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    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 39 Folio

     Chapter 39 Folio

     After saying this, Tan Polang, a young underage student with grief and anger in his heart, took over and moved the cursed work space from the living room to his room.

     Ye Ci didn't mind, he laughed twice, and shouted at Tan Polang's room: "Do you still know this king according to what you mean?"

     Tan Polang did not answer immediately, but continued to mourn the sad fact that his snacks were digested by shameless people in the house.

     Ye Ci and Bai Mo didn't care, and continued to talk about gossip topics that had nothing to do with Fengyue. What you don't know is how to get involved in the game.

     Bai Mo said: "I have been opening the Gold Group recently. Guild has some small savings. When will we continue to progress?"

     Ye Ci said, "Don't worry, I have something to do in two days."

     Of course, Bai Mo has to continue to ask what is going on. For Ye Ci, a divine dragon who never sees the end, Bai Mo is somewhat curious about what she is up to all day long.

     Ye Ci naturally didn’t hide from Bai Mo. She told Bai Mo what she had agreed with Fluttering Red Feather. Bai Mo touched her chin while listening, and squinted at Ye Ci: "You actually I want to compete with Fleeting Time."Now that Bai Mo has seen through the essence of the matter, Ye Ci doesn't need to continue to hide anything. She chuckled twice, "It's really such a thing."

     Bai Mo sighed: "I think you are really arrogant. This kind of melee is comparable to the opponent's strength. It is easy to follow the opponent's path. If you lose something and experience, it is not worthwhile."

     Ye Ci did not speak.

     At this time, Tan Polang spoke. He didn't know when he came out of his house. He stood in the living room with his head tilted and listened to the two people talking. He looked at Ye Ci and said, "Sister Ye Ci, are you going to PK with Fleting Time?"

     Ye Ci smiled: "That's the idea, if he doesn't go that day, maybe."

     Tan Polang was not talking, just looking at Ye Ci without saying a word.

     At this time, Zuo Xiaolan and Ye Nantian went home one after another. The topic stopped there, and the cordial family time kicked off.

     The weekend had a great time. In a twinkling of an eye, Sunday afternoon, all three of them had to go back to school, so they went out together and stood at the bus stop. While waiting for the bus, Tan Polang thoughtlessly came up with a sentence: "King did not participate in the national competition this year not because of the rapid retreat, but because of other things."

     Ye Ci glanced at him and smiled: "Hey, you really are like knowing this great celebrity."Tan Polang's little temper came up, and he bit his neck and said: "I just know you how to know I don't."

     Bai Mo on one side laughed: "How did you meet him?"

     Tan Polang probably feels that this kind of thing is really not clear to a woman, and it is better to communicate with the same sex, so he turned to Bai Mo and said: "I used to play e-sports as a candidate for the national team. I met King. "

     This is the first time I heard Tan Polang talk about it. Let Ye Ci also have a different view of this little boy who was still playing Q in adolescence. He did not expect that he was selected for the national team of e-sports at a young age.

     "Then why not continue to be in the team?"

     These words seemed to poke Tan Polang’s wounds. The light in his dark eyes dimmed suddenly, and there was a faint ridicule on his lips: "Which one is the head to play a game, or to study seriously? Way out."

     Ye Ci thought for a while. It was estimated that this matter was related to the early death of his parents. He also felt a little unbearable, so he stopped mentioning this, and repeatedly changed the topic: "What kind of person is king?"

     Tan Polang is still a child, and I don’t know if he really doesn’t care, or he pretends to be relaxed, as if he was distracted by Ye Ci, and completely wiped out the faint sadness on his face, with some Laugh happily: "I think he is a nice person."Speaking of this, he said mysteriously: "In fact, I know the reason why he didn't participate in this edition of e-sports."

     Ye Ci said that he didn't have any curiosity about this matter, but Bai Mo on one side was different. He had played e-sports anyway, of course, the technology is really not very good. In his impression, King is definitely the great god among the great gods in the field of e-sports. How can you not know this kind of gossip about the great god? It must be known.


     "Because he also played Fate." Tan Polang said serene. He raised his eyes and saw that he was waiting for the car. Regardless of Bai Mo's continued questioning of King's name in the game, he jumped into the car and drove away.

     Although this made Bai Mo still urged his chest, it did not cause any adverse effects. After all, this matter is really irrelevant to the two people.

     Four days passed quickly, and Ye Ci had arrived at the place agreed with Fluttering Red Feather early in the morning, waiting at the gathering stone outside the Bilisi Cave.

     She came very punctually, and the people of the Black Plum Guild were also very punctual. As soon as her front foot arrived, the people of the Black Plum Guild on the back foot all arrived.

     Because Ye Ci helped them once, and what happened this time was that they wanted Ye Ci, everyone had a warm expression on their faces, and they were very affectionate.There was not much talk, and he went straight into the cave.

     There are a total of 5 BOSSs in the Billis Cave. However, it has two exits. One side leads to the southern continent and the other leads to the Northern Continent. The largest BOSS is in the middle. In other words, whether you come in from the southern continent or Coming in from Northern Continent, there are only three bosses you can knock down plus the final boss.

     This Dungeon Black Plum Guild has been here many times, but with familiarity you learn the trick, they can beat monsters very quickly. They soon came to the old one. Only halfway through the fight, Ye Ci heard the system prompt. Sounds in your ears: pay attention to players with Northern Continent entering Dungeon, you will meet soon, please be prepared for the battle.

     Ye Ci immediately opened the map. Sure enough, only half of the map could be seen just now, and now the other half can be seen. A bunch of bright red bright spots flashed at the entrance of the other half of the map, and then quickly moved along the map.

     Before Ye Ci could ask, Fluttering Red Feather had already left MYe Ci alone: "The famous entry has come." Then he paused, seeing that he wanted to talk and stopped, Ye Ci still kindly gave it to me. He went down a staircase: "What's the matter?"

     "Fleeting Time is definitely here this time, otherwise they wouldn't be able to clean monsters so fast."Ye Ci didn't say a word, smiled slightly, feeling Fluttering Red Feather, this is circling the bend and saying that he is paddling. She deeply reviewed her current bad behavior of paddling, and then followed up with the blame.

     All of a sudden, it immediately increased the speed of a lot of Black Plum Guild.

     Chapter 39 Folio

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