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Chapter Directory 123 Chapter 21 Young Appraiser
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 21 The Young Appraiser

     Not a Vegetarian has been arranged, Ye Ci plans to clean up her warehouse. She has obtained so many materials from Steel Blooded Battle Spear, so it is better for Guild to use it.

     In the process of clearing the warehouse, Ye Ci found a mysterious treasure map. She held the map and looked at it for a while before she realized that this was the item she dropped when she killed the sand scorpion. I reported the BUG, and for a while, I forgot the identification, and left it in the warehouse. I didn't expect that this loss would have passed for so long. Thinking about it now, it is really wasteful.

     She took out this mysterious treasure map and prepared to take it for identification in a while, then took out the materials in the warehouse, went to the station, and handed it to Remote Depths. Only then did he clean up and walked towards the appraisal hall of Red Lake City.

     The appraisal hall is a very popular building no matter what the game. Although most of the equipment of Fate displays the equipment attributes by itself, the attributes of many special equipment and items cannot be displayed, and identification is required to see the attributes. There are more big Guilds, more small Guilds, and more scattered people than small Guilds. Guild plays more Dungeon, while scattered people have more leveling in the wild. In the wild, the equipment produced by leveling basically needs to be appraised, so the crowds in the appraisal hall are still lively.Ye Ci entered the appraisal hall, looked up, and walked straight to the youngest appraiser in the corner.

     Although there are more than 20 appraisers in the appraisal hall in Red Lake City, this appraiser is the most deserted. Although it is in the game, it is inevitable that people will use the rules in reality to measure everything in the game. In reality, people like to find someone who is older and feels that such a person is rich in experience.

     What old Chinese doctors, what masters, all kinds.

     Younger people often give people a feeling of being insecure. Therefore, in this appraisal hall, there are crowds of people in front of the older appraisers, and this young appraiser There were only three or two kittens in front of them, and the identification items that were taken out were all too common.

     However, the fact that others don't know does not mean that Ye Ci is not clear.

     Red Lake City can attract many players in the future. In addition to its geographical advantage, there is another reason that it has the only Great Grandmaster-level appraiser on the Dalaya continent. And this appraiser is the youngster in front of him who is so young that people are a little worried-Tick.

     Of course, of course, that was after two or three years, and Tick now is just an intermediate appraiser.Like players, various NPCs in the game can also improve their skill levels based on their own efforts. In addition to identifying a large number of items, the appraiser needs to improve his level. There is also a way to greatly improve the proficiency of the skill by identifying rare items.

     The appraisers’ initial skills are all intermediate, but now Tick has fallen behind other appraisers in terms of proficiency. Just because he is too young, many players are reluctant to hand in their items. The appraisal is given to him, even if it is given to him for appraisal, it is nothing but worthless things. In this way, his proficiency has always been stuck and not moving forward. And now many appraisers have broken through the intermediate level and reached the advanced level.

     If the skill cannot always be improved, the system will punish these NPCs with special skills. This is something that every NPC does not want to see.

     Compared with the big temper of other appraisers, Tick’s is really a good character. Although there is pressure for promotion, he did not be impatient because of this. Instead, he was very polite to anyone who came to him for appraisal. Welcome with a smile.

     "Hello, Lord Elf, do you have anything to appraise?". Tick saw Ye Ci sitting in front of his appraisal table, showing a brimming with enthusiasm smile, and asked very sincerely.Ye Ci looked at this too young human face. To be honest, if she didn't know that this person is the future Great Grandmaster appraiser, she would not give him anything at his 15-16 years old age. He authenticated. It seems that the path of the Great Grandmaster appraiser is still very tortuous.

     "There is such a thing." Ye Ci took out the mysterious treasure map from his pocket and pushed it in front of Tick: "Help me see, what map is this?"

     Tick smiled and nodded, and then respectfully accepted the map pushed by Ye Ci. Who knows, his face changed slightly when he saw it, and then he pushed it back and said, "Master Elf, you are not going to look elsewhere. see?".

     What do you mean? Ye Ci was a little puzzled: "What do you mean?"

     "For such a thing, why not find someone with more experience..."

     Tick didn't say anything, and was interrupted by Ye Ci. She raised her eyebrows: "So, you can't identify it."

     Such words directly questioned Tick’s ability, which made Tick’s young face a trace of sadness, and he paused slightly: "No."

     "Then why?"

     "I just think Master Elf will definitely think that such a precious thing would be better to hand it over to a more experienced master for appraisal.""Are you me? How do you know what I think?" Ye Ci squinted his eyes. This will become a Great Grandmaster-level NPC. It is really different from ordinary NPCs. Even the intelligence is higher. He actually understands this. The emptiness of human affection and sophistication.

     "Identify it, I can afford to pay." Ye Ci didn't say anything, but pushed back the mysterious treasure map.

     Tick was taken aback for a moment, and then he quickly collected the map, and then looked at it seriously. His hands trembled slightly, and a layer of golden light appeared under his palm, completely covering the map under the golden light. The appraisal time of this map does not seem to be as fast as the appraisal of ordinary items, but it took a long time. Fortunately, the people in line in front of Tick are just a very few, if they are also surrounded like other places. There are so many people, I am afraid that some people have already started to complain.

     About a minute later, Tick was still appraising, Ye Ci was a little impatient to wait, but she looked at Tick so serious, and she felt too embarrassed to disturb him, so she had to wait patiently. Tick's forehead has been oozing sweat from the long-term identification.Suddenly, a dazzling golden light gleamed from Tick's body, then he put down his hands, opened his eyes and showed a sincere smile to Ye Ci: "Master Elf, your things have been identified." As he said, he pushed the map to Ye Ci's front.

     "how much is it?"

     "No, no money." Tick shook his head, his cheeks reddened: "I have been upgraded because of the adult's trust in me. This is already the biggest gain. How can I manage to charge the adult?"

     It turned out that the golden light just now was due to Tick's upgrade. Ye Ci also rude, she nodded, stood up, and planned to leave: "Okay."

     "I hope that next time you have something else, you can find me to appraise it, and I will definitely give you the cheapest price." Seeing Ye Ci leaving, Tick stood up and went to Ye Ci very respectfully. A gift. Then Ye Ci heard the system prompt: "Senior appraiser Tick has reached respect for your goodwill."

     This is the real earning, and a mysterious treasure map can make this future Great Grandmaster appraiser's goodwill directly from strangers to respect for him. I really don't know what kind of map this is? After leaving the appraisal hall, Ye Ci took out the mysterious treasure map.I saw that the name of the place was clearly marked on this treasure map. It turned out that this is not a treasure map, but it should be regarded as a map, and the name of the map is Booty Bay.

     Booty Bay

     Really good place

     In Fate, besides the maps named and marked on the map, there are some mysterious maps for exploration on each road. To enter these maps for exploration, you must get maps. Only the person holding the map can enter these unexplored maps, and the unexplored maps will become open maps 72 hours after being entered by the first person. In other words, the first person to enter the map has 72 hours to take a one-person adventure on this huge unexplored map, and to ask for the treasures inside. If within 72 hours If you have not been able to complete the exploration of this map, then I am sorry, the good things you didn't find will only be released along with the map and become other players' pockets.

     Booty Bay is one of the four unexplored maps of Eastern Continent. It is difficult, medium, and rewarding... She had been to the open Booty Bay in the previous life, so she didn't know what was produced inside.

     Holding such a map in his hand, if you say you are not excited, it is simply fake.Ye Ci almost passed out with excitement, she immediately ran towards her warehouse, planning to prepare well, and then dashed towards the Treasure Bay. As she walked, she told Remote Depths that she would not be in Guild in the next few days, so don't ask her if you have anything to do. The two were chatting like this, and Zero Arsenic's secret words came in.

     "Childe ">You, are you there? ".

     Seeing Zero Arsenic's secret words, to be honest, Ye Ci's good mood was slightly interrupted, but she soon regained her spirit.

     "Qing Ri Wei Zhao and Zuo Mian promised to meet you. When do you think you have time?"

     "Now." Ye Ci is a little gnashing one's teeth when he hears this. Aren't they getting small? Now I need someone else to arrange the meeting

     Zero Arsenic immediately reported a place name, and Ye Ci replied dullly, "Wait for me, I will be there soon."

     Chapter 21 The Young Appraiser

     Chapter 21 The Young Appraiser