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Chapter Directory 139 Billis Cave
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 37—Billis Cave

     Chapter 37—Billis Cave

     Ye Ci raised his eyebrows slightly when he heard the words of Fluttering Red Feather. Black Plum Guild is considered to be the top ranked Guild in Southern Continent. She couldn't think of why such a Guild leader from Guild would ask her for help.

     There is no denying that she is a little curious.

     However, Ye Ci knows better that sometimes some curiosity is not allowed in the end, otherwise, I don't know how to die.

     She thought for a while, and felt that it would not be good if she refused rashly. At least she also needs to know what the other party wants her to help and then think about responding: "Tell me first, why are you so busy?"

     "Mobei City, Tattered Horn Tavern, I'll wait for you." Fluttering Red Feather thought for a while, but only reported a place name, but he still emphasized: "I look forward to your arrival, hope... you will definitely come. "

     After speaking, he seemed to be afraid of Ye Ci's negative opinions, and immediately hung up the message, so that Ye Ci didn't even have time to speak.

     After thinking for a while, Ye Ci finally decided to go to Mobei City. First, she really has nothing to do now. Second, her damn curiosity was aroused by Fluttering Red Feather. Third, she felt that if she was alone, it would be easy to encounter dangerous things. Escaped.Based on the above..., Ye Ci's trip to Mobei City will soon take place.

     Mobei City is located on the northernmost part of the Hughes Desert on a map of the southern continent closest to Eastern Continent. If you don’t have a teleportation point to get there from Eastern Continent, it is a little troublesome. Fortunately, Ye Ci opened the teleportation point for the main city of the southern continent when he came to the southern continent last time. This time you can go directly from the main city. Going to Mobei City, it will not take long to arrive.

     The Hughes Desert is a level 30 to 40 leveling map, which is about the same level as the Blu-ray Coast. Therefore, most of the people leveling here now are based on Guild and the team. Not wanting to be too ostentatious, Ye Ci just recruited the little red horse and marched all the way towards Mobei City. There are people at every refresh point along the way, and it seems to be very lively.

     Since in the wild is so lively, Mobei City is naturally not too deserted. Ye Ci entered Mobei City and found that although the city is very small, the sparrows are small and well-equipped. The most inconceivable thing is that this small border town is also busy with filming. Of course, it is not as big as an auction house in a big city, so the scenery, even the auctioneer has only one, standing on top of a mound, but his side is surrounded by players, and it is very lively.Although Ye Ci is very familiar with the Fate game, there is still something unfamiliar. For example, Ye Ci can't remember where this tattered horn is. She went to and fro to find a soldier and asked him about it. Then she saw the sign on the map that the soldier had marked out about the tattered horn.

     Moving towards the sign, Ye Ci soon arrived in front of this inconspicuous two-story building.

     There is a mailbox in front of the building, and on the door there is an old signboard with a vague wine glass pattern. If you don't look for it carefully, it must be difficult to find.

     Walking into the tavern, it was really crowded and extremely lively.

     There is no essential difference between the players on the four continents, even the races are the same. So when Ye Ci, the elf hunter walked into the tavern, it didn't attract anyone's attention. She looked around and didn't find Fluttering Red Feather, so she sent him a message.Soon, Fluttering Red Feather rushed out from a corner. He stood in front of Ye Ci. His tall body was wrapped in delicate mail, and his back was carrying a huge two-handed axe. He looked like a powerful big guy. He patted Ye Ci on the shoulder enthusiastically: "childe ">Ah, I really didn’t expect you to come here so soon, come here quickly, I will ask you to eat special snacks from Mobei City.”

     He enthusiastically dragged Ye Ci to the corner, where there was a big wooden table, no one else. The two were seated, and Fluttering Red Feather really gave Ye Ci a charcoal grilled eagle meat, a specialty food of Mobei City.

     He didn't talk about it, and Ye Ci would naturally not take the initiative to ask. It is a bit wrong for her to take the initiative to come here. If she asks now, doesn't it make Fluttering Red Feather feel that she is very concerned about this matter?

     Fluttering Red Feather doesn’t have as many twists and turns as Ye Ci. After chatting with Ye Ci for a while, he directly expressed his thoughts: "childe ">, I invite you to come this time. Please help. "

     "What's busy?"

     "We Guild wanted to enter the Billis Cave, but we had a little trouble."

     Ye Ci looked up at Fluttering Red Feather without speaking. As soon as he spoke, Ye Ci basically knew what he was up to.Bilis Cave is a very wonderful Dungeon, named Anti-Dungeon, which is similar to the battlefield, but it is not the same. This Dungeon can only enter once per week, and when someone enters the Southern Continent, another team on the Western Northern Continent is bound to enter.

     The two Guilds who enter the Dungeon will each go through some adventures and come to the final boss, but before the final boss, the two sides will definitely experience a bloody battle. After 5 minutes of the team PK, a flag will appear in front of the BOSS, and only the team that carries the flag has the right to challenge the final BOSS. But there is an important point after carrying the flag, that is, within five minutes, if the team that did not carry the flag can not be eliminated, or individual members of this team can leave Dungeon, then the opponent carrying the flag will also be considered a failure. .

     The Black Plum Guild encountered a small problem.

     Joining them into the Billis Cave was a famous Guild from Northern Continent. In fact, the strength of the two Guilds is similar. If they are defeated, no one can take advantage.

     However, no one can take advantage of this Dungeon, but it is the biggest problem.First of all, the timing of the two Guilds carrying the flags is similar, and no one has the upper hand, and the other five-minute node, the strength of the two sides is also equal, anyway, basically will not let the other party succeed within five minutes.

     Originally, Fluttering Red Feather thought that as long as it was properly handled, it would be a matter of time for the opponent to lay down, but didn’t want to. This world-renowned shameless hired foreign aid and pressed Black Plum Guild for two consecutive weeks. If not for Fluttering Red Feather at the beginning Saved one hand, and told a Rogue not to enter the battle. When he found that the situation was unfavorable, he would leave Dungeon and return to the city. It is estimated that the Bilis Cave has been taken by the opponent.

     Therefore, Fluttering Red Feather also wanted to find a foreign aid, and found Ye Ci.

     Ye Ci didn't answer immediately after listening to Fluttering Red Feather. He just smiled: "I don't seem to be outstanding. Now there are a lot of master players, why just come to me?"

     Fluttering Red Feather sighed long: "This is because of the other party's foreign aid."

     "What kind of foreign aid?"

     "Also a hunter."

     Ye Ci suddenly became nervous: "Who?"

     "You played against each other." Fluttering Red Feather sighed again: "Fleeting Time."

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     In addition, because my body reacted very badly, and almost no water had entered recently, the doctor ordered me to rest for a while, so starting from tomorrow, the hunter will stop for a while. When the reaction period has passed, my health will be restored and renewed immediately.

     Please forgive me.

     Chapter 37—Billis Cave

     Chapter 37—Billis Cave