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Chapter Directory 142 Chapter 40 The Battle Begins
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 40 The Battle Begins

     Chapter 40 The Battle Begins

     The Dungeon of Billis Cave is a Dungeon from level 30 to 35. Although the difficulty is a bit high, it produces good things. In addition, the equipment of the Black Plum Guild is very good, so it is not difficult to fight. Lao Yi and Lao 2 were toppled smoothly, and several good things came out. Although one of the necklaces was good for Ye Ci, she didn't want it. After all, her main purpose for coming to Dungeon is to challenge Fleeting Time, and Ye Ci has always looked down on these equipment, plus, this kind of excessive product, her needs are not too high.

     "Childe ">, that necklace is really good, don’t you want it? ". Fluttering Red Feather was actually uncomfortable. He and childe ">you, when they first saw others, helped themselves. This time he spoke to childe ">you did not refute the face as promised. He originally thought if something happened. Anything Ye Ci can use must be given to her.

     This finally produced a necklace with agility and power attribute. He originally wanted to distribute it directly to Ye Ci, but he did not expect that childe ">you asked him not to want it before he did it. This led him to dispose of everything. After finishing all the divisions, I asked Ye Ci again about this necklace."No, you can use it for me. Give it to the people Guild needs." Ye Ci shook her head again. She knew that because of the fraud brooch, everyone saw her poorly equipped, which also led to the Fluttering Red Feather. Give her the necklace.

     It's just that she really didn't explain it clearly, so she refused him again and again.

     According to her personality, if it must be a good thing, she will definitely not refuse, but this kind of thing that is only a little better than the necklace on her body is nothing, anyway, there is no lack of such attributes, why bother to make everyone unhappy?

     Ye Ci's refusal made Fluttering Red Feather very embarrassed, but it surprised the other players of the Black Plum Guild. Although they didn't say anything, the look in Ye Ci's eyes was different. It's just that this change has never been within Ye Ci's focus, so she doesn't care much.

     After the equipment was divided, a group of people continued to Stealth, and soon came to Ol’ Three. Although Ye Ci stepped into this Dungeon for the first time in this life, he came often in the previous life. After all, this is a good place for reasonable killing. For PVP experts like her, the most favorite place to mix is this kind of PK Dungeon and the battlefield.

     In front of the final BOSS in Billis Cave, a group of people stopped.This kind of confrontation PK Dungeon will have this kind of trigger requirement in front of the final BOSS. That is, the BOSS must be triggered after the two teams have all stepped into the duel circle, and then wait for the BOSS to talk a lot of nonsense before seeing the iconic chess piece appear. And now when Black Plum Guild arrives here, the famous world has not reached the *Boss on the other side, so what Black Plum Guild has to do is to stop and quietly wait for the arrival of the opponent.

     Of course, it's not that I just waited like this.

     Why do the two teams fight minutes, snatch seconds when killing the previous BOSS? The main reason is that the players in the team that first came to the decisive battle field occupy a favorable position. This position is not only closer to the flag position, but also easy to defend. Difficult to attack, it is a rare military location.

     If the strength of the two sides is very different, then if the weak team occupies this favorable position, it is likely that the salted fish turns over in the PK decisive battle. And if there are two teams of equal strength, the team that first occupy this favorable position will undoubtedly have the victory firmly in their hands.

     In fact, this Dungeon has entered so many times, and Black Plum Guild has already gained experience. Since meeting with the famous world, they have occupied the main position in the top ten. If they have the help of this Fleeting Time, they will not at all. May be so embarrassed.It's just different this time.

     Fluttering Red Feather glanced at the childe who was sitting on a rock and wiping his bow. ">You, he took a deep breath. With her there, he had a hunch that he would never let the Flying Time be so easy this time. He settled them. Thinking of this, he walked up to Ye Ci's side and smiled at her: "childe ">, this time I really trust you all."

     Ye Ci raised his head and tugged at the corner of his mouth, saying neither servile nor overbearing: "I'm just an ordinary player, don't treat me as a god. I will also have a horse blunder, especially when the opponent is not weak.

     Fluttering Red Feather nodded. He didn’t think about this, so he didn’t care what Ye Ci said: “I understand that if the Flying Time can’t be stopped this time, then I’ll give up this First Kill. Okay, the game has just started anyway, and the days to come will still be long."

     Ye Ci was also very pleased to see Fluttering Red Feather think so. She is really not a person who is worthy of such expectations, especially, sometimes, she feels that she is not so trustworthy. However, despite this, she was willing to try her best. After all, for her, someone trusting is really a very happy thing.

     "I will do my best."Soon, there was a sound of [email protected]@ footsteps at the exit on the other side of the cave. The footsteps were very broken and eager, and the other party's rush was heard.

     Ye Ci suddenly felt that his heart was also rushing. That feeling is really strange, it's like a loss to know what to do when a soldier who has been eager to go to the battlefield finally got his long-cherished wish. There seemed to be something boiling and burning in her veins, burning her cheeks hot, and burning the palms of her hands into sweat.

     She tightly held the crossbow machine in her hand, slowly raised it, aimed at the exit over there, and only waited for the "prey" to step into her attack range.

     Closer, closer.

     The steps are getting closer.

     Finally I saw a group of people in a dark mass appear at the exit over there. I couldn't see the Fleeting Time at a glance, but Ye Ci saw a man with the Blackstone Magic Staff in his hand. She paused slightly. If she remembers correctly, Blackrock Magic Staff is the best Cleric equipment before level 35. The player who can get this equipment in a Guild not only marks his extraordinary identity, but also marks his presence in this team. Here is the main treatment.

     A sneer slowly climbed to the corner of Ye Ci's mouth.

     Since Fluttering Red Feather trusts herself so much, if she doesn't return something, she really feels a little guilty of herself."Damn ants, who allowed you to step into my cave"

     The first player in the famous world just rushed into the duel circle, and saw that the final BOSS who had been in the display just now moved from his throne. He panted heavily, looking very angry.

     "What? There are actually two teams of people, are you both coveting my treasure? Okay, duel, I definitely don't fight cowards."

     With the BOSS shouting, the battle officially kicked off

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     Chapter 40 The Battle Begins

     Chapter 40 The Battle Begins