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Chapter Directory 140 Enemies
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 38 The Enemy

     Chapter 38 The Enemy

     Ye Ci was stunned when she heard the name at first, then narrowed her eyes slightly and did something she might not be able to do. A little unsure, he asked again: "Who are you talking about?"

     "Fleeting Time." Fluttering Red Feather doesn't really know Ye Ci. Their meeting is a bit accidental, and there is no conflict of interest between the two parties, plus the personality is fairly right, so they get along well. However, Fluttering Red Feather knows very little about the various habits of Ye Ci.

     So, under Ye Ci's rhetorical question, Fluttering Red Feather repeated it again without doubt.

     In Fate’s game, it’s impossible to have the problem of duplicate accounts. In fact, there is no such problem in any game. So after Ye Ci heard the words of Fluttering Red Feather, he caught his eyes. Did not speak any more.

     And Fluttering Red Feather didn’t know what Ye Ci was thinking about in her mind, and what she was thinking about, but thought she was afraid of trouble and didn’t intend to help herself, so she had to get off one's high horse and continued to beg her softly: "childe ' > Actually, I know that my request is a bit unreasonable. You are not one of our Guild, but you have your own Guild, and your Guild seems to be catching up. Now I can’t justify your troubles because of your own Guild’s personal affairs, but, I really can't help it."When Ye Ci heard Fluttering Red Feather say this, he didn't immediately express his attitude. He just narrowed his eyes to look at him again, and waited for him to continue speaking quietly.

     "Our Guild is also regarded as a big Guild reckoned to be first or second best in the southern continent, but not many First Kills won. Although this does not have much impact on the development of our entire Guild, people live in this world. It is inevitable that I have to pay attention to some outside comments, and I don’t want Guild to be too difficult to do in the southern continent. This time, Dungeon, I thought it would be easy to pass, after all, the strength of the famous world is comparable to ours The difference is that I didn’t even know that they would actually ask for foreign aid.”

     Speaking of this, Fluttering Red Feather sighed deeply and looked at Ye Ci again, hoping to find some different expressions on her calm face, but he was a little disappointed. On Ye Ci's face, there seemed to be no extra emotion, "Moreover, I didn't even expect that they would hire foreign aid to be Fleeting Time."In fact, when Fluttering Red Feather talked about this, Ye Ci could already understand the rise and fall of the terrain. Fleeting Time Although the operation is very fucking awesome, even better than himself, but he is a more low-key person than himself. He was so low-key that he never made his head, so few people knew that he was an extremely powerful hunter, and no one would have thought that this person was a character called "Hunter God" in the previous life.

     Maybe he can be so scrupulous by Fluttering Red Feather. In addition to the fact that they have already played against each other, more importantly, he played against him at the New Year event.

     Although Ye Ci herself is very indifferent to fame and fortune now, her so many First Kill experience still made her very famous in Eastern Continent and even the entire game. As for the guy who can make her, who can basically be regarded as a model of hunter operation, can barely tie her hands, she instantly becomes the new man (or woman) of the moment in the game.

     Whether the two people like it or not, after that battle, the names of Childe'>You and Fleeting Time were established by popular usage by all players. A relationship-a former enemy.

     It's no wonder that after Fluttering Red Feather found out that the famous player he played against had invited Fleeting Time, he immediately found himself to help.Looking at the eager and helpless face of Fluttering Red Feather, Ye Ci has her own plans. Although she has always hoped to beat Fleeting Time, after the last duel, she does not think that she can easily defeat this low-key and powerful opponent with her current strength. What's more, the last time was just a friendly duel, and this time But it is the actual combat of the two camps.

     Not afraid of opponents like gods, but comrades like pigs.

     This is a famous saying that has been circulated throughout the ages in the online game industry, which shows that in online games, a perfect team is important to a player.

     Ye Ci has never worked with a guy from the Black Plum Guild before, let alone challenge an absolutely powerful opponent in the process of playing this game, so she hesitated. Ye Ci is not afraid of losing, but she dislikes losing of unknown causes. The cooperation with Black Plum Guild is equivalent to putting herself in such an environment of unknown causes, which makes her hesitate.

     Although Black Plum Guild may not want Ye Ci to be so unbearable, and even very powerful, Ye Ci has always been a person who likes to make the worst plans, because only in this way can you cope with all the things you are about to encounter. .

     Is it going or not?Ye Ci leaned on the back of the chair, quietly looking at Fluttering Red Feather, watching his lips open and close up and down, but didn't listen to what he was talking about, just immersed in his own thinking. After pondering for a while, she felt that she didn't want to give up this opportunity in her heart.

     So she spoke slowly.

     "You can go, but..." After Ye Ci agreed to go to Dungeon, Fluttering Red Feather's expression swept away from the melancholy just now and became very excited, but Ye Ci's next turning point made his heart shake slightly. Asked quickly.

     "but what."

     "However, I just want to fight against Fleeting Time. Whether you can get the First Kill...I can't guarantee." Ye Ci thinks it is better not to take complete charge for things, and to be more cautious in doing things.

     Although this answer is still a certain distance from the expectations of Fluttering Red Feather, he is still very happy. After all, as long as childe'> promises him to play, it is equivalent to telling him that the Flying Time is restrained, as long as their own team can be more coordinated. And radical, this Dungeon’s First Kill is equivalent to stretch a hand and grab it.

     "It's okay, childe'>, as long as you can help us contain the Flying Time, we can take care of other things by ourselves." Fluttering Red Feather's gaze showed a delighted expression.

     Ye Ci nodded.In fact, she felt that she was a little reluctant. She never felt how strong she was, and it was impossible to be distracted to help Fluttering Red Feather clean up other players when facing a strong enemy like Fleeting Time.

     Now that an agreement was reached, the two agreed on a time and place to drive Dungeon next time and said goodbye.

     Out of the tavern and along the lively street, Ye Ci stopped after walking out of the city.

     In the distance, it is the time when the morning sun rises.

     I saw a fire-like red sun slowly rising from below the horizon, and the warm light spread on the body, dispelling the cold of the cold night, and a kind of warmth oozing from the bone crawled out, letting The whole person becomes relaxed.

     Ye Ci narrowed his eyes and looked at the red sun, but his heart started to jump for joy.

     Fleeting Time, Fleeting Time

     Do you know, I can challenge you again

     This time, I want to defeat you

     The time to play Dungeon is four days after real time. It happened to be Friday. After class, Ye Ci and Bai Mo went home early by bus.

     Because I came back too early, there was no one at home, only a bunch of snacks were placed on the coffee table. The two people who have nothing to do turned on the TV and used rude as manure machines in the living room.Not long after, the door was locked with a sound of [email protected]@, and then Tan Polang pushed in. He looked at the happy smiles of the two people, but when his eyes fell on the snack pocket of a table, he turned into gnashing one's teeth. Grief

     "Polang, are you back? Should it be potato chips?" Ye Ci raised a hand at Tan Polang, with only a few pockets left, and asked kindly.

     Tan Polang closed the door and rushed to two people. He reached out and grabbed the few snacks, yelling: "You two shameless guys, give me back my snacks."

     The two of them dodged calmly, vowing not to give up if they didn't finish their snacks.

     In the end, the two people finally leaned on the sofa and drank the tea that was perfectly contented, while Tan Polang squatted aside and cried silently with a pile of empty snack pockets, and cursed the two shameless robbers in circles by the way. .

     "This is my snack for a week. Auntie bought it for me at noon. I hate you two bitches," Tan Polang muttered, tears coming out of his eyes.

     However, the two adults didn't care about this kind of juvenile chirping, letting him cry.

     A piece of news suddenly flashed on the TV, attracting Ye Ci's attention."The annual international e-sports gold cup, the highest event of e-sports, will officially kick off today in my country's D city. Such a high-profile competition has attracted the attention and registration of many internationally renowned players at the beginning of registration. , And the number of contestants this year has reached an unprecedented scale, reaching 5000 people. However, according to the organizer, in this year’s contest, King, as a mysterious player who kept the event in China for five consecutive years, did not participate. It has also aroused the industry’s speculation about this year’s championship, and the players who have the most advantage to become the championship of this year are...

     "Wow, King didn't participate in the national competition (short for the International E-Sports Gold Cup) this year." Bai Mo sighed while holding his teacup: "It's a shame it is said that he is a rare god in China for decades. As for the first-level player, if he does not participate this year, I think the national competition next year may not necessarily be held in China."

     Ye Ci didn't take it seriously: "He has won the championship for five consecutive years, but I think it is a wise choice for him not to participate this year."

     "Why do you say that.""The current situation, but the young will be redoubtable in the years to come, talents are coming out in large numbers, and his game habits have long been studied. This year, if he participates in luck and wins the championship, it will be nothing more than a loss. ? And now to quit is the rapid retreat, what aura, reputation, status, everything is preserved. If I were him, I would not participate this year."

     "It's not wrong to say that." Bai Mo nodded.

     "Humking is not the kind of person you think" Tan Polang, who has not said a word, suddenly said.

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     Chapter 38 The Enemy

     Chapter 38 The Enemy