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Chapter Directory 114 Chapter Twelve Hidden Power And Name (Part 2)
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter Twelve: Hidden Skills and Fame (Part 2)

     Sure enough, it is a rich man.

     Ye Ci feels that sometimes something is unfamiliar. She has always felt that the Guild warehouse in Upward Ho is not very rich, but at least it can be considered well-off, but now it is compared with the Guild warehouse in Steel Blooded Battle Spear in front of her. It's simply not up to the food and clothing line yet

     The best equipment, advanced gems, first-class materials, rare formulas, they are all obtained from where Ye Ci gnashing one's teeth, so many good things, if you don't steal them, it would be Heaven cannot tolerate this. Ye Ci summoned Ol’ Four. First of all, lighter things such as jewelry, recipes, skill books, gems and the like were stuffed into Ol’ Four’s backpack, and all four packages were filled.

     The weight of Ol’ Four is indeed very high. Although everything stuffed in is very light, after being stuffed, its weight is still 96%. After filling Ol' Four, Ye Ci put Ol' Four away. Ol' Four is indeed very fierce, but this guy looks a little too special. Take it out, even if he pretends to be an NPC. It was seen through at a glance.After finishing Ol' Four, Ye Ci was rude, and began to pick up all the valuables in the warehouse, those general materials and potion, she was disdain as beneath contempt, that's it, Ye Ci still has a lot of packages after filling her whole body. Things can't be put away.

     Ye Ci felt that if she left like this, she would feel a little sorry for her conscience.

     So, after confirming that there was still a lot of time, she took all the remaining things that could not be taken away from the warehouse shelves and threw them all on the ground. Like this kind of thing placed on the ground, no matter where it is, it will be refreshed by the system in half an hour.

     With eyes full of things, Ye Ci couldn't help holding a handful of tears for herself. She was so extravagant. If she could put on a little more, it would be great. There are so many things left that she can't take away. It really makes her feel unhappy. Finally, Ye Ci opened the safe of Steel Blooded Battle Spear, which contained the Guild funds of Steel Blooded Battle Spear.

     Compared with so many valuable things, the Guild funds of Steel Blooded Battle Spear are not too much, only 27W6 dollars. Because the funds in the warehouse couldn't be taken out, Ye Ci still kindly left a gold, if not too disappointed. However, just as she was about to leave the warehouse, she changed her mind again. She took a copper coin out of her pocket, put it in the Guild warehouse safe of Steel Blooded Battle Spear, and then took out the gold coin.Zuo Xiaolan told her since she was a child that she must know how to be frugal, so what should not be wasted must not be wasted.

     That's right, that's it.

     There are still 35 seconds left until the patrolman returns. Ye Ci opened the door of Guild's warehouse, and when she looked at it, she could see the figure of the soldier coming back. She didn't hesitate, and immediately flashed out of the door, then closed the door, and flashed in in the blink of an eye. The shadow outside the warehouse wall. She wanted to take this opportunity to leave, but suddenly she heard the voice of the player not far away: "Oh, tomorrow we are going to the cold ruined back city again. I don’t know if I can be a substitute this time. I have been a substitute for a long time. Up."

     "Actually, it’s nothing good to be a substitute. For example, I’m a member of First Squadron’s footsteps. The equipment is always available, but I can’t get it. The Leader always says that I don’t have enough DPS. Oh, I can’t get the equipment again. Where can I get the DPS? It’s just too bullying.

     "If it weren't for us to consider changing unions, find a Guild who is a little bit more loving, and start from scratch..."

     "Oh, I have saved so many DKPs. If I can't get any equipment, I will leave now. I feel unwilling.""Actually, I am quite envious of Phoenix Claw and Timely Rain. At that time, they followed the childe ">retreat, and I even laughed at them. Last time I met Phoenix Claw, his status in iron and blood was not as good as mine. The equipment is better than the main force of our second regiment..."

     "Why don't you ask about the chicken feet, we also go to Upward Ho."

     "Today (actually it should have been yesterday) before, but after the post came out at noon today... I originally met chicken feet at 10 o'clock in the evening and said hello, but he was not affectionate to me anymore. It is estimated that it is impossible to enter Upward Ho."

     "By the way, I don't know. Why do these people in Guild hide so much equipment? Don't give it to us, show it to others."

     The two talked and walked towards the Guild warehouse. Ye Ci hid her body in the shadow of Guild again. Although she is now wearing Nightwalker Clothes, she is not afraid of being discovered, but if someone finds out that the Guild warehouse has been stolen, she will be alerted immediately, so if she wants to leave, there will be no It's so easy.

     The more anxious, the easier it is to make trouble. This is the law of unchanging since times immemorial since ancient times.Ye Ci pressed his body closer to the wall, and even gradually lowered his breathing. She couldn't take one's eyes off, looking at the two people who came by, and then slowly moved towards the place where the shadows overlapped. The original road was all stunned patrolmen.

     The night wind was tensing, and the grass in the resident area was blown up. Ye Ci followed the direction of the wind, carefully changing his footsteps, so that all the footprints were printed on the grass after the wind passed by, so that his footsteps were completely hidden. The dark night and the bleak wind have all become Ye Ci's best hiding places.

     Lightly stepping past the patrolmen who were not stunned, Ye Ci smoothly walked under the west wall. She calculated the time, and according to the speed of the two players, she should have discovered that the warehouse had been looted long ago. Why hasn't she responded yet. Although knowing that this kind of problem was purely redundant at this time, Ye Ci couldn't help but be curious, took a few more steps, and looked over through a square through the gap.

     Although there are green trees behind them, Ye Ci still saw the two players and another player standing not far from the Guild warehouse chatting, and they were obviously stopped by someone.

     A smile appeared on the corner of Ye Ci's mouth. What is it called?

     God helps me too.Without any hesitation, Ye Ci turned around and threw flying claws towards the west wall. She climbed over the wall neatly and bypassed the soldiers who were still patrolling outside the city. Her figure disappeared in the vastness. In the night.

     With a flash of white light, Ye Ci has come out of the server in Guild's resident. She still looks like that Dwarf Rogue. After leaving the resident server, the Nightwalker Clothes on her has lost its effect. All the outfits she spent 10,000 gold on, only one unused ** was left, and all the others disappeared. In the backpack.

     But Ye Ci didn't feel distressed at all. Looking at the spoils in the backpack, she thought she finally realized the feelings of those who ransack other people's Guild warehouses. Sure enough, it was so cool. No wonder it turned out that every time the team opened, the people who received the Quest opened their mouths for more than 300,000 gold, which is really not much.

     It's only the early stage of the game, and these things on her body are at least worth more than one million gold coins.

     This kind of business is really worth it

     Going straight to the teleporter, Ye Ci returned to Red Lake City. She spent another ten thousand gold to buy two personal warehouse locations, and then put all the things she carried on her back into the personal warehouse. When he got the money, Ye Ci left 60,000 gold, which should be enough to repair Guild's fortifications and rent some NPCs.This time, the Steel Blooded Battle Spear trip not only made her a fortune, but also realized that their Upward Ho defense is indeed too weak. Even a second-level Guild station is a copper wall, iron bastion defense, Upward Ho Guild actually only has eight NPCs attached to the system, which is...too shabby.

     After finishing Ol’ Four, Ye Ci took off his four backpacks and gave him a few more roasted quails, and he was perfectly contented off the assembly line.

     From preparation to looting and cleaning up, the whole process took less than an hour and a half. Before going to bed, Ye Ci checked the time. In the early morning...57 minutes. She was in a good mood, unspeakably happy.

     There is absolutely no need to fight for things like verbal warfare. Amass wealth while keeping a low profile is Ye Ci's favorite way of doing things.

     Of course, Ye Ci will not tell anyone about these details, including Bai Mo and Tan Polang. This is also the reason why the two have been following Ye Ci and incarnate one hundred thousand reasons. They waited outside the toilet when Ye Ci went to the toilet. After Ye Ci finished eating, they rushed to wash the dishes. Ye Ci went down to exercise and they followed along.

     Chi Chi Chi Chi kept asking: "How did you ransack you? Let's just listen to it."

     "You actually lied to us, you didn't do it at all, you just wanted to make us scream, right?

     "Please, tell us"Aggressive method, family affection method, guide patiently and systematically method... The two people are almost like international agents, using various psychological warfare on Ye Ci, just to satisfy them, which is actually the question of everyone in the game.

     How did you lose this thing

     However, Ye Ci is reluctant to speak about it, not to mention these things. Finally, I was annoyed to ask. She said: "You only need to know that I did it. It's not the time to tell you how to do it."

     The two finally died.

     They are dead, but the forum has turned the sky upside down. At six o'clock in the morning, this is the game time for Thousand Sunsets. He just climbed into the game. The first message he received was from the system: "Dear Steel-Blooded Battle-Spear will be the guild leader. I am sorry to inform you. , Your Guild warehouse has been ransacked."

     Upon receiving this message, Thousand Sunsets thought he had heard it wrong. The warehouse was ransacked, how could this be a joke by someone. However, upon closer inspection, this message was sent by the system, and his heart was suddenly startled. Then, a member of Guild yelled on the Guild channel: "The guild leader Guild warehouse has been ransacked."

     Chapter Twelve: Hidden Skills and Fame (Part 2)

     Chapter Twelve: Hidden Skills and Fame (Part 2)