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Chapter Directory 113 Chapter Eleven: Deep Contributions And Names (Part 1)
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter Eleven: Hidden Skills and Fame (Part 1)

     The night was as dark as ink, concealing everything in the entire earth. Ye Ci turned the disguise brooch to disguise himself as a Dwarf Rogue in dark clothes. Such a figure, such clothes, walking through the pitch-dark night, no one would notice at all.

     She walked very fast, passing between the great streets and small alleys like a shadow, and disappeared in a flash. Before leaving Red Lake City, Ye Ci went to the warehouse and dumped everything on her body into the warehouse. She also took out four bags with 24 compartments, which she had picked up in Dungeon. , Intending to sell, just scattered one can only be exchanged for thousands of gold, but that is also money, isn't it? But now Ye Ci doesn't plan to sell it for money, she directly recruited Ol’ Four and fixed all the bags to it.Because the hunter needs to carry a quiver, one less bag than all occupations. Therefore, in the game, only the hunter's pet can carry the bag, and each pet can carry up to four. Moreover, unlike the package on the player, the package on the pet has a load. If the total weight in the package exceeds the weight of the pet, the pet cannot run and the root cannot be recalled. Not only that, there is no way for a pet to pick up things into the package on his body. The package on his body can only be transferred by the owner.

     To put it bluntly, pet carrying things is actually a gimmick.

     Ye Ci originally wanted to choose Ol' Three. After all, Ol' Three’s loyalty is full, and he won’t strike even if he’s hungry. But Ol’ Three’s load is definitely not as high as Ol’ Four. In contrast, Ye Ci is still I chose Ol' Four because she didn't know what exactly was in the Steel-Blooded Battle-Spear. In case it is something very heavy, using Ol’ Three would be a disadvantage.Prepared for herself, Ye Ci took back Ol' Four, and ran towards the boat at the gate of Red Lake City from the town as a Dwarf. After paying a certain amount of money, she successfully arrived at the Steel-Blooded Battle-Spear clubhouse. The stationed city of Qingshicheng. Now she is not a member of Steel Blooded Battle Spear. There is no way to directly pass into Guild's residence through NPC as before. She can only teleport to Guild's city first, and then find Guild's number from NPC to enter Guild's residence.

     Ye Ci has always had a good memory. She remembered that the Guild station of Steel Blooded Battle Spear was number 491.

     "Excuse me, what is the number of Guild you want to send to?"


     "Are you sure?"


     After paying the 50 gold, Ye Ci's figure appeared outside of a Guild's residence. From a distance, the city walls were not too high, and there were some rough arrow towers, indicating that this Guild's residence would not. More than three poles.

     And through the gate that was not too high, Ye Ci saw a meeting flag. She was familiar with the flag on it. This is not Steel Blooded Battle Spear and which Guild is it?Although it is a second-level Guild resident, there are not many NPCs at all. After the battle between Upward Ho and Twenty-Four Bridge Mingyue Ye, most of the Guilds knew that Upward Ho suffered from not many patrols, so without exception, they bought a lot of patrols on the station. guard against the unexpected. Ye Ci hid in the corner of the far edge of the station map. She looked towards the city wall to the west of the station, where there seemed to be fewer guards patrolling.

     After determining the direction, Ye Ci started Stealth moving closer to the west wall.

     The warning range of the patrols in the garrison is 5 yards, which means that as long as they are within 5 yards, they will attack. Although they are moving, this is not difficult for Ye Ci. She can easily do it. Bypassing a dozen or so patrolmen, they came to the underside of the city wall.

     Putting on the Nightwalker Clothes and face mask, Ye Ci took out the flying claws, and the whole person disappeared into the vast night. The clothes and masks are all disposable items, which is not expensive. Ye Ci shook the flying claws vigorously, and then only heard a "ding", the flying claws were already firmly hooked on the edge of the city wall.The sound was actually not loud, but it still caused a few patrols on the wall to look sideways. They looked at this side with their probes, and then retracted their heads again without finding anything. Climbing to the top of the wall, Ye Ci slowly put away the flying claws, her movements were very gentle, for fear of alarming the nearby patrol.

     The flying claws are used twice, that is, once in and out once, which is really expensive. Ye Ci put away the flying claws, and then took out the arms, selected the two nearest patrolmen and threw them over, and they immediately fainted on the spot.

     In fact, Ye Ci didn't want to waste these two medicines, but she found that the two patrolmen were actually archers, so they used ** in make prompt decisions. When stealing something, the one you are most afraid of encountering is this kind of long-range patrol. If you are found, you will definitely not be able to run away, so this medicine must be given out.

     After fainting the archer, she overturned the wall and jumped neatly towards the bottom of the wall. The city wall of the second-level Guild station is not high, and Ye Ci can jump off easily without causing any harm. After falling silently on the ground like a cat, Ye Ci did not move in a hurry, but carefully observed the distribution of the surrounding patrols, and found a way to meet the least obstacles and meet the least patrols. You must know that she has the least amount of obstacles. The ** is limited, it is impossible to see the gods and kill the gods, to the ghosts to kill the ghosts.This is really thanks to her in the previous life who was specializing in wind and interference. Therefore, she has a wealth of experience in finding routes. She found the ideal route in less than three minutes, and then she immediately followed this route and started towards the Guild warehouse. near.

     Except for the necessary patrolmen along the way, Ye Ci basically didn't waste any money, and went around directly. Soon, she had touched the door of the Guild warehouse in Steel Blooded Battle Spear. There are two golden armour guards at the gate of Guild warehouse. These two guards are the highest level among all patrolling NPCs except the guardian at the gate of Guild Hall. They attack the most fierce NPC. If there is no **, Ye Ci will definitely not be able to deal with them. anyone.

     However, with **, to throw these two guys is just like playing. Before fainting the golden armour guards, Ye Ci first used an eagle eye technique. After observing all the surrounding conditions, she confirmed that there were no players wandering in the entire station and no players approached the Guild warehouse. The momentum of the ear stunned the two golden armour soldiers. Then she rushed to the door of the warehouse, took out the master key and inserted it into the keyhole.

     "Opening..."The system prompts, but there is no sound, only a row of gold displays above the keyhole can be seen, showing the progress of opening. The success rate of the second level Guild's Guild warehouse lock with this master key is 80, which means a failure rate of 20. A master key has three chances to use it. If it fails three times, then Ye Ci will be in vain today.

     "Failed to open."

     It failed the first time. This made Ye Ci feel a little hairy. Although she followed people to rob Guild many times in her previous life, she was doing peripheral work. This stealing is really the first time the girl got on the sedan chair. Fortunately, although she has never seen the owner run away after eating pork, even if she has not personally stolen it, she still understands the general process.

     Taking a deep breath, Ye Ci began to insert the key into the keyhole again. When the opening was 40, Ye Ci found a patrolling soldier walking towards him, getting closer and closer. If you give up at this time, unlocking will definitely fail. If you don’t give up at this time, he will definitely find himself... …

     Thinking quickly, Ye Ci gave up the unlocking. He rolled on the ground and flashed into the shadow behind the warehouse.Just less than three seconds after getting out of the way, the NPC had already walked within 5 yards of Ye Ci's location. If Ye Ci was there, it would have been 100% discovered. After a slight pause for two seconds, the NPC went back the same way and left, without discovering that the two golden armour guards had fallen into a coma.

     Based on past experience, Ye Ci made a rough estimate. When the patrol soldier returns again, it will take about 8 minutes. In these 8 minutes, excluding the 30 seconds required to unlock the lock, she only has 7 and a half minutes After getting things, there should be plenty of time.

     The patrol soldier went a little farther, and Ye Ci ran out of the shadow again and took a deep breath. She calmed down her mood and inserted the master key into the keyhole again. There is only this opportunity, and we must not fail.



     "Successfully opened."

     The lock of Steel-Blooded Battle-Spear fell silently. Ye Ci stretched out his hand and caught the falling lock, then gently hung it on the lock. She slowly opened the door of the warehouse, walked in in a flash, and closed the door gently.From the outside, apart from the two golden armour guards hanging one's head dispiritedly, there is nothing suspicious about the whole scene.

     At this time, entering the Guild warehouse is really equivalent to entering your own house without any danger. The only thing to note is that the patrolling soldiers will come again after the 7-and-a-half minute time limit, or there will be players coming to the Guild warehouse at this time. No matter which of these two situations arises, it will be waste all one's previous efforts. Therefore, this moment is not the time to go to the market, but the time to pursue time.

     Although Steel Blooded Battle Spear is not a veteran Guild, it can be regarded as a rare dark horse among new Guilds. The strength of the consortium behind them is strong, so their Guild warehouse will definitely not be a poor product. For this, Ye Ci did not enter the warehouse It had been determined before, but after entering the Guild warehouse, she was still stunned...

     Chapter Eleven: Hidden Skills and Fame (Part 1)

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