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Chapter Directory 118 Tangled BOSS
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 16 The Tangled Boss

     In the past few days, the reaction has been very severe, dizziness is severe, can't eat anything, and vomits dimly. Originally, I still wanted three shifts today, but I really can’t insist on it. There is only one shift. I don’t guarantee three shifts every day for future updates. If I can do more shifts, I will do more shifts, but if it is really uncomfortable, please forgive me. ~

     Seeing that all the books are asking for pink, then I also want a bit cheeky, whoever has pink, give me some~~


     However, even though the leader of Milu is open and closed, it also has a fatal weakness, that is, the suddenness is too strong. You can't ask everyone to be like your limbs. When the brain thinks about it, the limbs are already made immediately. Response, so this Leader method is very good when it is well-familiar, and it will undoubtedly be a fatal flaw in this kind of wasteland reclamation.Although everyone passed the first stage smoothly and the people did not hang up, it can be seen that most of the people are already suffering from a nervous breakdown. Fortunately, Milu also discovered his own shortcomings, and quickly controlled the rhythm, and the players gradually adapted to this state. When everything looked good, when he entered the third ladder, unfortunately, he was blown out by the boss. All tricks are spiked. This time even childe ">you did not escape the bad luck, lying on the ground.

     This is the first time Ye Ci has hung up since he re-entered the game. Lying on the ground, she sighed. She thought that she would be able to hang up after at least level 60. I didn't expect that she would have hung up in Dungeon in her early 30s.

     After running away from the corpse, Ye Ci sat on the ground, Qing Yanmo and Milu also sat on the side eating and not talking. Ye Ci pointed out their questions one by one, and the two of them nodded while listening.

     "Guild leader, come on this time, let's take a look and think about it." Milu took a sip of water and said.Ye Ci nodded. If it weren't for Tang Dynasty to grab the First Kill, she would like to let them try again today, but unfortunately, it is impossible to continue to give them a chance to try. So she stood up and said to all the players: "Now I will explain how to play. I know that it will be a little difficult for everyone to get used to so many Leader methods. I will consider everyone’s difficulties. Therefore, my Leader method will not be much different from the previous ones. All you can do is to focus on Stamina and not get distracted."

     Everyone said it could be done.

     "Now I count, how many bottles of Ice Resistance Potion are left in everyone's hands? Those who are less than five bottles go to Timely Rain to make up."

     "I only have 1 bottle."

     "I still have 4 bottles."

     "I also have 4 bottles."……Everyone reported how much their ice Resistance Potion had left, and then said to Timely Rain to replenish the potion. When everyone’s potion was almost replenished, Ye Ci continued to say: "Ice Resistance Potion. Potion has only five bottles per person. If you listen to Leader, it’s enough, so don’t drink it casually. When it’s time to take the medicine, I will notify you. In the first stage of BOSS, all professions stand at the farthest At this time, the BOSS will put a cold ice embellishment. Everyone has just seen it. After the cold ice embellishment appears, the MT will continue to drop blood. The radius of the ice circle is 22, and the maximum distance of the treatment It’s 20 yards, so the main healer must heal inside the circle, and arrange a heal outside for the main heal."When Ye Ci said this, he clicked: "Fruit Jelly, you stand in the circle to add Remote Depths, and Cold Little Hands gives Fruit Jelly heal." Both said that they had received the arrangement, and then Ye Ci continued: "The other treatment is maneuvering. When you need heal, you can heal the people around you. If you don't need it, you can also output. In the first stage of melee combat, you can paddle, but don't worry. The first stage is about 5 minutes After five minutes, it will enter the second stage. In the second stage, the BOSS will appear as a clone and randomly appear in the four corners. At this time, only the main treatment and the auxiliary treatment and the MT will not move, and all others will appear opposite to the clone. The horns ran away."

     "As for the third stage... everyone must listen to me and stop moving when you stop, otherwise you will hit a blasted BUFF, which will affect all the people around you and be killed. If you are accidentally hit, just run by yourself. A corner burst to death, don't rush into the crowd like you did just now."

     After Ye Ci briefly talked about the style of play, he summoned everyone to start the blame game.

     Because everyone has played the first and second stages, and Ye Ci has arranged everyone’s Quest clearly this time, everyone basically made no major mistakes, just the terrible third stage. As a result, the problem of this team's lack of experience is undoubtedly exposed."Stop" Ye Ci stared at the BOSS without blinking, and shouted as soon as he found it started to read the skill. There is no way to interrupt this skill, so the only way is to stop and wait for him to pass.

     When Ye Ci yelled, almost everyone immediately interrupted the skill. Even the MT stood with their backs to the BOSS at this time, but there were some unobedient ones. A Sorcerer called Solo Night Winding did not hold his hand for a while, a big Fireball. After letting it out, it hit the BOSS righteously, only to hear the BOSS yell "Solo Night Winding, do you dare to provoke me, I want you to look good"

     Solo Night Winding froze for a moment. He had never met such a BOSS named by name. He suddenly yelled, and he couldn't help but tremble. After a while, he saw the BOSS throw something out of his hand on his body, his body. Immediately there was a curl of white smoke.

     Ye Ci yelled, "Solo Night Winding, hurry up and run to a place where there is no one."

     The incubation time of this DEBUFF is six seconds. If you hurry up, you will be able to run to a place far away from the big troops and hang up, but if you can’t hurry up, I’m afraid it will hurt the whole team.Solo Night Winding obviously has never encountered such a situation before. Being so named by Ye Ci makes him even more flustered, ramming around like a headless fly. Ye Ci sees this happening, and he doesn’t care about the current rhythm. Now, it is necessary to retain strength to ensure the next wave of attacks, so she immediately shouted: "Everyone spread out, and leave Solo Night Winding more than 20 yards away."

     Although she yelled in a timely manner, Upward Ho’s current team is obviously not good at handling this emergency situation. Even if Ye Ci yelled like this, six seconds later, most of the members were all Solo Night. Winding was blown to death.

     Ye Ci had to give up the attack and shouted, "Get out of the war."

     This time there is only 13 blood since the BOSS fell, so this failure made many members feel very sad. Although they didn't say anything publicly, they secretly sighed Solo Night Winding like feeling brambles and thorns in one's. Back, he sat alone in the corner with his head down, feeling very uncomfortable.

     Ye Ci was sitting not far from him, just eating, not talking.In this way, Solo Night Winding is even more breathless. As time passed, Ye Ci still didn't speak. Don't say that Solo Night Winding was uncomfortable this time. Everyone started to feel uncomfortable. They whispered, but none of them dared to come forward and say anything.

     At this time, Solo Night Winding stood up with a scream and walked in front of Ye Ci, with a look of regret and said: "guild leader, I was wrong, I will leave the team and you can continue." He said that he was leaving.

     Ye Ci looked up at him and said sharply: "Come back"

     Solo Night Winding has never seen Ye Ci look so sharp. For a while, he didn't know what to do and just froze there. He didn't even know where to put his hands and feet.

     Ye Ci just looked at him and slowed down: "You have to leave the team for such a small matter? Where are you putting so many teammates? If you make a small mistake today, you will leave the team, and he will make a small mistake tomorrow. I'm going to quit the team, so don't this team need it? Does the Dungeon at the back need it?"

     Solo Night Winding is even more hanging one's head dispiritedly raised by Ye Ci.

     "If you make a mistake this time, then remember how to make it. Next time you make a correction, you can never make a mistake. You can't bear such a bit of a blow, so why do you want to take First Kill?"

     "Yes, guild leader, I was wrong." Solo Night Winding took a deep breath and nodded."I ask you, solo, if this happens again next time, would you make the same mistake again"

     "No." Solo Night Winding shook his head: "I won't be killed if I die."

     "What about you?" Ye Ci stood up and looked around everyone at this time, and asked loudly.

     "No." Everyone, you look at me, I look at you, all answer together, the voice is loud.

     Ye Ci nodded with satisfaction: "Very well, then we start a group"

     This time everyone was holding a sigh of relief. Everyone's spirits were highly concentrated. In the first stage, no one was killed, no one got the blood and the knife was 90 times, and the blue was also well controlled. In the second stage, the clone appeared, everyone ran quite uniformly, and no one was holding back. Twenty minutes later, the third stage of the godslayer arrived.

     "Stop" After Ye Ci called out to stop, everyone immediately stopped, and no one was doing unnecessary things. Several times in a row, it was quite good to hide, but the more frequently this skill appeared in the back, gradually there were a lot of people following, but they all consciously rushed to places where there were no people, and they definitely did not affect the big troops.

     When the BOSS's blood is only 5 left, only 6 people are left in the entire team.

     Ye Ci, Remote Depths, Fruit Jelly, Let Go of Sister, Ideal Height 1.7m, Pickled Chicken Feet.Everyone stared at the state of the BOSS nervously, blinking at all, for fear of accidentally hitting DEBUFF.

     The people lying on the ground did not dare to show up even more, for fear that if any problems occurred, it would affect the emotions of the six of them.

     In the end, Ideal Height 1.7m is still a step slower: "Ideal Height 1.7m, do you dare to provoke me and I want you to look good"

     "Fly" Ideal Height 1.7m turned and ran with a low curse, but now the BUFF latency is only 3 seconds. When she moves, other people must move in the opposite direction to her so that they won't be affected.

     It's too late, then soon...

     Chapter 16 The Tangled Boss

     Chapter 16 The Tangled Boss