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Chapter Directory 124 Chapter 22 Blu-ray Coast
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 22 Blu-ray Coast

     The place is in Red Sand City.

     Neither close to the site of Steel Blooded Battle Spear nor to the site of Upward Ho, it is quite satisfactory.

     Lame Tavern. Located in a corner of the northeast of Red Sand City, it is not too crowded. In a small single room on the second floor, Ye Ci saw Zero Arsenic, Yi Cang and Dong Yin. They sat there quietly, as if they didn't know each other. Seeing Ye Ci coming in, Zero Arsenic stood up first, nodded and smiled at her: "It's really fast."

     Ye Ci nodded. Zero Arsenic is also reliable, walking towards the outside of the room: "You talk, I will go shopping in Red Sand City." After speaking, he stopped talking and turned to leave.

     Until the sound of Zero Arsenic's footsteps disappeared at the top of the stairs, Ye Ci looked at the two people with their heads down and said, "I..."

     She had just spoken, Dong Yin, who hadn't said a word, suddenly raised her head and interrupted her: "I know what Xiao ci you are going to say, but let's not say it."At this time, Yi Cang on one side also opened his mouth and said: "We heard Zero Arsenic say, for today's side, you use the First Kill video to exchange with him." At this point, he pulled the corner of his mouth with a bitter smile. "Why are you, the video of First Kill is so valuable, you just want to meet us? If you really want to meet, just call ">to make an appointment. "

     Ye Ci didn’t know what to say, her mind was empty, she didn’t say anything, she just looked at Yi Cang, she knew something, she would definitely be misunderstood when she said it, it’s better to wait for them to say it by themselves, so that their hearts are down. Anti-comfortable.

     It's just that these words don't matter to me now.

     "Actually, I know what you mean if you don't speak? Xiao ci, we grew up together since we were young, but we still have a living." Yi Cang said, stood up, facing Ye Ci's face as silent as water, look It's hard to tell what happiness or sorrow he has. "I will not leave Steel Blooded Battle Spear. Although you are in the Upward Ho, your Upward Ho burns your hand, feel the heat, but I will not leave Steel Blooded Battle Spear. You don't need to think about you. If we have a good life, it is assumed that we have a bad life. Even if I have a bad life, I will not..."

     He didn't say anything, Dong Yin pulled his arm and motioned him not to speak any more.Yi Cang stopped immediately. He looked at Dong Yin and then at Ye Ci: "Xiao ci, as friends, we are small children, and we want to eat K song, as long as you make an appointment, I will be there immediately, but In the game, you don’t need to stick together. Since Liu Chang has followed you, that’s enough, you are a celebrity, you are a great god, she is willing to live on your nose is her choice, I don’t want to . So, don’t say anything, I won’t go to Upward Ho."

     These words stuck to Ye Ci's heart like a needle, making her a little sad. She sighed, and sure enough, the friend this thing cannot have any benefits, otherwise, it will become nothing remains the same. She nodded, showing a faint smile: "I don't seem to say anything."

     She still had a common sentence, but blocked all Yi Cang's words. He thought about it. It seemed that since Ye Ci sat down until now, she didn't speak, and she was always talking to herself, for no reason. Yes, Yi Cang held his breath for a while, and lost all his temper.Seeing that the two people stopped talking, Dong Yin smiled bitterly at Ye Ci: "Xiao ci, I understand why you came. Liu Chang must have said something to you. Actually, it’s not that bad, I’m fine, Yi Cang is also very good. Although you didn’t like to say anything since you were young, I know that among the four of us, you are the one who takes care of others the most. However, Xiao ci, it’s really not a kid now. You don’t need to... "

     Ye Ci nodded, she smiled, and then stood up: "As long as you feel good, it's good. You know what I am, I am not such a good guy, and naturally I don’t have much to do with irrelevant things I’m here today. I just think I should come here. Now that you’re all right, it’s very good. If people know whether they drink water or warm water, I don’t speculate on their own. If you want me to help, just say hello."

     After speaking, she left her seat, turned and left.

     Dong Yin also stood up. She looked at Ye Ci's straight back and strode quickly, and finally sniffed: "I always think I missed something."

     Yi Cang frowned, "Yinyin, let's just play a game, do you need to make it like this? Happiness is the most important thing." He said he had to leave, but Dong Yin stopped her, she suddenly thought of Ye Ci asked herself a word, and now she suddenly wants to ask Yi Cang."Yi Cang, how are you and Peacock Blue?".

     Yi Cang's footsteps stopped there, after a few seconds, he didn't look back, just said: "Okay."

     "How is she treating you?"

     Yi Cang paused for a while: "Don't look at her willful and domineering, in fact, it is all appearance, in fact, she is very nice."

     Dong Yin opened her mouth, and finally did not ask Ye Ci what she said. She felt that this was the difference between herself and Ye Ci. There are some things Ye Ci will say if she sees through them, and some things she still can't tell even if she sees through them.

     "I'm leaving, go to practice level." Yi Cang didn't want to stay for a moment, and quickly left, leaving Dong Yin alone.

     In addition to the tavern, Ye Ci looked up and saw Zero Arsenic standing on the opposite street. She walked over without the slightest pause. As she walked, she told the management that she was going to give the video to Zero Arsenic. Although the management was a bit regretful, they all knew that Ye Ci would definitely follow Dong. Yin is related to Yi Cang, so I can't help but let her go.

     When he came to Zero Arsenic, Ye Ci gave the video to him. After Zero Arsenic accepted the transaction, Ye Ci turned around without saying a word.

     "Childe ">, is this gone? "Zero Arsenic stopped her."Yes, I have something else." Ye Ci turned his face, looked at Zero Arsenic and twitched at the corner of his mouth.

     "Do you regret doing this today?"

     "I have done everything, and there is no regret or regret." Ye Ci's face was calm, there was no special emotion, he called Ol’ Four, waved his back to Zero Arsenic, and quickly left Red Sand City.


     Really *** too frustrated

     What is this called? Ye Ci felt more and more angry the more he thought about it, and drove Ol’ Four quickly towards the Blu-ray coast, the map closest to Booty Bay.

     Sometimes, when people are unlucky and drink cold water, they will stuff their teeth between their teeth. There is nothing wrong with this, just like Ye Ci nowadays. The Ol’ Four that she had been riding well alone charged at the beach of Blu-ray Coast, passing the waves of naga by the way.

     Naga is a unique creature by the water. It is said that the Naga and the elves were a kind of race, but in the ancient times, they received the yin* of the Naga Great Demon King and fell into their present form. Therefore, their upper body retains the look of an elf, pointed ears, and extremely beautiful appearance, but their lower limbs have degenerated into the appearance of a snake tail, which can only move in an S-shape on the coast, and can no longer be like an elf. Run and jump. However, they have a dexterous figure like a fish and can breathe underwater.Although the naga separated from the elves and came from another race, they still retained many elves' original abilities. For example, their mental power is very strong, so the Naga’s Magic Attack is very powerful, and the long-range damage is also good. In addition, their own level is relatively high, they are all over 30, and they like to appear together in waves, Ye Ci is especially careful when passing by their turf.

     Ol' Four’s current favorability score has reached 90, not to mention, at least there is a lot less irritation. He ran all the way, Ye Ci soon heard that not far in front, it seemed that there was a fight. Sounds, and many sounds are very noisy, at first glance it is a large-scale battle. From time to time Naga’s screams were heard from the sound of the battle. Ye Ci intuitively thought it was which Guild team came here to level up, so he didn’t think much about it, didn’t slow down at all, and went straight to it. The direction of the battle rushed.

     Sure enough, someone was fighting, but it was a little bit worse than Ye Ci had imagined. It was not just a team training, but a large-scale battle between two groups. Although the players are all of the same level and entangled in each other, it can still be distinguished that this is a battle belonging to two Guilds. As for the purpose of the battle...Ye Ci looked at this place and quickly understood their purpose of fighting. This is a Naga community. More than one hundred naga can be refreshed every time, and there is a certain chance to refresh a naga leader. It is refreshed fast here, and the little boss will explode good equipment. It is a place where many Guild players charter to level up. It seems that these two Guilds also fought for this reason.

     This kind of thing happens all the time in the game, it's really not a big deal.

     Ye Ci not to glance sideways, riding Ol' Four with ease and passing by the two teams, just when she didn't feel much caring, suddenly a Holy Bolt hit her on her body. Caused 3 points of damage.

     The damage value is not high, so it can be judged that the level of the person who throws the Holy Bolt is far away from her, or the equipment is some distance away from her.

     The system prompts: "Glistening Snow actively attacked you. Within 20 minutes, you are free to fight back."

     It's just that the name is a bit familiar, but Ye Ci can't remember where he saw it.

     She was thinking, and suddenly another Fireball whizzed past and hit her back-


     The system prompts: "MuQing has attacked you actively. Within 20 minutes, you are free to fight back."Ye Ci stopped abruptly, she thought, she knew who was attacking her

     Chapter 22 Blu-ray Coast

     Chapter 22 Blu-ray Coast