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Chapter Directory 117 Chapter 15 Goals
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 15 Goals

     Ye Ci was very satisfied with this reply. She nodded and then said: "You actually also play Fate, right?"

     This is what makes Tan Polang strange. He does play Fate too, but no one has said, how did Ye Ci know? So he tilted his head and said subconsciously: "How did you know?"

     "I guessed, and you just confirmed it." Ye Ci shrugged and smiled thiefly.

     Tan Polang has a black line on his face. This guy is too... too thief.

     Bai Mo expressed his deepest sympathy for Tan Polang. He stretched out his arms to embrace Tan Polang and sighed: "This kid, his brain is not enough, he will show up when he speaks. I can't help but talk, I think I'm not far from death. If he is caught by that one, it is estimated that we will all be sold."

     Tan Polang has more black lines. I was trying to fight for my own welfare, but I heard Ye Ci say: "Let's go, I'll buy you a game warehouse."


     Tan Polang fell into a state of dementia all of a sudden, until the game warehouse was sent back by the Fate Customer Service staff, he has not recovered from that state of dementia.

     "Do you have a memory card with your game."


     "Then just plug it in."

     "But... Auntie, Uncle and they..."Ye Ci shook his hand impatiently and asked Bai Mo to help the half-big man. He walked towards his house. It was almost noon time to gather, hoping to beat the cold ruined back city today. She raised her head and looked at the electronic clock on the wall. If she remembers correctly, it was the Tang Dynasty Guild who had taken the First Kill of the cold ruined back city at 8:37 in the evening in the last life. And this time, will history be rewritten?

     After entering the game, there are discussions everywhere that Steel-Blooded Battle-Spear will be stolen. Ye Ci knew that this matter would have a big impact, but did not expect it to be so hot. She returned to the Guild station and found that the team to Dungeon had been assembled, and Timely Rain was pulling Remote Depths to talk with several managers.

     Other players, whether it is a battle series or a life series, all stand in the square and chat in the sun. Their topic is the theft of the Steel-Blooded Battle-Spear warehouse, and none of them is this one. At 11 o'clock in the morning, because the gaffe made too much noise, the official has issued an announcement on the official news about this incident, saying that this incident is normal and belongs to the unexplored part of the game. At the same time, I will remind everyone. The Guild warehouse can be stolen, so please take precautions.As for how the Guild warehouse was stolen, the official reluctant to speak about it, only saying that it is up to the players to check and explore by themselves. The official will never mention the secrets that have not been announced.

     Although this announcement made many players unable to help but yell at the official cheating, it also made all players at risk, especially the various administrators of Guild. The way to steal the Guild warehouse is still a secret, so it means that the person who ransacked the Steel-Blooded Battle-Spear will not be able to inquire at all. If this is the case, all the big Guilds can't help but have a chill.

     The common saying is good, not afraid of thieves, just afraid of thieves thinking. The wealth in their Guild warehouse is only a lot more than that of Steel Blooded Battle Spear. If even the Steel Blooded Battle Spear is stolen so unknowingly, who will be the next one?

     Ye Ci suddenly felt very distressed.

     If no one steals another Guild warehouse in the future, will it be revealed invisibly, that she did it? Even if she won't be noticed by others for the time being, she will still be suspected by Steel Blooded Battle Spear before long. If that happens...she really is the gains do not make up for the losses.

     It seemed that she had to think hard about what to do in order to be successful in this matter."Childe ">, the Steel Blooded Battle Spear was stolen, do you know about it" Timely Rain saw Ye Ci coming, and immediately pulled her to deeply worried and sick at heart.

     "Well, it's all over the world, I see." Ye Ci nodded, and then she pretended to behave normally: "What kind of official is this official? The Guild warehouse will still be stolen? The planning head is caught, right? "

     "Will the next one steal our Guild?" Timely Rain frowned. He looked at the surrounding fortifications that were muddled and completely collapsing by Twenty-Four Bridges and Moonlit Nights. He felt that this would happen soon. Things are up.

     Ye Ci can’t tell him that this is a Level 5 Guild resident, and the warehouse is not that easy to pry, so he also put on a worried expression: "It shouldn’t be our union’s turn. We Guild don’t have the big Guild’s. Money."

     Remote Depths also said very cooperatively: "Let’s take the time to break through the cold ruined back city, and then open the Gold Group. Guild has no money. Open the Gold Group to earn some money so that we can quickly repair the fortifications of the Guild resident. , By the way, buy a few more NPCs. If it weren’t for meeting a Guild fight like Twenty-Four Bridge and Mingyue Ye, we couldn’t stand it. Even if we really met a thief who came to looting the warehouse, we would have nothing to do."This statement was immediately supported by all the management and even all Guild members. Everyone immediately felt that today’s land reclamation was really heavy on their shoulders, and everyone entered Dungeon with a heavy pressure.

     Because the progress of Dungeon had been recorded yesterday, so today there was no need for a lot of trouble. A group of people arrived in front of the No. 3 BOSS Ripper Doma. After annihilating the surrounding mobs, a group of people began to sit down and eat to resume BUFF. At this time, Ye Ci received Qing Yanmo's private message: "guild leader, I am not sure at all."

     If it is on weekdays, Ye Ci will definitely let Qing Yanmo try again, but today is different. Today is the day when Tang Dynasty won the Dungeon First Kill. Ye Ci didn't want to give this First Kill to Tang Dynasty, so she pondered slightly, and then said, "Have you studied the style of play?"

     "Yesterday and Milu studied for one night, but neither of us was sure."

     "Let's do it like this. In the first round, you will be the leader first. If the group is destroyed, then in the second round, let the Milu Leader. If it is still destroyed, how about my leader in the third round?

     Hearing what Ye Ci said, Qing Yanmo immediately felt that most of the stone in his heart had been put down, and he was not so nervous: "Okay, then I will try, and I must last until I can't hold on."Then Ye Ci also told Milu of this decision. Milu and Qing Yanmo have a good relationship. They naturally know the status of Qing Yanmo, so they agree. Then, Ye Ci notified Remote Depths of the matter, and Remote Depths notified the entire group.

     Only then did the whole group realize that Guild was here for First Kill today, and everyone suddenly became energetic. Although they all know that Ye Ci has led many teams to win a lot of First Kills, but none of them belong to Upward Ho, and today... Is there finally a First Kill that belongs to Upward Ho? It belongs to all of them.

     Therefore, when Ye Ci asked everyone: "First Kill is today's goal, do you have any confidence?"

     The shocking answer I got: "Yes"

     "First Kill First Kill" I don't know who raised his head, everyone raised their hands and shouted desperately. For a while, everyone's emotions were extremely excited.The difficulty with Doma the Ripper is that it will be a clone. Moreover, the second person whose clone will be indistinguishable will be dropped by the second if the position is wrong, or if the equipment does not reach a little cold resistance. If there is no ice resistance equipment in the early stage, you can only rely on drinking potion to carry it. And potion is money, so in addition to requesting the coordination of movement and DPS and MT, the most important point for this BOSS is to fight for more money. Although the cost of a bottle of ice Resistance Potion is only 50 silver coins, if fifty people continue to drink for half an hour... that is simply an unpredictable huge expense.

     Even if Ye Ci is here, she knows the point about precise drinking of potion, but she can only effectively control the cost, and cannot completely waive the cost.

     "Open" Qing Yanmo told everyone about his leader's method, and then called to open. All the members made a sigh of relief in their hearts, and the progress was very good, and they acted very quickly when they called for running positions. Unfortunately, when the first clone appeared, there were still many people in a hurry. After all, this is a BOSS that no one has ever contacted. So when its clone just appeared from the northeast corner, although Qing Yanmo was already at the top In a short time, they called to move toward the southwest corner, but there was still a Cleric and two Sorcerers who died because they didn't move in time.The most feared thing when playing Dungeon to open up wasteland is that someone hangs up. As long as someone hangs up, this nervous mood will immediately affect everyone, even those who can’t make mistakes can’t help making mistakes.

     This is called being affected, and the bad point is actually not strong psychological quality, and this kind of psychological quality is rarely important to Dungeon. Compared with other big Guilds, many of Upward Ho’s members are novices, or have always been marginal players. They have not received much attention, have not experienced systematic training, and have not been intensively trained by Dungeon. So naturally, in the face of this kind of wasteland reclamation, mistakes will occur.

     The remaining people reluctantly persisted for another 5 or 6 minutes, and finally reached the second stage of the BOSS, and all members of the group were basically destroyed.

     Ye Ci ran fast. After seeing all of them fell to the ground, she immediately released Ol’ Three, hitting the boss, and took off the battle in a disguise.

     The second round is Milu Leader. Before the war, Milu carefully studied the reasons for the failure of the first stop and put forward them one by one. After making everyone pay attention to some important points, they opened the group here. .According to Ye Ci in this leader, Milu is a thick stems and broad leaves leader, but there are thick stems and broad leaves, and it is completely on-the-spot type. This kind of leader exercises reaction. If you are not used to it or are slow to respond, players are very It's easy to hang up, which is in sharp contrast to Qing Yanmo who took care of everything.

     Chapter 15 Goals

     Chapter 15 Goals