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Chapter Directory 130 Chapter 28 Complete The Exploration
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 28 Complete Exploration

     Although it felt cumbersome to carry an oil bottle on his back, Ye Ci shook the cat's paw time and time again. Fortunately, the technology of this Pea Cake is not bad, and the cat's claw is fairly strong. A cat's claw will be worn out after more than ten uses. However, Ye Ci is still very careful. Try to use low-wear cat's claws during the climbing process to ensure his safety. If he is about to climb, and the cat's claws are worn out, he falls off the statue. , I'm afraid she will be shocked to death.

     "Oh my God is so high. Fini is so scared." Fini, who had been quiet, suddenly began to mutter again. He moved his green ears and directed Ye Ci's frustrated face, and said with a crying emphatic: "Oh. , Elf, I admit that you are a great guy. Okay, let's have a discussion, okay?"

     "What to discuss?" Ye Ci was very tired because he was carrying Fini on his back. While waving the cat's claws, she still comforted the heart of the oil bottle behind her. Is there anyone who is so hard on her?

     "You have to climb the mountain and go on your own. Put me back? Few words" Fini stretched out his arm, cautious and solemn gently shook Ye Ci's arm, looking a little flattering.Ye Ci's face is already full of black lines. Does he think she likes to drag the oil bottle to climb the mountain with a bunch of shit on her back? Does he think she is carrying him because she likes him? She was forced to do this too, okay? Is it good to be forced?

     Seeing that Ye Ci did not answer, Fini continued begging in a fine voice: "Elf, I know you are great, you can deal with so many people alone, so I don't need to participate in the little thing of climbing the mountain. Let me put it down..."

     Fini kept talking nonsense in a low voice, Ye Ci finally became impatient: "Give you two choices, first, shut up, second, I will immediately throw you down."

     Fini looked at the height where he was now, exclaimed and quickly covered his eyes with his hands, crying: "Fini will never speak anymore, Fini will not speak anymore..."

     "To shut up"

     This time the world is finally quiet.

     After no Fini's nonsense, a breeze blew, Ye Ci also felt that this extreme sport was actually good, and she climbed more vigorously.

     The time to complete the Quest is getting closer and closer. By math, she can be regarded as having not been offline for more than 40 hours this time. Fortunately, she installed the nutrient solution in the game compartment before going online this time. Otherwise, it is estimated that she would have been starved to death in this game. It's in the warehouse.Finally, Ye Ci climbed onto the shoulders of this statue. Although it is not wide here, but because of the huge statue, his shoulders are definitely not narrow. Ye Ci put his hands on his knees, gasping for breath, and then straightened up, wanting to see where the Treasure Chest is.

     However, before she found the Treasure Chest, she was deeply shocked by the beauty in front of her.

     Speaking of which, she is also a reborn person, and naturally knows that the beautiful scenery in Fate is one of the selling points, but she has never stopped for it. But today is different. In such a map with only oneself, in such a quiet map with noisy breathing, it seems that fighting and killing has become the most trivial thing.

     She raised her eyes and saw that it was an endless ocean. A golden-red sunset was slowly falling below the sea level. The gleaming reflection of waves on the sea was dyed golden by the setting sun. Just look at it. , It seems that the whole world is golden. Occasionally, there are a few seabirds passing by the sea, making a yelling cry, which adds a fascinating color to this painting-like beauty.

     "It's so beautiful." Ye Ci praised her heartily.The artist of Fate has to be said to be the best artist in the world. The beauty of this lifelike nature is also depicted in front of them. Take a deep breath, the air still smells of salty sea water, at this moment, I really don't know if it is true or not.

     "Did you come up to see the scenery?". Fini, who had been hanging behind Ye Ci, finally asked.

     Ye Ci returned to his senses, smiled, did not speak. Anyway, Fini is just an NPC, even if he has a certain IQ, it is still very difficult for him to understand human emotions. She turned her head and looked around, and finally found the last Treasure Chest in the collar of the statue.

     Probably because it is a place with outstanding scenery, the planner did not arrange any monsters here. Nevertheless, Ye Ci is still cautious and solemn close, constantly defending, and even recruited Ol’ Four as the vanguard.

     But until the box was opened, no monsters were encountered, which made Ye Ci completely relieved.

     There are fewer things in this box, only a skill book and a letter.

     Before seeing what the letter was, Ye Ci picked up the skill book first, and just read the words on the skill book, she couldn't help being excited. No wonder it’s a good thing to put it in such a high place

     Arrow NetAt level 1, use five arrows to pull out a random range, and all targets within the range will be subject to their own 110 Physical Attack. Level Requirement 60.

     In Fate, each profession has several skills that are called heaven-defying. This kind of skill, you can find a special NPC to learn, or find a skill book. In short, you can finally learn very few players, or you can say, can be counted on one's fingers.

     Arrow Net is the hunter’s heaven-defying skill. In the last life, Ye Ci was Sorcerer. If the skill book for drool (over) is Firestorm, then all hunters’ drool (over) skills have this Arrow Net. .

     She never thought that such a heaven-defying skill book would be obtained by her.

     Actually, it's not that Ye Ci was lucky, it was planned long ago. The first player to enter the unexplored map, the system will leave him a heaven-defying skill book of his profession in the last Treasure Chest of the unexplored map. Ye Ci is a hunter. As the first person to explore Booty Bay, he will naturally get the skill book of Arrow Net.

     Turning the camouflage brooch on his chest, Ye Ci changed his level to 60, and then easily learned Arrow Net. Although the disguise brooch is not very useful, it is especially useful when this kind of deception system is playing tricks and not admitting it.She wanted to find a place to try this skill, but the system suggested that the skill could not be released nearby, she had to give up, and then took out the letter from the box.

     The letter is very old, and even the writing on it looks very vague, but I can barely read a few sentences.

     "... When you read this letter, I believe you must have seen the magnificent scenery. Have you understood the true meaning of Booty Bay? Brave adventurer, don't be fascinated by the treasure in the box. The sight of you. This beautiful sunset is the most precious treasure I give you..."

     Ye Ci closed the letter. Although she said it well, the scenery is indeed beautiful. However, for her layman, the best treasure is in the Treasure Chest. The illusory beauty will wait until she is old enough to appreciate it. Let's sigh again.

     After reading the letter, she heard the system prompt: "Congratulations on your completion of the exploration of the Concealment map Booty Bay. Your exploration completion degree is 100, and the exploration completion time is 47 hours. After 25 hours, Booty Bay will show the player open."

     "You have completed the exploration of the Concealment map. Do you need a Concealment ID?".

     If you are stumped, you need to make a system announcement? Ye Ci immediately chose the Concealment ID. Again, Upward Ho can be very high-profile, but childe ">you...the more low-profile the better. "Yes. "Then the World Channel remembered the announcement. Ye Ci felt that rewarding her... talent points were more useful, but the others were of no use.

     She threw the letter into her parcel and said to Fini behind her back: "Hey, we're going down now."

     "How to go down?" Fini was very happy when he heard that he was going down: "Climb down quickly..." Before his words fell, he suddenly felt that he was in a state of weightlessness. After only a moment, he was in a state of weightlessness. In response, the so-called going down of this elf actually jumped down

     "Ahhhhh" Fini's sharp and thin voice suddenly let go of its immense power, almost making Ye Ci deaf.

     Until Ye Ci had started FeatherFall, the screams continued. She covered her ears with her hands to make herself less uncomfortable, and then boldly let Fini call it a pleasure. The whole figure fell to the ground lightly like a feather. But Fini continued to scream, Ye Ci untied the rope, put it on the ground, took out a pot of water, and touched Fini's arms covering his eyes: "Aren't you thirsty? "

     "Ah, thank you." Fini temporarily put down his hands and took the water. After a gulping, he politely returned the water to Ye Ci, and then wanted to continue screaming. Ye Ci hurriedly stopped: "It's already on the ground."Fini was stunned, only to realize that he looked at Ye Ci with an unbelievable look: "Hey, elves, we didn't fall to death?"

     Ye Ci just wanted to answer, and suddenly he heard a banging percussion from the distant horizon. Of course, it was not thunder, but, but... She was still wondering what sound it was, so she heard the game warehouse. The system reports an alarm: "Someone knocks on the machine. In order to avoid any loss in the game, please log off safely as soon as possible."

     Ye Ci stopped talking nonsense with Fini as soon as he heard this, and immediately went offline. Just opening the game compartment, she saw Bai Mo's anxious face: "What's the matter? Bai Mo"

     "Why can't you contact you now? Come to the gate of Dungeon in the icy ruined back city."

     "what's happenin"

     "Upward Ho was attacked" (to be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point to vote for recommendation and monthly pass. Your support is my biggest motivation.)

     Chapter 28 Complete Exploration

     Chapter 28 Complete Exploration