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Chapter Directory 112 Something Went Wrong
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter Ten

     There are several theories about looting.

     Or it's called robbing the rich and helping the poor, or it's called a hero and fighting justice, or a hero. Anyway, from ancient times to the present, the story of looting has been enhanced and beautified by art, let alone the four masterpieces, just look at the current TV series and movies, the bandits who rob are basically the protagonists... well, that What, it's a bit far away.

     However, without exception, looting is carried out at night. Even Chu Liuxiang, who is known as the thief and thief handsome, must be a show-off who said: "I will come by the moon tonight", but I have never heard of anyone acting as a thief in the full light of day. . Therefore, it can be seen that doing something like a thief, no matter how well beautified, is also a kind of ugly thing.

     For the same reason, Ye Ci, who is preparing to do the same thing, naturally chooses midnight.

     The weather in Fate is not immutable. It will have wind, rain, thunder and lightning, white snow, and even moonlight or sparse sky. Everything here is 100% simulated. The four seasons have become its most basic features. A feature.

     And today's night is really a good day.At 2:30 in the morning, Fate happened to be late at night. According to the default time in the game, it was a late autumn night. There is no light in the dark night, let alone the moon, even the stars are invisible. The slightly cool autumn breeze is tightening, and most of the players are off the assembly line to sleep, and occasionally a few who don't want to sleep are doing boring things. Maybe they are fishing, maybe they are leveling, in short, there are very few people in Guild's resident.

     This kind of weather, this kind of late night, is really a great time for everyone to go out to work.

     Actually, Ye Ci did many times in the past life about the trivial matter of looting. But at that time, she was fighting in a group, and she had never done it alone. So, acting alone this time is somewhat new to Ye Ci.

     At the beginning, group operations were good, teamwork, everyone's Quest is different, as long as you focus on the target, it is regular and thorough. Some people are responsible for wind protection, some are responsible for opening the warehouse, and some are responsible for disturbing the sight. Such a dragon will not only take very little time, but also has a high success rate. It is a pity that such things all appear in Fate Open Service 3. Years later.After several years of running-in, the large-scale weapon fight between the two camps has completely kicked off, so the Guilds on the same continent are also a bit tired of the nest fight. After all, this kind of Guild war between colleagues is really a bit laborious and unforgiving. Therefore, they chose another more abominable way of venting-looting the other party's Guild warehouse.

     There is a market where there is need. At that time, similar ransacked warehouse squads appeared like after rain, the spring bamboo. As long as they paid a certain fee, they would be responsible for looting the Guild warehouse designated by the other party. And this kind of organization is generally very deep in Concealment, even the buyer does not know the details of the other party, not to mention the looted Guild.

     After the matter is gone, he will hide his merit and fame. It's people like them.

     Although this setting was also proposed by players because of the loss, the official did not make any changes. They believe that this has increased the entertainment of the game. There are even bank robbers in reality, why is the Guild warehouse not allowed to be looted? This was the official answer at the time, and this answer made many Guild stations below Level 5 who had been ransacked, they could only consider themselves unlucky. Then desperately thinking of ways to upgrade Guild's level, to reduce Guild's success rate of being looted to a minimum.Of course, of course, this is three years from now. And now each Guild has no idea that the Guild warehouse can be looted. This is not to blame for them. This is simply an official problem. They are very brief about all the facilities in the game. They never say anything about warnings, and some as everyone knows chicken feathers and garlic skins, which are as trivial as chicken feathers and garlic skins. Non-stop. There has never been an official indication that the Guild warehouse can be robbed, and even the explanation in the Guild resident has never indicated this.

     As for the safety of Level 5 Guild, Ye Ci, a reborn person, spoiled it in advance based on the memory of his previous life.

     She hadn't mentioned this to anyone, and naturally, no one would know.

     Now all players think that the Guild warehouse is the safest place, even safer than the personal warehouse in the game. Human is a kind of inertia animal, it is easy to be blinded by inertia, just like a man in tattered clothes carrying a snakeskin pocket and sitting on an ordinary hard-seat train. No one had the idea of hitting him, even if he There are tens of millions in his snakeskin pocket, and it is estimated that everyone will only think that there are some tatters in it. If a well-dressed and well-dressed person carries a password box, I am afraid everyone will think that this person is a rich person, even if his password box contains some disposable washing utensils.This is human inertia.

     Human inertia is terrible.

     Before Fate, the Guild warehouses of all games could not be looted. Therefore, everyone preconceived that the Guild warehouse in Fate cannot be looted.


     Although it's been a long time since Ye Ci did this, Ye Ci still followed the original order and started to prepare. First, she came to the West District of Red Lake City. There are usually mysterious shops in the slums of major cities. Such shops have no signs and are unremarkable. They are difficult to find without the skills.

     Through the streets and alleys, under the dark night of Concealment, Ye Ci has quickly reached the edge of the slum, where there is a little beggar crooked, inconspicuous, even without a name, but she walked up , And threw a gold coin toward the bowl in front of him. After the collision between the gold coin and the bowl, there was a crisp sound, which echoed in the dull night.

     This crisp voice made the little beggar wake up in a spirited spirit. He opened his eyes and saw the yellow-orange-orange gold coin in the bowl. His initially confused gaze immediately became excited and hurriedly picked up the gold coin and directed it at Ye Ci. Laughing: "Thank you husband, thank you husband."Then he went to sleep again. When he closed his eyes, Ye Ci threw another gold coin into his bowl, and the little beggar woke up again and made the same response as before. When he fell asleep, Ye Ci lost a gold coin again.

     Follow the recipe, after losing 10 gold coins, the little beggar finally sat upright, no longer tilted there, he looked at Ye Ci: "You are such a strange person."

     Yes, this is a Hidden Quest. A Hidden Quest necessary to open the looted warehouse. There will be such a humble little beggar in the slums of every big city. As long as you can continue to throw a gold coin into his bowl within twenty minutes, one point cannot be more, one point cannot be less, as long as Throw a gold coin ten times in a row, and he will tell you a secret. However, after the secret was told, the little beggar who opened Hidden Quest in this city disappeared.

     In fact, this is also an effective official measure to restrict looting. If everyone can do this Quest, isn't everyone a thief?

     "I have a secret I want to tell you, do you want to hear it?" The little beggar said to Ye Ci mysteriously. Ye Ci smiled. This time she took out a pocket with a hundred in her pocket. The gold coin was handed to the little beggar: "Here you are."The little beggar reached out and took the pocket, and turned it upside down. The gold coins knocked on each other and made a clear and moving sound. He squinted his eyes with satisfaction: "You are a very discerning person." After the little beggar stood there. When he got up, he smiled at Ye Ci: "Come with me, don't get lost."

     After speaking, he ran quickly.

     Few NPCs can run so fast. If Ye Ci were not a hunter, he would be thrown off after a few turns. Soon the little beggar stopped, stopped in front of a low and stinking house, and walked to one of the unremarkable rooms.

     Ye Ci also walked in. The room was filled with dilapidated furniture and three-legged chairs. The room was covered with thick greasy greasy, and the smell of indulging in the room filled the room. In the deepest corner of the house, there was an almost shaky table. Sitting by the table were three old men in tattered and dirty clothes. They were playing cards. The dim light illuminates their faces a bit of horror.

     "Business is here." The little beggar said so, and walked to the side of the three people. They raised their heads and looked at Ye Ci with a weird smile.Don't be afraid, this is not Sun Erniang's human meat buns shop. This is just a shop selling special goods. This shop only accepts customers brought by beggars, and all the other people come in and see are three old beggars playing cards.

     "Guest, what do you want?" The old beggar first showed his brown teeth and rubbed his fingers: "I sell the best clothes here. There is always one you can use."

     Three people sell clothes, one sells tools, and one sells special medicines. All the things needed for the looting are included.

     Things are definitely not cheap, this is the so-called early investment. It is precisely because of this that in the previous life, the price of people doing this kind of business was always high.

     A piece of Nightwalker Clothes that lasts for half an hour of Concealment time is 2000 gold, a face mask with a complete Concealment face and name for half an hour is 500 gold, a fine gold flying claw climbing a wall is 1000 gold, and the master key to unlock the Guild resident warehouse of level 1 to 5 is 3000 gold. , People sleep for 30 minutes ** 300 gold / copy.

     Ye Ci used a full 10,000 gold to purchase the outfits for this operation, with 11 copies of clothes, masks, flying claws, and keys.

     Chapter Ten

     Chapter Ten