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Chapter Directory 131 This Day
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 29 This Day

     The icy ruins behind the city.

     Fifty people Dungeon.

     So far, there are two Guilds from Clearance Dungeon.

     First, Tang Dynasty. Second, Upward Ho.

     However, I heard that Steel Blooded Battle Spear and Wolf Clan have also hit the side of Ol’ Three, so I think it won’t take much time to clear this Dungeon.

     While each Guild was suffocating to get through this Dungeon, Upward Ho won two First five in two consecutive days. This made the other Guilds somewhat stressed, especially early this morning, Dungeon in the cold ruined city just opened the queue. I saw such a shout flashed on the World Channel.

     Remote Depths: "Cold Ruins Back City" sincerely invites all the bosses, 300,000 gold coins once, all the items produced belong to the boss, and those who are interested are crazy M, come first, go first, and bring one each a day.

     Players who play Fate can say that they lack everything, but not many lack money. Since the game was launched and the real currency exchange, there have been many large consortia staying in the game, not to mention, there are many rich second generations who have nowhere to spend in the game.For the rich second-generation group, if they are not involved in a team like Steel Blooded Battle Spear, they would prefer this kind of Gold Group. As long as you spend a small amount of money to switch to a full set of equipment for a long time, this is much faster than following the team.

     Of course, it is impossible to sell all of the equipment in a Dungeon at a time, but even if it can be used for 10 times, it is only 3 million gold coins. It is a very cost-effective conversion in ten days.

     Therefore, when Remote Depths's shouting just came out, his private channel immediately exploded. M. His rich people are almost waiting in line. And the price of 300,000 gold coins soon the tide rises, the boat floats rose to 500,000. When the price finally reached 600,000 gold coins, Remote Depths took the order of a player named XXX.

     According to the established by popular usage rules, before entering Dungeon, the boss must first pay half of the deposit for team operation expenses. After Dungeon breaks through, all the rest of the money will be paid.

     This day is really a wonderful time.This day was the first time Upward Ho played the Gold Group, and all the members were very excited. According to what Remote Depths knows about these players, many of them are not very happy in reality. Now if they can get another salary in the game, they will be very satisfied. So when Remote Depths told everyone that the price of Gold Group has soared to 600,000, as long as it can be broken through, excluding the preliminary preparation costs, and the operating costs of Guild, everyone can get five thousand gold, everyone I was so excited.

     According to the current gold price, it is about 1:5, that is, five thousand gold is equivalent to 1,000 real coins. Although at this time, the monthly income per capita has already exceeded 10,000, it only takes a few hours to make a Dungeon 1,000 yuan, but it's much easier than going to work, and it makes a lot of money. So everyone figure. to rub one's fists and wipe one's palms, suffocating one's breath and waiting to show their fists.

     This day is also a wonderful day for Tang Dynasty.Except for the first time they played Clearance Dungeon, they didn't know if it was luck or cooperation. Actually, the whole team got stuck in the No. 3 BOSS. After trying it many times in a row, they didn't see it. It was very stressful. Coupled with seeing Upward Ho’s smooth Clearance several times, Dungeon took the First five two more times, it’s even more depressing, especially the day before, they and Wolf Clan were robbed of territory on the Blu-ray coast by childe ">You Qi soldiers assaulted and failed and After wiped over the floor, they disliked the Guild of Upward Ho.

     It's not an exaggeration to say that it is a thorn in the eye, but a thorn in the flesh.

     And now, this thorny thorn in the flesh actually opened the Gold Group when they were stuck with Dungeon. How could Tang Dynasty players not pour oil on the fire in their anxious hearts.

     Glistening Snow said bitterly on the Guild channel: "What the hell, a bunch of clowns, the guild leader will only make money, and the deputy guild leader will only sneak and kill women. I really want to see this bunch of rubbish kneeling on the ground and begging us. Look like"Every Guild will have several female players who are in the limelight, such as Steel Blooded Battle Spear's Peacock Blue, such as Tang Dynasty's Glistening Snow. Since she joined Tang Dynasty very early, she is considered to be the main Cleric, and she also posted her photo on the Guild forum, which is quite charming, so in Guild of Tang Dynasty, it belongs to the reception management, almost every Everyone who came to Tang Dynasty's voice system had heard her beautiful voice, which gave her a high reputation among players.

     Although online games have been popular for many days now, female players are increasing day by day, and there will never be a situation where female players are more precious than real money. However, female players are still popular, as long as they are slightly beautiful, behind them There will be so few supporters, true or false.

     Not to mention that in the game like Glistening Snow, among the prestigious female players in Guild, there are still many young and passionate teenagers who are angry at her for the rise of her male hormones.Therefore, after Glistening Snow's words, several youngsters from Tang Dynasty really went to the gate of Dungeon, the back city of the cold ruins, saw the people of Upward Ho, raised their hands and killed them. At this time, the Upward Ho players gathered at the gate of Dungeon were all elites in Guild. Not only did they cooperate well, they were also well equipped, so the baffling was attacked, so naturally they couldn't give up, shouting to ask what was going on, and fighting back at the same time.

     Speaking of it, I’m dumbfounded, and my mouth is cheap. If you say you’re hitting it, you’ll hit it, and it will flash after you hit it. Can anyone still chase you? But these few have to reply: "It's your Upward Ho's rubbish."

     Who wants to be called rubbish? Probably no one wants to.

     When they said that, the members of Upward Ho who were only planning to play were also on fire. They were all stunned by the number of people and their equipment.How can these stunners stop here? Immediately added this matter in Guild and said something about it. Suddenly, the old and new hatreds of yesterday and today in Guild were involved in everything, and the group was so excited that they could not wait to go up and wipe out all the people in Upward Ho. At this time, Black Night White Day is not there, and the person in charge is Yu Wandering Cloud. Although he was still afraid of the consequences childe ">you said it secretly, but at this moment, it is impossible for him to press it down because of his selfishness. , He knows, if he pushes this down now, I'm afraid it will be difficult to explain to anyone.

     I had to privately asked a dead player childe if he was present. After learning that he was not present, he rushed to the cold ruins and blocked the city with a large group of people.

     But the time is a bit unfortunate. When they arrived, Upward Ho, who had won the victory, had already taken the boss into Dungeon, and it took only a few hours to enter Dungeon. Tang Dynasty rushed to the door of Dungeon, how could he let it go, then scattered around, and all the players who saw Upward Ho on this map were killed.This is probably the most worrying Dungeon under Remote Depths. Here they are playing the Gold Group in Dungeon, and over there, Tang Dynasty is killing his own Guild people, regardless of the size of the big or small, which makes him really annoyed. Finally, he issued an order: everyone should stay in Guild's resident, don't level up, and don't come out to do Quest, and everything will wait until the elite group comes out of Dungeon.

     At this time, all the Upward Ho members in Dungeon were holding a sigh of relief. What is this all about? All of them knew that they would go out to fight a bloody battle, but there was no stage fright, and even many of them couldn't help it anymore. Therefore, this time Dungeon was surprisingly smooth, and the boss XXX was so happy that he couldn’t even close his mouth. Although the three bosses only released his two pieces of equipment after being brought down, he decided with Remote Depths to continue to use this for the next day. Even the deposit for the next day was paid.

     The people of Upward Ho didn't get entangled in Dungeon because of something in their hearts, leaving only XXX to slowly gather equipment behind, and then collectively out of Dungeon.

     Sure enough, someone outside Dungeon was waiting, only to see someone coming out, and immediately all kinds of skills were thrown on it and bombarded indiscriminately. Although Upward Ho each poured a bottle of primary stealth potion, there were still a few blood-thin professionals who died on the spot.

     The melee started.Although there are not many elites in Upward Ho, there are definitely a lot of them. Because of the wonderful performance in the dragon dance conference and the existence of childe ">you, the number of people who have joined Upward Ho Guild has already exceeded a thousand. Excluding the Life Player of more than 100 people, Upward Ho can now pull it out. Fighting power is also in the early thousandths.

     As soon as Remote Depths came out of Dungeon, while the leader's current team was entangled with the few players left behind by Upward Ho, he immediately called all the players left behind by Upward Ho to come over.

     In fact, people who play games, as long as they choose a combat career, they have more or less belligerent factors in their hearts. As soon as they hear someone bullying their Guild, they immediately respond to the call and rush over.

     There was not much difference in the beginning of the melee. Anyway, this kind of group battle is more viable than anyone else, because both sides have opened the slaughter state, so the limit of death in this state is ten drops. However, equipment will still drop randomly.

     This kind of death change was just rolled out in the Spring Festival patch, just to mobilize the interaction of the players, but to avoid the fears of trouble in the rear for the fighting between the players, the number of people fighting has increased greatly.There is no permanent battle, and no Guild is willing to throw money for a meaningless battle, especially Guild like Tang Dynasty, who only went through a war yesterday, is even more reluctant to waste Stamina at this time.

     At this moment, the turning point of the entire battle seemed to have come.

     A large area of blizzard drop from the sky hit the members of Upward Ho, and a large area of red damage suddenly appeared... (to be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to vote for recommendation and monthly pass. , Your support is my greatest motivation.)

     Chapter 29 This Day

     Chapter 29 This Day