and immediately ran quickly with another Cleric. While running, he added micro therapy to her, abruptly helping Fruit Jelly survive the vertigo for 8 seconds. .

     Now the long range has run away. After they discovered Ol’ Four’s fucking awesome, they immediately analyzed that Ol’ Four was a powerful group attack and an average single attack, so they all started to move and cast. But even so, the scene of Ye Ci killing dozens of people in seconds after riding Ol’ Four has already been deeply imprinted in their minds.

     It turns out that hunters can be so powerful...

     Hunters have always been designated as a powerful single attack, group attack general occupation. In other words, it’s great to add Critical Hit to the output when playing BOSS, but if there are more mobs, it will be a headache. But this Tyrannosaurus pet simply makes up for the shortcomings of the hunter's own lack of AOE.

     This also allowed all the hunters present to make a decision to catch Tyrannosaurus rex as their pets at about the same time. Later, this video of the Guild battle was posted, and hunters with Tyrannosaurus rex became a popular practice in Fate for a while, of course, of course this is already a story.It was like this right now. Ye Ci rode Ol’ Four while chasing at various long distances against the opponent’s artillery fire, while he was busy going back to Cleric replenish health and was busy running for a long time. Ol’ Four was obviously hungry, but couldn't find anything to eat. He was a little bit passive, so he simply picked up the player's corpse still in the field and threw it into his stomach.

     This action caused strong nausea from the players, what is this design...

     Because of Ye Ci's brainless attack, it directly opened a gap in the stalemate war. The members of Upward Ho were also in high spirits. They jumped from the tower and began to enter the group's hand-to-hand combat.

     Suddenly, the entire battlefield was fighting, and Ol’ Four completely went on strike because he did not eat the delicious food. Ye Ci had to take him back, recruit Ol’ Three, and continue to fight.

     At 11 o'clock, the time for the Guild battle ended.

     A prompt sounded in the system: "The time for Guild to declare war on ‘Upward Ho’ Guild on the Twenty-Four Bridges and Bright Moon Night is over. Players please stop quickly and don’t add unnecessary aggro."

     At this time, the names of the two parties also turned into an unassailable green state, and the two groups who were fighting together had to stop and wait for the system's ruling. Because Twenty-Four Bridge Mingyueye did not capture Upward Ho, the system needs to judge the winner.The time to judge the winner is one minute. In this minute, both sides could not leave the Guild battle map, so they watched with big eyes and small eyes. In the end, some people did not give up this minute, and the physical battle finally turned into a large-scale war of words.

     Ye Ci sat on the edge of the city wall with a headache and touched Ol’ Three's head. Once any battle turned into a war of words, it would make a big head.

     Fortunately, one minute of this assessment quickly passed. The system prompt rang out in the scolding on the map: "In this Guild battle, the cumulative number of casualties on the Twenty-Four Bridge Mingyue Night is 289, the cumulative fortification loss is 0 gold, and the cumulative number of casualties for Upward Ho is 106, and the cumulative fortification loss is Lost 46872 gold coins. The system judged that Upward Ho lost to Twenty-Four Bridge Mingyue Ye with a slight disadvantage."

     This is really the expected result.

     According to Ye Ci's idea, although Twenty-Four Bridge Mingyueye didn't kill many people at Upward Ho, the fortifications at this Guild resident site are not cheap. When converted, the gap between the two of them is very high. In other words, Ye Ci feels that Upward Ho counterattacked this battle too late, and it is estimated that he will lose. She was right. If the line was a little bit in the morning, if the morale of Upward Ho's Guild was a little bit higher, it wouldn’t be like this.The people on the Twenty-Four Bridge Mingyueye were very happy, and the map was immediately released. Although they did not take advantage of this battle, their reputation has already made them very satisfied. However, the members of Upward Ho suffered a low morale once again because of this victory.

     "Winning or losing is commonplace in military operations, there is nothing to be sad about. Everyone prepares, tomorrow will open up wasteland and icy ruins behind the city." Ye Ci doesn't take this victory or defeat too seriously. What's more troublesome for her is that it has been damaged. What about four-fifths of the fortifications?

     Timely Rain is really Timely Rain, and sent her a message: "We Guild sold materials and unused equipment to save some money. We originally wanted to use it for wages, but see if it can be used to repair fortifications temporarily?"

     Ye Ci prefers to repair the fortifications, but she didn't decide right away, she still sent a message to Bai Mo to ask. After all, she has not been very clever in buying people's minds. Remote Depths quickly made a decision: "Phoenix claws, immediately count the members who participated in the battle today, and pay all members according to the length of participation and the number of deaths."

     This was Upward Ho’s first salary payment in the true sense, but this time Guild once again pulled on the lapels exposes the elbows. Remote Depths sighed: "Guild can't be without money, can't be without money"

     Chapter 5 No money~~

     Chapter 5 No money~~