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Chapter Directory 128 Chapter 26. Treasures Of Treasure Bay
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 26 The Treasures of Booty Bay

     "Who" Fini's sharp voice rang immediately, but obviously there was no momentum. There was a timid tremor in the harsh voice. Of course, the effect of all this came from the dagger that Ye Ci lay across his neck.

     As a rebirth family, Ye Ci is certainly no stranger to Fini. Fini, this NPC who is also a celebrity in Fate has its own personality. This is probably a major innovation in Fate. All NPCs have their own unique personalities and weaknesses. Some people are heroic but lack resourcefulness. Some people decide to be smart but they are sick. Some people, look. It looks very ordinary, but it is hidden deep, always, all kinds of people have all kinds of personalities.

     Take Fini in front of him as an example. He is a chicken-hearted, but a very official person. I heard that the official introduction later said that Fini came from a very old family, very rich, and able to achieve the position of mayor of Booty Bay. In addition to his own unique cleverness, more importantly, his family A lot of money, everything is piled up.

     It seems that money, the bastard, is inseparable from real or virtual games."What do you want to do?" Fini's voice trembled even more. Although he likes to behave like a prestige, he immediately becomes a courageous rat when he sees his life threatened. He didn't even dare to turn his head back, his hands hung on the sides of his legs, shaking fiercely.

     Ye Ci just watched his left hand touched into his trouser pocket, opened the corner of his mouth and smiled: "Raise your hands above your head."

     While she was talking, she moved the scorpion stab closer to Fini's neck. The cold touch made Fini tremble with fright, and immediately raised her hands high above her head to express her surrender.

     "Don't kill me, don't kill me"

     Ye Ci stretched out his hand, pulled into Fini's left pocket, and smoothly pulled out a switch from it. This thing Ye Ci is not unfamiliar at all. This is a switch used to call robots. As long as Fini presses this switch, a lot of robots will emerge from the outside to attack Ye Ci, and Fini will be relaxed. Subduing foreign invaders.

     This was originally a Quest after Booty Bay was opened, but I didn't expect that it would work just as well now.

     "Want to find a helper?" Ye Ci tossed the switch up and down in his hand, and gave Fini a deep smile."No, absolutely not." Fini immediately shook his head and shook his head, denying all his cautiousness.

     "Really." Ye Ci nodded, and in the next second he threw the switch in his hand to the floor of the house without hesitation. Fini screamed and wanted to jump on it, but as soon as he moved, the sword on his neck got closer to the skin. He had no choice but to watch the switch fall on the ground with eyesight, and then was recruited by Ol, who was recruited by Ye Ci. 'Four smashed with one foot.

     "Woo, this thing, this thing, is very precious." Fini looked at the organ box that had been trampled to pieces by Ol’ Four, his face distorted in pain. "What do you want?"

     "Where is the Treasure Chest in Booty Bay?" Ye Ci didn't want to talk nonsense with him, and went straight to the center of the problem.

     "There is no Treasure Chest in Booty Bay" Fini immediately shook his head and denied Ye Ci's problem.

     Ye Ci doesn't talk nonsense with him. It's faster to deal with this kind of NPC directly. She pulled out the short stinger of the poisonous scorpion, and hit his arm with a knife, and suddenly blood poured out from the wound, making Fini scream in fright.If you want to change it to another place, Fini’s yelling would have caused other people to come, but Fini, a highly addicted person, has to arrange his house at the top of the bird’s shit It takes more than ten minutes for the person closest to it to rush up here, so naturally no one can hear it at such a distance. Fini, who had lost the robot switch, soon became a bully by Ye Ci.

     People who are afraid of death are also afraid of pain. Fini was stabbed by Ye Ci and immediately rolled on the ground, making blood all over the ground, no different from the scene of the murder. However, he still understands the world. After weighing the disparity in strength between himself and Ye Ci, he finally agreed against his will to help Ye Ci need to find Treasure Chest in Booty Bay.

     However, in spite of this, Fini still put the ugly words on the front: "Outsiders, Fini first tell you that the guys guarding the Treasure Chest are terrible. If you die, I will not be responsible at all. "

     For this kind of result, Ye Ci had already expected that there can be no idiot's lunch in the world. Therefore, to get good things, you must go through battle. This will be a matter of heaven's law and earth's principle.

     "Fini join your team." The system prompt sounded: "Quest goal: Repel the Treasure Chest guardian and ensure that Fini cannot die. Quest time: 24 hours."It turns out that this is a Quest.

     After accepting this Quest, the entire Booty Bay scene has undergone a huge change. Although it is still the scenery of the sun sets in the west, it is covered with a thin layer of mist everywhere, looking confused. As soon as Ye Ci saw this scene, he immediately understood that the current Booty Bay had become a huge Dungeon.

     All the NPCs along the way turned into attacking monsters, with thick blood and high attacks. And Fini became a Cleric. This is really cheating. She never knew that Fini's career was actually Cleric. It would be disgusting if Cleric grew up like Fini.

     However, the combination of this team is good. Ol’ Four can be used as MT or DPS. Ye Ci is always the output, followed by a healer. Although the mobs kept going along the way, they still played easily.

     The display of Treasure Chest appeared on the blur map at this time. There are six Treasure Chests in total, which are located in the cabins of the blacksmith, grocer, auctioneer, fishing skill division, shore statue and shallow beach. With a location, it is much more convenient.It’s just that, because Fini has to sit down and rest after every wave of mobs, Ye Ci can’t abandon him, so Quest will definitely fail, and he can’t be forced to fight more monsters and rest. It rises and falls at his speed. This speed makes Ye Ci very uncomfortable. If she doesn't bring this oil bottle, I'm afraid it won't take 24 hours for her to finish the Dungeon.

     Stopping, playing while resting, (idiomatic usage) with great difficulty came to the blacksmith's room. A huge Treasure Chest is placed in his room, which is shining golden at first glance, which is very attractive. But it takes some twists and turns to get something.

     This kind of unexplored map is actually a bit like an official welfare for players. The difficulty will be automatically adjusted according to the player who enters, and it will not be too difficult for the player. The game is like life, with ordinary low-level characters, then after all, there are beautiful top-level characters.

     For the game itself, it doesn't matter who becomes the top-level character who is invincible. The game puts the opportunity there, as long as you can get it, then you can reach heaven in a single bound. It seems fair, but in fact, it’s not fair to go anywhere.

     Luck has always been a kind of ability.The duel with the blacksmith is not difficult, at least Ye Ci doesn't think it is as difficult as Fini described. Soon the blacksmith fell down, leaving the shiny golden box in the room.

     In addition to the gold coins, there are a lot of equipment in the box, but they are not used by Ye Ci, but they are all good things for other professions. Ye Ci directly puts all these things in his pockets and can only sell them. A good price.

     The next three NPCs, the grocer, auctioneer, and fishing skill division, are really the same as the blacksmith. There is really no difficulty. They quickly defeated in the duel and sent a lot of gold coins and expensive equipment. It's a pity that these things still don't have Ye Ci as a hunter, which makes Ye Ci really depressed.

     Isn't she finally opening up an unexplored map, and in the end it all makes wedding dresses for others, right? Few words

     After scouring the four Treasure Chests, Ye Ci stood by the port, looked at the place where the two Treasure Chests were left, and turned to look at Fini: "How do I get the two remaining boxes?"

     Fini looked at the huge statue on the side of the harbor and the boat at the shallows, and answered without thinking, "Of course I climbed up."Climb up? Ye Ci looked at the height of the statue and felt that it was easy for him to climb up, but I am afraid that it would not be so easy to climb up with Fini. The other cabin seemed simpler. After hesitating for a while, Ye Ci finally decided to go to the cabin to get the Treasure Chest first.

     She did not hesitate to jump into the water and swam towards the cabin, intending to swim to the side of the boat and use the cat's claws to climb up. However, just after jumping into the water, she heard the system prompt: Far away, beware of Quest failure"

     Ye Ci stopped quickly and turned around to see that Fini was still standing on the wooden platform in the port, and Ol’ Four was standing beside it shaking his head.

     "You come down"

     "It's not always the water that Fini hates the most. Water will drown Fini." Fini immediately shook his hand and refused Ye Ci.

     Ye Ci is full of black lines, won't it be launched? This is the problem. If she can't get into the water, where will she get on the boat?

     Soaking in the water and staring at Fini for a long time, Ye Ci finally touched his nose to admit defeat. Sometimes, you can't surpass the rigidity of the game. She went ashore all in her body and looked down at Fini: "Really not in the water?"

     "Resolutely no" Fini insisted abnormally.Ye Ci only took out the cat's paw from the package and began to tie it with the twine on the dock. Well, since the other party disagrees, then she will compromise, what a simple matter.

     After tying the cat's claws, Ye Ci threw the rope into a huge prototype, aimed at the ship's side and threw the cat's claws over...

     Chapter 26 The Treasures of Booty Bay

     Chapter 26 The Treasures of Booty Bay