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Chapter Directory 110 Chapter 8: Qing Is A Thief
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 8 Qing is a Thief

     Ol’ Four’s strike behavior showed that Ye Ci didn’t move the leader, just standing behind her in a daze. If it hadn't been for the fact that the loyalty had reached 72 and could not be allowed to defect, it is estimated that it would very much want to escape now.

     "Childe">, hurry up and let your baby come up and do a few times, the output here is not enough" Let Go of Sister cried, as an Off-Tank, he can feel the pain of not enough output. The output is powerful, The BOSS will stop to bite him. If there is a problem with the output, he will be struggling 100% on the line of life and death.

     Ye Ci looked at Ol’ Four expressing his expression and sighed helplessly: "Loyalty is not enough, there is no food, it is disobedient, and it's on strike."

     "What kind of pet is yours, it's such a big shelf." Although it was only helpless, the words of Let Go of Sister made all the hunters in the team tears. That's right, before the loyalty is not full, these are the uncles, especially the pets that cherish a little, that is the uncle among the uncles...

     Why can’t a hunter’s baby work hard without complaint, hardworking and enduring hardships like Summoner’s and Warlock’s babies, have to pick and choose, favor the rich and disdain the poor, Ye Ci exchanged breeding with a few hunters Through experience, I found that everyone’s cooking skills are above the elementary level...a group of hard-working people.Fortunately, there is not much blood left in the BOSS. It is just after hard treatment. Mana Potion drank a lot and finally managed to survive the breath. Seeing that there is only blood skin left, Ye Ci's private chat rang. stand up. Anyway, it was a private chat that Ye Ci got through when he was standing up and fighting.

     There was an anxious voice from the other side immediately: "Ye Ci, Ye Ci, what's the matter?"

     "What's the matter?" Ye Ci was confused by the sudden swaying words, what did he say?

     "The forums are all exploded"

     "Oh, what did you say about us and Twenty-Four Bridge Mingyueye? It's nothing, don't be too nervous, it's not a big deal..."

     "What Twenty-Four Bridges and Moonlight Night?" Precariously interrupted Ye Ci's words directly, and she didn't seem to understand what Ye Ci was talking about. Obviously, it is obviously not the same thing that even the individual said now.

     Ye Ci squinted his eyes, and suddenly realized that something was not right: "Su Su, what are you talking about?"

     "Have you not watched the forum? Now the forum and the world are exploded"

     "I'm in Dungeon.""Someone posted an anonymous post at noon today." Seeing that Ye Ci really didn't know, he had to start from the beginning. It turned out that after noon lunch, a post appeared on the official forum, "Eastern Continent First Hunter turned out to be a thief". The person who posted the post was a newly registered vest number, which looked anonymous.

     As soon as this post came out, all the original attention on Upward Ho and Twenty-four Bridge Mingyue Ye was transferred to this post, and the number of clicks increased sharply. childe ">Yu is a symbol for many players, especially for the professional player of the hunter. Her operation and consciousness are the goals pursued by all hunters. Her equipment collocation and the distribution of talent points It is the secret of all hunters yearn for sth even in one's dreams.

     Even on the forum, there are people who give out real money, just to buy childe ">you's talents plus points and equipment sources.

     Such a person, regardless of whether something good or bad happened to her, has become a gossip launcher. So this post immediately attracted the attention of countless people throughout the forum.The post said that childe ">you did not obey the arrangement during the Steel-Blooded Battle-Spear meeting, acted arbitrarily, and often ignored Guild’s rules and regulations. For these behaviors, the management of Steel Blooded Battle Spear was just because she was a talent. She didn’t restrict her too much, but she actually changed to more severe and didn’t even participate in Guild’s activities later. What makes people most angry is that as a united front, she did not participate in the war between Guild and other Guilds, which led to Guild appearing during the battle. For a major mistake, childe ">you not only did not express guilt about it, but instead became angry with Guild's management because of the Leader dispute.

     During the childe ">Dungeon, the last team fought by Steel Blooded Battle Spear-Cold Ruins. Since Guild did not arrange her as the leader, she refused to give Guild any advice on the battle, which led to Guild’s massive losses. During the dispute with Leader, childe left Guild without any responsibility. Later, I went with another powerful Guild to take down the First Kill in the cold ruins. It can even be speculated that childe ">you is simply taking up resources and learning experience in the Steel Blooded Battle Spear, eating inside and out.If these are just proofs of childe ">you’s poor character, then the most hateful thing about childe ">is that he ransacked Guild’s warehouse when he left Guild because the management of Steel Blooded Battle Spear once gave the authority of Guild’s warehouse to childe ">you , Originally went out to trust her, but didn't expect childe ">so shameless as to rob all of Guild’s things when he left. The loss is immeasurable, and Steel Blooded Battle Spear's vitality is greatly injured, and it is impossible to recover even now.

     In summary, childe ">you is just a good thief, not only stealing Guild’s technology, but also Guild’s finances. It’s simply a thief from head to tail that is not worthy of everyone. It's not worth learning from, and it's best for such a person to get out of Fate and give everyone a clean game space.The person who posted this post claimed that he was just an ordinary player of Steel Blooded Battle Spear, and he entered Guild at the same time as childe ">you. He posted this post without any other meaning, but thought that Steel Blooded Battle Spear is a good Guild with strict management. He loves the players very much, and the management is also very loyal, but he is really distressed when he is bullied by such a despicable player. Moreover, since childe ">you left Guild for such a long time, Steel Blooded Battle Spear hasn’t looked for it. Childe ">You have any trouble, which shows that Guild is generous, but childe ">You are doing bad things against Guild everywhere, and in the end he conspired Guild to lose the qualification in the dragon dance competition.

     It is the above causes and effects that caused the posters to post.

     Precariously, she almost turned over the post and read it all over. I have to say that the person who wrote this post is very literary, but hundreds of words describe childe ">you’s hatefulness to the extreme. It’s like relatives hate the hate and hate it. People with a little conscience can’t wait. In the meantime, she to see what is right and act courageously (idiom, from Analects). In the article, Steel Blooded Battle Spear completely puts it from the perspective of the victim, not only is generous, honest, and never pursues the past. It is true that being able to participate in this Guild is the blessing of three lifetimes.After listening to the precarious statement, Ye Ci didn't say much, just to let her not worry, she finished Dungeon first, and then watched it later. Precariously knowing that she would not be able to disturb her in Dungeon anymore, so he temporarily hung up the secret chat.

     Ye Ci narrowed her eyes. Although she hasn't seen the post yet, she probably knows what's going on. However, she hasn't seen the post yet, so she can't say anything, so now she concentrates on hitting Dungeon first, and waits until she leaves Dungeon for everything else.

     The old 2 ended very smoothly. Except for a lot of equipment, Ye Ci didn't have any interest in getting it. He just confided Qing Yanmo: "Can you continue to fight today?"

     "No, I think everyone is very tired today. Take a break and adjust and call tomorrow." Qing Yanmo looked at the time and it was already past dinner time. If you continue, I'm afraid it will delay everyone's rest.

     "Okay, I'll retire first. You tell Remote Depths about the meeting time tomorrow, and he will notify me." After that, she couldn't Qing Yanmo answer and went offline.

     Posts are easy to find, and they are in the most prominent position in the forum.If the text is only sensational, then this post is accompanied by a lot of pictures, such as Steel Blooded Battle Spear "before the theft" and the dismal pictures of Steel Blooded Battle Spear "after the theft". I don’t even know. Where did you get the screenshots of Upward Ho's current Guild warehouse, just to prove how much of Upward Ho was taken from the Steel Blooded Battle Spear... This is terrible, and the entire forum was in an uproar.

     Of course, many people do not believe that they have a question, and many people later took this opportunity to beat a drowning dog, but more people said that this is a very interesting gossip. In short, no matter what the attitude, the popularity of this post soon surpassed the previous post about Upward Ho and the Twenty-Four Bridges Moon Night Battle, and it became a hot post for artificial topping.

     There are several types of people who hate most in the game.

     First, the liar.

     Second, eat inside and out.

     Third, the human relationship is weak.

     Fourth, the character is poor, don't pay attention to that...

     As soon as this post came out, these Ye Cis were almost all taken up. For a while, her reputation was discredited. However, under strong public opinion, many people still expressed doubts about the authenticity of the posts. For example, World Conqueror Guild and Zero Arsenic Guild all expressed their disbelief in the posts.

     Many people have even issued their own questions.GoodOl’Days: Don’t say anything else. I’m very suspicious about the photos. Naturally, I don’t know about looting until after the looting, but I don’t know the mentality of the person who posted the photos before the looting. Not only that, but how did Upward Ho's warehouse photos fall into the hands of a "normal Guild member" of Steel Blooded Battle Spear? I'm afraid this kind of thing has yet to be verified.


     Flawless Reflection: I'm talking about an ordinary member all the time. I want to know how these secrets of the leadership are known to an ordinary member? Is it the result of the leadership's hype? If it is to publicize, what right do you have to say to be generous? Haha, let’s not mention anything else, I am actually very interested in the poster of this post.


     White Night Black Day: Don’t say anything else. Was the Guild battle mentioned by Wenli mentioned that it would be Tang Dynasty? I really didn’t see the childe ">you that time, but it seems that even if a childe ">you is, can it save thousands of people from fighting against each other? Stump this childe ">Is it GM that you can’t make it?


     Chapter 8 Qing is a thief

     Chapter 8 Qing is a thief