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Chapter Directory 137 Chapter 35—Damn Relationship
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 35—Damn Interpersonal Relations

     Chapter 35—Damn Interpersonal Relations

     Ye Ci didn't release Liu Chang's arm until she got out of the restaurant. She patted her shoulder: "Liu Chang, you can go home by yourself, right?"

     Liu Chang seems to be out of the state now. After hearing Ye Ci's words, he didn't recover for a long time. He waited until Ye Ci smiled helplessly at her and said, "Then I'm leaving first." This reacted. He grabbed Ye Ci's arm and said eagerly: "Xiao ci, didn't you steal the warehouse?"

     Ye Ci sighed for a long time and looked at Liu Chang and said, "Although I play the game well, I am not a god who goes up to heaven or down to Hades. Do you know how the warehouse steals?".

     Liu Chang shook his head.

     "I don't know. Although I seem to be better than many people, Liu Chang, you should know that I am actually just an ordinary player." Ye Ci smiled bitterly: "Of course, if you believe me, I too There is no way."

     "No, I didn't believe you." Liu Chang heard Ye Ci say this, and then he relieved: "I'm just worried about you. If you really stole it, Thousand Sunsets is annoying, but It can't be done easily.""I know this too, so he scolded me like that on the forum, didn't I say anything?". Ye Ci squinted his eyes, and then said, "The first is for Dong Yin and Yi Cang to be a good person. Second, of course, it is not to offend. He must be very hateful when I quit the meeting. If I quarrel with him again on the pole, I Don't you know if you can find it for yourself?".

     Liu Chang saw that Ye Ci was justified and believed her completely. I just sighed: "Hey, I don't know what Dong Yin and Yi Cang think, is there water in their minds, how can they get entangled with this man and still make you..."

     Ye Ci shook his head and smiled, looking helpless. "Everyone has their own choice, don't be harsh on them anymore."

     Liu Chang bit his lip for a long time before saying, "You, I'm still too soft."

     The two exchanged greetings for a while, and each took a bus and went home.

     The bus on Ye Ci was very crowded. She found a place by the window. She just sat down and saw Thousand Sunsets and the four of them came out of the restaurant, standing at the door and didn't know what to say. There was a chill on her lips, wondering if they would believe their rhetoric?

     I will.

     It’s best to believe it, even if you don’t believe it, don’t act blindly without thinking. You know she is really... vulnerable now.The bus started. Ye Ci retracted his gaze and squinted his eyes, so that the coolness on the corners of his lips was finally gone. When I returned home, the family had finished eating. My parents went out for a walk. Only three people were left in the house. Tan Polang was still a child, and he kept pestering Ye Ci to ask her what was delicious.

     Ye Ci sighed a long sigh, half-joking half-seriously and said, "I'm going to eat the decapitation meal."

     "What?" Bai Mo and Tan Polang thought she was joking, but they weren't all jokes when they saw her, they couldn't help getting serious, and both leaned in front of her and asked clearly: "What do you mean?"

     Ye Ci didn't conceal them, and told two people what happened today, and they both became worried. Bai Mo curled his eyebrows and looked at her: "Why don't you call me">? "

     "Call you">What do you do? "

     "Being a bodyguard? It's okay even to fill the front."

     Ye Ci smiled and waved his hand: "Okay, am I not safe to come back now? I didn't plan to tell you about this matter today, but because you know the rise and fall of the terrain of the whole thing, I too I can't hide it from you. Be careful for some time in the future, but don't show your feet.""Know" the two people naturally knew the importance of this matter, and they nodded their heads and agreed.

     The days passed by, and the day when the three of them started school was getting closer and closer. The game warehouse that Ye Ci bought for Tan Polang was finally able to enter the house after Ye Nantian and Zuo Xiaolan's amnesty, which made Tan Polang so happy that he almost jumped up and sang. But school will start in a few days, and for him, who is restricted from playing games at any time, he still feels really sad.

     These days, I live very peacefully, and it feels a bit abnormal. There is a kind of ambivalence in Ye Ci's heart. On the one hand, she is expecting something to happen, and on the other hand, she hopes to keep calm like this and not to happen.

     Finally, the night before she left home to go back to school, her phone ">rang.

     The number reflected on the phone is Dong Yin's. Ye Ci looked at the flashing screen of the phone, and shook his mind for a while, even after it stopped. But Dong Yin seemed to be persistent, and soon came back, without stopping to sleep or have a rest. In the end, Zuo Xiaolan, who was sitting in the living room, couldn't listen anymore. She yelled: "Ye Ci, what are you doing? Your phone has been ringing for half an hour. Will you answer or shut down if you don't answer"Ye Ci came back to her senses after being yelled at by her mother. She couldn't help but mumble, this is so exaggerated, this phone ">Where did it ring for half an hour, at most two or three times. Although she mumbled, she still sighed and answered the call." >.

     Probably Dong Yin didn't expect that Ye Ci would answer the phone.” When she heard Ye Ci's voice from the opposite microphone, she was stunned.

     "Hello?" When Ye Ci saw that the other party had nothing to say, he increased his voice a little, reminding the other party that he had already answered the call.

     "Hey, hey." Dong Yin also seemed to come back to his senses, her voice seemed a little flustered: "I am and I am."

     "What's the matter?" Ye Ci felt that there seemed to be nothing to tell Dong Yin right now, so he simply opened the door and see the mountain.

     "No, nothing."

     Hearing Dong Yin's weak voice, Ye Ci's lips showed a hint of mockery: "Are you here to ask me if I can tell Thousand Sunsets the address of my home? If this is the case, there is no need, you make your own decision."

     "No, no." Dong Yin heard Ye Ci denying this, she sniffed and looked very anxious: "Really not, Ye Ci, listen to me, he didn't want to ask."

     Ye Ci snorted and said beautifully."I, I just called today"> I'm sorry to tell you. "

     "Oh?" Ye Ci narrowed his eyes.

     "I didn't think about the meal that day..."

     "Well, Dong Yin, there are not so many right and wrong between us. I don't blame you, really, just... don't call "> anymore, it’s not good for your relationship with him. "

     "Xiao ci..."



     Listening to Dong Yin’s weak and explosive voice, Ye Ci was really out of anger. She frowned: “Then hang up.” After that, she just threw the phone on the bed and turned her face. Buried in the quilt.

     Really annoying

     The most annoying thing in the world is dealing with this damn messy interpersonal relationship

     Chapter 35—Damn Interpersonal Relations

     Chapter 35—Damn Interpersonal Relations