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Chapter Directory 119 Chapter 17 First Kill! Cold Ruined Back City!
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter Seventeen First Kill! After the cold ruins!

     Ye Ci raised his hand and released a Rapid Fire towards Ideal Height 1.7m. Now her Rapid Fire has reached level 7, and can shoot 10 arrows at a time. Although the same player will bring some damage reductions, the set of equipment on Ye Ci's body and the equipment of Ideal Height 1.7m simply cannot speak of two things on the same day. She shot with ten arrows. All the sticks were tied to the vest of Ideal Height 1.7m within a second.

     Because I hit the vital part and the critical hit, I didn't wait until all the damage from the ten arrows came out. Ideal Height 1.7m already screamed and died on the ground. Because DEBUFF's time has not yet arrived, she did not have time to explode, so that although she is very close to other people, it does not cause any danger.

     Everyone knows the reason why Ye Ci did this and did not issue any different objections. Everyone is nervously watching the current war.

     When the BOSS's blood was only 3, the pickled pepper chicken claws also hit DEBUFF. Because he saw the Ideal Height 1.7m in the front, he knew that Ye Ci would end him, so he simply didn't run and went to the BOSS desperately. He zoomed in on his body, and Ye Ci also aimed the crossbow machine at him when he was hit by DEBUFF.There are only four people left, and the BOSS's blood is still 07. Now he is basically mad at any time. If he doesn't hit him at this time, he will be killed. If he hits him, even if he hits DEBUFF, There are 3 seconds to continue playing.

     Ye Ci thought about it slightly, and then calmly issued an order: "Set the fire to fight anyway, every time he calls a leader, we still have four people and he only has 07 blood."

     After fighting it, everyone reported this idea, and then started to focus on fire. Even Fruit Jelly took time to attack the BOSS while healed. Anyway, if he really hits the BUFF, it is impossible to add blood in this case.

     "Remote Depths, do you dare to provoke me and I want to show you a good look." The Remote Depths one was DEBUFF, and the Let Go of Sister on one side was immediately on top. One of them was the First Squadron Main Tank and the other was the Main Tank of the Second Group. In other words, Remote Depths knows that Let Go of Sister will be on top immediately, so when DEBUFF was in the middle, he immediately drove a sprint to one side, rushed to a safe position, and let himself blew himself.

     There is 02 blood. Ye Ci kept falling against the health bar and recruited Ol' Four. Ol' Four immediately rushed up, slapped up, and when the three Epic Level skills were released, he heard the BOSS shouting: "childe" >You dare to irritate me, I want to show you a good look"Before the words were over, the BOSS shouted sternly: "Not Doma will not fail, Doma will not fail" Then there were countless white light storms hung on the scene, and everyone who died was resurrected on the spot. No one died. All the people are filled up, and the BOSS crashes down.

     The whole scene was extremely quiet for a while. Everyone froze there, resurrecting on the spot? What does this mean?

     They haven't recovered yet, Ye Ci has already received a systematic inquiry: "Upward Ho Guild has won the First Kill of the fifty-person team Dungeon "Cold Ruins Back City". As the captain, you are willing to take this victory Announce the world?".

     The original First Kill Ye Ci is basically not the captain, so she has no chance to choose. Basically, as long as the leader of Guild will not hide this kind of First Kill thing, so even if someone in Ye Ci is afraid of being famous and afraid of being strong People still hear Guild’s message.

     But this time is different. She is the captain and she has absolute initiative. But this time, she didn’t have any low-key thoughts. Now, their Upward Ho must have such a high-key idea.

     "willing"Ye Ci had just made a choice and heard the system start to announce "Congratulations to'Upward Ho' Guild for killing the ordinary level 50 team Dungeon, the cold ruined back city in the world, rewarding Guild with 1,000 reputation and 15,000 reputation with major cities in the world. , 8000 gold coins. Let us remember the name of the hero"

     "Congratulations to ‘childe ">You’ led the ‘Upward Ho’ team to complete the first killing of the normal fifty-man team Dungeon, the cold ruined back city, rewarding the reputation of Black Rock City with 300 points and 5 talent points. Reached the achievement "Og Ordinary Cold Ruins Back City First five" and her name will be recorded in Fate's history."

     "Congratulations to'Remote Depths' for completing the first killing of the ordinary fifty-man team Dungeon Cold Ruin Houcheng, rewarding Blackrock City reputation 300 points, and 3 talent points. He reached the achievement "Og Common Cold Ruin Houcheng First five". His name will be Included in Fate's history"

     "Congratulations to'Let Go of Sister' for completing the first kill of the ordinary fifty-man team Dungeon Cold Ruin Back City, rewarding 300 Black Rock City reputation and 3 talent points. Achieved the achievement'Og Common Cold Ruin Back City First five' The name will be recorded in Fate's history"

     "Congratulations to'Fruit Jelly' for completing the first killing of the ordinary fifty-man team Dungeon Cold Ruins Houcheng, rewarding Blackrock City reputation 300 points, and 3 talent points. She achieved the achievement'Og Common Cold Ruin Houcheng First five'. Her name will be Included in Fate's history"

     ...Although it's just Clearance's ordinary team Dungeon, but this is Eastern Continent's first fifty-person team Dungeon after all. The world is still given a flashing red font to brush the screen. This dense row of words is past, which only makes people feel The eyes are all flowers.

     The world suddenly exploded.

     "I haven't heard that Upward Ho is reclaiming the wasteland of Dungeon? Why did it happen suddenly, did it hang up?"

     "It looks like Dungeon started playing yesterday."

     "Yesterday? Didn't it happen that yesterday was the time when the post said that people childe ">you stole things? No wonder no one from Upward Ho came out to refute. It turns out that they opened up wasteland in Dungeon."

     "I don't think Upward Ho is so awesome. It seems that their Guild and many others are rubbish that other Guilds don't look up to. How did you get the First Kill? Originally childe ">You have the ability to bring World Conqueror It laid down the cold ruins of the nightmare, but how well is the World Conqueror configuration? It was originally the big Guild, what happened this time? Actually let a little Guild who wanted nothing to grab First Kill. "

     "By the way, I heard that Tang Dynasty is also playing this book today. Didn't it mean that they have to punch through today? Why is there no movement?"

     ...The people of Upward Ho didn't have Stamina to notice what the world was saying. Everyone rushed over at this time, screaming, and even throwing Ye Ci up constantly. There are also many sentimental members crying with their heads in their arms. This is the first First Kill belonging to Upward Ho.

     Ye Ci himself was a little excited. Although this is how many times she didn't know how to fight this Dungeon, but this time she really did fight for her own Guild, for her own people, the feeling was completely different from the original.


     Tang Dynasty.

     This time Dungeon is the team led by Wandering Cloud. Their Guild guild leader Black Night White Day did not appear, mainly because Black Night White Day is now immersed in leveling and handed it over to Wandering Cloud.

     The quality of the Tang Dynasty team is much better than that of Upward Ho. Compared to them, Upward Ho is simply a miscellaneous army of old, weak, sick and disabled. Not only is it poorly equipped, but even the cooperation is average. And the elite group of Tang Dynasty has gone through countless bullets and bullets a long time ago. Everyone grew up in Dungeon. That kind of quality, that kind of consciousness, even if it is not top-notch, it is definitely among the best.In order to fight this Dungeon, they have sent a few general teams to fight many times. They have listed each BOSS skill and all the problems. After careful research, the Leader has selected these fifty absolute teams from the elite team. Of the elites to carry out this wasteland.

     Although they have been fighting for three days, they are absolutely sure to win this First Kill. Although Guild has so-called newsmongers every day to report to them the latest situation of the other teams, but they are not too concerned, the only comparison What cares about is Wolf Clan. Wolf Clan did the same as them, but they attacked the No. 3 BOSS Doma a day earlier than them. Unfortunately, they were unlucky yesterday. They have never had it. Their vitality is badly injured. In order to continue.

     In the past few days, it was enough for Tang Dynasty to get the First Kill. Although someone reported to Wandering Cloud that Upward Ho had also begun to attack this Dungeon, Wandering Cloud did not take it seriously. He knows that childe ">You are very powerful. After all, they have played against each other. However, it is impossible for a person to be a great person. In the entire Upward Ho, there are all players who seem to be completely incompetent to him. How can it be 2 days Just lay down this Dungeon?

     Therefore, Wandering Cloud is sure that this time the First Kill is taken by Tang Dynasty.Until the sound of Upward Ho First Kill. You Wandering Cloud was stunned for a while, and did not recover for a long time, until the leader shouted again: "guild leader, you are in DEBUFF", he recovered slightly, turned around and dashed out, then fell to the ground . You Wandering Cloud lying on the ground, even though the health bar is empty, it still feels vomiting blood. How could it happen? How could this be

     Only two minutes later, the system remembered again that Tang Dynasty won the First five of the fifty-member Dungeon "Cold Ruins Back City".

     Although it is only two minutes, all this change is dazzling...

     Yu Wandering Cloud only felt a breath in his chest. He sat on the ground, hit the floor severely, and said angrily, "Upward Ho will never let you get First Kill so easily next time."

     Compared with the low pressure of Tang Dynasty full of Guild, Upward Ho is simply crazy. Not only did they take the First Kill, the Cold Little Hands who touched the corpse was still a big red hand, rushing out of something. Except for the one or two bosses who have acquired equipment, they don’t participate in the division of equipment, the rest of the eyes are straight.

     The purple outfit is actually a purple outfit

     Chapter Seventeen First Kill! After the cold ruins!

     Chapter Seventeen First Kill! After the cold ruins!