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Chapter Directory 143 Chapter Forty-One
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter Forty One

     Chapter Forty One

     Ye Ci guessed nothing wrong. The man holding the Blackrock Magic Staff is called Starbucks. He is the world-famous chief healer. Not only is he equipped with fucking awesome, he also has first-class healers. Although it is the opposite of Ye Ci, it is in the entire game. For Cleric, he is also a master in the top twenty.

     Not only does he have a high amount of healing, but he also has a strong attack, which is relatively small in Cleric. At least in the Cleric known by Ye Ci, this kind of Cleric is just a very few.

     It can be said that the world's famous name can be ranked on the Northern Continent, this main treatment is one's contributions cannot go unnoticed.

     Naturally, such a character can't be knocked out easily, from the original to the present. It's just that he was really out of luck today. He met someone who could have never been here-childe ">you.

     From the beginning of the famous people just stepping into the battle circle, everyone has locked their own battle goals. Ye Ci’s battle goal was originally Fleeting Time. However, according to Ye Ci’s own habit, he hides at the back of the team and will not show up easily. Therefore, according to professional habits, Ye Ci also boldly guessed the current position of Fleeting Time. It is also at the end of the famous world.In fact, Ye Ci is not wrong at all. The current Fleeting Time is indeed at the end of the famous world, following the team without any hassle. His Quest has always been raising the flag, as for other issues, he is not particularly concerned.

     Since I can't see Fleeting Time for the time being, Ye Ci put more Stamina on Starbucks. This is probably the so-called idle or idle.

     Strengthen Hunter's Mark, strengthen the guardian of the eagle, and the serial arrow. It was no different from usual. With just a few simple skills, I saw that the arrow made a screaming sound in the air and flew towards the Starbucks.

     Puff puff, a few high-damage red numbers popped up from Starbucks, and his health bar was almost half empty.

     Starbucks is also a master of PK, plus he is the main healer, of course, it is the first occupation in the team PK. This kind of profession made Starbada ready to be attacked first, but today's attack made him really astonished.

     He knew that he was attacked by hunters, but he was also attacked by hunters from the Black Plum Guild. When did he have such a high attack?At the moment he hadn't reacted, Ye Ci's scorpion spike was firmly nailed to his body. For Magic based Classes, no, it should be said that for professions that use magic, if the most annoying skill is listed on a ranking list, then the hunter's scorpion sting can probably be ranked in the top three.

     There is no other reason, just because this skill has a resentful DEBUFF behind the decent damage-draw the target mana continuously for 8 seconds. This is not the most hateful. The most hateful thing is that the CD time of this skill is only 1 second, and the DEBUFF it brings can be superimposed, up to 12 layers, if once this mana extraction DEBUFF is superimposed to three Layer, Warrior, Barbarian, these melee classes basically control the blue instantly, and when they are stacked above 8 layers, even Sorcerer, Cleric, and Warlock can’t last for 10 seconds when used by big players.

     Facing the DEBUFF Starbat who had drawn mana from his body, frowned. It is because he hates this skill that he wears a gem with a 30 saving throw mana draw on his body. Although it is only a 30 chance saving, in actual combat, few hunters can bring this DEBUFF after shooting a poisonous scorpion spike on him. Yes, and is this bad luck today? Not only did people get rid of so much blood at once, they also hit DEBUFF in the first sting of a poisonous scorpion.Although this is the case, Starbucks didn't care too much. After all, that gem only has 30 saving throws and not 100 saving throws. It doesn't matter if it happens once in a while. So he didn't hesitate to replenish health for himself, while starting to find the hunter who was aiming at him.

     At this time, Pupu another Snake Venom Needle and a scorpion spike were placed on his body.

     Actually superimpose DEBUFF again.

     This made Starbarda's brows frowned again, but he still didn't care too much, and continued to add a lot of blood to fill up his blood. Now he has two DEBUFFs on his body, one continues to be poisoned and loses blood, the other continues to lose blue, which is really uncomfortable.

     He was still at the moment of heal, and saw a serial arrow with a poisonous scorpion spike on his body. In addition to taking away a lot of lives, the BUFF was superimposed once again.

     Looking at the three levels of mana extraction and the straight mana value of Huālāla, even the old hardcore Cleric with a good temper like Starbucks could not help cursing angrily: "Where did I wipe the hunter?"

     While calling other Cleric to heal himself, he had locked Ye Ci, who was hiding behind the crowd at a very long attack distance. When he was about to find his own Guild hunter to attack, the shameless huntress actually took a few more shots. Put Starbucks down on the ground.Starbucks, the first to fall in such a melee, looked at his health bar and mana bar as empty as anything, and yelled in the team channel with depression: "I’ll clean Black Plum Guild, where do I get it? Did a hunter who came here have a bug in his body and shot my four dart poisonous scorpion stings and all of them were DEBUFF, damn it"

     This is really an aggrieved thing.

     Although, the ultimate goal of all Magic based Classes falling in the PK is empty blood and empty blue. Otherwise, I can only blame myself for being too dishonest and falling to the ground when the blue bar is not empty. In fact, Starbucks did indeed do this, as long as he was basically empty and blue, but never once was so aggrieved like today.

     Because some of the auxiliary software that automatically locks the target in the PK has been harmonized, the player has to manually find the target after being attacked, which prevents him from finding the trace of the damn female hunter hiding behind all the players from the beginning. And after he used less than one-tenth of the blue, he was actually killed by the female hunter taking the blue bar off and fell to the ground. How ugly would it be to say that? Even if he didn't say it, Starbucks was almost vomiting blood in his heart. He was a Cleric with top-grade equipment and a top gem, so he was almost killed by a spike.

     This kind of thing is probably a matter of vomiting blood no matter who is placed on it."What hunter?" Fleeting Time actually has nothing to do with the famous world. The reason why he came here to help is to collect money and help people eliminate disasters. His Quest is just to pull the flag and ensure that the world is famous for victory in the duel. As for how they play Fleeting Time, they don't care.

     Although he has a good reputation on the Western Northern Continent, he has always been low-key, and he rarely speaks even in the team. If it is not for his vital Quest in the duel, even the famous players are basically already Forget the existence of such a master hunter.

     Today he made such a sound, which made many people feel unfamiliar.

     Starbad is no exception. He didn't even react and answered Fleeting Time's question on his own: "A female hunter seems to be an elf..."

     Before the words fell, Starbucks, who was lying on the ground counting the stars, suddenly saw a sharp figure as sharp as a blade leap up, lowering its body like the most dexterous bird, and quickly passing over the top of the team. Gallop away.

     Fleeting Time leapt up, and she saw a huntress wearing a gray-green dress flying in the direction of the flag. She moved lightly, like a small deer walking through the forest, and her purpose was correct. Behind her, a dark green cloak rose fiercely, like a bright and proud banner.It really was her.

     A soothing arc appeared on his slightly pale face.

     This is really wear out one's iron shoes. There is nowhere to find it, and it takes no effort to get it. I also thought that today was another boring day, but I didn't expect to meet such an interesting person today. Suddenly, Fleeting Time felt that it finally became a bit interesting to work purely for money.

     At this time, Ye Ci was concentrate one's attention completely towards the direction of the flag, and flew away. Suddenly, a dark figure flew out from the world-famous team, like the sharpest arrow. Appeared in the aftermath of Ye Ci.

     Fleeting Time

     Ye Ci couldn't help but feel excited, he really was

     Although her heart was excited by the match of the opponent, her movements were still as sharp as a sword and ran towards the flag with a clear purpose.

     Fleeting Time Of course, it is impossible to let the flag fall into Ye Ci's hands like this. Others are still flying in the air, and the bow in their hands has been drawn to perfection. The silver arrows immediately flew towards Ye Ci's upcoming route. .

     Ye Ci only heard a few sharp noises in the air. She squinted her eyes slightly, leaned back, and slowly slid her feet to the left. Her figure was cleverly rubbed like a loach. Five silver arrows went around.Puff puff puff puff a few faint muffled noises, the five silver arrows showed a straight line difference on the soil just a line from Ye Ci. Ye Ci took a step slower because of this slip, and he looked up and saw Fleeting Time galloping towards the direction of the flag.

     She slammed a rock under her feet, and the person bounced out by inertia. While she threw a punch at the flying time of Fleeting Time, she was about to rush toward his chest, while lifting the other one. Reach towards the flagpole.

     According to Ye Ci's thoughts, although her punch was not lethal, people subconsciously wanted to avoid the attack on themselves. As long as Fleeting Time dodges its own attack sideways, then this flag is basically in its own grasp.

     Not only did Ye Ci have this idea, in fact, anyone would have it, but she didn't expect that she punched it out...

     Chapter Forty One

     Chapter Forty One