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Chapter Directory 115 Chapter 13 Why Can't I Be Stolen?
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 13 Why Can't You Be Stolen?

     Thousand Sunsets can't tell what it feels like. While thinking that this kind of thing is ridiculous, is it April Fool's Day, while a heart seems to have fallen into a huge trap, the caseless began to fall, cold.

     He immediately returned to Guild's resident. There were not many people in Guild just at 6 o'clock in the morning, but even if there were not many people, they were all gathered in Guild's resident. They gathered in front of Guild's warehouse, twittering, pointing to the panic that was still locked on the lock.

     The door of the Guild warehouse was hidden, but no one dared to push it open. They all subconsciously left the door five or six yards away, and then surrounded the house of the Guild warehouse. I don’t know who saw Thousand Sunsets appearing from the teleportation point from a distance, and immediately shouted: "guild leader is here." In an instant, everyone consciously gave up their way and their voices fell. After going down, it seemed that someone had suddenly put a loud bomb, so that everyone had silenced the sound.Thousand Sunsets' face was uncertain, and walked quickly towards the Guild warehouse. There were already a lot of players in front of the Guild warehouse. When they saw him, they immediately voluntarily stepped aside, so that he could walk to the warehouse door quickly and smoothly. At this time, Zero Arsenic had also received the news that he went online in a hurry. He saw Thousand Sunsets walking towards the Guild warehouse from a distance, and quickly followed.

     In the eyes of members, Zero Arsenic is a good husband who loves to laugh. He is not unsmiling like Thousand Sunsets set up on high, so many people will greet him in a low voice when they see him. Zero Arsenic nodded in a hurry, while running towards Thousand Sunsets.

     "The setting sun, how is it?"

     Before reaching the door of the Guild warehouse, Zero Arsenic had already started asking questions eagerly: "I received a call from Danzi before I got up">, saying that the Guild warehouse was ransacked. is not it? "

     Thousand Sunsets has opened the door of Guild's warehouse, his face is heavy, almost as black as ink.

     "Watch it for yourself." He stepped away and motioned to Zero Arsenic to go into the warehouse by himself.At this time, all the members crowded around the door also stood on tiptoes, wanting to see clearly. After all, they can't open the usual Guild warehouse. They can only see what's inside through a special device from the outside. This is the first time they saw the door of the Guild warehouse opened.

     They were crowded, with their toes and necks stretched out, wishing they could squeeze into the warehouse to see clearly. This will inevitably make some [email protected]@ voices, which makes Thousand Sunsets, who was already burning with anger, no longer able to hold back his anger. He roared at the crowd watching like a sudden eruption of volcano: "You are all free to watch what you see. Do you have nothing to do, are you around here to do something?"

     Zero Arsenic got angry with Thousand Sunsets, knowing that if he didn’t hold him at this time, he would still be able to figure out what would happen. Now although he also one’s thoughts in a whirl, he also quickly turned around and pulled Thousand Sunsets to stop it. He continued. Then he smiled at all the members and said: "Okay, there is no big deal, you all go to your own affairs. Don’t you want to continue to open up wasteland in the cold ruined back city today? Don’t leave the team Dungeon So hurry up and follow the three regiments and four regiments to gather equipment in the cold ruins, don't surround it here. It doesn't matter if we are here."The biggest advantage of Zero Arsenic is that his face turns so much faster than the face change in Sichuan opera. No matter what the situation, he can put out a smiling face to resolve embarrassment. You can say that such a person is hypocritical, but you can't deny that such a person definitely has the meaning of her existence, and in a Guild, his existence is of great significance.

     When all the members heard Zero Arsenic say this, you also looked at me, I looked at you, and gradually dispersed. Occasionally a few of them were sprayed by the temper of Thousand Sunsets and left with a cold hum.

     Seeing that everyone was separated, Zero Arsenic pulled Thousand Sunsets and sighed: "Even if your heart gets angry again, you can't get angry at the members."

     "What can't you do with a bunch of rubbish who want to get a salary after death, take Lao Tzu's money, and become Lao Tzu's ancestor" Thousand Sunsets is now getting angry, but no matter who comes to persuade, What splitting the head and covering the face is a scolding.

     Zero Arsenic frowned slightly. He wanted to say something, but in the end he didn't say anything. He turned around and went into Guild's warehouse to check things carefully. Sure enough, it was looted, and it was really clean. There was nothing left except a copper coin in the safe.Nearly two million gold coins. This is all the valuable things that the entire Steel Blooded Battle Spear has saved from the start of the server to the present, but they are all gone. Zero Arsenic only felt a sweetness in his chest, and he felt distressed and dizzy. He stretched out his hand to support the wall of Guild's warehouse, and stood for a while before retreating the intense discomfort that made his body feel.

     If it’s just a gold coin, maybe it’s nothing, but there are so many materials and formulas, skill books, and equipment that can be discovered but not sought in it. These things are all valuable and non-marketable things, just like that... Arsenic felt that the road ahead suddenly became dim.

     "No, how could the Guild warehouse be ransacked?" Zero Arsenic finally stopped his dizziness and immediately realized a problem. He raised his head and looked at Thousand Sunsets who was still angry at the door and asked.

     When he asked, Thousand Sunsets also realized, "Yes, the Guild warehouse should be a safer place than the personal warehouse. How could it be looted? This must be a BUG, it must be"

     "Hurry up and contact Customer Service." Zero Arsenic immediately ordered Thousand Sunsets.Thousand Sunsets didn't talk too much, and immediately contacted the Customer Service, and soon a Customer Service came to receive it. But when I heard the voice of Customer Service, Thousand Sunsets resembled an erupting volcano, condemning Customer Service, but didn't say much about the key things. Zero Arsenic immediately asked him to hang up the Customer Service and start contacting himself.

     I don’t know if it’s the Customer Service that I received just now. In short, the voice is very nice. Zero Arsenic greeted her politely, and then explained everything to her in an orderly manner. Finally, he said in a concluding remark: "Guild warehouses have always been very safe, but now we Guild found out that it was looted. The incident, I think this is a completely impervious to reason. Could you please give us a satisfactory answer?".

     "Okay, your question has been recorded. We will give you a professional answer within 30 minutes, please hang up and wait."

     After hanging up the phone">Zero Arsenic exhaled a long breath. He walked out of the door of the Guild warehouse and locked the door smoothly. Then he patted Thousand Sunsets on the shoulder: "Okay, let’s go first. Wait a minute in the conference room, they will give us a reply within half an hour. "Thousand Sunsets lost his temper. Although his face was still as dark as charcoal, it was still there. He nodded and followed Zero Arsenic into the conference room. The two of them have not yet sat down, and the Customer Service call "> has already arrived.

     However, the call ">to them is not the general Customer Service small MM, but the Customer Service 197 of the planning team.

     "Hello, is it Zero Arsenic? I am Customer Service No. 197."

     Zero Arsenic can also be regarded as a person with great abilities and smart ears and eyes. Naturally, he knows that the Customer Service number 197 is not an ordinary Customer Service, but a plan by the planning team, "Yes, I am."

     "I will answer your question now. Regarding the looting of the Guild warehouse, it is completely in line with the rules of the game. There is no such thing as a simple and straightforward word on the server 197. I told them directly, the so-called BUG. This kind of problem does not exist at all.

     "What are you talking about? You said it's not a bug? Then our Guild warehouse was looted and emptied."

     "In theory, it's the same thing."

     This time even Gujing’s good-tempered Zero Arsenic couldn’t help but lose his temper: “What do you mean? Have you heard that the Guild warehouse in any game will be looted? Do you think I’m playing the game the first day? I believe you are such an idiot answer, and then consider myself unlucky"Customer Service No. 197 is obviously very familiar with solving this kind of problem. He chuckled, not irritated, and directly lost all of the problems of Zero Arsenic: "Fate is known as a 100-simulation game. Why can't the Guild warehouse be stolen? ? Just because the original game Guild warehouse cannot be stolen, Fate’s Guild cannot be stolen? Can Citibank of the United States still be stolen, why can’t the Guild warehouse be stolen?"

     Zero Arsenic was blocked by the problem of No. 197 and couldn't speak. After a few seconds, he said angrily: "Since there is such an arrangement, why not make it clear to all players on the official website why you are not warned. The irresponsibility of the player is irresponsibility to the game"

     "On this issue, the official has already said that the introduction given on the official website is only 5 of the game content. The remaining 95 content and gameplay are all explored and explored by the players themselves. As for the theft of your Guild warehouse. , I can only say that I’m sorry, but I also congratulate you for exploring new game content. I will apply to the planning team to arrange a special achievement for this event."

     "You" Zero Arsenic was almost too angry to speak: "I want to complain to you"

     This made Customer Service No. 197 very wronged. He sighed: "Husband, I and all the answers to your questions, do you have any questions?".Zero Arsenic was almost furious, his hands were already shaking, and it took a long time before he said, "No."

     "Okay, I wish you a good time in the game. If you have any questions, you can continue to contact us."

     Chapter 13 Why Can't You Be Stolen?

     Chapter 13 Why Can't You Be Stolen?