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Chapter Directory 133 Chapter 31 Retreat
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 31 Retreat

     "No more trouble, I can handle this by myself." Ye Ci not a word or movement looked at Black Night White Day and answered Sir Ditty ">.

     Sir Ditty ">I always felt that something was wrong, so I still said, “I think it’s always a bit unethical if I don’t show up on this matter. The Tang Dynasty troubles you. It must have something to do with yesterday. "

     "I will trouble you if I have something in the future. For today's matter, we should take care of it by Upward Ho." Ye Ci knows Sir Ditty ">I am eager to consolidate the relationship between herself and Wolf Clan, but she really doesn’t want to do things today. They intervened.

     "Well, if you can't handle it, I will immediately call me, I will let the elite troops be on standby in the city." Sir Ditty ">Seeing that Ye Ci's idea has been decided, it is hard to say more, so I have to agree with her. .

     As soon as Sir Ditty ">'s voice fell off, Flawless Reflection and GoodOl'Days sent another secret message over there, saying that they were coming to help, but Ye Ci politely refused. In fact, she has been there since she met Yu Wandering Cloud again I already know that the conflict between her and Tang Dynasty is inevitable. Even if she can let go of some things, it is estimated that some people can't let go. Therefore, today's confrontation is bound to occur, but she did not expect this. The situation emerged so early.After all, the current Upward Ho is really a small Guild that cannot be smaller. It is really vulnerable. Now it is struck a stone with egg to the Tang Dynasty.

     But she doesn't want to cause trouble, it doesn't mean that she is afraid of it. Since this matter happened today, she wants to solve it completely.

     After making up his mind, Ye Ci smiled at the opposite Black Night White Day: "It's really quick to talk about it, the black guild leader, we meet again."

     "No, this Eastern Continent is big and not big, but small but definitely not small. We are really fate and can meet every day." Although Black Night White Day was suppressed by Ye Ci's attack A lot of arrogance, but, after all, they are the big Guilds and their follow-up ability is very strong. Even if Ye Ci is tough, he is just a person now. As long as Wolf Clan doesn't come, he really doesn't have to be afraid of her.

     "Fate?" Ye Ci snorted, and then turned into a secret phrase: "Do you think this is fate? I don't think so."

     Black Night White Day paused slightly. Naturally, he heard something in Ye Ci's words. However, he did not a word or movement and pretended not to understand: "Oh, what do you mean, I don't quite understand."

     "Yesterday, I didn't intend to help anyone. It's just that some of you Guild did a little bully intolerably." Ye Ci didn't want to go around with him, so he straightened out the words.Black Night White Day didn’t answer right away, just thinking carefully about the situation. At that time, the childe ">you riding her dinosaur really rushed past from the side, but it didn’t look like anything in terms of direction or speed. Helper, but pass by skillfully. But why did she turn around later?

     After thinking for a while, he suddenly remembered the situation at that time, and a person's name jumped into his mind-Glistening Snow.

     Glistening Snow has some princess sickness, and he himself knows about it, but it is generally limited to his own Guild. It seems that there has not been any rude or even such presumptuous behavior in dealing with other Guild's people and things. Why did she target Ye at the time? What about Ci? Also, what is the beginning of today's events?

     After thinking for a while, he hummed and agreed to Ye Ci a few times, and immediately called Guild's confidant to ask about the cause of today's incident. When he knew the rise and fall of the terrain, he became more and more weird. What kind of holiday is this Glistening Snow and childe ">you have, and actually twice then three times grabbed her?

     However, in any case, Glistening Snow is his own, childe ">you is an outsider, so when Black Night White Day speaks, he is naturally close to each other.

     "Childe">, you are a great god, Xueguang is not a little Cleric, and the operation is poor, why do you push everything on a little woman? ""is it?". Ye Ci sneered a few times: "I think the black guild leader wants me to settle accounts. It's better to go and sort out your own Guild's bad debts first." Then she turned her gaze to the one following Black Night White Day. She definitely recognizes the beautiful female Cleric, that woman. This is the woman entangled between Black Night White Day and Yu Wandering Cloud-all the way to the evening.

     Although Ye Ci doesn't want to take care of other people's private affairs, but in the current situation where the enemy is strong and we are weak, it seems that this kind of thing is not enough to make a fuss.

     Thinking of this, she cocked the corners of her mouth again and showed a sneer: "Also... you'd better pay attention to whether your backyard is on fire, or whether your backyard is blooming on the wall when you are charging forward. Fragrant outside the wall."

     Speaking of this step, it’s almost clear. It’s impossible not to hear Black Night White Day. His face changed abruptly, and he turned to look at the light evening Xiangwan who was following him. The latter was slightly startled and watched. Looking at the blue face of Black Night White Day, he asked in a little panic, "What's the matter?"

     Black Night White Day took a breath and immediately turned to look at Ye Ci with a sneer: "Do you think that if you say so, I will believe it if you are so provocative? It's too ridiculous."Ye Ci was not angry, expecting that he would say this, thinking that today's things will not pass so easily, she has even done it, and she is planning to ask Sir Ditty ">to help. "without wind there cannot be waves. You and I were only strangers until yesterday. "

     "The guild leader stepped on Upward Ho's corpse"

     The members of Tang Dynasty saw that Black Night White Day and Ye Ci had been talking in secret words for a long time, and they were already anxious. They followed Black Night White Day and waved their hands and shouted nonstop.

     Black Night White Day narrowed his eyes and couldn't make up his mind. He is in a state of confusion now. If Ye Ci’s words did not bring him any levelling, it would be a fake. Ye Ci’s determination made his confidence that he had been building up like an earthquake, suddenly adding a huge one. Crack, he didn't know whether the crack behind it was repaired as new or collapsed.

     This kind of chaos made him lose his usual prudence in making decisions.

     "Black big guild leader, to keep others a way out is to keep a way out for yourself. You are so desperate now, who are you having hatred with?" Ye Ci put on a fake smile, although the expression on Gujing is not waved, but the mood is already nervous To the extreme. If Black Night White Day insists a little at this time, I am afraid I will explain it here.Black Night White Day not only couldn't make a decision in his heart, he looked at Ye Ci's weird smile, and even thought that Wolf Clan's troop increase was coming soon. After thinking about it, he raised his hand and said in a bit of embarrassment: "Retreat. "

     "Guild leader"


     Chapter 31 Retreat

     Chapter 31 Retreat