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Chapter Directory 109 Chapter VII Copy In Progress
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 7 Dungeon in progress

     Ye Ci looked at Qing Yanmo and saw that there was a bit of helplessness between the corners of his eyes and eyebrows. Probably the failures made him a little bit stressed. She shook her head: "Isn't the leader today you? Why do you want to change?"

     "But now..." Qing Yanmo hesitated to say something, looked at all the members of the team, he sighed, and lowered his head.

     "Aren't we reclaiming wasteland today? Anyone who reclaims wasteland without death, who does not destroy wasteland?" Ye Ci just smiled: "The so-called cooperation with this kind of thing is dead, and there is no natural and perfect cooperation." Here she paused again, seemingly inadvertently saying: "Now changing the Leader...It's like changing the general after half a battle. How can there be such a thing? Changing the generals before the battle is defeated. "

     Ye Ci has already said this, and clearly will not accept Qing Yanmo's proposal. Qing Yanmo felt more nervous and his hands and feet were cold. Remote Depths saw his emotions and went up and patted him on the shoulder: "Just follow your thoughts. We are all you soldiers now. If you don't obey, just say it... "

     Qing Yanmo looked up at Remote Depths's smiling eyes, took a deep breath, and nodded. He turned and walked aside, adjusting his mood alone. After a while, he adjusted almost, and the team assembled again.Ye Ci turned his head to look at him and saw that his face was still as calm as water. However, it is not difficult to see that there was a burning confident light in his eyes.

     In the first stage, no one fell down and passed the level smoothly. In the second stage, the icy ray was perfectly hidden and passed the level smoothly. The terrible third stage is here. Qing Yanmo summed up the previous failures, adjusted his thinking, and tried to find a suitable Guild method.

     "MT holds aggro and stays still. Off-Tank and MT stand at an angle of 129 degrees to attract the second aggro main treatment to add blood to Off-Tank. Three Ts pay attention. Once Off-Tank falls, it will immediately take over, four Ts Five Ts pay attention to holding the mobs on both sides, do not let the mobs explode. Melees focus on all mobs, and remotely focus on BOSS. When I call for damage reduction, all professions will open Damage Reduction Skills. There is no skill to drink. potion "

     Qing Yanmo adjusted the entire battle leader. Now everyone is basically accustomed to his leader, and soon understands its meaning, everyone is ready. The third stage of BOSS immediately kicked off. Remote Depths pulled the BOSS, in the third stage, he can be regarded as the safest role, BOSS will not attack the first aggro, the main attack is the second aggro, and random spike other occupations."Mobs have appeared" Qing Yanmo output, while observing the whole scene, "4T 5T speed pull to the corner, do not let them close to other professions, other melee speed rushed to focus on fire, don't let them explode."

     Four Ts and Five Ts rushed out immediately, holding two green-skinned goblins one left and one right, and other Rogue, Barbarian, Cavaliers, and other melee output occupations immediately rushed up, facing one level. flat.

     "I'm angry, I'm angry" The goblin on the left who was being hit by Haibian began to turn red gradually. This process is 15 seconds. If you can't kill it within 15 seconds, it will explode. If he Once it explodes, not only will all the professions around him hang up, at least the remotes will not be able to protect it. The failure just now was due to this reason.

     Ye Ci also adjusted the shooting target, transferred from the BOSS to this goblin, it is to strengthen Hunter's Mark, it is also Falcon Protection, and it is also poisoned. In short, all the skills of high Critical Hit are not lost. Goblin's body finally brought down this one when there were 3 seconds left. Then a bunch of people immediately rushed to another goblin to follow the recipe and put it down.

     All the people who brought down the goblins exhaled and tasted it, it was really hanging.The melees had just returned to their positions and held a long-range group, they heard Qing Yanmo shout again, "Warrior, knight, protect Healer, all professions are ready to use Damage Reduction Skills, DPSs, AOE immediately after opening the damage reduction."

     "My children, come out" Qing Yanmo's voice just fell, and he saw the BOSS raise his hand. There were many spores on the ground like after rain, the spring bamboo, and then they exploded, rushing from the inside. Many strange bugs came out.

     "Injury reduction" Qing Yanmo yelled.

     Almost everyone opens the Damage Reduction Skill, or eats the damage reduction potion. At the same time, the group skills of the DPS profession were all put down. Snowstorm, spark fall, arcane rain, Random Shooting, thunder light... countless skills are intertwined, making the whole scene look very beautiful...

     Ye Ci looked around while playing Random Shooting, and felt that this scene was even better than the fireworks on People’s Square during the National Day...

     "Puff puff..." Although the little monsters had thick blood, they couldn't withstand such frenzied bombing, and they all fell to the ground soon. One third of the third stage has passed, and as long as it goes through three times, even if the third stage is over, the entire battle is over.Adjusting the Leader’s rhythm to the effect is much better. This is the first shock, and no one hangs up. This made Qing Yanmo very happy. His voice on the Leader channel became excited and high-pitched: "Very good, that’s it. We must keep and keep winning. The victory belongs to our Upward Ho."

     As long as you succeed once, the second and third times are much simpler. Some people say that success can be replicated, others dare not say, at least, under such circumstances, it can be replicated completely. Soon the second wave of shock came again, and the mobs that passed smoothly in the third wave also followed and passed smoothly

     "No, it's impossible to be a great nun, how could I be wiped out by a group of ants? Forgive me, forgive me." The BOSS screamed and turned into a plume of smoke, leaving only the pair he was wearing. The armor fell to the ground.

     "Ah passed" everyone yelled happily, laughing and jumping. Only Qing Yanmo stood alone and lowered his head, not knowing what he was thinking, Ye Ci walked to his side and found that he was shaking all over.

     "Congratulations, it's passed" Ye Ci wanted to pat his shoulder, but in the end he just stood behind him and smiled.

     Qing Yanmo turned his head immediately, he hurriedly rubbed his eyes and looked at Ye Ci with a happy smile: "guild leader..."

     "It is not good?"."I, I..." Qing Yanmo didn't know what to say.

     "I will do better in the future." Ye Ci stopped talking, just held his fingers and pointed at the armor of the distant BOSS and said, "Hurry up and touch the corpse."

     Qing Yanmo's luck is very good, so, in First Squadron, it is customary for him to touch the corpse. Nineteen pieces of equipment were released this time, all of which were blue, 2 pieces of weapons, 5 pieces of clothes, 11 pieces of loose pieces such as gloves, shoulder pads, helmets, belts, shoes, and cloaks, and one piece of jewelry. One of the hunters used leather armor, but it was not as good as Ye Ci's, so she gave it to another hunter in the same group.

     After the old one, Qing Yanmo checked that the time was almost noon, and said, "Everyone will take a rest for an hour. If you want to eat, go to eat, tidy up those that need to be organized. Don't leave Dungeon. We will continue to be old for a while. ."

     Everyone agrees. In Dungeon, as long as the monsters killed are not refreshed, everyone stayed where the first boss was and went offline.When I drove to the old 2 again, the journey went smoothly, but for the entire team, the *Boss faced a problem of treatment. Because the difficulty of the second BOSS is to rescue an imprisoned undead NPC, the player must ensure that the undead NPC cannot die when fighting the BOSS, otherwise, the BOSS will be invincible, and the only thing waiting for everyone is to destroy the group. But for the treatment of undead NPCs, ordinary Cleric and Priest will not work, because the treatments of Cleric and Priest belong to the light system Spell, which can cause damage to NPCs. Druid and Rangers must be treated.

     The problem is that Druid and Rangers do not have a high amount of healing. Not only that, Druid and Rangers in the Upward Ho team basically follow the DPS route, none of them follow the auxiliary route, so the treatment equipment can’t keep up, and the talents follow. No, the treatment is very laborious.

     So in the old place, I tried several times, but because of insufficient treatment, I had to get out of the fight.

     Qing Yanmo and Milu studied for a while, and finally decided to give NPCheal a Druid and a Rangers. This time the HP of the NPC was enough, but the DPS was not enough. The fight was extremely difficult, and the four healers in the field were treated. The pressure has increased a lot.Ye Ci had to recruit Ol' Four to help melee and assist in attacking the BOSS, but she said in the channel: "MT and Off-Tank must stabilize the aggro, not let the baby grab the aggro and take away his aggro. It is very high and does not reduce aggro's skills. So you have to be very careful not to be greedy for attacks. The aggro's stability is the first priority."

     Others don’t know, but Ye Ci knows that Ol’ Four’s skills are all Epic Level skills. Nara Aggro is called a fast. She has never released it because its aggro is too high. But now, if not Let it out, I'm afraid it will not work, one less Druid, one Rangers, the entire team's DPS has dropped a lot, and Ol' Four can only be on top.

     Ol' Four is worthy of being an Epic Level creature. Although it’s only level 17, but even ordinary attacks are scary, he went up and caught a few shots. Remote Depths felt that the aggro on his body had fallen so badly, he screamed: Hurry up and get your thing back. I can't hold it anymore."

     Ye Ci quickly called Ol’ Four back to rest, and waited until Remote Depths stabilized the aggro, then released it, attacked more than ten times, and then got it back. In addition to Qing Yanmo, it is estimated that Ol' Four is the most difficult to fight a BOSS. He ran over, then ran back, and refused to eat. For this, it expressed anger and protest-strike .

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