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Chapter Directory 138 Chapter 36 Ends Here
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 36 Ends Here

     Chapter 36 Ends Here

     Things seemed to calm down completely. Dong Yin and Yi Cang seemed to have never existed before, they were completely separated from Ye Ci's life and life. Even in Liu Chang's mouth, Ye Ci never heard anything about them again.

     Perhaps is an ostrich, perhaps is simply let go, the emotions of the past ten years, the entanglement between before and after rebirth, seem to have all been let go these days.

     It turns out that if you really don't want to know, even in such a complicated game, she can still ask nothing or know. The days flowed like sand between fingers, and the school day finally arrived.

     As early as the day before, Ye Ci and Bai Mo had put the game warehouse back in their rented house. After dinner that day, both of them went back.

     Bai Mo didn't know where he got a bicycle. He parked downstairs, patted the back seat and smiled, "Dare to sit?"

     Ye Ci looked up and down Bai Mo, wrinkled his nose and smiled: "Hey, you won't be caught by the traffic police."

     "I have explored the route. There will never be a traffic policeman." Bai Mo straddled the car, and his handsome face showed her a bright smile like this sunset: "How about, are you willing to give me a knight? ".Ye Ci laughed, jumped up and sat in his back seat, "I'm a fake princess, so you can count as a fake knight."

     The sun sets in the west, burning the whole earth like a fire. Ye Ci leaned against Bai Mo's back and looked at the receding scenery, which seemed to burn out under the fire-like scenery. She hummed an untuned song and completely relaxed her body and mind. To be honest, this was the most relaxing moment for her since she was reborn.

     "Ye Ci." The wind followed the soft hair along Bai Mo's forehead, bringing a trace of coolness in this cold spring day. His voice was not loud, but it spread to Ye Ci's ear along the wind.

     "What?" Ye Ci's voice was lazy. She leaned on Bai Mo's back and squinted her eyes comfortably, even the answer seemed a little casual.

     "Is the Steel Blooded Battle Spear thing over?". Bai Mo's voice is very soft, and it seems that it is almost inaudible. Such a voice is easily blown away in the wind, but Ye Ci still caught some details.

     She didn't answer, she just sat quietly behind the bicycle, shaking her legs with nothing to do, and didn't seem to be anxious to answer this question.

     And Bai Mo didn't seem to have said it before, never mentioning it again, the two of them kept maintaining this posture and ran towards the school.I don't know how long it was silent before Ye Ci slowly said, "Who knows, as long as Thousand Sunsets doesn't come to me, it should be over."

     "Then, what about Dong Yin?"

     Although Bai Mo is not very familiar with Dong Yin, they do know each other. After all, the four of them are children. Bai Mo, who often wandered at his aunt's house when he was a child, had met them in some way, but he was just a nodding acquaintance. However, he knew about Ye Ci’s relationship with them. It’s not an exaggeration to say that they are like brothers and sisters. Regarding the Steel Blooded Battle Spear, Bai Mo is not worried about Ye Ci’s handling of it. She grew up. He is very opinionated, and he believes that Ye Ci will handle this matter very well.

     However, when it comes to Dong Yin and the whole group, Bai Mo is unavoidably worried. Even if Ye Ci is calm and assertive, he is still only a 19-year-old girl. The relationship between humanity is actually the most difficult to deal with. In particular, the relationship between everyone used to be so good.

     "Probably that's it." Ye Ci sighed a little. She squinted her eyes and looked at the sun that was gradually sinking, and she was still a little emotional in her heart. Although she was indifferent, although she did not speak much, although she was more willing to count the benefits after rebirth, all of these did not represent her. For those people who used to have no feelings for those things.In fact, on the contrary, it was precisely because of the rebirth, it was precisely because these people and things were so precious to her that she lost sth and then regain it, and now it is especially difficult to give up her again.

     However, sometimes things are not all in her grasp. In other words, in fact, from beginning to end, nothing is in her hands.

     "They can't separate life from games, and I can't separate them too much. If that's the case, let's stop here."

     Bai Mo just smiled bitterly and stopped talking.

     This is how life is, after all, it takes something to experience to become more different.

     Just as dull as life is the game.

     Rao is a person like Ye Ci, and he is not world-shaking every day in the game. After discovering Booty Bay, Eastern Continent was really lively, and she also handed over Fini's Quest. I just don’t know if it’s because she didn’t have a high degree of completion for completing the Quest or it was too late to hand in the Quest. Actually, the rewards for Quest are very average. This is quite different from Ye Ci's imagined rewards.

     However, Ye Ci didn't complain because of this. Anyway, for her, since she can start again, everything is lucky.Upward Ho opened the Gold Group with a steady flow after the first successful experience of opening the Gold Group. However, within one month, the entire Guild’s funds have grown several times, so I am happy that Timely Rain, a financial person You can't close your mouth from ear to ear anywhere.

     And Steel Blooded Battle Spear seems to have disappeared from Ye Ci's vision. Although they have been working hard, and occasionally they can see their names in the world, but these are not worthy of attention to Ye Ci. . Tang Dynasty, on the contrary, disappeared without trace after that war. No, it can only be said that it disappeared without trace where Upward Ho appeared, as if the entire Eastern Continent had never seen them.

     In fact, they have been there all the time, but Ye Ci didn't understand why they suddenly fell silent after that battle.

     The days would have been calm forever, but Ye Ci suddenly received a secret message on this day. It's from Fluttering Red Feather.

     "Hey, childe ">you, long time no see. "

     Sure enough, it has been a long time.

     After all, they are not from the same continent. Ye Ci thought that the next meeting would be at least a long time later, but he didn't expect this guy to appear in front of him again so quickly.

     "Oh? Why do you remember to say hello to me?""Childe ">, how unkind you are. Fluttering Red Feather chuckled for a few times, then chatted with her, talk about this and that for a while, and finally he said: "childe ">, actually, I want to ask you for a favor."

     Chapter 36 Ends Here

     Chapter 36 Ends Here