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Chapter Directory 121 Not Vegetarian
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter Nineteen Not a Vegetarian

     After Ye Ci's words were said, it was like throw a stone and see it sink without trace in the sea. Zero Arsenic immediately lost his voice, and this reaction made Ye Ci's heart slightly lifted.

     The enemy won't move, I won't move.

     She simply stopped talking, just hung up another bait and threw it into the water. Although she continued to fish, Ye Ci was still absent. Her eyes could't help looking everywhere, even if the float on the fishing rod fell down, she forgot to lift the fishing rod. Suddenly, her gaze fell on a bank very close to her, where there was a player who was dressed in general, no, it could even be said that he was dressed in garbage. Humans are thin, with brown hair messed up in a bun behind their heads, their trousers are pulled up high, their feet are in the water on the shore, and they are constantly looking for something in the mud.

     Ye Ci had good eyesight, and soon discovered that he was looking for clam shells.

     Looking for a clam shell? There are generally two uses when looking for clam shells, one is a cooking professional, and the other is... a gem setter. Intuitively, Ye Ci is certain that the man is a gem setter. Because she had never seen such a shabby cook.As long as the chef has reached the elementary cooking skills, the chef can cook a lot of food with attributes. These foods are very popular in auction houses. Therefore, as long as the chefs are above the elementary level, they are richer, and the person in front, It was so shabby, it can only be said that he is a gem setter. The gem setter is just like engineering, a life occupation that is wasteful and rubbish in the early stage, and rich in fucking awesome in the later stage.

     Although the gem setters in the later stage made people rush like ducks, the early stage was really hateful. Not only is it a waste of materials, but also a waste of equipment. If you don't have the support of the great Guild, you want to test your own strength and become a master of gem setting, it is a thing that makes people extremely respectable.

     That person seems to have been fishing for mussel shells before Ye Ci came to fish. Counting the time, it has been at least two hours. For some reason, Ye Ci was suddenly interested in this person. She decided that if this person is still there after she finishes grinding with Zero Arsenic, she must come over and have a chat.

     At this moment, Zero Arsenic was sitting alone in the conference room. He looked at the video clip sent at noon and fell into deep thought. In the video, a male Dwarf Rogue sneaked into the Guild map of Steel Blooded Battle Spear, then quickly dodged the patrolmen, then rushed under the city wall, and then disappeared.The total length of this video is no more than 3 minutes, and the picture is not particularly clear. However, even so, it can make it clear that the criminal ringleader and main offender from the Guild warehouse were stolen that night. This person is not a childe ">you.

     This person has no companions.

     And now, childe ">you actually admitted that she stole the Guild from Steel Blooded Battle Spear. What was the purpose... Zero Arsenic soon wanted to understand the cause and effects. She must have known the difference between Thousand Sunsets and Sunny Sunlight. The problem is, thinking of this, Zero Arsenic hooked the corner of his mouth.

     That's right, their Guild is indeed stuck in the third BOSS now, but since they already know that they can't get First Kill, Steel Blooded Battle Spear is not in a hurry to decharge the progress, but has been studying tactics. A few hours ago, the cold ruins of Houcheng had just been Clearance. At this time, Tang Dynasty covered the screen to death. Upward Ho also not to mention. It is really difficult to find a strategy than to go to the sky. At this time, childe ">you actually handed over the video, and Zero Arsenic felt that he had no reason not to accept it, but childe ">you as a condition of exchange, made him feel that she was just a motivated guy.

     "Childe ">, you are really joking. "Zero Arsenic rewinded the video and continued to watch the dexterous mountain wall and steps of the male Dwarf Rogue inside, while calm and unhurried answered Ye Ci in a calm and unhurried manner.After waiting for a long time, Ye Ci received Zero Arsenic's words, which made her a little dazed for a while. She chuckled perfunctorily, and did not continue to speak.

     "To be honest, I really want your Clearance video, but..." Zero Arsenic paused, as if deliberately whipping Ye Ci's taste.

     At this time, Ye Ci's float moved. She lifted the fishing rod unhurriedly, lifted up a leap and frisk about loach, and threw it into the fish basket on the side. This was a fascinating answer: "But what?"

     "Humans are not things after all. If you say to change, I am willing to change, and they are not necessarily willing to leave. Do you mean?" Zero Arsenic was sincere in what he said at this time. Ye Ci also knew that he was telling the truth. Can't help feeling a little suffocated.

     How could she not know this truth? Some things are not something you don't want to do. The four of them had grown up since they were young, and they all knew each other at home. They were looking down and not looking up. If she didn't make a gesture now, she would definitely lose ground in the future, but even if she did this gesture, she might not be able to get what she wanted. Both Yi Cang and Dong Yin are solid-minded masters. Outsiders think they are hard, maybe they don't think so.

     The more she thought about it, the more nameless anger became in her heart. What is this?Zero Arsenic saw that Ye Ci hadn't said a word for a long time, so he couldn't help asking aloud: "childe ">, have you thought about it? "

     Ye Ci sighed, "Well, I only see them once. If they want to leave, you can do the post for me. If you don't leave, you shall assume that this has not happened."

     Naturally, Zero Arsenic will not only focus on petty profits like Thousand Sunsets, and there is no major event of suffering serious injury. He will never break his face with Ye Ci. Therefore, he naturally agreed with Ye Ci's proposal 100%, and even added a point: "Of course, and I will never tell the third person about the video."

     "This is your business." Ye Ci is not in a high mood. No matter who meets this kind of thing, it is not likely to be high in mood, so Zero Arsenic expressed his understanding, and let her know if the time and timing are agreed upon .

     After closing the most depressing conversation ever, Ye Ci put away the fishing rod, and now she intends to find something less suffocating for herself. Rowing the boat to the shore, the man was still digging for mussel shells in spare no pains or effort. His name does not have Concealment. Probably all Life Players think that the Concealment name is unnecessary. Anyway, few Life Players Ye Ci has seen have the Concealment name.

     The name is really familiar, so familiar to Ye Ci a bit surprised.

     Not a Vegetarian.The first player to rush to the Grandmaster-level gem setter in the previous life. Players who were flattered by countless big Guilds in the previous life. coming and going alone, with black tongue and belly, and indifferent. This is the label marked on the head of this mysterious Grandmaster gem setter in the previous life. However, for these labels Not a Vegetarian and not to accept as correct, he said in an interview that his growth process was a very sad and difficult time. No one helped, and no one looked up to it, let him see it all. The world in the game is cold, so when he succeeds, there is really no way to deal with these people who have hurt him. To put it bluntly, he is actually a less open-minded master.

     Ye Ci remembered that in the last life he had taken a few very fucking awesome equipment to find this guy inlaid with gems, but was rejected by the other glamorous, and the answer he gave turned out to be-he is not good for his character. Man inlaid with gems

     It’s important to know that even though Ye Ci is on the Fate’s worst character list, this Not a Vegetarian is not necessarily a good bird, because he is too arrogant and indifferent to reject countless people, and is even pushed by others. It is on the top ten list of the top ten least want to deal with players in the game.Because I suffered a loss with this guy, Ye Ci never looked for this guy in the future. If it wasn't for his reputation, Ye Ci would have forgotten his existence. And this person suddenly appeared in front of him, still in such a state of despair, which really made Ye Ci a little unacceptable because of the huge contrast.

     Not a Vegetarian Seeing this female elf climbed onto the shore from the boat, she was a little envious. Anyone who can rent a boat to go fishing in the center of the lake must be very rich. He sighed deeply, looked at the mud on his hands, and went on to dig clam shells.

     "Are you digging a clam shell?" Ye Ci closed his mind slightly, and then smiled lightly at Not a Vegetarian.

     At that time, Not a Vegetarian was not the arrogant and indifferent Grandmaster-level gem setter of the previous life. At this time, Not a Vegetarian was just a little newbie who had just entered the game and begging for life.

     "I have a lot here, do you want?" Ye Ci grabbed a handful of clam shells from the fish basket and handed them to Not a Vegetarian.

     Not a Vegetarian’s eyes lit up immediately. He stretched out his trembling hands covered with mud and just wanted to pick it up. He was stunned, raised his head, and showed a helpless smile at Ye Ci: "Forget it, I have no money. buy.""If you don't need money, I just practice fishing proficiency. If you don't want this thing, I will throw it away in the store as rubbish." Ye Ci said serene.

     "Then, then I would be disrespectful." Not a Vegetarian was touched. This is the first time he has received care from someone since he entered the game. It gave him a warm understanding of the indifferent humanity in this game.

     Ye Ci immediately traded with him and traded all of his more than 100 clam shells to Not a Vegetarian, and then pretended not to understand and asked: "Are you a chef? Get so many clam shells to practice skills?"

     "No, I'm a gem-seter." Not a Vegetarian shook his head, not loud, but very sure. It seems that he likes his profession very much.

     "This life profession is rarely heard."

     "Under Ye Ci's gaze, Not a Vegetarian suddenly became very cautious. He looked down at his shabby clothes and wanted to find a place to sew it in.

     Chapter Nineteen Not a Vegetarian

     Chapter Nineteen Not a Vegetarian